51 Goddess Braids Hairstyles for Black Women

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Upon first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking these were just cornrows but before you carry on you should know these are not just new cornrow styles, these are goddess braid hairstyles. Those are something different…

Consider to be one of those go-to styles, easy to live with, low-maintenance, etc., it’s a great design to pick when you’re trying to give hair that’s been over-treated or chemically treated, a break for a while.

Let’s take a look:

1. Goddess Braids Chignon Hairstyle

What makes them different from cornrows? Well, these goddess braid hairstyles are completed with larger braids, more pronounced than their counterparts. They generally lie on top of the scalp and usually with a center-parting, heading towards the back and nape of the neck in a halo-style. You can add to that innocent nature but doing yours like this one, the goddess braids chignon hairstyle, by twisting the braids together into a low bun and pinning into place. You could even consider wrapping a scarf around your bun for an extra accessory.

2. Four Goddess Braids Style

Four? Why four? Why not is the question you should be asking. We love this four goddess braids style and we think you might just love it a little too. Make sure your lines are neat and sharp and you’ll have a great time with this fun look. You can either leave the braids left loose down the back or design them up into a twist or bun design for those days you can’t be bothered to rock it down. The choice is down to you, these goddess braids are so versatile!

3. Elegant Updo

For those occasions when only the very best will do, this elegant updo is a great design and if you wanted to bling it up a little more, you could even consider adding hair cuts to random strands with beautiful light reflecting metals and gems. If you’re going to rock these goddess braid hairstyles, make sure you have great conditioned hair to start with. This will pull the hair quite tight and if it is already damaged, you may find that it leaks to further breakage and hair that just won’t do as you say.

Goddess Braids Elegant Updo

Source: @mzpritea

4. Purple and Blue Style

When you have a rocking ‘do like this fabulous blue-haired beauty, you have every right to show it off and what better way to accentuate your style than with a brand new pop of color? You don’t need to go for blue of course, there are plenty of options to choose from, but there’s something about this purple, blue and black combo that makes us go a little weak at the knees. Boldly blue – we love it!

5. Goddess Fishtail Braid Updo

A fishtail braid works a little differently from a normal braid but in this goddess braid hairstyle, it looks pretty fabulous don’t you think? A fishtail braid uses four strands as opposed to three, and you alternative strands between both sides in order to get that braid-lined effect. It’s a bit tricky for a first-timer but after a couple of go’s (and a few YouTube tutorials), it didn’t take us long to pick up this new and funky braid technique.

6. Three Goddess Braids

We’ve seen four goddess braid hairstyles so it makes sense to show you a similar look but this time, with three braids instead. One braid, two braids, four, fifteen, it doesn’t matter. Pick a number and ask your hairstylist to go with it. You’re in control and there’s no right or wrong when it comes to beautiful hair styles like these.

7. Braided to the Back

These braids have a number of different names associated with them from goddess braids hairstyles to halo crown, milk maid, goddess crown braids, and more. If you want a look like this that will stay in place for a while, you’re better off doing it on two-day old hair where the hair isn’t too oily or greasy but at the same time, not too dry, soft or fluffy like it can be when it’s just washed.

8. Cute & Simple Design

Before you go for a stunning (but tight) look like this, make sure you undergo deep conditioning treatments for at least two weeks to ensure your hair is in good enough condition to withstand the tension and pressure about to be placed on it. The last thing you are going to want is further damage and breakage to your hair and although the look is considered low-maintenance and versatile, it still can cause some harm.

Cute Goddess Braid Design

Source: @mzpritea

9. Caramel Brown Goddess Braids

We showed you purple and blue and if they weren’t quite to your tastes, why not look at these goddess braid hairstyles with beautiful blends or caramel brown running through them. The contrast in color between light and dark here works very well and it helps to add more depth to a one-dimensional look. Everything about goddess braids screams with texture so it makes sense to add more with a pop of color too.

10. Curved Style

Ladylike and almost Greek-goddess in nature, what’s not to love about this curved style, another of the great goddess braids hairstyles that are simple, easy and versatile to wear both day to day and night to night. When you ensure your hair is moisturised and strong prior to having your cornrows or braids put in with a style this like, your new hairstyle will last longer and you’ll be less likely to suffer with that frizziness you can often find with afro hair in braids.

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