23 Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Women

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Faux hawk is a playful balance of edginess and elegance. It’s wild enough for night outs, classy for dinner parties and chic for an everyday look. The shape of a faux hawk is very flattering. Also, it’s a perfect choice for women who love mohawk style, but don’t won’t to shave off the sides.

Keep reading to see our 23 selected faux hawk hairstyles for women… there are some mind-blowing haircuts and updos that you’ll want to try right away!

1. Faux Hawk Updo

This hairstyle might seem complicated, but actually it is not. There is an easy way to achieve it. You take small sections of hair on each side and secure it with an elastic. Basically, you create a small ponytail. The trick is to split the hair above the elastic in half, take the ponytail and pull it through, but you don’t want to pull it through all the way. Secure the loop with bobby pins if needed. Each ponytail will create a small loop that will ultimately create a gorgeous updo.

2. Black & Green Haircut

Yes, you can rock a faux hawk even if you have short hair. This stunning haircut with green highlights and luscious curls can add an edge to any look.

If you’re looking to add some freshness to your hair, highlights are always a great choice. Green is not the only option – gold, honey, brown or burgundy all work great with black hair. We love everything about this look!

3. Teased French Braid Updo

Want to rock two different styles in one? This hairstyle is for you. Braids alone have some serious ‘wow’ factor, but they are much more jaw-dropping when you combine them with different styles and techniques.

This braided faux hawk is everything but ordinary. The hairstyle would be an excellent choice for weddings and other formal occasions.

4. Natural Hair Frohawk

Embrace your natural hair with this gorgeous faux hawk. Start by sectioning the front of your hair in a triangle shape. Secure it with a hair clip. Take another section of the hair and tie it in a ponytail. Repeat with the rest of your hair. Unclip the front section, and there it is, your new favorite hairstyle is ready!

5. Braided Sides Faux Hawk

Here’s another way to rock a faux hawk for our ladies with long hair. Obviously, the hairstyle is not an everyday style, but it’s a perfect combination of edginess and elegance. The top section of the head is curled and each curl is rolled and set with a bobby pin. These ‘rolled curls’ give this hairstyle a vintage feel while the braided sides make the top section pop even more.

6. Faux Hawk for Short Hair

We love the simplicity of this faux hawk haircut. The style is perfect for women who want a bit of an edgy look, but without shaving the sides of their head. Short hairstyles are easy to maintain and style, plus they are everywhere this season. If you opt for this style, you will definitely make some heads turn.

7. Messy Dutch Braid Faux Hawk

Messy, braided updos are best! For this look, all you need is some braiding skills, a few bobby pins and elastics, and some hairspray. Dutch braid is basically a inside out French braid. So, if you know how to do a classic French braid, you will easily master this style, too. This updo is both classy and edgy, and that’s why we love it so much!

8. Twists + Cornrows Faux Hawk

Twists are one of our favorite protective styles. Not only they protect your natural hair, but also make it unique and chic. The possibilities to style your twists are endless. We stumble upon on many amazing faux hawks for black hair, but this one really stood out. This updo is perfect to keep your twists off your face and neck without sacrificing your style.

9. Ice Grey & Blue Spiky Haircut

Icy Grey & Blue Spiky Haircut

Source: @morasalon

This faux hawk is for those who want to be noticed. The color combination is absolutely stunning! One of the best parts about this style is that you don’t have to spend hours and hours in front of the mirror – a little teasing,  some hair spray and you’re good to go! Ordinary is boring so why not give this haircut a try?

10. Messy & Curly Haircut

This type of haircut will open the sides of your face, revealing your beautiful facial features. Some faux hawks can make you look bold and edgy, but this style is so feminine and elegant. We love how the tresses at the front are longer than the tresses at the back. They are forming a cute, curly bangs that frame her face beautifully. 

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