43 Cool Skeleton Makeup Ideas to Try for Halloween

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11. JLo Inspired Skeleton Makeup

In 2015, Jennifer Lopez turned up to Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party (the 16th annual) with her boyfriend at the time. They were dressed up as skeletons. Except they weren’t just dressed up as any old skeletons – they were dressed up as super cool skeletons, and JLo herself was wearing a seriously plunging black dress. Why not recreate her look like this makeup artist has? You’ve got a smokey eye, and you’ve still got red lips too … Technically it’s get everything you’d need for glam Halloween makeup.

JLo Skeleton Makeup Look for Halloween

Source: @alexfaction

12. BFF Skeleton Makeup Idea

What’s better than one skeleton at a Halloween party? Two skeletons at a Halloween party. Because usually, skeletons have no-body to go with… Did you get it? We’re funny, right? These two girls have gone for different skeleton looks with their makeup designs, and we can’t work out which one we love the most. We’ll let you pick – left or right?

BFF Skeleton Makeup Look for Halloween

Source: @_heartwork_

13. Sexy & Cool.

Once you’ve added your white base of foundation and powder, it’s time to get really creative with your cool skeleton makeup ideas for Halloween. We’d suggest starting with the eyes – using black eyeliner or black eyeshadow, paint a huge circle / oval from eyeliner right around. You can smudge this up later on, but we’d suggest using the eyeliner to create those boundary lines. Think of it as coloring in and staying within the lines!

14. Black & Gold Glitter Skeleton Look

If you love glitter as much as we love glitter, you’ll love this black and gold glitter skeleton look. It’s a great way of incorporating some serious sassiness into your Halloween costume for this year. The idea is very simple – it’s the same skeletal makeup pattern, but rather than eyebrows, you add glitter. And instead of the white that you would usually use in place of the teeth, you add gold glitter. It’s simple.

Glam Black and Gold Glitter Halloween Makeup Look

Source: @jadedeacon

15. Terrifyingly Cool Skull Makeup

One of the hardest things to work out is how to have your hair when you have cool skeletal makeup ideas for Halloween like this one. You could use dry shampoo to create white-grey look for just one night, but just be sure to be careful if you’re out in the rain otherwise it’ll start running down and totally ruin your outfit. It’s not just the hair we love about this look though. We also love the way that sophisticated and elegant glam has been added alongside the traditional skeleton look. It’s a great way to put your own unique spin on things.

16. Creepy but Cool.

This is more of a modern, edgy look when it comes to skeletons, but it’s one we love nevertheless. We feel that it deserves a special mention. Once again you have that traditional half and half skeleton look, but this time red shading has been used to give it more of a 3D, and to add a little more ‘blood and guts’ to the occasion. Isn’t that what Halloween was made for?

17. Half Face Skull

It’s smart to remember other areas of your body when you’re creating these cool skeleton makeup ideas for Halloween. We love the way the next has been used as a feature piece in this design. It’s a half and half look, but one that has a little something extra. This is the perfect look if you’re wearing an outfit that shows off your neck and collarbone. When you decorate it in this manner, you can forsake the accessories such as necklaces.

18. Half-Faced

When it comes to the shading of the darker makeup, it’s wise to spread it down right into your neck even if you aren’t going to feature it within your design. Your neck will look more ‘deathlike’ if you add a bit of clever shading – darker patches running down the edges / outsides, and a lighter patch down the middle. You could also add darker touches where the shadows natural appear. Adding shadows along your collar bone, for example, will make them look more pronounced. Like contouring, but for your neck.

Half Faced Halloween Skeleton Makeup Look

Source: @astmog_mua

19. Totally Cool and Totally Terrifying.

Smart and clever makeup like these skeleton designs are best applied on clean and dry skin. If you have particularly oily skin, you may find a full face of makeup like this quite daunting. It’s never a pleasant experience when your makeup is running down your face. If you do suffer from oily skin, before you start applying your Halloween makeup, it’s a great idea to blot the skin and mop up any excess oil. A cotton wool ball dipped in some astringent wiped over the area beforehand will also help to keep that excess oil at bay.

20. Blue and Black Skeleton Look

Skeletons don’t have noses, and that’s why you’ll always a skeletal design with the tip of the nose blacked-out. You should aim to make this black shape an ‘M’ shape to make it appear naturally skeletal-like, with just the hint of the bridge-bone running down the center. The cheekbones are easily painted in with contouring using black and white makeup rather than the Mac neutrals you’re used to getting your hands in. The whole aim of the game is to make the fleshier parts of your face appear to have sunken in.

Blue Half Face Skeleton Makeup Look

Source: @missj15

21. Perfect Last Minute Makeup Look

The best thing about using skeleton makeup ideas for Halloween like these is that they can be used with a number of different outfits. This gives you something easy to pull out of the bag when the big day finally comes around and you realize you’ve left everything to the last minute. All you need is some white and black makeup. Most of us already have something along those lines in our makeup bag anyway. Perhaps you should start getting creative? Practice makes perfect, as they say.

22. Melting Skeleton

This melting skeleton look is beyond bonkers, and it’s definitely one we’d love to recreate ourselves some day. The top half of the face has been left completely natural. Well, as natural as you would normally look on a day to day basis with a face full of makeup anyway. The bottom half of the face is where all the action happens, and the skull markings have only been added to the mouth and jawline. To bring the entire look to life, liquid latex has been used to make it appear the skin has melted and dripped down. It’s definitely a great way to reinvent a traditional Halloween look.

23. Floral Skeleton

What do you think about this stunning floral skeleton look? The bright red hair and flowers are a great addition but it’s the makeup that brings this entire look to life. The ‘Day of the Dead’ is a big thing right now – basically the Mexican’s version of Halloween. Fake blood and liquid latex has been used right down the center of the face to really define it all, with the classic skeletal makeup look used on just half the face.

24. Amazing Half Skeleton Illusion Makeup

If you want to wow this Halloween, then try makeup like this! The makeup artist has created amazing illusion makeup. One eye is left glamorous and the rest of her face looks like a purple and black skeleton. The look is finished off with crystals and glitter. You can check out a full list of products on the page below.

25. Elegant White Skeleton

This next makeup idea is one of our favorites. Here we have skeleton makeup that looks so elegant even though it is for Halloween! Instead of the classic dark colors, this skeleton makeup is white. By simply changing the color you can create a completely different look. We love this – it is spooky, glam and it is perfect for a party.

26. Glam Gold Skeleton Makeup

Love the illusion makeup ideas? If so, check this out! Here we have glam skeleton makeup. The makeup artist has created an illusion of a skeletal mouth in black and gold and there are added gems too. There is also a skeleton nose and coordinating eye makeup. This is a spooky, stylish and super cool idea. We love this! You could even recreate it in silver, that would be even more creepy!

27. Half Skeleton, Half Clown

Next, we have a unique and creative makeup idea that combines two classic Halloween costumes. Her face has been split into quarters so each eye is different and her mouth has two different designs too. The two makeup looks that she has used are a clown and skeleton. This is such a clever idea and it is a unusual version of the popular half makeup. You can check out the products used on the page below.

Half Skeleton, Half Clown

Source: @aa.gx

28. Floral Skeleton Makeup Idea

Want to stand out from the crowd and wear makeup that is quirky and unique? If so, this idea could be perfect for you. Here we have another half design. One side is a spooky skeleton and the other features a glam look with cute cherry blossoms. You can recreate this or maybe choose one of the other seasons for the other side of your face. Maybe try a fall design as it is Halloween and use warm colors.

29. Black and White Skeleton Makeup with Rhinestones

The next idea features another cool illusion. This makeup artist has created an amazing glam skeleton. She has painted the areas around her eyes so when they are closed, she looks like a real skeleton! It is such an awesome idea and the rhinestones look amazing too. Makeup like this would look great at a party.

30. Bloody Skeleton Makeup

Looking for a more gory makeup idea? If so, check this out. Here we have a half skeleton and the half line is covered in fake blood. This is a unique and scary idea that is perfect for Halloween. You can use any skeleton makeup and you can use any fake blood. Recreate this or you can try a simpler look too.

31. Neon Skeleton

Next, we have another creative and unique idea. This makeup artist has created a neon skull. It looks so cool and this will definitely be a hit at a Halloween party. This is one of our favorite ideas because we have not seen makeup like this before. It is perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

32. Simple Skeleton Makeup Look

This next idea is perfect for someone who wants a simpler skeleton look. Here we have skeleton makeup that is black with shading. It is a spooky idea and it would be perfect for those who need makeup that is easier to create or for those who need a more last minute look. You can recreate this or try the eyes, nose and mouth without the dots.

Simple Black Skeleton Makeup

Source: @cassieemua

33. Magical Skeleton Makeup with Rhinestones

The next makeup idea looks almost magical and otherworldly. This makeup artist has created amazing skeleton makeup that is complete with glitter and rhinestones. We love this idea, it is so cool! You can use any eye makeup and rhinestones to recreate your own version.

34. White and Gold Skeleton Makeup

Give people a fright this Halloween with makeup like this. Here we have skeleton makeup but instead of using black makeup, the artist has used white. By using white makeup, you can create a very creepy and unusual look. Makeup like this will look amazing on everyone. Recreate this or you can try a simpler white skeleton design.

35. Gory Skeleton Makeup for Halloween

Next, we have another illusion. This one features a half line and one side of her face is glam and the other looks like a skeleton. The illusion is when the eye is closed she looks like a real skeleton. It is a very cool idea and you can recreate this or try a simpler skeleton design. You can also use any makeup you like on the other side of the face.

36. Spooky Illusion Makeup

The next idea is one of our favorites! This is a super cool illusion where it looks like she is showing us the skeleton under her skin. The artist has really stepped up the game because she has painted her body too. This will amaze everyone at Halloween. You could make it even scarier by adding a little blood.

Spooky Illusion Makeup

Source: @ciaciaxo

37. Half Skeleton Makeup with Glam Eyes

If you love the half makeup ideas, then you need to check this out. Instead of the makeup including the whole half of the face, this one only includes the lower half of the face. By moving the line to the lower half, you can create a very unique look. You can recreate this glam skeleton look or use any eye makeup.

38. Skeleton Face and Body Makeup Idea

This next idea is perfect for those who want to go all out on their makeup. The makeup artist has created a half skeleton look but she has painted her body too! As you can see, the body paint looks amazing! You would look so scary at a party once it is dark with makeup like this! This skeleton makeup will take practice and patience but it will be worth it.

39. Skeleton Bride

Looking for costume and makeup inspiration? If so, you need to see this. Here we have a skeleton bride! The makeup artist has used white makeup for the skeleton instead of classic black which really gives it a bridal look. This is a cool and creepy idea and it will be perfect for a Halloween party. You can really have fun choosing a bride’s dress too.

40. Scary Half Skeleton Makeup

Next, we have creepy and skeletal makeup. One side of her face is glam and the other side looks like a scary skeleton. We really love the floral headband as it finishes off the makeup perfectly. You can check out the full list of products used to create the look and see a tutorial to on the page below. If you like crafts, then you can try and make a floral headband or you could just look for one online.

41. Glam Purple Skeleton Makeup

If you want to try different skeleton makeup that looks more unique, then this could be perfect for you. Instead of wearing black or white makeup, this artist has used purple. The purple skeleton looks so quirky and we love the creative idea. You can use purple makeup for any skeleton design.

42. Illusion Skeleton Makeup with Sparkly Rhinestones

Loved the illusion skeleton makeup with the rhinestones that we featured earlier? If so, you need see this next idea. Here is another version of the look. She has used light makeup, glitter and rhinestones. It shows how you can be inspired by an idea to create something new. Buy some rhinestones and some makeup and see what you can create.

43. Unique Skeleton Makeup Idea

The next makeup idea is very unique and it was inspired by an illustration. This makeup artist was inspired by an image she saw and she created this glam and amazing skeleton makeup that is like the design. You can check out a cool tutorial for this look on the page below. There is also a link to the awesome illustration too.

So now you have 43 brand new cool skeleton makeup ideas for Halloween, which ones have tickled your fancy? We can’t work out which one of these is our favorite, but we sure know we want to try them all!

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