45 Cool Ways to Rock Chrome Nails in 2021

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Love having stylish nails but need some new ideas? Then we are here to help! We have found 45 of the coolest ways to rock chrome nails. Chrome is a gorgeous nail trend and the look has been in the style spotlight for a while now because of celebrities like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner. Chrome nails are not going anywhere anytime soon so why not give the trend a try. We have many different ideas and there is a design to suit every style – from silver chrome to chrome with sparkling gems, and more.

1. Silver Chrome Nails

The first idea we would like to share with you are these silver chrome nails. Silver chrome is a classic and looks stylish on everyone. The nails featured are long, but silver will look great on shorter nails also. You can have silver chrome on it’s own or add some gems to glam up the manicure.

Stiletto Silver Chrome Nails

Source: @sheadbeauty

2. Blue and Silver Chrome Nail Design

Next, we have a beautiful blue and chrome nail idea. The nails have been painted with Essie nail polish in shade Udon Know Me with a chrome stamp on the top. We love this design as it uses the chrome as a feature. You can take inspiration from this and recreate the look or use different nail colors and stamps.

Blue and Silver Chrome Nail Design

Source: @hemmyberlin

3. Sparkly Chrome Nails

Our next chrome idea features some sparkle! Most of the nails are silver chrome and two accent nails have gold glitter. This is an elegant way to wear chrome and it can be worn for special occasions like parties. Consider using gold or rose gold chrome for a glam look too.

4. Gold Chrome Ombre Nails

You can use chrome to create some amazing ombre looks. These nails feature gold chrome on the tops that blend into a beige tone. This color combination is beautiful but you can use other chrome colors and nail polish shades too. A nail design like this is more suited to longer nails of any shape.

Gold and Nude Chrome Ombre Nails

Source: @sheadbeauty

5. White and Chrome Toe Nail Design

It’s not just fingernails that look stylish with chrome but toenails too. Here we have white toenails with a trendy chrome design on the top. Nails like these will suit everyone and would look amazing for the summer and vacations. You can use this technique with other chrome colors too.

6. Glitter and Chrome Nails

Next, we have a stunning chrome and glitter idea. The chrome used here has multi tones because it changes color depending on which angle you look at it. This would look great as it is, but there is also glitter around the cuticle too. A design like this is perfect for anyone who wants unique nails that make a statement.

7. Chrome Coffin Nails

An easy way to glam up your nails is with gems. Here we have a beautiful nail idea that uses crystals and chrome. Most of the nails are light pink and there is an accent nail with rose gold chrome. There are also lots of gems too. You can take inspiration from this and create many different sparkly looks.

Chrome Coffin Nails with Rhinestones

Source: @riyathai87

8. Trendy Platinum Chrome Nails

Looking for nails that will make a stylish statement? Then this next idea is for you. Here we have long coffin shape nails with a platinum chrome on the top. Nails like this are trendy, gorgeous and will suit everyone. For a bold look, use platinum chrome on long nails of any shape, for a subtler look use on short nails.

Trendy Platinum Chrome Nails

Source: @chaunlegend

9. Chrome Stiletto Nails

Our next pick is a cool blue chrome idea. Most of the nails are clear with blue glitter tips and two nails on each hand are blue chrome. We love this idea because it is vibrant and chic. Blue chrome like this would be awesome for creating mermaid nails too. You can also use just chrome if glitter is not your thing.

10. Sleek Steel Chrome Nails

Next, we have a sleek and chic manicure idea. These square shape nails are in a steel grey chrome. We love this idea because it is simple but so stylish. Nails like this would suit everyone, with any nail length and shape. A chrome color like this will suit any occasion or event from a night out to work.

Sleek Steel Chrome Nails

Source: @riyathai87

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