43 Cool Tattoos for Women You’ll Be Obsessed With

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31. Small and Cute Heart Design

If you are looking for a small and cute tattoo, then this could be perfect for you! Here we have an arm tattoo with a pretty heart outline. A design like this subtle, stylish and it would be great as a first tattoo. Recreate a similar tattoo to this or you can have the outline in any color. You can place the tattoo on the arm like this or have it placed anywhere on the body.

32. Ornamental Tattoo

The next idea is stunning! This is a chest tattoo with a gorgeous ornamental design. The patterns used are beautiful and it is a bold piece of body art. This is a stylish and sexy tattoo that can be covered up or shown off when you choose. Try a design like this or create your own chest tattoo with different patterns.

33. Quote Tattoo Idea

Quotes are one of the most popular tattoo designs. This is because a quote is very personal and often has a deep meaning behind it. The quote “We are what we choose to be” is tattooed on the hip. It is an elegant and stylish design. You can choose any quote you like for your tattoo. Keep the tattoo on the hip for a subtle and edgy piece of body art.

34. Out of this World Tattoo

The next tattoo that we have to show you is out of this world! Here we have a cute ankle tattoo that features a small planet, sun, star and a moon. A design like this is perfect for those who love space. It is a cute and quirky tattoo that is one of our favorites! Recreate this or choose a different planet, you could also add some color too.

35. Super Cute Shell Design

Next, we have another design that is perfect for those who love mermaids and the ocean. This tattoo features a small shell. The shell is beautiful and is colored in blue watercolor. A tattoo like this will suit everyone and you can choose a shell in any color. Keep it simple like this or you could maybe add more shells or other under the sea designs. Either way, it will look super cute.

36. Stylish Forearm Tattoo Idea

Looking for a trendy and edgy tattoo? If so, you need to check out our next idea. Here we have a patterned forearm tattoo. The patterns used for this design are beautiful. A tattoo like does make a statement, so it is perfect for those who prefer bolder body art. You can recreate this or choose different patterns.

37. Beautiful Hummingbird Watercolor Tattoo

Hummingbirds are beautiful so it is no surprise that they have inspired many tattoo designs. Not only that, but these birds are also symbols of positivity, joy, peace, freedom and more. This next design is a beautiful example of a hummingbird tattoo. The design is placed on the ankle and features a stunning watercolor hummingbird. A bright tattoo like this will suit everyone and it can be recreated in any color.

38. Pretty Butterfly Tattoo

Another popular tattoo design for women is the butterfly. If you love butterfly tattoos, then you need to take look at this. Here we have a beautiful butterfly tattoo. The butterfly is placed on the shoulder and has a delicate and pretty design. You can recreate a subtler butterfly like this or you can choose a design with the bright colors and patterns that butterflies are known for. Either way, it will look stunning.

39. Stunning Wing

If you are looking for a more unusual and bold tattoo, then this could be perfect for you. Here we have a stunning wing that is tattooed on the ankle. We love this wing design because it is strong, powerful but also elegant. You can have any wing from any creature created, from bird wings to the wings of an angel.

40. Unique Panda Tattoo Idea

Next, we have another unique tattoo to show you. This one features a super cute panda with a mandala pattern in the background. The panda is unusual because it has an origami design. A tattoo like this is perfect for those who love pandas. Recreate this or have just the panda without the mandala.

41. Floral Back Tattoo

The next tattoo that we have to show you is stunning and statement making. Here we have a floral back tattoo. A large purple, watercolor flower has been tattooed down the spine. As you can see, it is a very bold and beautiful idea. Any flower would look amazing, maybe you could choose your birth flower to make the tattoo unique.

42. Magical Moon Design

Earlier in the post we shared a moon tattoo. If you liked that idea, then you need to see this one too. Here we have another crescent moon but this one has a more magical vibe. The moon is purple with delicate charms dangling from it. It is such a beautiful idea and it will suit everyone. You can recreate this or combine the two moon designs that we have featured and maybe have a purple floral moon with charms.

43. Amazing Lioness Tattoo

Show the world how fierce and powerful you are with a tattoo like this one! This design features a lioness that is decorated with stylish patterns. The lioness is tattooed on the thigh so it is a very cool and edgy piece of body art. A design like this is perfect for those who want a bold tattoo. Try a similar tattoo to this or you can create a more realistic lioness.

We hope you have found a cool tattoo design to try!

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