23 Summer Protective Styles for Black Women

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11. Funky Multi Tone Protective Style

Our next pick is very trendy. It features multi color locs, side braids and hair that is shaved on the other side. This is a bold look that is perfect for the statement makers. You could recreate this using any color you like. If want a daring new look this summer, use this hairdo as inspiration.

12. Summer Cornrow Swirl

Next, we have this amazing cornrow style. The cornrows are styled into a swirl. This is a hairstyle that will wow. It is more than a hairstyle it is like a work of art. A protective style like this will step up your style game and wow anyone that sees it.

13. Red Twists

Red is a stylish color that would be a great choice for the summer. This red hairdo features trendy twists. The combination of the twists and bold red make this a super stylish hairdo. You could recreate something like this in a similar shade and even make the twists a little shorter.

Red Twists for Summer Protective Styles for Black Women

Source: @bunnybraids

14. Trendy Cornrows

Cornrows can be created into some stunning designs. These cornrows feature a mixture of small and big braids. You could use the hairdo featured to get inspiration so you can create your own unique design. We love this look and it is a trendy, protective style that is perfect for summer.

Trendy Cornrows for Summer Protective Styles for Black Women

Source: @hairsavvysa

15. Edgy Loc Hairstyle

Are you looking for edgy protective styles? Then this next pick might be for you. This style features locs created into a Mohawk style. The sides of the hair are shaved with a waved pattern. Waves a creative pattern for the summer and locs create a boho vibe. This is an amazing style for all the statement makers.

Edgy Loc Hairstyle for Summer Protective Styles for Black Women

Source: @luvhairapp

16. Box Braids and Cuffs

Here is another box braid style. This one is a little longer and features silver cuffs. A hairstyle like is great for the ladies that want a simpler style. It is chic and will suit all ladies of all ages. You could recreate this with thicker braids, shorter braids and more. It is a look that will suit any occasion.

17. Stylish Summer Bun

Next, we have this funky style that features think and thin feed in braids. The different braid thickness creates a trendy and unique look. Creative braids look great as they are but you could step up your style game and style the braids into a bun and add some color like this.

Stylish Summer Bun for Summer Protective Styles for Black Women

Source: @donebyjenn

18. Vibrant Pink Braids

Our next pick is bold, creative and unique. The braids are thick and are styled into a waved design. That would be trendy as it was but this style has gone a step further and added some pink. Vibrant pink like this is perfect for the summer as it suits the fun mood.

Vibrant Pink Braids for Summer Protective Styles for Black Women

Source: @k_.styles

19. Havana Twist Bun

Havana twists are cute and will suit everybody. These twists have been styled into a bun. This is a chic style that will look great for any occasion. Protective styles like this will add a touch of glamour to all of your summer looks.  You could recreate this with smaller twists to.

20. Feed In Braids

Here is another funky feed in braid look. The braids are created into a cool and creative pattern. Braided hair like this is great for the summer. It is neat, stylish and will keep the hair out of the way in warmer weather. We love this look and it could be recreated in many ways to make it unique to you.

Feed In Braids for Summer Protective Styles for Black Women

Source: @probraids

21. Havana Twist Updo

Like Havana twist protective styles? Then this updo might be for you. The twists have been styled into an updo and is finished off with silver cuffs. Something like this would be perfect for a special occasion. Maybe a wedding, date night and more. A protective style like this would suit ladies of all ages.

Havana Twist Updo for Summer Protective Styles for Black Women

Source: @natural_jc

22. Loc Mohawk

Want unique protective styles? Then this hairdo is for you. This funky style features locs that have been styled into an updo. We love this look because it is creative and cool. Updos are great for the summer, so be bold and create something stylish like this.

23. Natural Protective Style for Summer

Last on our list is this natural looking twist hairstyle. It is a bold and beautiful style. A hairdo like this will suit the natural vibe of the summer. We love this look. It would suit any lady. It is a great style if you want to add glamour to your summer look.

We hope you have been inspired by our summer protective styles.

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