Chic nails are every girls dream.  Nobody wants to see horrible nails, especially in summer.  We all need a little inspiration when it comes to painting our nails. If you look around, you will see so many people and celebrities wearing white acrylic nails.  White is a colour that is trending right now and we can see why.  It’s fresh, bold and looks elegant.  If you tend to opt for darker shades or other colours than white, it can take a while to get used to as it’s quite bright. Here are 41 chic white acrylic nails for you to try this summer.

1. White Coffin Nails + Henna Accent Nail

It’s all about henna with these nails. Having an accent nail will make you nails stand out and with this beautiful henna design, you will be the center of attention.  Don’t worry if you aren’t very good at nail art, you can always buy henna stickers.  The coffin shaped nails are very popular this summer so try this shape and see if you like them.

2. Flower Design

Add the delicate touch by teaming white with flowers. It’s summer and flowers are a must have for your nails.  Try this gorgeous flower design on your accent nails.

3. White & Gold Nails

Adding gold to white nails will instantly add the shine and glitter. Gold works so well with white nails.  Keep your nail base white and add a gold design, it will look gorgeous.

White and Gold Nail Art Design

Source: @melimelr

4. White and Silver French Tip

Add a silver twist on your manicure. Apply a few coats of white onto your nails.  Wait for them to fully dry then apply the silver tips.  Again, wait for them to dry then add a shiny top coat.

5. Cool Black & White Design

This is a seriously cool black and white design. These nails are all different and stand out.  Which one is your favourite?

Cool White and Black Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @ane_li

6. French Tip + Flowers

Do you have a nail brush that you never use? Now is the time to use it!  You could use it for these lovely flowers.  Have a few accent nails and the rest will be the classic French manicure colours.  Add a few nail gems to the flowers to add to the effect.  You can always add colour to the flowers too.

7. White Lace Accent Nail

These nails look so pretty. White nails and lace is the perfect combination.  They look cute, pretty and they will suit any occasion.  You can draw the lace detail on yourself or you can buy lace stickers.

8. Ombre Glitter Nails

Ombre style on nails is something different. If you’re looking for something unique and stylish, then try this.  Paint your nail white and wait for them to dry.  Maybe add another coat, depending on how bold you want your base to be.  Then you can start to apply the glitter.  Start very bold at the cuticle and ease off as you continue up the nail.

9. Be Happy!

Be happy. This is perfect and looks so good.  What more can be said!

Be Happy Nail Art Design

Source: @ane_li

10. White & Negative Space Nails

Negative space nails are the next big thing. You heard it here first.  Bold cut-out colours look fabulous especially in white and nude.

11. Striped Nail Design

Striped nails are divine! Release your inner Goddess with these sexy stripy nails.  White and gold are the colours you need.

12. White Nails + Flower Accent Nail

White nails go with any colour. That’s the best thing about having white nails.  You can decorate your accent nail whatever colour you wish.  The white will go with any design too.  Adding colours to your accent nail will add a pop of colour to your nails and your outfit.

13. White Nails with Rhinestones

Rhinestones will immediately add a touch of glamour. With this design, you must keep the half-moon section, it all adds to the look.  The rhinestones look better on the accent nails alone, so keep your other nails minimalistic.

14. Silver Striped Accent Nail

Add a few silver stripes. By adding stripes instead of freehand designs will save time and will probably last longer.  Just ensure that your nail polish is dry before applying your stripes and make sure they are fully stuck down.

15. Cute Dandelion Design

Everyone loves a dandelion. Show off your dandelion designs on your nails.  The white will make your dandelions stand out and shine.

White Dandelion Nail Art Design

Source: @ane_li

16. White Coffin Nails

Take a look at one of the trending nail shapes this summer. Sure, they don’t have a nice name but we can see where the names comes from.  If you aren’t a fan of pointed nails, like the stilettos, then maybe these will make you happy.

17. Flower Design

These flowers designs will add energy and colour to your nails and outfit. Looking at these nails, you may instantly think, “I can’t draw a floral design like these” Our solution is, you don’t have to.  There are so many gorgeous, vibrant summer nail wraps on the market right now, you don’t need to spend all day drawing.  Using nail wraps is easy and they have some pretty designs that you couldn’t possibly draw.  These will look amazing for any event, especially a wedding!

18. Pop of Gold

Gold is a great colour for summer. Go for gold with these gold nail stripes.  White nails look stunning but add a few stripes to make it unique.

Long White Coffin Nails with Pop of Gold


19. Bow Accent Nail

This bow is the most girlies, feminine bow we have ever seen! It sparkles, shines and looks divine!  Add a single bow to your nails to add sparkle and cuteness.  Keep the other nails basic and the focus will be on your bow.

Long White Nails with Bow Accent Nail

Source: @melcisme

20. Simple but Chic.

Are you looking for a simple and chic design?  No need for nail accessories, glitter or gems with these nails. As most of you may already know, chicness is back and trending.  From the Catwalk to the High Street, these nails are screaming chicness!

21. Black and White Design

This is so simple and easy to do.  You could have your nails done in 30 mins! You can apply the lines with the nail polish brush but it’s works better if you use a thin nail brush so you can achieve the thinner lines.  You only need two colours, black and white.  Make sure you wait until the white base coat is dry before starting on the lines.  We love how every nail has a different design, which is your favourite?

22. Long White Coffin Nails

Next, we have a trendy nail idea to share with you. All of the nails are painted white except for one. The accent nail is clear with a silver foil pattern. We love this design because the clear nail is so stylish and it compliments the white coffin nails perfectly. Recreate this look or you can try gold foils instead.

23. Simple and Stylish White Nails

If all the bold nail designs are not for you, then why not try something simple and stylish like this! Here we have long, square shaped nails that are painted white. As you can see, even though they are no gems or patterns, the nails still make a stylish statement. Chic nails like these will suit everyone and white will look amazing with any nail length and shape.

24. White Nails with Pink Glitter

Our next nail idea is pretty, pink and sparkly. Most of the nails are painted white and some nails have a pink glitter ombre design. The pink glitter looks gorgeous white the white color. Nails like these would be perfect for a night out or special occasion. The design would be cute for Valentine’s Day too. Recreate this look or you can choose any glitter color of your choice.

25. Elegant White Nails with Stars

Love star nail art? Then check out this next look. Three nails are painted white while rest of the nails have a stunning accent design that features white stars. It is an elegant and cool manicure and it will look beautiful on everyone. You can create a similar star pattern with a stencil and nail stencils can be bought online.

Elegant White Nails with Stars

Source: @_allured

26. White Chrome Nails

Chrome is still one of the most popular nail designs and this next manicure shows how to wear the trend in style! Here we have short coffin shaped nails that are stylish white chrome. As you can see, the white chrome looks so unique and chic. It tones down the chrome, so it is perfect for those who like subtler nail art that is fashionable too.

27. White Nails with a Leafy Design

Next, we have more stylish nail art to show you. The nails are painted in glossy white and there are two nails with a green leafy design. Botanical art like this will be perfect for the summer because the nails have a chic tropical vibe. You can recreate a design like this or try different leaves.

White Nails with a Leafy Design

Source: @nail_sunny

28. Glam Gold Foil Nail Art

Love the foil nail designs? If so, check out this next look. Two nails on each hand are painted white and the other three nails have a glam gold foil design. The gold foil looks stunning and it really jazzes up the white. You can buy nail foils online and there are tutorials that can show you how to apply the foils on your nails.

29. Simple White Nails with Rhinestones

The next nail idea is stylish and glamorous. All of the nails are painted matte white and are a coffin shape. One nail on each hand is also decorated with gems along the cuticle. We love the crystals on the cuticle because they are quite subtle and they look very chic too. Recreate this manicure or you can add more gems for a bolder look.

30. Chic White Tips

Our next nail idea is a more statement making version of the classic French manicure. These nails are nude and glossy with white tips. The white section of the nail is larger than you would usually see on a manicure like this which creates a bolder look. This is a chic and trendy nail idea and it will keep you looking stylish every day.

Chic White Tips Nails

Source: @sheadbeauty

31. Matte White Nails with Gold

Glam up your look with our next nail idea. Here we have gorgeous matte white nails and there is one accent nail on each hand. Both accent nails have a different design but both are gold and very stylish. Nail art like this can be created with gems and nail glue and you can try a similar pattern or try your own gold design.

32. Elegant Pink and White Nails

Pink and white look beautiful when worn together. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this next look. Two nails are white and two are pink with a little glitter. As you can see, the color combo is cute, pretty and chic. You can paint the thumb nail any of the two colors. Recreate this or you can try a more vivid pink for a bolder manicure.

Elegant Pink and White Nails

Source: @nail_sunny

33. White and Silver Glitter Nail Design

If you like the glitter design featured on the manicure above, then you need to check out these nails. All of these nails are painted white but each one has a silver glitter design near the cuticle. It is a beautiful and easy to wear look. You can try and create a similar set of nails or you can use a different glitter color. The glitter design can be easily created with nail tape.

White and Silver Glitter Nail Design

Source: @nail_sunny

34. White Nails with Floral Accent Nail

Next, we have another floral nail idea to show you. Most of the nails are painted white except for one. The accent nail is clear with a stunning floral design. We love the flower nail art because it is so delicate and chic. This is one of our favorite looks and it would be perfect for a special event. It would be a beautiful manicure for a bride too.

35. Glam Glittery White Nails

Love sparkly nails? Then you need to see this next nail idea. All of the nails have the french ombre effect and some are also adorned with sparkly pink glitter. This is a simple but very statement making manicure. Nails like these will glam up your look and would be perfect for a party. This sparkly idea would also be great for the holiday season.

36. White Nails with Gems

The next nail idea is chic and very glam. For this look the nails are painted white and there is one accent nail covered in sparkling rhinestones. It is a gorgeous look and nails like these will make you stand out from the crowd. You can recreate this nail look with gems and nail glue, both of which can be bought online. A design like this is better suited to longer nails as you will be able to use more crystals.

White Nails with Gems

Source: @sheadbeauty

37. White Nails with Sparkly Accent Nails

Next, we have another glittery and glam nail design. Some of the nails are white and two nails are sparkly and blue. The blue glitter looks gorgeous with the white nails. A design like this will suit everyone and it is easy to create and wear. Try the blue look or you can try a different bright color for the glitter.

White Nails with Sparkly Accent Nails

Source: @nail_sunny

38. Trendy Ombre Design

We love this next nail look! The nails are coffin shaped with a stylish white and clear ombre design. These nails begin white and then change to clear at the tips. It combines some of the must-have nail trends and as you can see, the combination of styles look gorgeous! Nails like these are perfect for the ladies who want to try something new, chic and on trend.

39. Simple and Elegant Design

If you love nails with rhinestones and unique nail art, then this idea is perfect for you. These nails are all simply painted white except for one. The accent nail features a stylish design with crystals. This is a pretty and easy to wear nail idea. You can buy gems in all different shapes and colors online so you can recreate this or try your own design.

 40. White Coffin Acrylic Nails

Our next nail idea is another all white design. We wanted to show you this chic and simple manicure because it shows how amazing white can look with different nail shapes. The one we featured earlier had square nails and this manicure has the trendy coffin shape. As you can see, this is a stylish look and it is easy to wear too. Nails like these will suit everyone and the coffin shape can also be created on shorter nails.

White Coffin Acrylic Nails

Source: @chaunlegend

41. Glamorous Gold Glitter Nails

Love lots of glitz and glamour? Then these nails are for you. Some nails are all white but the rest are gold and sparkly! Two nails are covered in glitter and one nail is white with a glitter design. It is a chic and bold nail idea that would be perfect for a special occasion. Recreate the whole look or try just the glitter and white design.

We hope you’ve been inspired with these white acrylic nail designs and will be rocking them all year round.

Bobs and lobs are everywhere at the moment.  Summer is here and whenever summer comes around, many girls tend to opt for a new hairstyle.  New season, new hairstyle and makeover needed!  We definitely agree with this.  You may dye your hair lighter in the summer and darker in the winter, again we agree that this is a great idea.  It conditions your hair as well as giving you a complete makeover.  It freshens up your hair and your style.  That hairstyle tends to be a bob or a lob (a long bob).  This is understandable because it does get hot and the last we need on a hot day is to think about our hair.

When we choose a new haircut, we need something that is going to be stylish, low maintenance and makes us feel good.  This is when these two styles come in.  They are perfect for summer and they look amazing.  They have been trending for some time now and they look perfect for any occasion. We could talk all day and night, about how good these styles are but we thought we would show you photos instead.

Check out our 43 best bob and lob haircuts for summer 2019.

1. A Line Long Bob

The A line bob is a haircut many people tend to have the first time round. As you know having your hair cut for the first time, can be nerve racking experience.  You are used to having long hair and something different may scare you.  This is why many people tend to have a long bob initially but then go back if they like it and want it shorter.  We don’t blame you for doing it this way because sometimes we need time to adjust to the shorter hair and it may feel a little weird at first, but give it time and you will love it.  If you love longer hair, then is the long bob for you.  It has the extra length at the front which will make you feel at ease with the back being slightly shorter.

A Line Long Bob Haircut Idea for Summer

Source: @cabelocurto

2. Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Go for an asymmetrical bob haircut. This is a fun, creative and sexy style that everyone loves but dare not to have.  If you are feeling bold and brave, go for it and you will love it!  The first thing you will notice is that your neck will be bare, you hair won’t be covering it anymore.  This will be a great feeling and you will feel so fresh and lighter.

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut for Summer

Source: @thecutlife

3. A Line Bob with Lavender Highlights

We can almost smell the lavender! This is a sexy pastel purple lavender colour that is currently trending.  When you mix a gorgeous a line bob with a lovely pastel colour like lavender, you know you’re a fashionista!

4. Curly, Burgundy Bob

Curly bobs work so well. Always remember that your hair will seem shorter curled as the curls will take it up a little.  It will have a lovely vibrant bounce especially in this lovely burgundy colour.

Curly Burgundy Bob Haircut for Summer

Source: @thecutlife

5. Short, Blonde Bob

We love this! This is screaming out sexy and where’s my catwalk!  We love how the cut compliments the colour and the colour compliments the cut.  A perfect style for a stylish gal.

6. Bob Haircut with Blonde Balayage Highlights

Are you looking to go blonde? Go for a short bob haircut with blonde balayage highlights.  This is a subtle way of adding natural looking highlights.

7. Straight, Lob Haircut

Classic is timeless. There are so many bob and long bob styles that are trending that the classic, timeless, straight lob is pushed behind.  Never underestimate how glamorous and gorgeous this lob can be.

8. Peachy Bob Style

Everything is peachy with this cut and colour. Peachy coloured hair is perfect if you want a subtle warm tone.  It will give you an instant glow and the bob will look fab!

9. Messy Lob

Sexy, sassy and great for summer. This is a summer messy lob and it’s very popular.  Natural waves, like the photo look amazing and the length is perfect for any face shapes and hair types.

10. Layered Lob Haircut + Light Brown Ombre

Layered lob haircut will feel thicker and look healthy. By adding layers to your hair, your hair will feel thicker and have a natural bounce.  This is a great, layered haircut mixed with light brown ombre that brings a little colour to the hair tips.

Long Bob Haircut with Layers and Light Brown Highlights

Source: @anhcotran

11. Asymmetrical Bob Haircut for Black Women

If you want a sleek and sexy bob, think about having an asymmetrical bob. Its catwalk, work and party ready!  A low maintenance cut and all you have to do is have your hair relaxed.  Having a heavier side will bring the asymmetrical style to the look.

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut for Black Women

Source: @thecutlife

12. Inverted Bob Haircut with Honey Blonde Highlights

If you want your face framed with longer lengths, have an inverted bob cut. This will give you the confidence you need with the front strands being longer and the back being shorter. The honey blonde highlights are subtle and natural looking.

Inverted Bob Haircut with Honey Blonde Highlights

Source: @cleencuts

13. Bob Haircut Idea for Brunettes

Brunette hair has a sexy and mysterious feel about. Whether you are a brunette now or are thinking of changing your hair colour, this would be perfect.  If you want to change your style dramatically,  go for a brown shade and have the chop too.  This is a gorgeous brown bob that will show off your face.

Short Bob Haircut for Brunettes

Source: @fatherkels

14. Lob Haircut for Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, you probably already know that any hair style or cut works well. Having a great cut is all that matters and this lob haircut looks perfect for think hair.  Add a slight wave to add a little texture.

Long Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

Source: @foxandjane

15. Choppy Blonde Ombre Bob

Choppy haircuts tend to be based on bobs and lobs. Jagged hair tips mixed with blonde ombre hair, looks stylish and fab.  They make you feel fresh and your hair will be full of life.

16. Smokey Lavender Blonde Bob

Have you seen the new smokey colour lavender? Not many people have so don’t be shocked that you haven’t.  Forget the pastel colours, the new trend is smoked!  It’s slightly darker than the pastel lavender colour that many people tend to have.  If you want the lavender but your lifestyle doesn’t really suit a bright colour, maybe think about having a smokey lavender.  When teamed with blonde, it looks great and they work so well together.

Smokey Lavender Blonde Bob Haircut for Summer

Source: @sharchang

17. Textured Bob + Blonde Face Framing Highlights

Adding texture will make you feel glam and like a Goddess. We all love our hair and when we have a fab cut and colour, it makes us feel confident and happy.  Having a textured bob will make you feel great and full of energy.  If you aren’t too keen on dyeing your entire head but are wanting to add a little colour, you could have blonde face framing highlights.  This way, every time you look in the mirror, you see the blonde shades.

Textured Bob Haircut with Blonde Face Framing Highlights

Source: @romeufelipe

18. Long Bob Haircut for Thick Hair with Side Bangs

This is another hairstyle for thicker hair. If you do have thick hair, bangs are a great choice.  They will sit well and blend in with your haircut.

Long Bob Haircut for Thick Hair with Side Bangs

Source: @anhcotran

19. Trendy, Asymmetrical Style

Are you wanting something different and edgy? The asymmetrical style will channel the edgy and raw vibe that you want to show off.  This is the ideal haircut if you have to keep a heavier side and length.

20. Angled Long Bob with Dark Blue Highlights

Maybe you are bored of the brown, blonde and red tones that you want to try something a little bolder. Dark blue is a vibrant colour that looks stylish and unique.  Having a great cut with a unusual colour with show off your cut even more and you will look bang on trend!

21. Short, Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Show off your personality for this short, asymmetrical bob haircut. By changing your hair alone, can change your complete look and instantly give you a makeover.  Bob cut can look fab and glam in no time which allows you to spend more time on your makeup and outfit.  This style will enhance your eyes and cheekbones so get contouring and look great!

Short Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Source: @f0bzillaaaa

22. Short Bob Haircut + Balayage Highlights

Choosing a natural looking haircut and colour will benefit you immediately. Balayage highlights which is the French technique to apply highlights by free hand, will give your hair the colour boost it requires but with a subtle and natural look.  Balayage highlights work so well with shorter cuts and it defines the shape and style.

Short Bob Haircut with Balayage Highlights

Source: @sharchang

23. Messy, Short Bob Haircut

You more you look at this hairstyle, the more you love it. That’s how we feel and are turning green with envy every time we look at it.  It’s a messy, short bob cut that many people opt for and love.  Will you be choosing this style?

Messy Textured Inverted Short Bob Haircut

Source: @anhcotran

24. Asymmetrical Bob

Next, we have this stylish asymmetrical bob. With this haircut you get the best of both worlds, as one side is bob length and the other is more like a lob. So, you can try two trends in one! We also love this style because the hair is straight and sleek on one side and curly on the other. It shows a trendsetting short cut and a gorgeous way to style it too.

Trendy Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Source: @adonis.fa

25. Purple Ombre Lob

If you want to transform your hair then consider trying a trendy cut and color. Here is a gorgeous example. Here we have a lob style with purple ombre. A dark ombre shade like this is a great way to try a new color as it will just grow out if you don’t like it. Purple will also suit everyone and it will look beautiful on any short cut.

26. Chic Graduated Bob Cut

Another stunning short cut that you can try is a graduated bob. For this kind of style, the hair is shorter at the back and longer at the front. Depending on the lengths you choose, this is another idea which can you give you a bob and lob look in the same hairstyle. The graduated hair below is a beautiful version of the cut and it is perfect for the ladies who like to look chic and stylish.

27. Chin Length Bob

Our next idea features a glam bob. The bob is quite short (around chin length) and is styled with messy curls. What makes the hairstyle look gorgeous is the side part, as it gives the hair more volume and gives the curls an old Hollywood glamour vibe. It is a versatile style though and can be worn anywhere from a day out at the beach to a night on the town.

28. Bob Haircut with Blonde Balayage Highlights

If you do like the beachy styles, then this one is for you. Here we have a cute bob with blonde balayage highlights. We love the highlights as they give the hair a sun-kissed look. The bob has been styled with loose waves that complete the boho summery hairstyle. It is a light and bright hair idea that will give your hair a lift.

29. Layered, Coppery Red Bob

Next, we have another stunning color and cut idea. For this look we have a bob that has bright coppery red tones running through it. A red bob like this is the perfect way to transform your look for the new year. You can recreate this hairstyle or try similar red shades on a different short cut.

30. Sleek Blonde Lob

Like to be a trendsetter and stand out from the crowd? Then this is the hairstyle for you. Here we have a sleek blonde lob. The cut is quite blunt and the blonde color is cool and icy. These elements create one stunning short hairstyle. Hair like this is perfect for the modern and chic ladies.

31. Trendy Grey Ombre Bob

Another stylish color you should consider trying is grey. Grey hair has become a must-have for anyone who likes bold and statement making hair. Here is a beautiful example of how to wear grey. This is a curled bob with grey ombre. Grey ombre is trendy and will easily grow out too. You can recreate this look or try an even lighter shade of grey.

32. Long Bob Cut with Warm Highlights

Looking for chic and easy to wear hair? Then check out our next pick. This hair idea features a dark long bob with light, warm blonde highlights. As it is a lob, you can have a short cut without being too short and the blonde highlights are a subtler way to add color. A hairstyle like this will suit everyone and will keep you looking gorgeous every day. Try a similar style to this or you can leave the blonde out too.

33. Cute Lob Cut

Next, we have a cute and pretty lob. The hair is slightly graduated as it is a little longer at the front than the back. It also has a beautiful blonde shade added to it too. This is a chic hairstyle that will never go out of fashion. Hair like this is easy to wear and style. You can try this hairstyle or try a different shade of blonde.

34. Graduated Lob Haircut with Highlights

If you do love the graduated long bobs then this is for you. This lob has a more obvious change in length which creates a trendy look. The hair also has blonde multi tone highlights. This is a stunning hair idea and it will brighten up your look ready for the spring and summer.

35. Blunt Cut Bob

Our next idea features a blunt cut bob. Blunt haircuts make a statement because the cut is clean. Here is a beautiful example of this. The hair is sleek and straight with that sharp cut. A hairstyle like this is perfect for the ladies that like to look modern and trendy. A bob like this will look amazing in any color.

Blunt Cut Bob

Source: @domdomhair

36. Wavy Brunette Lob with Blonde Highlights

Next, we have another beachy boho look to show you. This is a long bob with blonde and brown multi tone highlights running through it. The hairstyle has been finished off with beautiful loose waves. This is a gorgeous look and it will be stunning for the summer. You can try the lob, but a shorter bob would look amazing too!

37. Simple and Stylish Short Bob

The next hairstyle we have to show you is simple and stylish. It is another graduated look where the hair is longer at the front and it has beautiful curls. We love this idea because the hair is subtly highlighted which just gives the hair a lift without being too bold. This is a chic and timeless hairstyle that will suit everyone.

Simple and Stylish Short Bob Haircut

Source: @thejennshin

38. Glam Blonde Lob

Want a new hairstyle that will glam up your look? Then this is for you. Here we have a blonde long bob. The hair starts off dark at the root and then gradually blends to a beautiful light blonde shade. It also has loose curls. This is a gorgeous hairstyle that looks elegant but it has an edge to it.

39. Sleek and Stylish Lob Idea

It is not just the very short hairstyles that look amazing with an asymmetrical cut. You can try it on longer hair too. Here we have a sleek long bob with a beautiful asymmetrical cut. The difference in length is quite subtle but as you can see, it looks fabulous. You can recreate this stylish look or try a cut with a bolder change in length.

40. Cute Layered Red Lob

Next, we have another red look. This short cut has a subtler red color than the one we featured earlier. It just shows how you can try different red shades and they all look amazing. Try a long bob like featured or you can go shorter too. A hairstyle like this will be perfect for the fall and winter when warmer colors are a must-have.

41. Rose Gold Long Bob

Our next idea is another stylish and wavy look. This cut is a long bob with dark roots and lighter color towards the tips. It is another gorgeous and easy to wear hairstyle. You can recreate this or add some other colors to the hair instead. Try brighter and bolder for the spring and summer and darker tones for the fall and winter.

42. Chin Length Bob

A chic hairstyle to try is a chin length bob. We have featured this kind of hairstyle before but this one is so simple, trendy and stunning. The hair has been cut short and is one beautiful shade. We love this hair idea because the hair is textured which creates an edgy and modern look.

43. Stylish Blonde Lob

Is your hair looking dull? Do you need to give it a lift? Then this hairstyle is for you. The hair has beautiful blonde multi tones running through it and the cut is slightly graduated. This is a gorgeous long bob and it will brighten up your look. You can recreate this hairstyle or you can go a little shorter too.

Stylish Blonde Lob Hair Idea

Source: @tomaty27

Coming up with a casual outfit idea can be hard.  From experience, I know that sometimes-evening outfits can be easier to put together than our daily casual outfits and this is crazy.  You tend to have to think about your day casual style because it might end up being your day and evening outfit, so it has to be appropriate for both.

Do you need a little inspiration for easy and stylish, casual outfit ideas?  Now we are in spring, sometimes it takes us a while to adjust to dressing for warmer seasons.  Pushing your winter clothes to the back of your wardrobe and replace with your spring and summer clothes is what many people do.  Instead of having a clear out, this is sometimes a better solution.

When choosing your casual outfits, you want to look stylish and cool.  There’s no point in not liking what you’re wearing because it will affect your mood all day.  You need to feel comfortable and sexy. We have come up with 21 casual outfit ideas for you to think about.  We have a variety of different styles from pencil skirts to denim shorts, we are sure you will find an outfit you love on here.

1. Cute Casual Outfit Idea

Everyone needs a pair of denim shorts.  Denim shorts go with absolutely anything and are perfect for daily or evening wear.  This outfit is very boho inspired and we love the longer kimono with the short denim shorts.  Always have a few loose vests in your wardrobe.  These are always useful for warm days and look stylish but casual with denim shorts. Another tip for this season is that fringe bags and tops are trending so keep a look out for this style.

2. Casual Outfit for Summer

Think simple for summer. Sometimes less is more. A simple tee and high-waisted denim shorts are always a good look.  It shows how stylish you are and it will keep you cool.  When we do tend to overthink things, it can look a bit too put together and neat so just go simple option.

3. Denim Shorts + Espadrilles

Every girl should have a pair of espadrilles in summer!  They are comfortable and stylish.  These denim shorts look fab with a pair of espadrilles.  You can opt for a black pair and maybe think about getting another colour later.  Black will go with anything and any colour you wear so this would be the perfect choice for your first pair.  You can always add colour to your outfit with your accessories.

Denim Shorts and Espadrilles Outfit for Spring and Summer

Source: @zorannah

4. Stylish Mommy Outfit

If you are a mum and want to keep your style going, this is a casual and comfortable outfit for you.  We know you want to feel stylish, on-trend and casual, so why not wear this.  A white simple vest which you can tie in the middle to add your style and a long easy-wearing pencil skirt.  Wear a pair of causal fashionable trainers to finish the look and to keep your feet happy all day.  It is practical for your daily life and you will feel great.

5. Bomber Jacket + Midi Skirt

Bomber jackets are still stitching around. These sexy little jackets can be worn with any top and any bottoms.  This outfit shows how good a colourful red bomber jacket can look with a pencil skirt and trainers.

Casual Midi Skirt and Sneakers Casual Outfit Idea

Source: @sherlinanym

6. Two Piece + Sneakers

Two pieces are huge right now.  They tend to be matching colour or print but you can mix and match to your liking.  This casual outfit looks amazing.  Team with a pair of trainers to finish the look.

7. Comfy Black and White Casual Outfit Idea

Black and white are two classic colours that everyone loves to wear. You might not like wearing colourful outfits even in summer and we understand that.  You might even be bored of wearing bright colours so you are opting for black and white for a change.  If you are looking for the perfect black and white casual outfit, then opt for a pair of black leggings, a black and white cropped top, a black bomber jacket and a fresh pair of white trainers.

8. LBD + Denim Shirt + Baseball Hat

Every girl needs a little black dress in her wardrobe. Your LBD can be made into a casual outfit too.  It’s not just for the evening evenings out.  Team yours with a denim shirt, casual trainers like these white classic Converse and a baseball cap.  Perfect!

Dress and Baseball Hat Casual Outfit Idea

Source: @cireneablog

9. Casual All White Outfit

This is the time of year when all the all-white outfits come out of the closet.  OK, summer is all about colours and wearing light colours.  This is an easy and stylish all white outfit.  A white tee with white ripped jeans and white Converse is a winner with us!

Chic All White Casual Outfit for Spring and Summer

Source: @sstyleev

10. Jeans + Black T-Shirt + Red Bandana

Jeans are great for casual outfits. Wear a pair of blue classic jeans, ripped or not whatever your style and team with a black tee.  To add colour to any outfit, think about accessories.  Wear a colourful head bandana.  It will keep your hair off your face throughout the day and you will look fab!

Short hair, don’t care is the attitude for this article. I know it sounds like a cliche but it’s true. If you haven’t had short hair, you don’t know the feeling so these photos of great pixie cuts may temp you to go short! When you do transform from having long hair to short hair, you feel so refreshed.  Trending hairstyles nowadays are becoming shorter and shorter.  The shorter the better, in many people’s eyes.  To be honest, having looked at our selected pixie cuts, we can see why.  It is a very convenient haircut for busy women.

Many people choose to have short pixie cuts because they cannot maintain long hair.  They live a hectic lifestyle and realize that shorter hair works better for them. Other love short hair regardless of their lifestyle and many celebrities opt for a short cut too.  There are so many pretty, pixie cuts to choose from.  If you have thinner hair, pixie styles may work better for you as your hair will feel fuller and adds an element of height and dimension.

1. Pixie Cut with Bangs

This is a classic, neat and sexy pixie cut. Mix a classic pixie cut with bangs and you get this.  It consists of one heavy side and the other side, is shorter.  Even though it’s short, this style is very versatile.  You can dress it up and down.

2. Longer, Messy Cut with Bangs and Highlights

A pixie cut doesn’t have to be very short. Take this longer pixie version with bangs and highlights.  This is an ideal hairstyle for those not wanting to go too short and still want full texture and a heavy fringe.

Longer Messy Pixie Cut with Highlights

Source: @ezmialove

3. Short Cut for Natural Hair

This is a sexy cut for naturally curly hair. Show off your sexy curls with this short pixie cut. It has minimal maintenance and looks perfect for any occasion.

Short Pixie Cut for Natural Hair

Source: @itstoian

4. Blonde Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

If you are looking for a total change, have this style. Dyeing your hair blonde and having a short pixie cut with side bangs, looks great.  One side is considerably shorter than the other and it works.  Having a new hairstyle can be an experience alone but when you go for a radical change and have your hair dyed too, you feel great.  Treat yourself to a makeover and have a pixie cut and colour for summer.

5. Longer Pixie Cut with an Undercut

A pixie cut will emphasis your face. If you choose to have this style, a longer pixie cut with an undercut, it will still show off your beautiful face.  At the same time, you will have the longer hair to play with.  Many people who choose to have the chop to a pixie cut, go for a longer pixie style before having the traditional shorter pixie.  This is because they aren’t too sure if the style will suit them or if they will like it.  Nine times out of ten, they will revisit their hairdresser to go shorter.

Long Red Pixie Cut with an Undercut

Source: @jejojejo87

6. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical pixie cuts are as popular as ever. Frankie from The Saturdays is a great lover of this style.  It is an all year round style and looks so good with outfit.  It’s girly and looks classy.  Victoria Beckham also had this style at one point, both as a blonde and brunette.

7. Curly Blonde Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts do not have to be straight. If you were to ask someone what they thought was a pixie style, they would probably say very short and straight.  If you said to the same person that this is also a pixie style, they would be shocked.  We think adding curls to pixie cuts look amazing and unique.  They are so cute and sexy.  The curls will add texture and make you hair fuller and thicker.

8. Grey Pixie Cut

Come on girlies, grey is trending and you could be the highest fashionista by mixing grey and a trending pixie cut! We all love the grey colour that everyone is going crazy about.  It is a soft, delicate hair colour and hairstyle.  It has a retro vibe about it and stands out from the crowd.

9. Purple Pixie Cut

If you have been there, done that with grey hair, try purple hair. Even if you haven’t tried grey hair, purple alone is a powerful, striking colour with vibrancy and it’s fun.  Teamed with a pixie cut and you will be catwalk ready.  It will complement your face and you will look amazing.  Remember, if you have dark hair,  to achieve a light purple colour, you will have to bleach your hair at the hairdresser then they will add the colour toner after.  This is to lift the colour beforehand and then you will achieve better results.

Purple Colored Pixie Cut

Source: @beautsoup

10. Blonde Pixie Cut for Round Face

This is the perfect hairstyle if you have a round face. Pixie cuts do look good on all kinds of hair types and face shapes but specific haircuts can flatter your face even more so.  This blonde pixie cut will enhance your round face and you will look fantastic.  Having side bands will narrow the shape of a round face.  If you look at the celebrities with round faces, they all look great with a pixie cut.  Take Agyness Deyn and Keira Knightley, they both have looked stunning with this style.

Blonde Pixie Cut for Round Face

Source: @amandalooma

11. Vintage Pixie Cut

Are you feeling this Betty Boop style?  We are!  You too can channel your inner Betty by getting this hairstyle. This is an amazing vintage hairstyle that will show off your character and style.  It looks exceptionally great with darker hair.

12. Short Pixie Style for Black Women

Many people tend to think that a pixie haircut won’t suit them. How wrong are those people!  Today there are so many short haircuts that are so versatile and look great.  Pixie cuts on black women, whose hair is naturally thick and curly look stunning.  This pixie cut is short and the hair is relaxed which gives off a sexy pixie cut.

Short Pixie Cut for Black Women


13. Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

If you have thicker hair, a pixie cut will look great on you. Having a pixie cut will instantly boost you hair as you hair is thicker and creates that extra boost.

14. Short, Beige Blonde Style

Going short and blonde is the perfect pixie cut for many people. We are thinking this is very Emma Watson.  It is low maintenance, elegant and classy.  It will enhance your eyes and make you feel fantastic!

Beige Blonde Short Pixie Cut

Source: @yntza

15. Curly, Red Pixie Cut

Rock your curls. If you love your curls and want to embrace them, dye you hair a vibrant colour like this red shade and have a pixie cut.  Everyone will comment on how fabulous you look!  So don’t delay, go and book your hair appointment so you are ready for summer.

16. Cute Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Having a pixie cut doesn’t have to be daunting. Many people that go from longer hair to short, pixie cuts are petrified because all they know is longer hair.  If you really are set on having a pixie cut and your hair is currently long, then why not opt for this style to begin with.  It is still a pixie cut but with the comfort of having longer bangs, which will make you feel confident.  When you do get used to this, you may chop off your bangs!  Try it and see.

17. Voluminous, Layered Cut

The traditional pixie haircut, is short and quite flat. If this is not for you, choose this voluminous, layered pixie cut.  It will always be bouncy and full of live.

Longer Layered Pixie Cut

Source: @hairbyelena

18. Short, Platinum Blonde Cut

Are you ready to join the platinum pixie club? Brighten up your hair and go platinum blonde.  It is a gorgeous colour for this hairstyle if hairstyle and will show you hair and your face off.  Will you be the next member?

19. Long & Curly Style

We are loving this heavy long and curly pixie cut. Having a heavy fringe will give the illusion that your hair is longer but the back will be short.  It is very sexy and chic!  It is a great style for a daily or evening look.

20. Edgy Pixie Cut for Bold Women

Take the bold and brave route with this pixie haircut. Show your character and fun side with this kick ass style.  It’s striking, stunning and will make your edginess shine through.  The colour will bring attention and then it will show off your pixie cut!

Edgy Pixie Cut for Bold Women

Source: @eliza_knows

21. Longer, Shaggy Pixie Cut

Shorter pixie cuts aren’t your thing? Short pixie cuts may be too scary to even think about for some girls.  This is understandable as we know our hair means a lot to us.  If you are thinking about cutting your hair and love the thought of a pixie cut but don’t want to go that shirt, don’t worry, we have thought about you too!  The photo above shows a longer pixie, shaggy cut, which we love.  It is shaggy style means you can play about with the longer lengths and style it in many ways.  It is versatile and looks great in this colour!

22. Longer, Blonde Cut

Check out this longer pixie cut with a choppy and edgy style. This looks stunning and with the blonde tone, it shows off the hairstyle even more.

Longer Blonde Pixie Cut

Source: @amyelaine_

23. Super Long Bangs + Short Back

This hairstyle looks great from every angle. This oozes sexiness and style.  These super long bangs create a style of its own.  It’s fun and girly and you can style it so many different ways every day!

Faux Hawk Pixie Cut for Black Women

Source: @khimandi

24. Shaved Blonde Pixie Cut

Shaving your hair is becoming increasing popular. I know it may come as a shock to you but it is true.  Many girls are opting for the shavers not the scissors now.  A daring and bold cut which will definitely get a lot of attention.  It is a fabulous hairstyle to show off your gorgeous face.  Even though it is quite a short style, you have the ability to play with the longer section of your hair.  You can even tie it back or cover the shaven parts.

25. Classy Cut with Bangs

This pixie cut is so classy and sassy. The style and colour is great.  If you have ever wanted to get up in the morning, look in the mirror and not have to do a lot to your hair, this is the style for you.  It is low maintenance and you can style in differently every day. Everyone will love it!Classic Brunette Pixie Cut

26. Two Toned Pixie Cut

A pixie hairstyle mixed with two colours, looks great. See for yourself in the photo above.  You can see that the sides are a dark brown shade and the heavy top is a lighter shade.  It is the perfect contrast and again, you don’t have to always have the same style.  Maybe change your parting and have the heavier top, over the other side.  Whatever you decide, will look great!

27. Longer, Layered Pixie Style

Layers can help thinner hair feel thicker and textured. Having layers can add texture, weight and make you hair feel thicker and fuller.  Take this sassy longer, layered pixie style.  The longer side looks healthy and so shiny.  If you are a fan of voluminous hair, add a little hair product to lift it even more so!

Longer Black Pixie Haircut


28. Greyish Blue Style

We have seen how good blonde, brunette, grey, red and purple look but what about blue? If you love the blue shades, you will love this.  It is a cool blue tone which will compliment any skin tone and will stand out from the crown.  We are totally loving this.

29. Pixie with Curls and Swirls

It is all about the swirls and curls for this style. Go for a pixie style with an edgy.  Take it back to the vintage swirls and curls and you will not regret it.  It is sexy, sassy and sophisticated.

30. Long Bangs + Undercut

Go for it with this long band and undercut style. Having mentioned it earlier in this article that shaving your hair is quite popular nowadays, the undercut is also popular.  This is a slightly less daunting shaving experience with your hair.  It tends to be a small section of your hair, which can be easily covered with the longer sections.  Are you feeling it?  Go for it!

31. Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs and Longer Sides

The choppy pixie cut is still around guys so don’t forget about it. It has been around for quite a long time and it never goes away.  With all the new trending techniques and hairstyle coming into play, we tend to forget about the older classic styles.

32. Pastel Pixie Cut

We all love the pastel colours for pixie haircuts. The best thing about experimenting with pastel colours with short pixie styles is that if you don’t like it, start again!  It’s not like you have longer hair to dye, so have fun with your pastel colours this summer.

33. Shorter Back, Longer Front

This is ideal if you want a longer fringe. Having a great pixie cut will enhance your face but if you want your hair to be the main focal point, choose a longer front with a shorter back.

Elegant Pixie Cut for Black Women

Source: @khimandi

34. Messy, Modern pixie Cut

Messy haircuts are a girl’s best friend. We don’t need to worry too much about our hair during the day with a messy hairstyle.  Messy hairstyles are perfect for any occasion, day or evening.  They look great with any outfit and will show off your sassy side.

35. Long Blonde Pixie with Choppy Bangs

Blonde have more fun… As the saying goes.  Are you willing to try this out?  Opting for a light blonde colour will show off your pixie cut even more so than darker shades.  It will highlight all the choppy cuts and bangs.

36. Cute & Short Look

This cute and short pixie cut will draw attention to your face. If you were to walk into a hairdressers today and say “I want a short pixie cut” this is what you will get.  It is the classic, short and basic pixie cut that speaks for itself.

Cute Short Pixie Cut

Source: @salsalhair

37. Grown Out, Grey Pixie Cut

Once you have a great pixie cut, enjoy it when it’s growing out. When you walk out of the hairdressers once you get your pixie cut, you will feel fresh and great.  Once you get a great haircut, when it starts to grow out, it will look amazing too.  Embrace the growing out stage by celebrating with a unique colour such as grey.  Don’t rush to the hairdressers to have it trimmed again, you will look the longer grown out, grey version.

38. Wavy Longer Pixie Cut

This is for naturally wavy hair. If you have naturally wavy hair, pixie hairstyles look so cute and girly.  They will frame your face and look adorable.  This photo shows a longer pixie haircut with waves and you can see how good it looks!

Wavy Longer Pixie Cut

Source: @moriahlaz

39. Asymmetrical, Layered Pixie Cut

Adding layers will add texture. Instead of just adding layers to your pixie cut, play around a little and add an asymmetrical side.  It will compliment your hairstyle and your face.

Blonde Pixie Cut with Longer Bangs

Source: @hairbyelena

40. Curly Pixie Cut with Design

If you are feeling the shaven pixie look, then maybe you want to customise your hairstyle. Having a unique hairstyle feels great and nobody will have the same.  Be your own trend setter with this shaven design.  You have the trending pixie hairstyle so why not make it your own.  A gorgeous patter, design, or wording can be shaved into your hair and we think it looks great.

41. Short & Slicked Style

If you already have a pixie cut and need inspiration on how to style it, take a look at this. Or maybe you are looking for a short and easy pixie hairstyle that you can maintain quick and easy every day.  Look no further than the short and slicked style.  It will highlight your face and bone structure and will look amazing for any event.

42. Voluminous & Layered Pixie

Who doesn’t love bouncy and voluminous hair. Anyone that says they don’t are fibbing guys.  When we have healthy, uplifting hair, we feel great and we love to run our fingers through our hair.  This is the ideal style for that.

Bouncy Pixie Haircut

Source: @hairbyelena

43. Pixie Cut + Short Bangs

This is a classic and timeless pixie hairstyle that will wow everyone. It will show off your gorgeous face and we can guarantee than many of your friends will follow in your footsteps, so be the first to shine.

44. Short Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

This is another shorter pixie cut with low maintenance. It is simple yet effective and so sexy.  Who needs to have a lot of hair hiding our face, when you can show it off like this!  Book your hairdressers appointment now!

Short Blonde Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

Source: @lani.true

45. Classy, Longer Cut

Classy, sophisticated, elegant and chic. This hairstyle is all of those things wrapped up in one.  You may not need to use any hair product on a daily basis with this cut, only when you want to style it differently.  It will look amazing when you wake up and amazing when you go to bed.  This cut is great for all hair types, from thin to thicker hair.  It also looks great for any hair colour, light, brunette, dark or vibrant colours.

Longer Pixie Cut for Black Women

Source: @voiceofhair

46. Blonde Pixie Cut with Purple Bangs

Mix it up a little by adding a bright colour. Pixie hairstyle are far from boring hairstyles!  You don’t have to dye the whole head but to your long bangs only.  This is a sexy, bold and the purple  goes well with the blonde shade.  When you dye your hair this light blonde, the purple will be a great, vibrant shade and it will look stunning.  You can always choose another colour but we think purple looks good.

Blonde Pixie Cut with Purple Bangs

Source: @jejojejo87

47. Short Cut + Choppy Bangs

Choppy haircuts are a favourite for many people. They are raw and edgy. If you a choppy style, the colour can enhance the cut and make it look beautiful.  Make sure you have a trusted and great hairdresser to cut your choppy locks.  The better the cut, the better it will look when growing out.

48. Short Sides, Long Top Style

Glam, glam, glam!  We are feeling this. This is a super, uber fashionista hairstyle.  Calling all the trend setters and stylist, this is an amazing hairstyle that cannot be missed.  Look how sexy, edgy and unique she looks.  It’s multiple trending hairstyle in one… you have the pixie cut, the shaven sides, the pattern in the shaven sections, the colour and curls!  What more could you want?

Short Sides Long Top Pixie Cut

Source: @khimandi

49. Super Long Bangs

Channel your longer pixie hair with this style. Don’t be afraid to go from long hair to short hair.  They do say, short hair, don’t care and we understand that completely, especially if you have been through this experience.  Going from long hair to a short pixie style is like a whole new world for you.  It is a start of your short hair journey in life and if you don’t seem to like it, it will soon grow, so enjoy it while it lasts!

This is the perfect solution for you if you want to keep your long hair around your face.  Have a short pixie cut at the back but keep longer bangs.  You can always tie your bangs back or style it differently.  You have the security of having a variety of different styles you can choose from.  Don’t think that pixie cuts, need to be short all over.  This hairstyle above just goes to show, how good a longer fringe can look and it still have the pixie style about it.

50. Short Layered Cut + Bangs

This is a popular style with many celebrities. Who says you have to have long hair to feel feminine and sexy?!  They are crazy.  They need to live in the real world where many girls are opting for a short pixie style to show off their gorgeous locks inside and out.  This is a fun, sleek and sexy hairstyle and will look amazing for any occasion.

Short Layered Pixie Cut with Bangs

Source: @yntza

51. Trendy Pixie Cut

Have a trending pixie cut so you are on-trend. Opting for a short pixie cut will instantly draw attention to your face.  If you love your face and love to show it off, this is the ideal hairstyle for you.  Many people love shorter hair and we can see why from all of these hairstyles in this article.  Most girls hide their face with hair and there’s no need to.  Show the world how fabulous you are by concentrating on a hairstyle that will do this for you.  Try it and see for yourself, you will feel liberated and sexy.

Short Choppy Pixie Cut for Modern Women

Source: @1hairbygina

52. Icy Pixie Cut

Looking for a trendy haircut and color? Then check out this hairstyle. Here we have an icy pixie cut. The hair around the back and sides is quite short and the hair is longer on the top. This hairstyle has been finished off with a cool, light blonde color. It is an edgy and stylish hair idea and it will be great for the spring and summer.

53. Short Pixie Cut with Curls

Pixie cuts look amazing with curly hair too. Here is a beautiful example. This hair idea features wavy short hair around the back and sides of the head with long curly hair on the top. It is a chic hairstyle and it will suit everyone. You can recreate this look or have sleek and straight hair at the back and sides.

54. Glam Short Hair

Glam up your look with our next hair idea. This is a short pixie that is slightly swept to one side. It is a chic hairstyle that can be dressed up or down. A pixie like this is perfect for the ladies that want a simple and trendy haircut that is easy to wear and style. It will look gorgeous in any hair color.

55. Long Red Pixie

You don’t have to choose a pixie cut with very short hair. A lot of pixie hairstyles have shaved hair but our next idea shows that you can have longer hair too. This pixie is longer on the top and only little shorter around the back and sides. It is a gorgeous hair idea and it is great for anyone who isn’t ready to try the shaved looks. The hair color is awesome too!

56. Trendy Pixie Cut

Next, we have a trendy pixie idea to show you! The hair on the top of the head is quite long and we love the textured style. As the hair is a little longer on one side, it creates subtle side swept bangs. It is a beautiful hairstyle and it will give you a boho beachy look just in time for the spring and summer.

57. Cute Pink Hairstyle

Want to transform your hair? Then this is a stylish way to do it. This is a long pixie cut that has been dyed light pink. The pink hair is so trendy and a color like this will make you stand out from the crowd. You can choose a pink color like this or try another vibrant shade. Recreate the haircut or try pink on any other short cut that you like.

58. Long and Textured Pixie Cut

Our next hair idea is one of our favorites! The hairstyle is another long pixie cut with a textured style. It is a casual and relaxed pixie and it looks effortlessly stylish. We also love the hair color, and warm highlights like these will lift and brighten the hair. A hairstyle like this will suit everyone and it would be great for the ladies that are trying short hair for the first time.

59. Curly Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Love the hairstyles with bangs? Then you need to check out this next look. This pixie has short hair around the back and sides but the hair on the top is quite a lot longer. All of the hair has been styled onto one side which creates side swept bangs. The purple color is fabulous too. You can try the whole look or try the cut without the purple color.

60. Chic and Simple Short Pixie

Next, we have a chic and sophisticated style to show you. The hair is short and it is a little longer on the top. It is a trendy haircut as it features baby bangs. Baby bangs are shorter than average bangs and the style has become a must-have, the celebs love the look too! This is beautiful hairstyle and it will suit everyone.

Chic and Simple Short Pixie

Source: @thecutlife

61. Curly Pixie

Have you got curly hair? Then you need to check out this hair idea. Here we have a short pixie with curly hair on the top. The curls make the short cut look so stylish. If you want a bold new look then try the silvery grey color, but you can always try the cut with your natural hair color.

62. Edgy Pixie

Our next idea is a little edgy. The hair is textured, has curls and is very short around the sides. It is the perfect hairstyle for letting out your inner rock chick! It is a versatile haircut and it can be dressed up or down. Hair like this will be easy to style and easy to wear. We love this pixie cut.

63. Sleek and Modern Short Haircut

If you have had the same hairstyle for years and are now bored and want a change, then this is a hairstyle for you. This pixie is quite long and it has a side part. It is a sleek and modern haircut that will give new life to your hair. You can try the pixie in black or in any color of your choice.

64. Light Blonde Long Pixie Cut

Need a new hairstyle for the summer? Then take a look at this! Here we have a long pixie cut with light blonde highlights. The short cut is great for the summer as it will keep you cool and looking stylish too. Blonde highlights like these will give your hair a sunkissed look ready for the warmer season. Recreate this hairstyle or you can try warmer highlights too.

Light Blonde Long Pixie Cut

Source: @sjun.p

65. Swept Back Pixie

Next, we have trendsetting look that will make you stand out from the crowd. The hair is cut short around the back and sides while the hair on top is long and swept back. Styling your hair like this gives you a gorgeous pixie cut and it will show off your edgy and unique style.

66. Stylish Short Pixie Cut

Our next idea is another stylish short cut. This one is also styled on one side and has a textured look. There are also blonde highlights too. The blonde looks so stylish and you should consider adding blonde to you hair if it’s feeling a little dull. It will refresh your hair ready for the summer.

67. Trendy Hair Idea

Love the icy grey hair colors? Then check out this next style. This pixie cut is short and is styled straight which gives it a sharp and edgy look. The grey color finishes off the hairstyle perfectly and gives it a trendsetting vibe. It is an awesome hair idea and it is perfect for the bold ladies who want to make a statement.

68. Purple Pixie

Another cool color you can try is purple! This pixie cut shows how to wear purple in style. The haircut featured here is quite long, has bangs and is dyed in a dark purple shade. Purple is great for anyone who wants to try something new. If you don’t want to be too bold, then you can try an even darker shade and with highlights instead of full head color.

69. Curly Short Pixie Cut

Next, we have another curly hair idea. The hair is very short around the back and sides while the hair on top is longer and very curly. Not only are the curls gorgeous, but the hair color is too. Hair like this is chic and super stylish, it will suit everyone. You can recreate this look or try the style in a color of your choice.

Curly Short Pixie Cut

Source: @thecutlife

70. Fiery Pixie Cut

If you love the vibrant colors, then this hairstyle is for you. The hair is graduated at the back which means the hair is very short and gets longer towards the top. This creates a unique pixie cut that stands out from the rest. What we really love about this hairstyle is the color, it is a fiery red shade. Hair like this is perfect for the ladies that want a bold new hairstyle that will make them look and feel amazing.

71. Short Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Our next idea is perfect for the ladies that want a short haircut with bangs. The hair is very short around the back and sides while the hair on the top is long and styled into side swept bangs. The hair is curly and full of volume which means the bangs really make a statement. It is a chic haircut that will keep you looking stylish every day.

72. Short Pixie with Short Bangs

Next, we have a very short pixie to show you. The hair is cut very short with micro bangs. It is a very chic and cute pixie that will suit everyone. This cut will look so trendy in a platinum blonde color or a vibrant color like red! Grey would also look fabulous. You can try this pixie with longer bangs.

73. Chic Pixie Haircut with Long Bangs

The next hair idea is very chic. This time the hair is quite short around the sides with longer hair on top. There are also bangs. This is a very elegant hair idea that will glam up your look. You can recreate this or try the cut with shorter bangs. Hair trends do come and go but this timeless cut is here to stay.

Chic Pixie Haircut with Long Bangs

Source: @ohhhlolo_

74. Platinum Pixie Hair

If you want a pixie that will make you stand out from the crowd in style, then this is for you. Here we have a short pixie with a side part. The hair is also a bold platinum color. We love this blonde color and it is so bright so it is perfect for the summer. Recreate this or you can try a different blonde shade if platinum is not for you as all will look great.

75. Coppery Hair Idea

Another hair color that has become a must-have is copper. Copper is a red, spicy and warm tone that will really jazz up your hair. The coppery shade is paired with a classic and short pixie. We love the cut and color, they look so trendy together. This style is perfect all year round. The short cut suits the summer and copper suits the fall and winter.

76. Simple and Trendy Pixie

Next, we have a cute, simple and trendy cut. The hair is short and choppy with a slightly textured look. It is such an easy to wear hair idea and it is a versatile cut that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. You can jazz up the hair with a bold color. Maybe a bright blonde or pastel pink. Those would look stunning.

77. Curly Pixie Cut

Those with curly hair can be put off trying short cuts but you don’t have to be. Here is how to wear a curly pixie in style. The hair is very short on one side and it is longer on the other which creates a side swept bangs look. Lots of curls are in the longer side of hair. It is a trendy and gorgeous look. It can, of course, be created on straight hair too.

Curly Pixie Cut

Source: @kris_tastic

78. Pastel Pixie

Pastel hair colors have become so trendy and here is a cute color and cut you could try. For this, the hair is cut into a very short and straight pixie. The hair is also a pastel minty green. We love the pastel green, it is so unique and it looks amazing with the short cut. This hair will be perfect for the spring. Recreate this or try a different pastel color.

79. Side Swept Hairstyle

Next, we have a sophisticated and stylish pixie to show you. This is one of the longer styles and all of the hair has been swept to one side. It is such a chic and trendy look. This is another style that will look very glam or very edgy depending on how you wear it. You can find styling tips for this type of hair online.

Side Swept Pixie Haircut

Source: @autumnhartt

80. Summery Blonde Cut

Looking for a new cut for the summer? If so, this could be perfect for you. The hair is cut very short and it is colored in a very bright blonde. This is a beautiful and easy to wear hair idea that is perfect for the hotter seasons. Add some waves and you will have a beachy pixie cut.

81. Rainbow Pixie Hair

Be daring and try rainbow hair! Here is a great example of the style you could create. The hair is cut into a short pixie. Most of the hair is blonde but there are rainbow stripes. It is such a bold and fun look. Recreate this or you can put the rainbow colors all over your hair. This is another great style for the summer.

Rainbow Pixie Hair

Source: @hstylze

82. Rich Red Pixie

This next hair idea is another one of our favorites. Here we have a classic pixie cut that is a rich red shade. We love the color, it is stunning. It really jazzes up the classic pixie. Recreate this or try a brighter red. Dark red tones like the one featured are great for the fall and winter.

83. Cute and Curly Cut

Next, we have another hair idea for those with curly hair. This cut is a little longer than some of the other pixies and as you can see, tight curls look gorgeous in a pixie cut. It is a chic and versatile hair idea that will suit everyone and it will look glam for any occasion. This style will also look amazing with looser curls.

84. Statement Making Pixie

Love the statement making pixies? If so, this hair idea is for you. This style features a short pixie. Most of the hair is an orange shade. While the top layer of hair has multi tones and includes yellow and pink. The colors are so bold and the hair demands attention. This is another summery hair idea.

85.  Stylish Bowl Style

Looking for a trendy new cut? Then check this out. This time we have a short pixie and the top layer is styled into a bowl type shape. Even though bowl shapes haven’t been that popular, we think that will change because hair like this is so stylish. If you want a modern and cool hairstyle, then this is for you.

86. Textured and Edgy Pixie

Next, we have another edgy pixie to show you. For this, the hair is cut very short and it is textured and styled up instead of being flat. This is like a pixie cut for rock chicks. Recreate the blonde version or the cut will look amazing in any other color. Warmer blonde tones will create a subtler look.

87. Warm Blonde Hair Idea

Speaking of warm blonde, this next hair idea is just that. Here we have a longer pixie and it has multi tone color. The layers underneath are darker but most of the hair is a warm blonde color. As you can see, the color looks stunning. A similar blonde color will look amazing on any pixie cut.

88. Bold Red Pixie

The next hair idea shows another red cut. This time the hair is black and then it changes to a more vivid red. We love the red because it is so statement making and edgy. Recreate the black and red look or just have red color. Try to keep the textured hair because it looks so trendy.

89. Super Stylish Short Hair

This next hair idea is another one of our favorites. Here we have a classic pixie cut that is a stylish color. The color of the hair almost looks like a soft coppery tone. We love the cut too, it will suit everyone. The whole hairstyle is just so versatile and easy to wear. It would look stunning with a more vivid copper color as well.

90. Trendy Grey Pixie

Grey has become one of the must-have looks which is great news for those who have naturally grey hair. This next style shows how to wear grey in style. The hair is short and classic with a longer section on the top which creates short side swept bangs. It is a stylish and timeless haircut that will suit any grey shade natural or dyed.

91. Long Platinum Blonde Pixie

Next, we have a longer pixie cut. This time the hair is different lengths with the longest just hitting the chin which creates a cute and stacked look. The hair is also a platinum blonde color. It is just a chic and statement making hair idea. Not only that, but it combines a classic cut with a modern color.

2019 is all about the medium length hairstyles.  Everyone nowadays seems to be going crazy for medium length haircuts because the style isn’t too short and not too long.  Sometimes, we may regret cutting our hair shorter than what we anticipated but trust us when we say, you won’t be regretting it with this length.  Thinking of having the chop, but are used to having the security of longer hair? Have no fear.  This is the perfect length that you will be able to style in many different ways and tie it back.

If you do want to change your hair and are keen on a medium length style, it is always a good idea to have a photo of the hairstyle you would like.  Then once you got to your hair appointment, show your hairdressers the photo.  This is the perfect way to get the hairstyle you want. We have come up with 71 of the coolest medium length hairstyles that look amazing and we are definite that you will love them too! We have Sombre, Ombre, different colours and different techniques for you to see.

1. Medium Cut + Honey Blonde Highlights

Add a little colour to your trending medium cut, without dyeing more than you are wanting to. You don’t have to dye your whole head of hair to add a touch of colour.  This medium length hairstyle looks amazing with a little touch of honey blonde highlights.  To ensure you notice the difference, ask your hairdresser to add the highlights to the front sections of your hair.  This will frame your face and you will notice the colour when you look in the mirror.  This is very popular and is low maintenance.

Medium Length Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

Source: @hairbybrae

2. Sombre Medium Style

Sombre is the new Ombre!  Instead of Ombre styled highlights, many people are opting for Sombre. As the name suggests, all Sombre is, is a subtle version of the Ombre hairstyle.  That is what the S stands for. It is a lot softer and you can achieve this look by growing your highlights gradually out. It tends to be softer colours which are slightly lighter on the ends.  The appearance of the darker roots are less obvious.

Medium Length Sombre Hair

Source: @hairbylau

3. Rooty Blonde Lob

Girls, roots are trending! What a relief! We have been waiting so long for this to happen.  A lot of people can now start to save their money!  No need to make that urgent call to your hairdresser, wait a while and spend the money on something else!  Roots are back in fashion and are trending big time.  Of course, we love that fresh dyed hair feeling and when your roots are showing, you don’t need to worry.  Many celebrities are rocking this style too so rock yours!  We are all sometimes confused to the new hair terminology’s that come out and lob is quite new. In case you are wondering what a lob is, it is a long bob.

4. Grey Ombre

A few years ago, if you said grey hair was fashionable, people would probably laugh in your face. Nowadays, grey hair isn’t something people try to hide, they are now embracing it.  Grey hair is beautiful and is huge right now.  Grey hair has been on-trend for many seasons now and it looks like it’s staying around for a few more.  People are now opting to go grey and it looks great.  Grey Ombre hair is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to dye their whole head.  If you are feeling the grey colour, but aren’t sure on dyeing it entirely, go for this and see what you think.  It will suit any hair type and any skin tone.

5. Messy, Layered Mid Cut Hair

Going from long hair to shorter hair is quite a daunting process for many people. If you are feeling brave and do want to change your hair but are still wary, go for a messy, layered mid length hairstyle.  You will still have the length and texture you are used to but it will feel fresh and it will be a new style for you.  If you are used to have neat hair, have a change and mess it up a little.

Messy Layered Medium Length Hairstyle

Source: @salsalhair

6. Gold Caramel Style

Gold, caramel tones are warming and compliment you skin tone. Having gold, caramel shades will give off a warmer vibe and will look classy.  It’s a low maintenance colour and looks great with any outfit.  Team with soft neutral makeup so your hair does all the talking. Make the main focal point be your fabulous hair.

Gold Caramel Medium Length Hair Cut

Source: @off7thsalon

7. Curly, Beige Blonde Hairstyle

Beige blonde look striking but in a soft way. Mixing curls to this hairstyle will make you look amazing and catwalk ready!  Soft curls with soft tones are ideal if you don’t want to dye your hair a bright obvious colour.  Adding the curls will add the bounce and your hair will look fuller and thicker.

Curly Medium Beige Blonde Hair

Source: @jimmyhilton

8. Medium Cut with with Face Framing Layers

Going for a medium cut with layers, is a way to instantly change your style. Face framing layers will boost your hair and it will feel very different to what you had before without having a radical change.

Medium Hairstyle with Front Face Framing Layers

Source: @hairbykas

9. Copper Hair

Do you tend to go for blonde, brown or black hair tones? Do you fancy a change?  If you want a dramatic change then you can always opt for a copper colour.  This colour looks so vibrant and has a lovely summer vibe.  Next time you are thinking about your next hair colour, think about copper.  The colour has a lovely tone that will warm your skin complexion.  This is a fashion trend colour, that will release your inner Fashionista!

10. Blonde Balayage Ombre

These blonde Balayage highlights look fab! The colour adds a little touch of uniqueness and brightens your hair up.  This hairstyle is trending in all ways.  You have the Balayage and the Ombre!  Everyone will be watching you for the next trends!

11. Blowout Layered Hair

Many people don’t know what a blowout hair is. You probably have this treatment every time you visit your hairdressers but use a different terminology to describe it.  It is a technique used for drying your hair.  The first step will be having your hair washed and this will be followed by a blow-dry method with powerful hairdryers and hairbrushes.  This style in the photo in particular, includes a layered cut too.

12. Medium Length Haircut with Side Bangs

Medium length hair is such a versatile style. This is a sexy medium length style with side bangs.  It looks great, it’s fun and you can style your hair with bangs in many ways.  If you are used to having no fringe, this will immediately change your look and style.

13. Dark Roots + Caramel Balayage Medium Style

The great thing about having Balayage highlights, is that there are no rules. You can ask your hairdresser to add as many or as little highlights as you wish.  Take this dark roots with caramel Balayage highlights.  The highlights can start wherever you decide.  It looks fabulous!  You don’t have to worry about going to the hairdressers often with this style, it is very low maintenance.

14. Messy Bronde Medium Haircut

Have you heard the new word… bronde. Bronde is quite a newish word that many people are using to describe a colour between blonde and brown.  It was only a matter of time until someone made up a new word for this colour!  Having a bronde shade with a medium messy hairstyle, looks sexy and renewed.  Messy hair has been on-trend for such a long time now and we aren’t complaining.  It looks amazing and we love it!  Go for a hairstyle like this one to show you know the trends and love messy hair.

15. Beige Blonde Ombre + Soft Waves

If you are thinking of having a mid length style haircut with Ombre colouring, think about having contrasting colours. Contrasting colours are the whole point of having Ombre hair.  This look looks neat with  beige and blonde tones.  The soft waves create an elegant and sophisticated finish.  Choosing a dark colour for the roots and a lighter shade for the ends of your hair, look fantastic.  This hair trends has been around for some time now and many people are still rocking it.

Beige Blonde Ombre on Medium Length Hair

Source: @hairbykas

16. Dark Red Hairstyle

Having a new haircut is one thing but adding a new colour is a totally different level! If you are feeling a very new makeover, go for both.  Having a gorgeous medium length haircut with a colour change, will make you feel a new vibe and different style.  Changing ones hair, makes us feel refreshed and can give people a confidence boost.  Choosing a darker colour is quite a tough decision.  Many people tend to forget about the dark red shades.  Look how good this colour can look!  Has this got you thinking about choosing this shade?  We think so!

17. Straight, Bronde Mid Style

By having a natural looking hairstyle and colour, will show off your natural beauty. If you are looking for a radical change and want a low maintenance style, then this may be the style for you.  Maybe you are bored with the light blonde or darker tones.  Opting for a bronde shade will give off a natural vibe.  No need for curls, having straight hair is underestimated these days.

18. Medium Cut Idea for Thick Hair

Medium cuts are a favourite with all types of hair. If you have thicker hair, having a medium cut will add that extra volume to the ends of your hair.  It looks healthy and alive.  It will have a natural bounce as you hair will be just below your shoulders and the thickness will show.

19. Caramel Balayage Highlights

If you are naturally dark haired, maybe think about caramel tones. Caramel shades will warm up the darker roots. Balayage is a colour technique term from France.  It’s a term used for colouring your hair freehand.  The hairdressers or colourist will apply the hair dye by hand instead of using foil or a cap.

20. Layered, Blonde Cut

Layers can often give thinner hair that extra volume. This is a gorgeous layered, blonde style that looks beautiful.  These are blonde highlights with a mid length haircut.  By mixing a few different blonde tones, you will enhance the different colours shown in the layers.

Blonde Layered Medium Haircut Idea

Source: @hairbyedwin

21. Red Ombre Medium Style

Ombre hair can be any colour you wish. If you are looking for something a little different, red looks striking in the Ombre style.  It works so well with medium length hair.  It works so good with dark brown or black roots.  If you have naturally dark hair, this will be ideal for you.  You will only need to have the ends dyed and this will save you a lot of money.  Plus if you don’t like it, it’s easy to change!

22. Curly, Honey Blonde Look

Go for this sweet honey blonde shade. Honey blonde is another warm tone that will enhance your skin tone.  It will set a different vibe than other blonde shades.  If you have darker skin, this will boost your skin tone and make it look healthy and glowing.  Are you feeling the sweetness of the honey?

Curly Honey Blonde Medium Length Hair Cut

Source: @anthonycuts

23. Layers + Soft Highlights

Soft highlights create a delicate and add a little colour to your hair. If you want to spruce up your hair with a few highlights, this is for you.  Adding soft shade highlights, will define the layers in your hair.  That’s why this combination is perfect!

Layered Medium Length Hairstyle

Source: @ninezeroone

24. Medium Style for Thin Hair

Thin hair, don’t care attitude going on right here. Whether you have thin or thick hair, rock your style.  This is a gorgeous hairstyle for thin hair and everyone will compliment how good you look.

25. Long A Line Bob

A-line will show off your style and your haircut. This is a gorgeous long A-line style.  It is slightly longer than a medium length haircut and this is due to the front being longer.  We think it looks great and will look fabulous for daily or evening occasions.

26. Blonde Medium Hair with Layers

Have you ever had layers in your hair? Maybe your answer is yes and you love how they add that extra volume or maybe you are new to layers and have never thought about having them.  If you have thinner hair and want to have the big, bouncing hair, we suggest you try out layers.

27. Bronde Lob Style

Lob hairstyles look good whatever colour you have. But we think this looks natural and ideal for those who leads busy lives.  The bronde lob hairstyle is a hairstyle that looks great when you first have it done and still looks great a few months later.  If you work full time or study, going to the hairdressers, is frankly impossible for you.  This is a low maintenance hairstyle that you don’t need to worry about topping up your colour every month.

28. Orange Hairstyle Idea

Go for a fiery orange colour to show off your style. There are lots of different red shades out there to choose from.  This is a soft and subtle red shade, that will complement your eyes and skin completion.  It is a warm colour but still stands out from the crowd.

29. Thick, Vanilla Blonde Medium Hair

Thick, vanilla blonde looks elegant and fresh. If you are darker haired now and are looking for a fresh blonde start, look how good this colour is.  If you opt for this vanilla blonde colour and style, it will instantly transfer your look.  You will not be disappointed.

30. Straight, Caramel Brown Style

Caramel is a warmer shade that looks amazing with warm skin tones. Caramel shades are a popular choice for highlights and we can see why.  Caramel highlights on a medium brunette base will set a friendly and gorgeous tone.  They suit any hair types and are very flattering.  They will make your locks look healthy and shiny.  If you have brown or hazel eye colour, caramel highlights will enhance your eyes and make them stand out.

Straight Caramel Brown Medium Haircut Idea

Source: @hairbykas

31. Honey Blonde Medium Cut with Long Side Bangs

Rich honey blonde tones will compliment warmer skin tones. To make sure you are choosing the best blonde to suit your skin tone, look at the veins on the inside of the wrist in natural daylight.  If you can see a blue colour, you need to choose cool blonde shades.  If you see a green tint on your wrist, you have a warmer skin tone and this golden blonde is perfect for you.  Adding the long side bangs will make you hairstyle look chic and modern, especially with shorter hair.

Honey Blonde Medium Haircut with Side Bangs

Source: @xixiyang

32. Blowout Layers

This style is full of life! If you want your hair to stay bouncy and full of life, then go for a blowout layered style.

33. Sun-Kissed Medium Length Hair

Are you getting ready for summer? Don’t forget that many people tend to change their hair every summer and go lighter. With this in mind, this sun kissed style will get you in the summer mood so why don’t you opt for this change too?  It looks good and imagine every time the sun hits your hair, the highlights will glow.

34. Blonde, A-Line Haircut

This is the perfect A-line photo. The A-line will stand out with this blonde shade.  The shorter back with the longer front will look stunning.  The A-line hairstyle has become increasing popular over the years and it looks great when you have it done and also when it’s growing out.

35. Elegant Waves

Everyone loves to have waves. They make us feel elegant and they look fab.  Curls and waves look incredible in mid length hair, especially these gorgeous waves.  It is striking and will suit all hair types.

36. Curly, Golden Blonde Cut

Golden blonde can warm up your skin tone. Team golden blonde and a mixture of different blonde shades and you get this.  It looks classy and especially with the curls.  If you have a fair complexion, it will compliment your skin and enhance it.

37. Layered Medium Cut for Thin Hair

Adding layers to thin hair will be an advantage. Wispy layers that frame the face will give you the lift you want.  Having thin hair can be a nightmare when you want extra volume.  Your hair can look lifeless and limp.  Adding layers will change this and automatically make your hair feel thicker.  When talking to your hairstylist, ensure you say you want your hair to feel thicker because then they will know where to cut in the layers to benefit you.

Layered Medium Haircut for Thin Hair

Source: @sharchang

38. Creamy Blonde Balayage

I want blonde hair please…  There are so many blonde hair tones to choose from. Nowadays, you can’t just walk into a hairdressers and say you want blonde hair.  They will probably sit you down and show you all the different shades of blonde and then you choose.  If you are used to visiting your hair salon, you will know what we are talking about but if it’s your first time, hey everyone starts somewhere right!  Go to your hairdressers prepared and know what shade you want.  This will then save you time and you will be more confident with your hairdresser.  This is a gorgeous creamy blonde which may have a different name in different salons, so bear this mind.  It is a light blonde and when it’s applied the Balayage way, it looks absolutely beautiful.  If you are feeling this shade, take a picture into your hairdressers and they will be able to choose a similar hair colour for you.

39. Classy Medium Hairstyle

When we look at this, we think Kate Middleton. Are you looking for a classic, timeless and sophistication hairstyle and hair colour?  This is for you.  It is everything you need for a classy hairstyle added with a few highlights to embrace the finish.

40. Messy, Layered Beige Blonde Style

Having messy hair is a girls dream. We don’t have to think about whether our hair is out of place, or whether the wind will ruin the style.  Messy hair, is messy hair!  Simple.  This messy layered, beige and blonde style looks amazing.  Messy hair looks great with layers which will add to the effect.

41. Trendy Medium Cut with Balayage Highlights

From Los Angles to London… everyone knows this style! All the hairdressers around the world will tell you that this style is trending.  A medium cut hairstyle which is in-between shoulder and long hair, is taking the hair world by storm.  To top this lovely haircut off, they have added Balayage highlights.  What more could you ask for?!

42. Medium Hair + Sombre

Who needs bright and vibrant colours when you can have hair like this? This is perfect for any occasion and will show off your face.  The length is a great length to play with and to tie back.  The Sombre is soft and pretty.

43. Medium Wavy Hair with Soft Balayage

Many girls want to tone down their hair and this is the ideal hairstyle for that situation. If you have always dyed your hair a lighter shade of blonde, dark brown or black and have decided to have a change, take a look at this.  This a medium length hair with waves and soft Balayage highlights.  The highlights are so subtle, you can just make them out when the light catches your hair.   The waves make the different tones come alive.

44. Blonde Ombre Look for Brunettes

They say blondes have more fun but what about if you have both? You get to see and experience both worlds!  This is perfect combo for colours.  If you are a brunette but want to add a touch of blonde to your hair without being a blonde, try this.  This will suit you down to a T!  It is trending with many celebrities and looks stunning.  The darker the brown on the roots, the better!

45. Blonde Balayage on Straight, Medium Length Hair

Balayage on straight hair will enhance and show off the highlights. Having lighter shade highlights will look amazing with the Balayage technique.  Here you can see the detail where the highlights start and the other colour coming through.  As they are added by freehand, there’s no set line and set amount of highlights which looks natural.

46. Honey Blonde Hair with Layers

Sweets for my sweets. This is an ideal honey blonde style with layers.  It is almost like Kim Kardashian’s hair colour and style when she decided to go lighter.  Are you feeling the honey?

47. Rooty Blonde Hairstyle

As we already mentioned, roots are in! We are so excited about this! Nowadays, the more root you have, the better.  No need to wear a cap every time your roots are starting to show.  Show off yours with a sexy rooty blonde hairstyle like the photo above.

Rooty Blonde Medium Length Hairstyle

Source: @glamiris

48. Gold Blonde Hairstyle with Dark Roots

We are loving this contrast between the two colours. Having darker roots and lighter highlights, like the photo above will create the perfect contrast.

49. Voluminous, Soft A-Line Haircut

A-line haircuts look great from all angles. The A-line refers to the hair being shorter at the back and angled to make it longer at the front.  It generally doesn’t have layers but this style has a few to give it more volume.

Voluminous Golden Balayage Medium Haircut

Source: @larisadoll

50. Soft Layered Style for Thin Hair

People with thinner hair often think they can’t have certain hairstyles. This isn’t true with mid length hair.  You can see from the photo, how good it looks and you don’t need thick hair.  Having softer layers will boost your thinner hair and make it feel voluminous and thicker.

51. Beautiful Blonde Balayage Highlights

Look how gorgeous this blonde balayage highlight style looks. As mentioned, balayage is a French term for applying highlights by freehand.  This is the perfect way to have a softer highlight look and will look amazing with thick or thin hair.

52. Icy Pastel Hair

The next hairstyle we have to show you is bold and beautiful. For this look, the hair has been colored in an icy shade and there are very subtle pastel colors too. It is a stunning medium length hairstyle and it is great for the ladies that want a new look for the spring and summer. For a bolder hairstyle, you can add more vivid pastel tones.

Icy Pastel Hair

Source: @supvalerie

53. Glam Hairstyle with Side Part

Want to glam up your look? If so, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. Here we have beautiful blonde hair that is wavy and parted on the side. The blonde tones are just stunning and the overall style is chic and elegant. Recreate this or you can go a little shorter. This is definitely one of our favorites, it will suit everyone!

Glam Hairstyle with Side Part

Source: @romeufelipe

54. Stylish Purple Grey Hair

If you want to try a trendy cut and color, then you need to see this next hairstyle. This idea features sleek medium length hair that is colored in stylish purple grey shade. It is a chic and unique hairstyle that is perfect for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. We love the actual hairstyle too, this cute half up style will look gorgeous on anyone.

55. Medium Length Hair with Bangs

Next, we have a cute and stylish hair idea. The hair is cut just below the shoulders and it has beautiful straight across bangs. This is a gorgeous hairstyle and it will look amazing for the summer with those beachy waves. It can be recreated in any color and you can try side swept bangs, too.

56. Vivid and Bold Red

Bored of your hair and want to change your look with a bright new color? If so, this is for you! Here we have a simple medium length cut that has been colored in vibrant red shade. The red is so vivid and stylish, it is perfect for those who want want to make a statement. Try the dark roots like featured or you can dye all of your hair red. Either way, it will look fabulous.

57. Beautiful Blonde Balayage

Our next hair idea features a gorgeous blonde style. For this look, the hair is cut to just below the shoulders. The roots are very dark and then the hair changes into a bright and stylish blonde color. Adding blonde to your hair can make it go from dull and drab to fab. You can recreate this light blonde or you can choose a warmer and darker blonde shade.

58. Brown Hair with Subtle Highlights

Next, we have a hairstyle for the brunettes! Here we have medium length hair that has subtle blonde highlights. It is a chic and easy to wear hairstyle that will suit everyone. Something like this is perfect for those who want to give their hair new life with a cut and a lift with the color. It is a nice hairstyle for the summer too.

59. Platinum Ice Blonde Hair Idea

Want a new hairstyle that will wow everyone? If so, this is for you. This medium length hairstyle has been colored in an icy platinum blonde shade. The color is so light and bright, it is stunning. It will brighten up your look for the spring and summer and it will suit the wintry weather too, so it will never go out of style.

60. Dark Hair with Soft Blonde Color

The next hair idea we have to show you is chic and stylish. This hairstyle is dark at the root and then it blends into a beautiful blonde color. It has been finished off with loose waves. The blonde color is stunning and it looks quite natural and sunkissed too. You can, of course, recreate the style with straight hair.

61. Sleek Pastel Hair

If you are looking for a trendy new hairstyle, then you need to check this out. This style features sleek medium hair that is colored in a toned down pastel shade. We love this color because it is not as vivid as some of the other pastels which makes it look unique. It is a beautiful hairstyle that is perfect for the trendsetters.

Sleek Pastel Hair

Source: @lo.rean

62. Rainbow Hair Color Idea

The next hairstyle we have to show you is bold and daring! For this look, the hair is dyed bright blonde with rainbow colors. This is one of those cool styles where the rainbow color is hidden unless the hair is up. It is a unique and vibrant hair idea and you can recreate it or replace the rainbow colors with something of your choice.

Rainbow Hair Color Idea

Source: @supvalerie

63. Bold Blonde Hair Idea

Looking for a chic hairstyle? If so, this could be perfect for you. Here we have a medium hairstyle that is colored in a light and bold blonde shade. The whole hairstyle is very elegant and it will wow everyone and give them hair envy. Recreate this look or you can go for a warmer blonde shade too.

Bold Blonde Hair Idea

Source: @romeufelipe

64. Trendy Medium Hairstyle with Balayage

If you prefer subtler hairstyles, then check out this next look. The hair is very dark at the root and then it changes to a lighter shade. It is a low-key color change and the haircut will suit everyone. You can try the whole look or have the cut with any hair color. Light blonde would look beautiful. You can, of course, try the style with straight hair instead of wavy too.

65. Cute Blush Pink Hairstyle

Next, we have a cute color idea. This hairstyle features a stylish medium cut and the hair is colored in a soft and light pink. The hair is finished off with a pretty half up style. We love this pink color because it is trendy and it will look amazing in the spring and summer. If the pink is not for you, then try the same style in a color of your choice.

66. Chic Blonde Medium Hair

Add elegance to your look with a hairstyle like this one. Here we have light blonde hair that is dark at the root and lighter towards the tips. It is a stunning and chic hairstyle that will suit everyone. This is a versatile hair idea and it will look gorgeous curly or straight. It is timeless and will never go out of style.

Chic Blonde Medium Hair

Source: @romeufelipe

67. Medium Hair with Bold Color

This next hairstyle is one of favorites! The hair starts with a gorgeous purple color, then it changes to dark purple and then finally the hair turns dark blue. This color combination is stunning and it will certainly make a statement. You can try this or just have the two purples without the blue. Either way, it will look amazing.

68. Simple and Stylish Medium Hairstyle

Maybe all the bright colors and funky cuts are not your thing. If so, then this simple and stylish hairstyle could be for you. The medium length hair has a blunt cut and is just one dark shade. It is a gorgeous hairstyle and it will suit everyone. Hair like this will keep you looking chic for any occasion.

69. Trendy Hair Color Idea

Love the unique color ideas? Then you need to check out this hairstyle. Here we have a medium cut and the hair is colored in a trendy blue shade. It is a stunning color that will make you stand out from the crowd. Recreate this or you can have a similar blue as highlights or as ombre color.

70. Summery Blonde Medium Hair

Next, we have a gorgeous hairstyle that would be great for the summer season! The hair is cut to just below the shoulders and it is colored in a stunning, bright blonde shade. It is finished off with waves and a side part. Hair like this is easy to wear and it will suit everyone. We love this summery hair idea!

71. Vibrant Highlights

Want to try bold color but don’t want all of your hair dyed? If so, then why not have vibrant highlights added just like this. The hair is a beautiful blonde shade with added peach and pink highlights. You can have any color added to your hair and you can have smaller sections of hair colored to for a subtler look.

Vibrant Highlights

Source: @romeufelipe

Ombre is still trending guys!  If you are changing your hair, forget about having the standard highlights, go for ombre hair.  Ombre hair has been around for a few years now and it is still going strong.  Many celebrities love this hairstyle and we do too.  It is a way to show off your style and character with colours you love.  A low maintenance hairstyle that looks great for many months.

When Ombre first appeared it was a lot brighter and the contrast between the two colours were a lot bolder but nowadays, people are opting for their own Ombre style and this may be subtle or bold.  It doesn’t have to be a bright and shocking red colour to look amazing.  If you like the natural red copper colours, then this will work as well as the bright colours.  You hair can be transformed by adding Ombre to your hairstyle and the ends of your hair will seem thicker and healthier.

We have 31 of the best looking red ombre hair colours for you to think about.

1. Black to Raspberry Red Ombre

This is a gorgeous dark Ombre hairstyle.

Black and raspberry red looks amazing.  It can be hard to achieve this gradual Ombre style if you do dye it yourself but with a little practice, you will be a pro in no time.  Just make sure that you gradually blend the darker section into the lighter red section.  Best to keep the top section black because then you don’t have to worry about getting your roots done.

2. Red to Golden Blonde Ombre

Choosing red and golden blonde will show off your hairstyle and tips.

By having the lighter golden blonde colour at the bottom, it will highlight your hairstyle and cut.  You hair tips will look healthy.

3. Red to Copper Balayage Ombre

How about red to copper?

This will set your hair alive.  It is a brighter red shade which will stand out and give off a warmer feel.

4. Black to Vibrant Red Ombre

The best thing about having Ombre style hair is that you don’t need to dye your entire hair to feel the difference.

Black to Red Ombre Balayage Hair

Source: @alix_maya

Having a black to vibrant style will instantly boost your hair and you will feel fresh and revitalised.

5. Burgundy Red to Blonde Ombre

We love this style.

Burgundy red and blonde work so well together.  Before we saw this photo, we weren’t too sure about the two colours together, but after seeing this, we are in love!  The darker burgundy roots looks fab and with the blonde tips, just finishes the look.

6. Deep Dark Red to a Vibrant Candy Red Ombre

If you are naturally dark haired, keep your roots dark.

This way, you don’t need to visit your hairdresser every so often to get your roots done.  Add a touch of deep dark red and blend it into a candy red ombre colour, which looks so immaculate and sexy.

7. Shiny, Dark Red Ombre

Dark red looks so shiny and healthy.

It adds a subtle hint of colour and it looks stunning.  Treat the streets as your catwalk with this hairstyle and you will feel and look amazing!

8. Burgundy to Bright Red Ombre

Reds and orange tones are both warm shades.

They create a lovely warm finish, which will compliment your skin tone and adds a little vibrancy to your hair.

9. Vibrant Red Ombre

Add a few strands of red Ombre.

This gorgeous hairstyle will attract attention and make you feel great.

10. Auburn to Golden Blonde Balayage Ombre

This is a natural looking Ombre style that we are loving.

The auburn roots to golden blonde Balayage on the hair tips, set a lovely natural flowing style.  The roots have a hint of red, which creates a shiny and healthy look, whilst the blonde strands set the hair alive.  The Balayage technique makes this hairstyle look natural.

11. Black to Red Ombre with a Pop of Purple

You can always add a third colour!

Black to Red Ombre Bob Hairstyle

Source: @salon202

Whilst most of these Ombre hairstyles consist of two colours, you could always add a third.  There are no rules to say it has to be two colours, so why not.  We would suggest that you try to keep to the reds when having a red colour.  This way you will keep to the warm tones.  Here you can see black, red and purple blended together.  These colours work so well.  The base is black with a hint of purple whilst the ends are red.  We think this is a fierce and gorgeous style!

12. Dark Red to Peachy Blonde Ombre

This is a slightly lighter base to consider.

Dark Red to Peachy Blonde Ombre Medium Hair

Source: @avi_amir

Your roots can be any colour you wish.  This is a dark red with peachy ends.  The dark red is as dark as the others on here and the lighter colour is introduced sooner down the hair.

13. Dark Brown to Dark Red Ombre

Many people don’t like to dye their entire head.

We understand this as hair maintenance can be hard to maintain and dyeing your hair often, will cause hair damage and create split ends.  Having an ombre style will help to add the colour you desire but a low maintenance style.  This is a dark brown mixed with a dark red shade.  You can see the gorgeous effect the dark red forms and this is not dyeing your whole head.  You will still have healthy hair just with a bit of colour.

14. Black to Dark Cherry Red Ombre

Black hair is always a good base for Ombre hair.

If you are naturally dark haired, you have a head start, excuse the pun!  Your roots will be dark for a start and this means the hairstyle will last a lot longer before you have to dye it again.  Mixing black with a dark cherry red colour, looks stunning.

15. Dark Red and Blonde Ombre

Pastel reds are trending.

Dark Red and Blonde Ombre Hair

Source: @lamiecramer

This is almost a pastel red colour.  It is a dark red shade with blonde Ombre strands.  With these colours, you get to have the best of both worlds, light and dark.

16. Dark Red to Fire Red Ombre

Show your character and fierce side with these striking red colours.

Dark red will create the base and the fire red will boost your hair to another level.

17. Bright Red Ombre

Bright red is a colour many celebrities opt for.

Bright Red Ombre Hair Color Idea

Source: @alix_maya

It’s a striking colour that stands out from the crowd.  Even though it’s a bright colour, it creates a warm effect.

18. Red Velvet Ombre

Sexy, sexy, sexy!

This is sexy red velvet hair.  We can guarantee you will receive so many comments about your hair that you will feel like a local celebrity!

19. Black to Rustic Red Ombre

Create the contrast between the black and the red.

Black and Red Ombre Hair

Source: @glamiris

As you can see from this photo above, the black and the rustic red are two colours that have the perfect contrast.  If you want a change and want the Ombre to stand out, then have the contrast.  Having Ombre hair looks amazing down but equally as good when you tie your hair back.

20. Red to Copper Balayage Ombre

Subtle is sweet and underrated.

If you are looking for a subtle yet effective ombre style, then maybe you should try this.  This is a red base with copper balayage ombre tips.  Yes, we have mixed the balayage technique with the ombre to form the perfect natural, subtle look.  It is not as bold as the standard ombre style, it has a delicate and softer finish.

21. Light Red Ombre

Light red is a popular colour choose when having an Ombre style.

Light Red Ombre Hair Color Idea

Source: @off7thsalon

For many reasons, people tend to opt for the light red, mainly to show off the Ombre style and to compliment the dark base.  Reds colours instantly create a warm glow to your skin.  The colour seems to work with any skin tone and immediately we look at something with red hair and love it.  You can see the healthy shine that the hair gives off.  We think it looks stylish, trendy and up-to-date.  If you are looking for a vibrant, fun and a colour that will show off your character, we think this is the perfect choice!

22. Subtle, Black to Red Ombre Hair

If you love having dark hair but would like a change, add subtle Ombre hair.

Subtle Black to Red Ombre Hair

Source: @paintedhair

We tend to know what suits our face and skin complexion and if you know it’s dark hair, stick to it.  That doesn’t mean you can’t ever dye your hair a different colour.  ombre will become your best friend!  By opting to have ombre hair, you can still add the colour but you can also keep your dark hair.  It is a perfect solution for many people and that is why it is so popular.  You can choose to have bright, natural or subtle ombre, which gives people a variety of styles to choose from.  This one above is on a dark base, black with a slightly more subtle red shade.  It doesn’t stand out immediately but when the light catches the red strands, it will look amazing.

23. Black to Burgundy Ombre

If you have dark hair and want to add something special, look at this.

This is a natural, stunning look with a touch of colour.  Black roots with burgundy ombre highlights.  It is perfect for any occasion and you don’t need to add bright colours.

24. Red Balayage Ombre Hair

If you want to add colour and need a little something different from the standard Ombre style, try this.

Red Balayage Ombre Hair

Source: @nai_1991

This is two techniques mixed together.  You have the ombre and the balayage.  It gives a more natural highlight result with the boost of colour you are looking for.

25. Dark and Bright Red Ombre

When it comes to choosing the colours, think about mixing.

By mixing we mean, mix the dark and the light reds together.  Here you can see the dark red tones with a few brighter red shades here and there.  Perfect!

26. Dark to Red Ombre

Do you have long hair?

Dark to Red Ombre Hair

Source: @thekru

Ombre hair works with long or short hair but the longer hair you have, the longer you can wait to introduce the Ombre colour.  This style waits quite far down the hair for the Ombre red colour, which we love.  By doing this, your darker hair will frame your face and if you prefer to have darker hair, you will love it.  You still have the colour at the ends.

27. Dark to Bright Red Balayage Ombre

This can be a tricky style to achieve if you dye your own hair.

Dark to Bright Red Ombre Hair Look

Source: @wesdoeshair

The reason being is that you don’t want too many bright red strands that you don’t see the base colour.  There is a fine line between having this perfect hairstyle and a Halloween style!  If you feel confident and have always dyed your own hair, then do it but if there is any doubt in your head, book a hairdressers appointment.  They will be able to create this gorgeous dark base with bright red balayage ombre hair.

28. Copper Red to Blonde Ombre Hair

Are you feeling the natural tones?

This copper red to blonde Ombre style looks subtle and is the perfect natural looking colours that you could match together.  This is a long Ombre style and by saying this, we mean on longer hair and the Ombre colour is further down.

29. Burgundy to Bright Red Ombre

We all know that burgundy (dark red) blends well with a bright red shade.

We look at this photo and that just confirms what we just said.  You can always add the curls to the Ombre colour to create a natural bounce and lift.  It will show your hairstyle off even more so!

30. Bright Red Ombre

If you want to show off your fierce side, this is the one for you.

Bright red ombre looks stunning and stands out.  It is fun, vibrant and you don’t have to worry about adding colour to any outfit, you have your hair!

31. Brown to Red Ombre Hair

You don’t need a black roots to have a gorgeous Ombre style.

Brown to Red Ombre Hair

Source: @off7thsalon

Brown hair works just as well.  If you are a brunette and need a little colour, you don’t need to dye your roots, just your hair tips.  This will keep your hair conditioned and looking healthy.

When it comes to Halloween, celebrating it by dressing up is one thing but celebrating with your other half or friend is amazing.  There are so much couple costume ideas for Halloween, so there’s no excuse not dressing up. There’s an idea on here for everyone, even if you’re wanting a simple yet effective costume.  Halloween doesn’t have to be all about makeup and costumes, sometimes the most simple look is the best.

Having a partner in crime is always a good idea, they can help you with your makeup and vice versa.  It’s not just about the party you’re attending together, it’s also about getting ready and having a good time.

Whether you both enjoy the same things or if you just love to dress up, take a look at our 51 creative couples costumes for Halloween. Enjoy and don’t be frightening too much!

1. Witch Doctor + Voodoo Doll

If you two will look like this, you will both look amazing. Witch doctor and a voodoo doll is perfect for Halloween.

2. Little Red Riding Hood + Big Bad Wolf

Have your own horror fairy tale story on Halloween night… By going as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf!  Costume is easy but the wolf makeup might take a little while to achieve.

3. Mad Max + Furiosa

Do you love the Mad Max films? Go for something slightly different and opt for Mad Max and Furiosa. In terms of the costume, think GI Jane and the makeup is far from pretty and perfect.  Smudge your makeup all over you face and you  have nailed it!

Mad Max Couples Costume for Halloween

Source: @akidnamedkt

4. Mummy and King Tut Couples Costumes

Shock all of your friends by turning up as a Mummy and King Tut. Simple costumes with a little makeup can look mind-blowing.

5. American Gothic

This is pure evil and great for Halloween. This is freaky to another level, are you ready for this?

6. The Purge

Go for the horror film The Purge. Yes, this is freaky and scary but with minimal effort.  It’s all about the masks and costumes so you don’t have to spend a lot of time applying your makeup.

The Purge Couples Halloween Costume

Source: @trillllab

7. Freddy Krueger + Her Victim

One, Two Freddy’s coming for you! Make Freddy look sexy by swapping roles!  This is one of our favourites!  Let your other half be your victim and the costume couldn’t be easier… if you have an old pair of pajamas and slippers, this will work perfectly.  If not, a sheet or pop to your local discount store and I’m sure you can grab something cheap.

8. Frankenstein + Bride of Frankenstein

Looking for two classic scary characters? Look no further, this is Halloween classic!  Everyone will immediately know who you both are, without having to explain!

Frankenstein Couples Halloween Costume Idea DIY

Source: @smakitalo

9. Skeleton Couple

Go stylish but ghostly! No need to think about you skeleton costume if you have this face.  You can wear whatever you like, your face will tell a thousand stories alone.

10. Ash and Pikachu Couples Costumes

For all the Pokemon lovers… It’s 2020 and many people are hooked on the Pokemon game.  I know it may be annoying to some people but it is huge right now.

11. The Mad Hatter + The Queen of Hearts

If you’re both crazy about Halloween, then go as the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts. We all know that Alice in Wonderland is a strange and wonderful story so add your character and enjoy the mad night!

Alice in Wonderland Couples Halloween Costume Idea

Source: @mandie_rae

12. Super Mario + Princess Peach

They are saying that retro games are back in fashion… So why not go as the two most memorable characters, Super Mario and Princess Peach.  These two look so cute.

13. Mary Poppins and Bert

How sweet are these? Mary Poppins and Bert look so good together.  If you are a sweet and lovable couple, then this maybe for you!

14. Scary Couples Costume

Keep to traditional with a scary Halloween couple costume. Inspired by the Saw movie and clowns.  Majority of people hate clowns and you can understand why looking at this costume.

15. Old Couple

Think outside the box. Go as an old couple.  This will surprise everyone and it will show off your makeup skills.  Not sure where you would get a walking frame from… hmmm.

16. King Kong Couples Costumes

Easy and simple. King Kong is probably the easiest and most popular Halloween costume of all time.  It’s easy to find and you don’t have to worry about your makeup.  The downside is that you’ll probably get a little hot during the night so wear minimal clothing underneath!

King Kong Couple Halloween Costume Idea

Source: @meli_urrego

17. Monochromatic Couple

This monochromatic couples costume is easy, cheap and insanely clever. It’s the perfect last-minute couples costume, too!

Monochromatic Halloween Costume for Couples

Source: @gabyq

18. Elvis + Marilyn Monroe

Why not team two of the most famous people in the world? Elvis and Marilyn Monroe.  Everyone will instantly know who you both are and they make a cute couple.

Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Couples Halloween Costume Idea

Source: @gigi_sauve

19. John Snow + Ghost

Game of Thrones characters provide a ton of costume inspiration. Make your partner the King in the North for a one night, with this amazing Jon Snow and Ghost costume idea.

20. Popeye + Olive Oyl

You have to love Popeye and Olive Oyl. Popeye the sailor man and his beloved Olive Oyl are classic characters and quite an easy look to achieve.  Focus on the costumes and makeup is minimal.

21. Tooth Fairy + Tooth

OK, so these aren’t scary or freaky but something different. Tooth fairy and a tooth maybe worth thinking about.  At least you’ll know that nobody else will come as a tooth!  At least you hope not… that could be awkward!

Tooth Fairy Cute Couple Halloween Costume

Source: @sydsheaaa

22. Batman + Poison Ivy

Is he your hero? Why not go as Batman and Poison Ivy?  Batman and Robin are so last year, Poison Ivy is the next big thing!

23. Pop Art Couple

Pop art has becoming increasing popular over the years and even as Halloween costumes. Your first initial thoughts about going as pop arts would probably be how?  It’s not as hard as it seems.  It’s all in the makeup techniques and your costume can be anything you wish.   A little tip, bright colours work better, this applies to costume and makeup.  If you’re still not sure about how to apply your makeup, look at this picture and use it as your guide.

24. The Exorcist

If you’re going as Regan, be prepared to act strangely all evening. You can start practicing angling your head in weird positions.

25. Breaking Bad Costume (Walter + Jesse)

Are you a Breaking Bad fan?  We are and we are loving this simplicity couple idea. This is the prefect combo!  You could mix it up a little by dressing the girl as Walt and the boy as Jesse.

Breaking Bad Couple Halloween Costume Idea

Source: @ejustforme

26. Chucky + Bride of Chucky

This is a little freaky! Dolls are freaky at the best of times and to go as Chucky and the Bride of Chucky is screaming Halloween.  Perfect for couples that love horror movies.

27. Home Alone Couples Costumes

Want to make your friends laugh? Then go as the Wet Bandits from Home Alone!

28. Pulp Fiction

If ever there was an easy-to-put-together couples Halloween Costume… it’s Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace characters from Pulp Fiction.

29. The Addams Family (Gomez + Morticia)

A classic family that everyone knows. Oh cara mia!

30. Struck by Lightning

This is a last minute idea that anyone can pull off. You don’t need any makeup or costumes, only a piece of large card for the lightning and an umbrella that you don’t mind destroying. If you have an old shirt, perfect!  Team with a pair of ripped jeans and enjoy!

DIY Lightning Couple Halloween Costume

Source: @stephdanie

31. Mona Lisa Painting + Burglar

This is funny! The only thing we would say, make sure you get a light frame because your poor partner needs to be able to carry this majority of the evening and you need to be right beside him!

32. Catwoman and Batman

Next, we have Catwoman and Batman. Both are wearing painted masks and body art. This is a fun idea and it is great for the couples who are fans of the comics. You can hand-paint the masks like these or you can buy the outfits online. Either way, you will look amazing!

33. Cute Pirate Costumes

Ahoy there matey! This next costume is perfect for those who want something fun. Here we have a couple dressed as pirates. One looks like Captain Hook and the other looks like Smee from Peter Pan. You can try costumes like these or be any pirate you like. Maybe be a spooky skeleton pirate. The choices are endless.

34. Indiana Jones and Lara Croft

Want to look like a fierce and fun couple this Halloween? If so, this is for you. These two are dressed up as Lara Croft and Indiana Jones. These couples costumes are easy to create and wear. You can easily DIY them and these are great if you want to try something different.

Indiana Jones and Lara Croft Couples Costumes

Source: @itsyuyann

35. Jack Skellington and Sally

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic and popular movie. So, this couple have chosen to dress up like Jack and Sally. You can find Jack and Sally costumes online and there are tutorials for the makeup online as well. Jack’s illusion makeup is super spooky, so give that a try!

36. Purge Costumes

If you want to give people a fright, then this costume is for you. These two have based their costume on the Purge movies. They have light up masks complete with fake bloodstained clothes. This is a scary couple’s costume. You can buy masks like these online and you can wear any outfit with them.

37. Scary Beauty and the Beast

Love Beauty and the Beast? If so, you need to see this costume. This couple have given Belle and Prince Adam a Halloween Makeover. As you can see, Belle is all bloody with claw marks. While the Beast stands tall and looks quite scary. This is a unique version of the popular couple’s costume and it is perfect for Halloween.

Scary Beauty and the Beast Halloween Costumes

Source: @annalingis

38. Skeleton Clowns

This next idea has combined creepy clowns with spooky skeletons. Both are wearing matching makeup which includes classic clown eyes with skeleton illusion makeup. This is a unique and scary idea. These costumes will look great when you are together as well as when you are apart. You can find tutorials online for skeleton illusions like these.

39. Plastic Surgeon and His Patient

Plastic surgery costumes have become very popular and here is a scary way to wear it. One is dressed up as the surgeon and the other is the patient. Both are bloodstained and spooky. Recreate these costumes or you can create a different bandaged look if you want to cover up more. As this may not be an easy look to wear at Halloween events.

40. Zombie Couple

If you both love zombie movies and TV shows, then these costumes are for you. As you can see, each person is dressed up as a zombie with scary illusion makeup. This is a gory and spooky makeup idea. You can find illusion makeup like this online. Recreate something similar or you can try the look without the illusion to make it easier.

Zombie Couples Makeup Idea for Halloween

Source: @justlou99

41. Victor and Emily

Love the movie Corpse Bride? If so, this is for you. This couple have dressed up as Emily and Victor. Fans will love these costumes and the makeup used is amazing! You can find Corpse Bride makeup tutorials online and you can buy the costumes. Of course, you can also DIY the costumes if you want to go all out.

Victor and Emily Couples Halloween Costumes

Source: @gothpixi

42. Clown and Skull Makeup Ideas

Your costumes do not have to match as a couple, you could try something like this. As you can see, one is dressed as a scary clown and the other as a skeleton. This shows that you both can wear awesome and spooky costumes. We love these because skeletons and clowns are terrifying and they are Halloween classics.

43. Day of the Dead Couples Costumes

The Day of the Dead has inspired many Halloween costumes and here is a cool one for couples. Both are wearing the traditional clothing with skeleton makeup. Hers is more pretty, like a sugar skull. This is an awesome idea and it is great for those who love the holiday and want to celebrate that.

Day of the Dead Couples Costumes

Source: @lilylove213

44. Lion Tamer and Lion

Next, we have costumes for those who love the circus. One is dressed as a lion tamer and the other a lion. This is a fun costume idea and it is great for those who want to try something different. You can buy similar costumes online. These costumes are easy to wear and they will suit all Halloween events.

45. IT Couples Costumes

The next costumes are inspired the movie IT. One is dressed as Pennywise the clown and the other is Georgie. We love this because even the dogs have dressed up. This is a scary idea and you can buy costumes like these online. There are Pennywise makeup tutorials online.

46. Skull Makeup for Couples

Looking for something more classic and spooky? If so, this is for you. These two have used illusion makeup to make themselves look like skeletons. This is a fun and scary idea and it is perfect for any Halloween event. You can find skeleton makeup tutorials online. Any costume can be worn with this makeup.

47. Zombie Prom King and Queen

This next couple’s costume is so unique! Here we have a prom king and queen! But of course, they have a Halloween twist because they look like zombies. This is a fun and quirky idea. It is a great excuse to wear amazing outfits. You can recreate this or you can even have a skeleton prom couple. We love this one!

Zombie Prom King and Queen

Source: @desiperkins

48. DIY Robber and Loot Costumes

The next couple have a unique costume idea. One is dressed as a bank robber and the other is dressed up as the loot bag. This is a fun idea and it is an unusual take on the classic robber costumes. Both costumes are easy to create and both are great for parties and nights out.

49. Witchy Couples Costumes

Bring the magic to Halloween with costumes like these! Both are dressed up as witches with mystical makeup and pointed hats. This is such a fun idea. You can recreate something like this or create spookier witches by using darker makeup. Either way, you will look like a magical couple.

50. Tooth Fairy and Tooth

We love this next idea because it is so fun and quirky! This couple have dressed up as a tooth and the tooth fairy. If you want to show off your sense of humor this Halloween, then this is the way to do it. A costume like this would be perfect for dentists too! You can buy tooth and tooth fairy costumes online.

51. Cartoon Barbie and Ken

Next, we have a cartoon Barbie and Ken. Both have the same makeup style that makes them look like a comic or cartoon. This is such a unique take on the classic couples costume. You can find tutorials for this makeup style online and then you can adapt the colors to suit Barbie and Ken.

Cartoon Barbie and Ken Makeup Ideas

Source: @annalingis

We hope you got inspired by these amazing couples costumes and found a look for you and your partner!

Having the perfect nails is a must.  It’s summer time but that doesn’t mean you have to always wear bright colours, especially on your nails.  Many people choose to add colour with their accessories and outfit, instead of their nail polish.

We have come up with 45 edgy black nails that will look amazing for fall and winter, and in fact, all year round!

1. Black Lace Nails

Lace is always a lovely delicate design. This is fun, girly and perfect for weddings.  This design will make you stand out from the crowd and we can guarantee you will receive so many compliments.

2. Black Matte Coffin Nails

If you didn’t know, matte nails are trending right now. The usual shiny glossy nails are still stylish but matte nails are far more dramatic.  They tell a mysterious story and work so well with black nail polish.

Black Matte Coffin Nails

Source: @glambymeli

3. Stripe Nail Design

Go for stripes. These eye-catching stripy nails will be trending wherever you go.  Try and alternate like the photo above by having a white base and then black.  The white base stripy nails will instantly catch people’s eyes.

4. Black Matte & Negative Space Nails

These nails will certainly take the spotlight. Negative space nails are similar to cut-out clothing which are also trending right now.  Half-moon, centre gap and semi-circles are a few of the designs you could have.  The bold black nail polish will enhance the designs so make you choose quirky and unique styles.

5. Black Glitter Nails

Add a touch of sparkle. Having a black base is striking alone but by adding the glitter, will immediately add a touch of glam and shine.

Black Glitter Nail Design

Source: @hemmyberlin

6. Black Marble Nails

Marble nails look so details, yet they are so easy to do. Apply a few coats of black shiny nail polish.  Then you will need a second colour, either grey or white for the marble effect.  Pour a few drops of the second colour onto foil.  Grab some cling film, scrunch it into a small ball and dab it into the nail polish on the foil.  Dab your cling film over your nail.  To finish the look, apply a few marble lines with your nailbrush.

7. Black Matte and Glossy Zebra Nails

Take a little nail inspiration from zebras. Don’t go for the standard zebra colours, black and white.  Keep to matte and shiny black.  This will create a dark subtle zebra effect that will look amazing.

Black Matte and Glossy Zebra Nails

Source: @ane_li

8. Black & Gold Nails

Black and gold nails! What more could you ask for.  Black and gold are a great combination.  A shiny black nail polish base with a gold design will set you aside from everyone.  If you are unsure about the designs you would like, maybe having a doodle session with a pen and paper before you want to commit on your nails.

9. Matte & Glossy French Tip

Black matte base with shiny tips look fabulous. You can see how the shiny tips make the nails come alive.

10. Matte Black Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails are trending and have been for a while now. Everyone is going crazy for stiletto nails.  If you are unsure what stiletto nails are, the names kind of gives the game away.  They are pointy like stiletto shoes.  They look sexy and vampy.

Long Black Matte Stiletto Nails

Source: @chaunlegend

11. Black Matte Nails with a Pop of Color

Summer colours look bright and fun on a matte black base. The vibrant colours instantly stand out and create a fun, bubbly design which everyone will love and envy.

12. Black French Tip + Rhinestone Accent Nail

Rhinestones will add the sparkle you need. Black nails can be a little harsh and dark for many people but we have come up with a solution.  Add rhinestones to one nail.  This way you will still have the dark side from the black nails but you will sparkle.  Make sure you add shiny black tips to the matte black nails for that extra touch.

Black French Tip Nails and Rhinestone Accent Nail

Source: @sloteazzy

13. Pop of White

If you’re not feeling black nails, maybe you could add a little touch of white? This is perfect if you are wearing a white outfit.  You can team your outfit colour with your nails.

14. Matte Black Nails with Glossy Details

Wow… this is all we can say about these nails. These nails look detailed and so intricate.  Unbelievably, these nails aren’t hard to achieve.  If you look closer, you can see that these nails are all based on a matte black base with added extras.  The extras are nail gems, shiny black nail polish designs and that’s it!  This is simple to do yet so effective!

Matte Black Nails with Glossy Details

Source: @nailsbygina

15. Zebra Accent Nail

Animal prints are great designs for nails. Zebra nails add that special something to your nails but in a subtle way.

16. Black Matte Nails + Lace Accent Nail

Do you want to create a softer matte black design? If you answered yes, this is the design for you.  Paint your nails matte black but keep an accent nail.  The accent nail will need to be painted a lighter contrast colour, for example an off white or ivory.  These colours work better with the black lace design.  If you aren’t confident on your lace freehand skills, you can always buy a lace stencil which will have the same outcome.  Just remember to wait until your base coat is fully dry before you start on the lace.  To finish the look, add a few diamantes to your lace design.

17. Black Matte French Tip

Nude and black nails look divine. Nude base nails will show off your elegant and delicate side, whilst the matte black tips will create the intense side.  The accent nail is optional but we think it looks great.

18. Black French Tip Stiletto Nails

If you tend to have stiletto nails, maybe you could try this. This will show off your nails as well as the design.  By not painting all of your nails in a shiny black colour, you are drawing attention to the stiletto nails.

19. Half Moon Design

This works on short and long nails. Mixing matte and shiny black will show off your character and style.  Adding half-moon designs to your cuticles boost your nails and make them stand out.

20. Black Nails + White Marble Accent Nail

Accent nails will show off your design even more so. Having a contrasting accent nail looks fab!  Matte black stiletto nails with white marble accent nails look fierce.  This is screaming fashion and style.

Black Stiletto Nails with White Marble Accent Nail

Source: @chaunlegend

21. Black Quilted Nails

We are loving these black quilted nails! If you are thinking that these somewhat look familiar, maybe you’re thinking of the quilted handbags!  We can see these nails are channeling the iconic Chanel quilted bag and we think it’s amazing.  This is quick and easy to do.  Apply two coats of black nail polish to your nails.  Wait for a few mins until it’s still soft to create the quilted lines.  Then use a ruler to mark the lines, one way then the other.  Wait for your nails to fully dry then apply a top coat.

22. Cool Design for Short Nails

Do you have short nails and worry that they look as good as long nails?  Think again! This is the perfect nail design for shorter nails.  The black outline will give the illusion that your nails are longer.

23. Matte Black Design

Matte black looks elegant and delicate. Team your matte nails with a gorgeous design that looks striking and unique.

Black Matte Nail Art Design for Short Nails

Source: @ane_li

24. Henna Mandala Accent Nail

Why not add henna to your nails? This will set you aside from anyone else with black nails.  It will show off your creative side and your character.

25. Pop of Gold

Everyone loves a bit of gold. Add that extra shine with a few gold nail gems to gorgeous black shiny nails.  No need to add the gems to every fingernail – less is best.  The ones you choose to decorate make sure you paint these a matte black nail polish so the gold stands out.

26. Marble Art and Rhinestones

Next, we have another marble mani to show you. This time the nails are all black with a white marble design. Some of the nails are decorated with rhinestones too. The color combination is stunning and the white marble look so chic. You can find tutorials for marble art online and you can buy rhinestones, so you could give this design a try at home.

27. Black and Blue Stars

Look like the star with this nail design. Here we have dark blue nails with black stars. It is such a cute idea and the darker colors make the stars look a little edgy. This is a fun nail design that will suit everyone. Appeal4 No. 160 Earthed teal, Painted Polish Midnight Mischief, Born Pretty Stamping plate BP-L 006, Whats Up Nails Creative Shop stamper and Appeal4 Quick dry top coat were used to create this look. Recreate this or try black nails with blue stars.

28. Black Glitter Coffin Nails

The next mani is sparkly and glam! This design features long coffin nails, most of them are glittery and one nail is decorated with rhinestones. We love the combo of the glitter and rhinestones, it is so statement making and gorgeous. This mani is perfect for a night out or a party. You can recreate this or you can just have all glitter nails.

Black Glitter Coffin Nails

Source: @nailsbyeffi

29. Black Coffin Nail Design

If you love the glitzy, glamorous and dazzling nails, then this is for you. Here we have mid length coffin nails. Most of the nails have a different design including glitter, rhinestones and trendy nail art. It is a beautiful, stylish and statement making manicure. This is another mani that is great for the more special occasions. Recreate the whole look or you can try just one or two of the designs.

Black Coffin Nail Design

Source: @nailsbybano

30. Sparkly Black Nails

Next, we have another fun and sparkly look. This time we have long coffin nails and each one is covered with black nail polish and plenty of glitter. We love the black color as it gives the glitter an edge. You can use black glitter on any nail length and shape. The stiletto shape will really wow.

31. Floral Nail Idea

This next nail idea is another one of our favorites! Here we have floral lace nails. The design features a frosted black look with black lace and floral patterns. It is such a chic and stunning look. You can try something similar or use any flower shape for your design. This mani was created with Painted Polish Midnight Mischief, a mix of clear and black polish for the frosted sheer, Seche Nails Seche Vite Top Coat, OPI Matte Top Coat, Born Pretty plate BPL-030 and Whats Up Nails Creative Shop Stamper.

32. Nude Nails with Black Tips and Stars

We love this next nail idea because it is so chic and fun! The nails are nude with black tips. A row of colorful stars have been added in-between the two colors. The stars look amazing because they add a pop of color to the chic design. You can buy stars online. Recreate this or you can have the classy tips without the stars.

33. Diamond Nail Design

Shine bright like a diamond with a nail design like this one! Here we have a gorgeous black nail design that features silver glitter and a sparkly silver diamond. It is such a fun and pretty look. These nails can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. This mani was created with OPI Black Onyx, Serendipity Holo Day Lights, Shop Keeki Diamond Water Decals and black arylic paint. There is a short tutorial on the nail artist’s page.

34. Black Nails with Glitter Drips

Next, we have another gorgeous and glam mani to show you. For this look we have matte black nails. The tip of each nail is also decorated with glitter drips. It is a fun and stylish design. You can recreate something similar or make the drips more statement making and like paint drips. There are tutorials for this nail art online.

Black Nails with Glitter Drips

Source: @nailsbyeffi

35. Black and Silver Coffin Nails

Love ombre nails? If so, you need to see this mani. Here we have coffin nails. Some are just black and sparkly and two nails have an ombre effect. The ombre is black and silver glitter. We love the ombre art and it looks so chic. Recreate this or you can try gold instead of silver.

Black and Silver Coffin Nails

Source: @nailsbybano

36. Black Glittery Coffin Nails

The next nail idea is glittery and very glam. Most of the nails have a different design including block color, sparkly black French tips and all over glitter. We love the glittery French tips, it is such a classy way to wear glitter. Try a similar mani or you can use one of the designs on all nails, we would choose the tips.

Black Glittery Coffin Nails

Source: @nailsbyeffi

37. Matte Black Nails with Flowers and Rhinestones

If you like floral nail art, then you should take a look at this mani. Here we have long and matte black nails. Some are plain and some are decorated with rhinestones and even a white flower too. The white flower looks stunning and it looks so chic with the black. Try the whole mani or just use the flower design on all nails. You can hand-paint the flower or buy nail stickers online.

38. Edgy Glitter Nail Design

Next, we have a trendy, edgy and sparkly nail idea to show you. So, most of the nails have a different design including designer nail stickers, ombre, glitter and black rhinestone art. It is just a stunning and statement making look. You can buy designer nail stickers with any brand logo so you can recreate the look with your favorite.

Edgy Glitter Nail Design

Source: @riyathai87

39. Unique and Stylish Nails

Black can be a very bold color but this next design shows how to wear it in a subtle way. Here we have chevron nails. The chevron art includes dark green, glittery black and sheer black colors. We love the sheer black because it is a lighter and more low-key way to wear black. You can find many tutorials online for chevron art but you can buy stencils and chevron tape online. This look was created with Appeal 4 No. 151 Encrusted Star, No. 161 Winter Woodland & Quick dry top coat, Whats Up Nails Regular chevron tape and the sheer black is a mix of black and clear polish.

40. Matte Black Nails with Trendy Tips

The next nail idea features more trendy tips. So, the nails are a coffin shape and are matte black. Each nail is also decorated with glossy black tips and a thin line which creates a stylish chevron tip look. This is a fun, edgy and statement making manicure that will suit everyone. Recreate this or swap the textures so you have matte tips instead.

41. Black and Gold Mani

Black and gold is such a stunning color combo and here is how to wear it in style! Some nails are a block color, one is completely gold and the others have a trendy glitter line design. It is a fun and unique mani that will make a statement. You can create art like this with nail tape. Try a similar look or you can use silver glitter instead of gold.

42. Black and Gold Short Nail Design

If you love the black and gold, then this is for you. This time we have shorter nails. Some are matte black and the others feature stylish black and gold glitter art. It is such a glam and glitzy nail idea. This mani is easy to wear and it is perfect for nights out, parties and even New Year’s eve. The design will look amazing on all nail lengths and shapes.

Black and Gold Short Nail Design

Source: @kt_tk1

43. Glitzy Black Nail Design

Next, we have another glitzy design. For this look, each nail is different and the designs include rhinestones, chrome, glossy black color and more. It is a gorgeous nail idea and it is perfect for those who like their nails to have plenty of bling. Recreate the whole look or use one or two designs on all nails.

44. Black Nails with a Blue Glitter Accent Nail

We love this next nail idea! Here we have glossy black nails with one sparkly accent nail. The accent nail is a gorgeous sparkly blue. This blue color is stunning and it compliments the black beautifully. A vibrant color like this will really jazz up the classic black mani. This look was created with Essie Licorice and Fun Lacquer Secret.

45. Trendy Black Nail Design

The next nail idea is trendy and unique. Two nails are matte black, one is sparkly black and the last nail is nude with intricate black art. We love the use of different textures and styles because they create such a statement making mani. You can create a similar intricate pattern with nail stencils which can be bought online. This mani was created with OPI Top Coat, Sally Hansen Black Heart and Ella+Mila Black Magic.

Trendy Black Nail Design

Source: @kt_tk1

It’s that time of year when your experimental makeup comes out and your creative side shows! When guys and girls are trying to impress friends with their makeup techniques. Of course, it’s Halloween!

Every year, many people make an effort and try to “shock” more than the previous year. I have to admit and say that Halloween competitions can sometimes be tough!  I’ve been to a few Halloween fancy dress parties and I’m amazed how fantastic and scary people look.

We are still in September so you still have time to practice and prepare.  Looking at the makeup ideas below, I think you will agree that practice does make perfect.

Makeup Ideas for Halloween

1. Terminator Makeup Look

For all the Terminator fans! Do you love the Terminator movies?  We sure do, so why not try this out for Halloween? The trick is to make sure you get the metal to look like metal by using different shades.

For the red eye, if you’re not a fan of wearing contact lenses, use your makeup to draw on the red dot on your eyelid.  Just remember to wink whenever you want to show it off!

Check out the tutorial:


2. Gypsy Fortune Teller

Gypsy fortune tellers and Halloween are the perfect combination. There’s something mysterious and scary about fortune tellers.  Maybe because they can see into the future! This makeup looks fabulous and especially with the heavy eyes and forehead. Finish the look by wearing brightly coloured eye contact lenses.

3. Unzipped Zipper

Oh no, she has been unzipped!  This is for all you girls that want to still wear your daily heavy makeup look but with a Halloween edge. This is what happens when someone unzips you!  This looks great (and scary)! Go for a dark purple lipstick that stands out.

Tutorial on this look is here:

4. Black Sugar Skull Makeup Look

Take a moment to appreciate this look! OK, so this does look a little detailed and intricate but quite easy to achieve. Start with your base colour, then add your pattern and start to shade.  It doesn’t have to match this look exactly, but this does look amazing.

Scary All Black Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Look

Source: @dehsonae

5. Cartoon Half Man, Half Woman

Everyone loves cartoons but you can turn them into a freaky Halloween look. This look is one of our favourites.  It’s not scary but it’s freaky in a different way. Halloween is all about shocking people and this certainly does that!

Full tutorial on this look is below. Enjoy!

6. Half Face Skeleton Makeup + Red Glitter

Go for the classic skeleton look. Add cheekbones and shading to create the effect.  You don’t have to do your whole face, this half-face style looks just as good as a full makeup face. Add red glitter to your “makeup” teeth for the bloody effect and to add a bit of colour and glam!

Red Glitter Half Face Skeleton Makeup Look for Halloween

Source: @maddskully

7. White Rabbit Makeup (Alice in Wonderland)

Everyone who know Alice in Wonderland will appreciate this look. Be warned, you do need a lot of white powder so check your makeup bag before starting!  You might need to pop to the local store to buy more. Concentrate on your face but also add a few details to your forehead and neck. Oh and don’t forget the props! For more pictures on this look, check out Jenna’s Instagram page.

8. Green Pop Art Zombie

What can we say about this! It’s amazing, fantastic and most of all, it’s green! The other colours used make the green pop out even more so. Try to keep to the same colours purple, orange, blue and they need to be bold bright colours. We love how the makeup isn’t just on her face, it’s continues down on her body too. Perfect if you plan on wearing a low cut dress.

9. Pixelated Face

It looks like a computer game! This may send your eyes funny whilst looking at it but that’s the idea! Practice this look a few times beforehand and if you do go wrong, I doubt anyone will even notice, so go with the pixels!

Pixelated Face Halloween Makeup Look

Source: @ekilateral

Similar tutorial on this look is here:

10. Butterfly Skeleton Look

Fancy something different this year? Maybe you had the skeleton last year and need to vamp it up a little, if so, take a look at this! It’s a butterfly-skeleton design.  Heavy eye makeup with the butterfly effect.

Need a video tutorial? Check it out below!


Hair can mean the world to us and it may takes us a long time to find a style we love.  Many of us have long, straight hair but want a change.  Adding layers to your hair will not along change the style, keep the length but add volume and boost your fine strands.  Long layered hair looks dreamy and amazing.  It is a simple hairstyle that every girl loves.  If you have managed to get through the short stages of your hair and now have long, flowing hair, are you thinking of having layers?  Layers in long hair can make a huge change to your hair even though you will still have the length to play with.  Opting for layers can reduce weight in your hair and this is ideal for thicker hair.  You can have layers in curly or straight hair and we are here to show you.  Switch your hair up a little by adding layers.

We have chosen 51 eye-catching long layered hairstyles for you to think about.  Enjoy and just remember you will still have the length, so don’t be afraid to add layers to your hair.

1. Long, Layered Blonde Hair

Long layers can pump up the volume and add movement to your hair. Adding layers to long, blonde hair looks stunning.  It is a versatile hairstyle and you can either wear your hair up or down.  The way you wear it is completely up to you and whatever you choose, your layers will look great!

Long Layered Haircut for Blondes

Source: @riawna

2. Windswept Layers

Create the romantic feel with windswept layers. These windswept layers are fabulous for long hair.  They will release your inner Goddess and you will feel that there’s a wind machines in front of you forming your gorgeous hair.  It is great for thin or thick hair.  Windswept layers create a delicate and girly hairstyle, so go and rock your layers.

3. Curly, Highlighted Layers

Don’t let anyone tell you that layers look better on straight hair. Have a look at this photo to show you that they look great!  The layers will form curly layers and will show off your hair even more so.  By adding highlights to the mix, the layers will stand out and shine.  Keep the top of your hair a darker colour for the contrast and the highlights will speak for themselves.

4. Layered Haircut for Brunettes

Are you a brunette or are thinking of dyeing your hair brown? This is a great colour for long hair and layers.  The front layers will frame your face and the back just looks incredible from all angles.  If you do choose this style, keep your hair looking shiny and healthy by using a colour treated shampoo and conditioner.

5. Layers + Blonde Ombre

What a perfect match! Layers and blonde ombre highlights are a fashionista’s dream!  The blonde ombre highlights will show off the layers and complement your hairstyle.  This style looks amazing down, as you can see from the photo above, but it also looks amazing tied back.  The highlights really do stand out.

Layered Ombre Long Hairstyle

Source: @billicurrie

6. Choppy Layers

If you have thin hair, you can add layers to instantly boost the energy. It will leave your hair looking healthy and fabulous.  Choppy layers will create gorgeous views from all angles.  This is one of a hairstylists favourite hairstyle to do at the moment because it has an edgy and rocker chick vibe.

7. Face-Framing Layers

Long hair can sometimes be a little boring. If you have straight down, long hair add face-framing layers which will create more of a style.  It will highlight your face and your hair will feel fresh.  You have transformed your hair into a trending style by just adding a few layers.  It will feel so different to you even though you have kept your hair length which will make you feel fabulous.  Walk down the street like you are walking down the catwalk, girl!

Face Framing Layers for Long Hair

Source: @kakagomes

8. Layers + Balayage Highlights

Do you want a natural, long hair style? This is for you. Our #8 look is a gorgeous long layered hairstyle with balayage highlights.  These highlights are a natural way to add colour without looking too obvious.  This style of highlights is taking the hairdressers world by storm.  Many people are opting for the natural look rather than the traditional cap style highlights.  Layers like these will complement your new technique of highlights and all of your friends will be the envy of your new hair.

Long Layered Haircut with Balayage Highlights

Source: @nikkilee901

9. Blow-Out Layers

We all love the blow-out layers. They have a magical appearance and will make you feel like you have visited your hair salon every day.  If the layers are cut like this, you are onto a winner and will look amazing every day.

10. Two-Length Layers

One suggestion we would say would be to think about what kind of layers you want before you head straight to the hairdressers. Having the consultation with your hairdressers, talking about that you want a layered style is easy but if you want a styled layered look, you need to elaborate.  This is a two-length layer style.  It looks incredible with a hint of colour at the end of the layers.

11. Front Layers + Balayage Highlights

If you want a hairstyle that will show off your face, this is a good style to have.  It has long front layers and balayage highlights.  People will be instantly drawn to your hair and it will look amazing.

12. Simple and Subtle Layered Haircut

To add volume and a little life, have a few simple and subtle layers. Just add a few here and there and you will notice the difference straightaway.  Your hair will get a new lease of life which will keep you and your hair happy.

Simple and Subtle Long Layered Haircut

Source: @merrgg

13. Long Layers + Balayage Ombre

If you have long hair, and when we say long, we mean long, maybe think about adding longer layers. Long layers will make your hair look even longer and mixed with balayage ombre highlights, you will be trending with all of your friends.  This is for a fashion forward girl with fashion on the brain.  You cannot beat this style for fashion trends and style.

14. Chin-Length Layers

Chin length layers will show off your hairstyle and make your hair look bouncy and healthy. It is a style of its own and looks great up and down.  If you ever get bored of your chin-length layers, which we think you won’t, you can always have a half up, half down hair do which will still show off your longer layers.

Chin Length Layers on Long Hair

Source: @riawnacapri

15. Sleek and Straight

Thin hair can benefit from having a few wispy layers but try not to go overboard and have a lot of layers, because we think less is more. Wispy layers can add style and show off your creative side. Keep the style quite simple and easy to maintain, you have the length and the style so there is no need to add anything else to the mix.

Sleek and Straight Layers on Long Hair

Source: @kakagomes

16. Classy Style

This style is elegant and classy. Adding layers to your long hair will show your classy side and it’s timeless!

17. Bronde, Chin-Length Layers

Bronde hair looks great. For all of you that don’t know, bronde colour is a cross between blonde and brunette. It is the new term people are now using to describe this colour. Bronde is a lovely, natural looking hair colour and is perfect to team with chin-length layers.  It will add your style and character and is suitable for any occasion.

18. Multi-Toned Layers

Multi-tones that are natural looking like the photo below, look stunning. If you want to show off your layered haircut, add a few strands of colours to finish the look.  Your hair will look stunning when the light hits your tones, it will shine and stand out.

Layered Haircut Idea for Long Hair

Source: @riawnacapri

19. Long Layers

Long layers are perfect for people who want to keep the length. This type of layers is great if you are nervous about cutting your hair.  Many people like to keep the length and you can have the best of both worlds with this style.  The layers can come into effect quite far down, so you still have the length around your face and you can still tie your hair back.  You can always have longer layers cut into your hair first and once you have gotten used to them, go back after a month or two and have shorter ones.  I guess you have to experience the longer layers before you go for the shorter ones.

20. Layered Haircut with a Touch of Balayage

Balayage highlights are the best way to add natural looking highlights to your hair. They are applied by free hand and your hairdresser will create a natural and gorgeous look.  Adding layers to the sections that are highlighted is also a great way to show off your style and colour.  Think of it as showing off your cut and colour in one hairstyle!

21. Feathered Layers

If you have always had the standard layers put into your hair, try something different. These layers are heavier than the traditional layers but create something special and girly.  They are feathered layers and your hair will flow so naturally when moving.

22. Layered Haircut with Lowlights

If you are a brunette and are thinking of adding colour to your hair, take a look at this. This layered style with added lowlights, look stunning.  They make your hair look silky and smooth.

Long Subtle Layers for Long Hair

Source: @merrgg

23. Super Long, layered Haircut

Super long hair looks timeless and classy. Having long layers in super long hair, looks great.  You can see the length is still there but the layers add a sexy style.

24. Textured Layers

Textured layers will lift your lifeless hair. Your hair will become movable and it will have a lovely textured, layer style which looks great for any occasion.

Textured Layers for Long Hair

Source: @riawna

25. Layered Haircut with Babylights

Having baby highlights will set off your haircut whilst showing a delicate and girly side. This type of highlights will enhance your hair.

26. Layered Haircut with Long Side Bangs

This is the perfect solution if you want long bangs. We all the know the feeling of wanting to change our hair but are too afraid to change it.  Whether this be due to not wanting to lose the length or are afraid of the change, longer side bangs will ease your nerves, we promise.  If you want to change your long hair but want to keep the length and want to add a fringe, go for this.  You will still have the security of the length and you will be able to tie you hair back if you wish to do so.  Taking the first step to having longer bangs, will be a great feeling.  The layers will give your hair a natural bounce when you walk and you will look in the mirror and wish you had done this sooner!  Don’t wait any longer, call your hair salon and book that appointment in time for the lovely summer days!

27. Shoulder-Length Layers

Our next look is a style within a style. This may sound weird but we can see two styles in this hairstyle.  It has the long hair style and the shoulder length hair style.  With shoulder-length layers, you are creating a gorgeous two-style haircut.

Short Front Layers for Long Hair

Source: @riawna

28. Blonde Layers + Side Bangs

If you want layers and bangs, why not have both? This is a sexy hairstyle with blonde layers and side bangs.  The side bangs will frame your face and the blonde will show off your hairstyle.

29. Short Layers on Top

Are you looking for a short layers style for long hair? This is perfect.  You can see the short layers at the top of the hair will added longer layers.

Long Layered Haircut with Highlights

Source: @riawna

30. Soft Layers

Softer layers look delicate and are the perfect style for long, thin or thick hair. It is a fresh style and will bring the life back to your long hair which will make you feel super sexy and amazing.

31. Layered Haircut for Thin Hair

Do you have thin hair? This is a style that will suit all types of hair including thin hair.  Many women think that layers are bad for thin hair, but as you can see from this photo, it isn’t true.  Choosing to have layers for your thin hair will immediately change the style, keep the length and make your hair feel healthier and lighter.  Ask your hairdresser to add your layers lower down so you still have the length around your face.

32. Beachy Layered Haircut

Give your hair a beachy look with this layered cut. The layers used here are quite short and the hair has been styled with texture and waves. All of these elements give you that boho, summer vibe. It is a stylish and easy to wear look that will suit everyone.

33. Coppery Layered Hair

Next, we have long hair with short layers. This is a gorgeous hair idea and the layers really stand out as the shortest one is just around chin length. You can recreate this layered cut on any hair color but try the coppery shade for a trendy hairstyle. This color looks amazing on anyone and will really brighten up your look.

34. Stylish Layers

Our next idea is a beautiful layered cut. The layers in this one are quite short too but as the hair is thinner and styled with waves, the overall look is quite subtle. Hair like this will look amazing on anyone and its a stylish way to try layers. Again, you can recreate this look on any color hair but the subtle blonde featured here looks amazing on brown hair. So, why not try that too?!

35. Glam, Long Layered Haircut

Glam up your look with a layered cut like this one. The hair is long and the layers are quite long too. Longer layers are not as noticeable as the shorter ones but they create a chic look. Try adding blonde like featured to your hair as well to make the layers really stand out.

36. Subtle Layers for Long Hair

Never tried layers before or would just like a subtler look? Then this idea is for you. This hairstyle features layers but there is not a lot of them and they are not much shorter than the hair. Layers like these will make your hair look lighter and stylish. We love this hair idea!

37. Stylish Cool Blonde Layered Cut

Completely transform your hair with our next idea. The hair featured here is a cool, icy blonde shade with beautiful layers. This hair shows how amazing layers are when styled into loose curls. Hair like this will look gorgeous throughout the year but the color will especially suit the winter. If the color is not for you, then just try the layered style.

38. Warm Caramel Balayage and Layers

Another way that you can make your layers stand out is with color. This hairstyle features warm balayage. The added color just allows the layers to pop a little more than they would without. You can choose any balayage color. Maybe try blonde for the summer and a similar shade to this one for the fall.

39. Trendy Blonde Layered Hair

Next, we have a trendy layered cut. For this hairstyle there are short, medium and long layers. This combination creates a textured look and the layers make a statement. Try layers like these on blonde hair for a sun kissed, beachy style or on any other color for a stylish layered look.

Trendy Blonde Layered Hair

Source: @riawna

40. Caramel Highlights and Layers

If you want to freshen up your hair, then this is a stylish way to do it. This hairstyle features subtle layers and caramel highlights. The highlights brighten the hair and the layers lighten and lift the hair. It is a beautiful hair idea and it is perfect for the ladies who want to give their hair a little makeover.

41. Blonde Long Layered Haircut

Our next idea is a blonde layered look. The hair features shorter layers at the front which creates a long fringe look. This is great for those that maybe want to try a fringe but don’t want their hair to be short as it frames the face in a similar way. A cut like this looks amazing with blonde hair but will suit every other color perfectly too.

42. Beach Blonde Layered Hair

Next, we have another beachy hair idea. The layers used here are medium and long, they stand out beautifully because of the curls. This is a glam hairstyle that will look gorgeous on anyone. A hairstyle like this is great for the ladies who love boho hair but want to look elegant too.

Beach Blonde Layered Hair

Source: @michiko_tjn

43. Light Balayage + Layered Haircut

Love balayage hair? Then check out this hair idea. The hair is dark at the top and a lighter brown shade towards the tips. This is a beautiful and easy to wear hairstyle that will suit everyone. If you don’t want to try the color idea, then the layered cut will look stunning on its own too.

44. Subtle Layered Hair

Our next idea is another subtle layered look. As you can see, the layers are different lengths but they blend in beautifully. Hair like this is a great idea for the ladies who just want to give their hair a lift if it’s looking tired. Try the hair color too or keep your hair natural.

Subtle Layered Hair

Source: @riawna

45. Multi Tone Blonde Layered Hair

We have another idea that will make your layers stand out even more. This hairstyle features different blonde shades. It is a gorgeous color blend and it makes the layers stand out beautifully. You can try multi tones for other colors such as brown and red.

46. Purple Layered Hair Idea

Want a dramatic hair makeover? Then check out this style. Here we have vibrant layers. The hair is a gorgeous blend of purple and blue tones with a layered cut. It is like the blonde hair idea above but with bolder colors. Recreate the purple look or try another bright color, maybe blue or pink.

47. Long, Blonde Layered Hair

Next, we have another blonde layered idea. The layers in this hairstyle are long and when styled with waves, will give you a beachy look. This is another versatile and easy to wear idea that will suit everyone. It will suit all hair lengths and colors too.

48. Dark and Light Brown Layers

Earlier we shared a multi tone blonde look. Here is a similar style but the hair is brown. This hair idea shows how amazing this kind of style looks with brown hair too. The lighter brown shades really lift the hair and make the layers pop. We love this idea!

49. Textured Layered Haircut

Looking for a trendy hairstyle? Then this idea is for you. Here we have a layered cut with texture. By adding texture to the hair, you create a stylish and relaxed look. This kind of style will not be achieved without layers. You can create a cool hairstyle like this with long or short layers.

50. Bright Blonde Look

Our next idea shows how stunning layers are on very long hair. The layers on this hairstyle are short, medium and long. You can also see how the layers look on nearly straight hair and wavy hair. A haircut like this is versatile, can be styled anyway and will suit any occasion. Try the blonde color or your own natural color.

Bright Blonde Layered Hair

Source: @itsmebethb_

51. Beautiful Red Layered Hair

Next, we have a beautiful layered cut to show you. The layers are different lengths and really stand out. Layers like these will lift and take the weight out of long hair. This is a chic and stylish look that will look stunning on anyone. Try the red color to for a warm and trendy hairstyle.

Beautiful Red Layered Hair

Source: @riawna

We hope you’ve been inspired and found the perfect long layered haircut.