25 Pumpkin Makeup Looks for Halloween

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Pumpkins are a classic Halloween decoration and Halloween would not be complete without them! So, this year, why not try wearing pumpkin makeup as part of your costume?! There are so many different looks that can be created from cool to creepy and some can be very scary too. To give you some inspiration, we have found 25 of the best Halloween pumpkin makeup ideas on Instagram. No matter how you are celebrating Halloween, there is an idea for you.

1. Classic Halloween Pumpkin Makeup

First up, we have this amazing half makeup idea. The makeup artist has kept her makeup glam on one eye and the rest of her face looks like a pumpkin. She has created cracks too, so it creates the illusion that her face is breaking. It is such a cool idea and we love the pumpkin design because it looks like a classic Halloween pumpkin. The artist used the Snazaroo face paint palette as well as other products which you can check out on the page below.

2. Glittery Pumpkin Makeup

If you want to go all out with your Halloween makeup, then this idea is perfect for you. For this look, the makeup artist has painted her face and body orange. She has then added black to create a pumpkin design. The whole look is finished off with lots of glitter. This is amazing makeup and it will wow at any event. You can, of course, just paint your face if you need a costume that is easy to wear.

3. Half Pumpkin, Half Human

Next, we have another half and half idea. This time the face is split down the middle. Half looks human and the other half looks like a pumpkin. It is such a creative idea and the pumpkin design looks so spooky. Makeup like this will take practice but it will be worth it. You can recreate this or try a different pumpkin design with the half look. A full list of the products that were used is featured on the page below.

Half Pumpkin, Half Human Makeup

Source: @tedyana_

4. Gory Pumpkin Makeup

The next idea is gory and it is perfect for giving people a scare this Halloween! Most of her face looks like a pumpkin except for the area around one eye. The pumpkin makeup is amazing and the makeup artist has stepped up the game by adding texture on the skin and by using fake blood. It actually looks like her skin has come off. This is perfect for Halloween parties and you can check out the products that were used on the artist’s page.

5. Creepy Pumpkin Illusion

This next makeup look is unique and very sparkly! Again, the whole face looks like a pumpkin except for one eye. We love this design because she has created creases on the skin and painted staples so it looks like her skin is being held up. The glitter is amazing too, as it is so striking with the orange makeup. This is a fun and quirky look. You can see a full list of the products that she used but the glitter used was Mac Cosmetics 3D Glitter Black & Gold.

6. Scary Pumpkin Face and Body Makeup

If you want a more scary pumpkin look, then you need to check this out. The artist has painted her face and body and there is a half line. One half looks like a pumpkin and the other half is glam. The pumpkin makeup is so cool and we love the mouth and eye illusions with the black makeup. This is definitely a creepy makeup look that will give people a fright.

Scary Pumpkin Face and Body Makeup

Source: @kathrynkmua

7. Pumpkin Makeup and Hair Idea

Next, we have one of our favorite looks! This makeup artist has painted her body and face to look a pumpkin with the exception of the area around one eye. The area that is not orange and has glam eye makeup and a unique botanical design. What we really love about this is the hair. She has styled her hair to look like a pumpkin stump. It is such a quirky and awesome idea. Recreate this look or try the hair stump with different pumpkin makeup.

8. Half Pumpkin Makeup with Sparkle

Just because it is Halloween it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear lots of sparkle. You could create makeup like this! Most of her face is painted to look like a pumpkin and one eye is left glam. She is also wearing scary contact lenses too. The makeup is finished off with cracks and silver glitter. As you can see, the glitter really glams up the makeup and gives it a unique look.

9. Amazing Pumpkin Illusion with Beautiful Eye Makeup

The next idea features amazing pumpkin makeup. One part of her face has stunning eye makeup and the rest of her face looks like a spooky pumpkin. The colors, blending and shading on this makeup is just brilliant. We also love the black illusion makeup on her eye, nose and mouth too. In a dark room, this makeup is going to scare people. We love this idea!

10. The Enchanted Pumpkin

Bring the magic to Halloween with pumpkin makeup like this. This makeup has been described as The Enchanted Pumpkin. The look is complete with a cracked face, pumpkin makeup and his body is painted in mystical black and gold. This is a unique and amazing idea. We love the eye makeup, it is stunning!

The Enchanted Pumpkin

Source: @glambycamx

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