21 Barbie Halloween Costume Ideas

If you are fed up with the scary Halloween costumes and want to try something fun and stylish, then this is for you. Today we have 21 of the best Barbie costumes for Halloween. There are so many different versions of Barbie from the classic pink look to her characters in movies. Take a look and see which trendy version of Barbie you want you to be this Halloween. All of the costumes can be recreated and there is something for every event from parties to family Halloween nights trick or treating.

1. Cute and Classic Barbie Costume

First up we have this cute and classic Barbie costume. She is wearing a pink Barbie bodysuit with a glittery belt and accessories. The look is complete with long blonde hair and pink sunglasses. This is a fun and easy to wear look and it is quite easy to recreate as you can find similar pieces if you shop around. We love this one it and you could even try a spooky version for Halloween.

Barbie Simple Costume Idea

Source: @desiperkins

2. Scary Barbie and Ken

If you are looking for a couple’s costume, then this will be perfect. These two are dressed up as the iconic duo Barbie and Ken. Both costumes use pieces that can easily be bought online so it is a great DIY look. Try something like this or try and recreate your favorite outfit that they have worn.

3. Matching Barbie Costumes

Next, we have a cute costume idea for you and your child. Here we have a mom and daughter wearing Barbie costumes. Both match and include a Barbie top, pink tutu and white sneakers. This is a fun idea for those with children who are attending family Halloween events.

4. Melted Barbie Makeup for Halloween

As it is Halloween, you can give the classic beautiful Barbie a twist and here is a great one. She is wearing Barbie style makeup with a pink outfit. Her makeup is vibrant like Barbie’s but her face looks like it is melting. This is a unique and fun idea and it is perfect for Halloween. You can find melting face makeup tutorials online so you can try a similar look yourself.

5. Stylish Barbie Costume

If you love stylish pink Barbie outfits, then you will love this costume. This one features a pretty pink skirt with a Barbie sash and cute accessories. The look is complete with lots of shopping bags. This is perfect for those who love Barbie’s fashion and it has a vintage vibe with the skirt.

6. Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus

There are so many different Barbie looks that you can be inspired by. Here is one based on the movie Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus. She is wearing a beautiful purple dress complete with the Wand of Light from the movie. This is a fun costume and it will make you feel like a princess at the party.

Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus

Source: @foxy_kan

7. Toy Story Barbie Costume

Love the movie Toy Story? Then you need to check this out. This costume is based on the Barbie featured in the movie. It has the leg warmers and everything. This is a fun look and everyone will know who you are supposed to be. You can DIY this or you can buy similar costumes online.

8. Workout Barbie Costume

Next, we have another fun and cute look. These two are dressed as workout Barbies. Both looks have a colorful 80’s vibe. Recreate this with your kids or you can be a solo Barbie. This is great for parties and last minute Halloween events as you will be able to recreate this look with ease.

9. Scary Barbie Halloween Makeup

The next costume idea is simple and easy to wear. She is wearing a matching pink top and makeup. Both are the classic Barbie pink color. This is an easy Halloween costume that you can recreate in a glam or spooky version. Overall it is a fun look and it is another one that is great for last minute events.

10. Pink Barbie DIY Costume

If you want a pretty and easy Halloween costume, then this is for you. Here we have a gorgeous lady wearing all pink from head to toe. This is such a fun idea and you can easily recreate the look with clothes from your wardrobe. Just make sure everything is in vibrant Barbie pink shade.

Easy Barbie Halloween Costume Idea for Women

Source: @siennajori

11. Hair Stylist Barbie Costume

Are you a hair stylist? If so, this is perfect for you. This costume is a hair stylist Barbie! It is such a fun idea and it is great if you want to dress up for Halloween at work. This is easy to recreate and wear. Try a similar costume or create your own version of a Barbie hair stylist.

12. Sugarplum Princess Ballerina

Next, we have a Barbie costume inspired the sugarplum princess from Barbie in the Nutcracker. This is a beautiful costume and it is great for those who have always wanted to be a ballerina. You can recreate something similar or you can adapt it by choosing a shorter pink skirt if going to a party. It is a pretty costume that you can have fun with.

13. Pink and Glam Costume

If you love Barbie, pink and making a statement, then this costume is for you. Here we have a fun and glam look. She is wearing a Barbie top with a pink skirt, fluffy coat and accessories. This is great for those who want to be stylish for Halloween. You could even make a spooky version of this and make a zombie Barbie!

Pink and Glam Barbie Halloween Costume

Source: @windup.doll

14. Tour Guide Barbie

The next costume is fun and cute. Here we have tour guide Barbie. Something like this would be perfect for the host of a Halloween party as the tour guide can take care of the guests. It is also a fun and easy to wear costume. This is another versatile costume that you could turn scary too.

15. ’80s Barbie Halloween Costume

Love retro Barbie costumes? If so, this you. This Barbie costume features a soft pink leotard that is paired with  a matching headband, a white bra, leg warmers and white sneakers. It is so easy to wear and it will look amazing for a party. You can find pink leotards online so this costume is really simple (and cheap) to recreate. You could even create a scary version of this costume with some fake blood makeup and contact lenses. That would look so cool!

80s Barbie Halloween Costume

Source: @breeweberxo

16. Vintage Barbie Costume Idea

If you love vintage fashion, then this is for you. Here we have a vintage inspired Barbie. She is wearing a pretty dress with 50’s style hair and makeup. This gives you the best of both worlds. It is stylish and also Barbie inspired. You can recreate this look with any dress and you can use any decade as inspiration.

Vintage Barbie Costume Idea

Source: @scarletsoda

17. Sugar Skull Barbie In Box

Next, we have a fun Barbie costume to show you. This one has a sugar skull theme. She is wearing a pink dress complete with spooky sugar skull makeup. The makeup is complete with a box prop so it looks like she is a Barbie in a box. You can create a box like this if you like crafts. Also, the costume can be recreated without the box.

Sugar Skull Barbie In Box

Source: @holasoypoli

18. Sassy Barbie

The next costume idea is cute and sassy. She is wearing workout style clothing with a bag and large coat. This is a fun costume and it is great for those who like to go all out and make a statement. You can recreate this or add some leggings or leg warmers. If you want to look more glam, then a pink dress would look amazing with the coat.

Sassy Barbie

Source: @rianyance

19. Barbie and Ken Halloween Costume

Love the Barbie and Ken costumes? If so, this is for you. Here we have Barbie and Ken with a spooky theme. Barbie is wearing a short pink dress with pink shoes while Ken is wearing a pink and white outfit. This is a fun idea that everybody’s gonna love.

20. Toy Story Family with Barbie

Next, we have another Toy Story Barbie but she is with other movie characters! The whole family is dressed up as characters from the movie from Woody to Buzz Lightyear. Something like this is perfect for family events. Try this with the family or you can recreate these costumes with your friends.

21. Pink and Purple Barbie Inspired Costume

The last Barbie costume is fun, bold and glam. She is wearing a pink dress with a purple wig and cute accessories. This is a cool Barbie costume and it is great for those who want to try something a little different. Try this or you can use a blonde wig for a more classic Barbie look. You could even create a zombie version of this, as zombie prom costumes have become very popular.

Pink and Purple Barbie Inspired Costume

Source: @karacraig

We hope you have found a cool Barbie costume for Halloween.

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