21 Elegant Ponytail Hairstyles for Special Occassions

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11. Pretty Textured Ponytail

If you have an edgy style but want to look elegant then this hairstyle is the perfect combination. It has the chic volume and curls but it is textured. The textured look means it is not as sleek as other styles. This just gives the prettiness and edge. We love this ponytail.

12. Glamorous High Ponytail with Braided Wrap

Our next pick is a ponytail that will wow! This style features a ponytail very high on the head with a braided wrap around. The ponytail is full of volume and has a vintage  glamour vibe. An elegant hairdo like this is perfect for a night out, date night and more.

13. Stylish Ponytail with Hair Rings

Hair rings have become the must have hair accessories. Celebrities love these and we do to. These trendy hair rings can be used to create an elegant look. This hairstyle features a low ponytail with a wrapped style and subtle hair rings. It shows how stylish trends and classic chic styles can be used together to create a beautiful hairstyle.

Stylish Ponytail with Hair Rings for Elegant Ponytail Hairstyles

Source: @hairstyles

14. Ponytail with Side Braid

This fashionista shows how to rock a side braid ponytail with elegance! This style can be worn for both casual occasions and more formal ones. It is a versatile style that is great to learn. You could create this hairstyle in a few ways. Try a straight ponytail, a higher one or try a bigger braid. However, you choose to style your side braid ponytail, you can be sure it will look gorgeous.

Ponytail with Side Braid for Elegant Ponytail Hairstyles

Source: @mypeeptoes

15. Bouffant Ponytail

A voluminous bouffant will add glamour to any hairstyle. It is especially true with a ponytail. A little volume has transformed this style from casual to elegant. You could wear a hairstyle like this for any occasion. You could even add in some accessories like a flower.

Bouffant Ponytail for Elegant Ponytail Hairstyles

Source: @eve_dutra

16. Low Ponytail with Ribbon

Next, we have this low ponytail that features a black ribbon. The addition of the ribbon jazzes up the style. You could add any ribbon to your hair. Maybe to match your outfit. Black is always a chic color choice. Try adding a ribbon to both curly and straight ponytails to create a different look.

Low Ponytail with Ribbon for Elegant Ponytail Hairstyles

Source: @kristin_ess

17. Textured Ponytail

Here is another elegant waved ponytail. This one is slightly more textured than the others featured. It is trendy and chic. It would suit any lady of all ages. We love this look because it would look great for work and for a night out to. Something like this would be good for people with short hair to.

Textured Ponytail for Elegant Ponytail Hairstyles

Source: @hiddenhair

18. Elegant Side Braid Ponytail

Our next elegant ponytail looks like a hairstyle straight out of a fairy-tale. It is long, has volume and features a beautiful braid. A hairstyle like this would suit any princess. We love this look and it would be perfect for a special occasion like a wedding. It would be a beautiful choice for date night to.

19. Ponytail for a Special Occasion

Next, we have this gorgeous low ponytail that features pretty, white flowers. The hairstyle also features two side braids. Something like this would be perfect for a beach wedding for either the bride or bridesmaid. You could add any flower to this style. Maybe something tropical for the summer.

20. Simple and Chic Ponytail

This hairstyle is very simple but stylish. It is a high ponytail with subtle waves. Sometimes less is more and this is true with this ponytail. It is elegant on its own and could be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. If the minimalist look isn’t for you, you could add a wraparound or add more curls.

21. Loose Braid and Wrap Around Ponytail

Last on our list is this funky braided style. It is a loose braid with a wraparound. This can be worn as casual style but you can glam it up with makeup and an elegant outfit. Pair with light makeup and a pretty dress for chic summer look.

We hope you have found inspiration from our elegant ponytail hairstyles.

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