23 Rainbow Hair Ideas for a Bold Change-Up

If you are fed up of your hair and want a bold and daring new hairstyle, then you should consider trying rainbow hair! Rainbow hairstyles are exactly how they sound, they feature lots of bright colors. To show you how amazing these vibrant hairstyles can be, we have put together 23 of the most stylish and unique rainbow hair ideas. You will find pastel colors, colorful roots, ombre styles and more. Any of these will make you stand out from the crowd in style!

1. Beautiful Rainbow Hair

The first hair idea we have to show you is beautiful and colorful. For this look, the hair starts with purple and blue shades near the roots and about midway, the hair turns blonde. Finally towards the tips, pink and yellow colors are added. This is a gorgeous rainbow hairstyle and it will suit everyone.

2. Rainbow Roots

If you do not want rainbow colors all over your hair, then you could try a trendy hairstyle like this one. The hair is a stylish silver shade and there is a hint of blue color at the tips. However, the rainbow color is all at the roots. All different colors of the rainbow have been added and as you can see, it creates one vibrant and unique style. You can recreate the silver look or try rainbow roots on your natural hair color.

3. Vibrant Rainbow Stripes

Next, we have a very bold and vibrant hair idea. This hairstyle is long and features stripes of different colors. The roots start grey and then the hair changes into purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and then finally red. It is a stunning and statement making hairstyle and it is perfect for the ladies who want a complete hair transformation.

4. Blue Hair with Rainbow Tips

We have shown you rainbow roots but now it is the turn for rainbow tips. For this look, the hair is colored in a vibrant blue shade. Then the rainbow colors are added to the tips. Try this whole hairstyle or you can try rainbow tips with your natural color. We love the colored tips because they are easy to wear and if you decide the bright colors are not for you, then the tips can just fade and grow out.

5. Blonde and Rainbow Colors

Maybe all the bold hairstyles that are full of color are not for you. If so, you need to check out this hair idea. For this look, the hair is colored in a bright blonde shade with rainbow colors added in a stripe pattern. Even though the colors are vibrant, there is blonde to tone it down. You can recreate this rainbow look on any hair color.

Blonde and Rainbow Colors

Source: @maggiemh

6. Rainbow Ombre Hair

Our next hair idea features a stylish ombre look. The hair starts very dark at the root and then the hair changes into an array of vibrant colors. There are bold pink tones, pastel blue shades, flashes of yellow and more. This is a beautiful and trendy hairstyle and it is easy to maintain too. If you love the style, have the color reapplied and if not, it will grow out.

7. Rainbow Hair with a Glow

Want hair that will wow? Then this next idea is for you. Here we have long hair that has been colored with rainbow stripes. The rainbow stripes are neon too, so under certain light they will have a little glow like this. It is such an awesome idea and it is perfect for the ladies that want to stand out from crowd.

8. Rainbow Underlights

Another cool color idea you can try are underlights. When hair has underlights it means that the color is placed on the bottom layers of hair. So, when the hair is down, you won’t really see the color because it is on the layers underneath. Here is a gorgeous example of rainbow underlights. The hair is very light with rainbow stripes underneath. We love this, it is one of our favorite looks.

9. Fiery Rainbow Colors

Next, we have a fiery rainbow color idea to show you. The hair is a blend of shades that include purple, pink, orange and yellow. It is a stunning color combination and it will make a stylish statement. This is a gorgeous version of the rainbow hair trend and it will look amazing on everyone.

Fiery Rainbow Colors

Source: @nealmhair

10. Magical Hair Idea

Our next hair idea is just magical. The hair is a beautiful blend of colors and it looks like it was made for a unicorn or mermaid. We love the light and dark shades used. Hair like this will glam up your look and the actual hair cut and style is amazing too. Recreate this look or you can have a similar blend on shorter hair too.

11. Bold Purple Hair with Rainbow Roots

Next, we have another hair idea with rainbow roots. For this look, the majority of hair is dyed a bold purple shade and the rainbow color has been applied to the roots. This hairstyle shows that you can have a vibrant color and have rainbow roots too. This is for the ladies that want to stand out from the crowd with hair that is different from the rest.

12. Platinum Blonde and Pastel Rainbow Highlights

The colors used for the rainbow look do not have to be very vivid. You could go for pastel colors instead. For this look, the hair is platinum blonde with added pink, blue and purple shades. We love this because the pastels compliment the platinum blonde perfectly. You can recreate this look or you can try blonde with different pastel colors.

13. Trendy Rainbow Pattern

Love the underlight idea? Then check out this hairstyle. Here we have blonde hair with rainbow underlights. The underlights are not in stripes like the hair before, these colors here have been applied in a trendy pattern. When the colors are in a pattern, it creates one unique and awesome hairstyle. Try hair like this or you can try a pattern on the top layers of hair.

14. Vibrant Rainbow Hair

If the stripes are not your thing, then you could try something like this. For this look, the hair has been colored in different places, it is not in neat stripes like some of the others. It gives the hair a more creative and artistic vibe. Hair like this will look gorgeous on anyone and it can be created on any hair length.

15. Bold Rainbow Stripes

Next, we have another striped look to show you. For this one, the stripes are vertical. So, each color starts at the root and ends at the tip. As the stripes are going a different way, it gives the hair a unique look. We love how the colors look seamless too, as it makes the different shades blend and compliment each other perfectly. Hair like this is perfect for the trendsetting ladies.

16. Vibrant Roots and Pastel Colors

Have you got shorter hair? If so, you need to check out this color idea. Here we have a long bob with rainbow colors. The hair is very vivid and vibrant at the root. After the root, the hair blends into rainbow pastel shades. It shows that you can create amazing colored styles on shorter hair too. You can recreate this or you can try bolder colors.

17. Bright Red Hair with Rainbow Underlights

Our next idea is another underlight look. This hairstyle features long hair that is colored in a bold red shade. The rainbow color has been placed on the layers underneath to give it that trendy underlight look. We love this hairstyle because the red shade is also part of the rainbow colors. This is a glam and vibrant hair idea that will look stylish on anyone.

18. Stylish and Colorful Hair

Look stylish and colorful with hair like this! The hair starts dark and then lots of different rainbow shades have been added to the hair. It is a gorgeous hairstyle and it will really make you stand out from the crowd. You can recreate this look or you can try only adding a few colors if you want a more toned down style.

Stylish and Colorful Hair

Source: @nealmhair

19. Pink Rainbow Hair Idea

Another cool and colorful idea you could try is pink rainbow hair. For this look, the hair is mostly pink with added rainbow colors. The pink looks amazing with the darker rainbow shades. Hair like this is fun and will be perfect for the summer season. Try a similar hairstyle to this or you could add pastel tones instead of the vivid colors.

20. Horizontal Rainbow Colors

Our next hairstyle features more rainbow stripes. The color is placed in horizontal stripes and many different shades have been used. It is a unique and colorful hairstyle that will suit everyone. As there are so many colors, this look is best suited to long hair, but you could try a similar style on shorter hair with less colors.

Horizontal Rainbow Colors

Source: @nealmhair

21. Jewel Rainbow Hair

You don’t have to choose the classic rainbow colors. Maybe you could try a beautiful color combination like this. The hair starts blue and then it blends into purple and then into a dark pink shade. These colors are just amazing and the vivid shades remind us of jewels. It is a gorgeous and glam hairstyle and we love it!

22. Pastel Colors and a Trendy Cut

Next, we have another pastel hairstyle. Here we have a stylish cut and the hair is about chin length. The hair has been colored in grey with blue, green, pink and purple pastel highlights. It is a very trendy hairstyle and would be great for anyone who wants a hair makeover. You can recreate this or you can try adding more vivid colors.

23. Black Hair with Bright Rainbow Colors

The last hair idea we have to show you is bright and beautiful. For this look, the hair is black with added rainbow colors. We love this hairstyle because the black really makes the rainbow colors stand out. This is one of our favorites and this color combination will look amazing on all hair lengths.

Black Hair with Bright Rainbow Colors

Source: @nealmhair

We hope you have been inspired by these rainbow hair ideas!

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