63 Cute Makeup Ideas for Halloween 2020

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Looking for Halloween makeup ideas that are more sweet than scary? Then you’re in the right place. We have found 63 cute Halloween makeup ideas. These are perfect for the girls that want to join in the fun of dressing up for Halloween but don’t want to look too scary. We have something for everyone from animals to mystical creatures like mermaids. Take a look to find your favourite.

1. Cute Deer Makeup

First up we have this adorable deer makeup idea. This is very cute and will suit everyone. It is a makeup look that lets you have fun on Halloween but it will also make you look pretty to. Something like this could be easily recreated as there are plenty of tutorials online.

2. Mystical Unicorn

Unicorns are a must have for 2020. These mystical creatures have been featured in fashion, beauty, home ware and more. You can use Unicorns as inspiration for your Halloween makeup. This makeup is vibrant and fun making it the perfect choice for Halloween. You could experiment with body paints and makeup to create your own magical unicorn look. We love this cute Halloween makeup idea.

3. Spooky Scarecrow

Scarecrows are classic Halloween characters and can be very scary. This Halloween you could try a cute scarecrow look like this one. You still get the effect but it’s fun and spooky instead of very creepy. Something like this would be great for a party.

YouTube tutorial for the look is below.

4. Fierce Tiger Print

Take a walk on the wild side this Halloween and choose tiger print makeup. This fierce look was created with Wonderland Makeup products in Sub Yellow and Stone Red. The stripes were created with Makeup Forever Ireland Flash Color Palette. Makeup like this would look gorgeous on everyone.

Fierce Tiger Print for Cute Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @jadedeacon

5. Cute Clown Makeup

Clowns can be very scary at Halloween. Mix up your look this year and go for a cute clown. This pretty, pink look would be a perfect way to be involved with the fun of Halloween without being too scary. This look was created with Morphe Brushes 35B Palette, Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lip Products in I’m Royalty and Queen Supreme. You could recreate this in a different color to.

Cute Clown Makeup for Cute Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @chrisspy

6. Flower Fairy Makeup

Next, we have a stunning flower fairy makeup idea. This one is creative, unique and will make you look beautiful. We love the floral headband and the face decals. Makeup like this is a great source of inspiration because it shows what you can do with some accessories. You could recreate your own look with different flowers and colors. We love this cute Halloween makeup idea.

7. Creepy Rag Doll

If you want something a little spooky but not too scary, then this next pick is for you. Our next pick is rag doll makeup. It gives you the Halloween vibe but isn’t that scary. Something like this would be great for a party. There are many doll makeup tutorials online, so you could recreate this yourself.

8. Halloween Black Cat

Black cats have something magical about them. Some people believe they bring good luck and they are an iconic pet for Halloween witches. Black cats make awesome Halloween costumes and this next pick proves that this makeup idea can make you look gorgeous to. This feline makeup is amazing and would wow at any Halloween event.

If you want to achieve the look, just follow the simple steps from Leyla’s YouTube tutorial.

9. Spooky Skull Makeup

Skulls are not considered cute. However, our next pick shows that a skull can be spooky but not too scary. Something like this is great for the girls that want a Halloween vibe but nothing to over the top. This skull is perfect for Halloween and it makes her look great to. The floral headband gives the skull makeup a cute look.

10. Magical Mermaid Makeup

Like mermaids? Then our next pick is for you. This makeup look features a beautiful mermaid design. Mermaids are magical creatures and would make a great Halloween costume that is not too scary. There are many ways you could create a mermaid look but the use of light colors, gems and scales in this one creates a stunning finished look. You can purchase mermaid scale stencils online so you can easily recreate this cute Halloween makeup idea.

Magical Mermaid Makeup for Cute Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @ohmygeeee

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