41 Gender Reveal Games Everyone Will Absolutely Love

Planning a gender reveal party? Then you need to think about having games! Gender reveal games are great to have at parties because they will get guests talking, laughing and having fun. We have put together 41 of the best game ideas that everyone will absolutely love. We have quizzes, predication games, photo booths, scratch cards and more. Any one of these games will help to make your gender reveal party one to remember!

1. He or She Gender Reveal Game

The first party idea we have is this he or she game. For this, you will need a framed picture like the one below and allow guests to write their names on a blue or pink shape. This one has hearts but you can choose any shape. Then whoever has guessed the right color wins a prize. Not only is this a cute game, but it can be kept as a memory of the special day with all the guests names.

He or She Gender Reveal Game

Source: @bent_wishes

2. He or She Pop to See

Next, we have a fun balloon game. Black balloons have been placed on a board with the title “he or she, pop to see!”. With this game guests can pop the balloons to reveal the color inside. You can recreate this with balloons filled with paint, powder or confetti.

3. Gender Reveal Powder

Speaking of powder, you can create different gender reveal games with pink and blue powder like this one. As we said, you can fill balloons with it or you can have color powder fights and throw the colored powder at each other. This can be a bit messy, but we’re sure you’ll end up with some amazing photos with the guests. Also, you can put it in things like baseballs and have the color explode. Powder is a fun activity for any age and any gender reveal party.

4. Baby Name Game

Our next idea is a baby name game. This game is a sheet of paper with all the letters of the alphabet. The guests have to write down as many names as they can that begin with those letters in a certain time. Whoever writes down the most names wins. This is a fun and easy game, that can also provide the parents-to-be with some new baby names!

5. Name the Baby Food

Another fun game is the baby food game. For this one, baby food can be set out and then guests can smell, look and taste the food and try to guess what it is. The person that guesses the most correctly wins a prize. You can make it more suited to a gender reveal by having the decorations pink and blue and maybe the food in pink or blue containers.

6. Guess How Many Gender Reveal Game

Everyone loves chocolates and candy, so why not have a sweet game at your gender reveal? Here is a great example – a large blue baby bottle has been filled with candy. You can have something like this at your gender reveal party and have the guests write down how many sweets are in the bottle. Whoever is the closest, wins the bottle. You can have a blue one like this or pink, maybe have a mix of both to suit the reveal.

Guess How Many Gender Reveal Game

Source: @mr_oskay

7. Stashes or Lashes

Next, we have a game called Stashes or Lashes. This involves a chalkboard that has been split down the middle. The guests then write their name in blue or pink chalk underneath to choose whether they think the baby will be a boy or a girl. A total is then added up. Each guest on the correct side wins a prize. You can have stashes or Lashes but there are lots of other fun versions like footballs or tutus.

8. Guess the Date

Guests can guess the gender but they can also make their predictions on other things such as the due date. Here is a cute game that involves guests guessing which day the baby will be born. Whoever guesses correctly wins. A game like this will be a fun choice for a baby shower, too.

9. He or She Scratch Card

Our next idea is fun and unique. It is a scratch card game. Each guest gets a card and scratches it to reveal the gender. There are so many cute designs that you can buy. You can get cards with one scratch circle or two. With two circles, the person scratching it will actually have to guess.

He or She Scratch Card Game Idea

Source: @xnoahsarkt_

10. Guess the Gender

There are lots of different ways to set up ‘guess the gender’ games, and this example is one of them! The mom-to-be is expecting triplets and has set up three glass jars with each baby’s scan photo. Each guest then adds a color to the jar to guess which baby will be a boy or a girl. You can use this idea with any number of babies. Use small things like beads, paper, pom-poms and more for guests to make their guess. Those can easily be counted to see what the winning guess is.

11. Baby Trivia

Everyone enjoys a quiz, so consider having one at your gender reveal party. Here is one you can try. All the questions are about babies and will test the guests knowledge. It is a fun and simple idea that can easily be recreated. Give a quiz to each person or have everyone in teams, and whoever wins can receive a small prize.

Baby Trivia Gender Reveal Game Idea

Source: @minniejane_

12. Gender Reveal Confetti

Confetti can be used to reveal the gender of the baby. You can have confetti cannons like these at your party. To make it into more of a game, you can have all the guests choose the color confetti of their choice, either pink or blue, then have everyone set off their cannon. A winning guess can be made and then the parents-to-be can reveal the correct gender with their own cannon.

Gender Reveal Confetti

Source: @kate_kal

13. Guess the Baby Game

Next, we have a fun idea that everyone will enjoy. It is a guess the baby game. The game involves baby pictures being put on display and then you have to guess who’s baby photo it is. You can recreate this with all the guests baby photos and each person can have a try at guessing. It is a unique game that everyone will love.

Guess the Baby Game Idea for a Gender Reveal Party

Source: @carlyfaye24

14. Gender Reveal Cards

If you are looking for a simple but cute game, this next idea is for you. A set of cards has been put on a table and then the guests take a card and tick which box they think for either a boy or a girl. The cards can be counted and then whoever guesses correctly can win a prize.

15. Bib Decorating

Our next game idea is fun and artistic. At your gender reveal party, you can have a bib decorating game. Each guest gets a plain bib and decorates it however they like. You can have a prize for the best bib design or to make it suited to a gender reveal, you can have guests design either pink or blue bibs and then the best bib of the right color wins a prize.

Fun Bib Decorating Gender Reveal Game

Source: @sinaealice

16. Guess the Size of the Baby Bump

Another fun game we have to share with you is guess the size of the baby bump. Each guest cuts some yarn at the size they think, then the yarn gets put around the mom-to-be’s waist and whoever has the yarn with the best fit wins. You can have this game with other predictions about the baby bump to such as shape. Some believe that the shape of the baby bump can reveal the gender, too.

17. Funny Feed Me Game

Next, we have a funny game called feed me. For this, a guest can put their face in the picture to look like a baby and then they get fed baby food. The guest then has to guess what flavor the baby food is. You can also use photo boards like these as photo booth props too.

18. Mum To Be Quiz

Love the quiz ideas? Then this next pick is for you. Here we have a quiz about the mom-to-be. This is just a fun idea that will get guests talking, laughing and having fun. Like with any other quiz, whoever gets the most answers wins. You can use a similar quiz to this one or come up with your own questions.

19. Gender Reveal Photo Props

A photo booth is always a good idea for a party. These booths allow guests to wear funny costumes and have props to take memorable photos. For a gender reveal party, you can use photo booth props like these. This way guests can make their prediction by taking photos with the blue or pink props. It is a fun game that will create some amazing memories.

20. ‘Don’t Say Baby’ Game

Next, we have a classic game for baby showers and gender reveal parties. It is called “Don’t Say Baby”. Each person takes a clothes pin and if anyone says baby, their pin can be stolen and worn by another guest. Whoever has the most pins at the end wins. For a gender reveal party, you can have blue and pink pins so people can make a prediction and play the game too.

21. Fun Emoji Quiz

Next on our list is this cute emoji quiz. Emojis have been placed in an order to give you clues about nursery rhymes and then you have to match the emojis up to the title of the nursery rhyme. It is a fun quiz that everyone will enjoy. You can recreate something like this or come up with your own emoji quiz.

22. Baby Charades

Love the classic game charades? Then consider choosing baby charades for your gender reveal party. It is just like the game you would usually play but you have to act out actions like the ones featured below rather than movies, games and so on. It is a fun and unusual game and it will be a great ice breaker for guests have many not know each other so well.

Baby Charades Game Idea

Source: @crownbury

23. Chug the Baby Bottle

The next game we have to show you will be so much fun for a party. This game is called Chug the Baby Bottle. It is exactly how it sounds. Each guest has a baby bottle and whoever drinks whatever is in the bottle first wins. You can put any drinks inside the bottles and you could even make the bottles pink or blue to suit the gender reveal theme.

24. Decorating Station

Next, we have a game that is fun, creative and it will be delicious too. Here we have a decorating station. The station is full of cookies in the shape of a onesie and they have plain white icing. There are edible ink marker pens by the sides too. Guests can decorate each onesie and you could give a prize to the best one. For the gender reveal, you could ask guests to choose either pink or blue as their choice of colors and give the people a prize who choose the correct color. Make sure you buy edible ink pens for this though!

25. Baby Face

This next game idea is one of our favorites! It is called Baby Face and you have to assemble a face using photos of the mom and dad to be to see what the baby will look like. This will be a fun game and it will be easy to recreate too. Everyone will have so much creating funny faces with the photos. You could give a prize to the best one or to those who guess whether the baby will be male or female.

26. Match 3 to Win

Earlier we featured a scratchcard. If you liked that, then you need to check this idea out too. Here we have another scratchcard but instead of simply saying he or she or being pink or blue, with this one you have to match three colors to win. It makes the game more fun and keeps people guessing for that little bit longer.

27. Name That Baby Tune

If you and your guests love music, then this game could be great for you. Here we have Name That Baby Tune. Each guest gets a piece of paper and has to guess the song name with the word baby in it. It is an easy and fun game that everyone will enjoy. You could even have the music playing in the background and guests can sing along and have a dance.

28. Diaper Pong

Next, we have a twist on the game beer pong. This game is called Diaper Pong and instead of trying to get the ball in the cup, you get it in the diaper instead. It is a creative and unique game and you could even decorate the diapers in pink and blue colors to suit the gender reveal. You could even have plain diapers and have one pink and one blue diaper and that is how guests make their prediction by throwing the ball in the pink or the blue one. There are different rules and ideas for this game online.

29. Team Boy or Girl Badges

Looking for an easy game? Then this could be perfect for you. Here we have team boy and team girl badges. You could simply tell guests to pick which team they are on and to wear the badge. At the end of the event, you can reveal the gender and whoever has the correct badge on wins a prize.

Team Boy or Girl Badges

Source: @chers_lair

30. Cute Teddy Bear Game

The next game we have to show you is fun and unique. It is just like pin the tail on the donkey but this time you have to put the pacifier on the teddy bears mouth. We love this because it is a cute version of the classic party game. There is a pink and blue bear too, so each guest can pick a bear for their game based on their gender prediction.

Cute Teddy Bear Game

Source: @janetartd

31. Nursery Rhyme Quiz

If you love quizzes, then you need to check out this idea. Here we have a nursery rhyme quiz. There are 14 questions in total and they are all based on classic nursery rhymes. It is a cute, easy to play and fun game that guests will love. You can easily recreate something similar yourself.

32. The Price is Right

Next, we have a twist on the game The Price is Right. Instead of guessing the cost of everyday items, they are all baby items instead. Each guest can receive something like this and they have to guess each price and write it next to the item. It is a fun and competitive game that everyone will love.

33. Diaper Raffle

Looking for a game this easy to play and simple to create? Then check this out. Here we have a diaper raffle. So, in advance, each guest will be asked to bring diapers to the party and if they do, they will be entered into a raffle to win a prize. It is cute and useful because the parents to be will have lots of diapers ready for the new baby. To make this more suited to a gender reveal, you could ask guests to maybe put the diapers in a blue or pink gift bag so they can make their prediction.

34. He or She What Will the Baby Be

Our next idea is fun and unique. Here we have a board full of old wives’s tales that are used to predict the gender of the baby. So, the mom to be will get asked these questions and her answers should reveal the gender. It is a fun game that everyone will enjoy and it is quite simple to recreate too.

35. Pacifier Hunt

The next idea was originally used for a baby shower but we think it will be great for a gender reveal too. This game is a pacifier hunt. So, pacifiers are hid around the party and guests have to find them and whoever finds the most will win. For a gender reveal, you could hide pink and blue pacifiers and guests have to find the color for their prediction, so if you think the baby is a boy you have to find a blue one. You could also hide all neutral pacifiers and have one pink or blue one and once the pink or blue pacifier is found then the gender is revealed.

Pacifier Hunt

Source: @olyasdesign

36. Predictions and Advice

Many new parents go to family and friends for advice, so for your party you could have prediction and advice cards like these. Each guest gets a card and they have to write their prediction of the gender, weight, etc. There is also a space on the card to write advice. This is so cute and the advice will be helpful when the baby arrives. Not only that, but the cards can be kept as a memory of the special day too.

37. Create a Baby Competition

If you want a fun and creative game for your party then this could be perfect. This is a create a baby competition. So, each guest gets given play dough and then they can create a baby just like the one featured below. You could even have guests choose either pink or blue dough, so they can make their gender prediction. Whoever creates the best baby wins a prize.

Create a Baby Competition

Source: @yaoakland

38. Baby Animals Match

Next, we have a cute matching game. For this, the guests are given a game card with a list of animals and a list of baby animals, all they have to do is match the animal to its baby. Whoever has the most correct matches wins a prize. It is a fun game that the whole party can get involved with.

39. Cute Game Prizes

Not sure what to give out as a prize? Then check this out. Here we have super cute baby bottle prizes. Baby bottles have been decorated to look like trophies in gold, silver and bronze. It is such a cool and unique idea and you can give these out as prizes for any game. You could leave the numbers off and just have gold bottles for winners to make it easier. Another idea would be to give out gold bottles to whoever guesses the gender correctly.

40. Unique Snapchat Geofilter

This next idea is one of our favorites because it is so unique. Here we have a Snapchat Geofilter that allows guests to make their gender prediction. It is perfect for those who love to use the app and who want to wow their guests. You can buy the Geofilter on the page below and you can find out more information about how to use the filters too.

41. Baby Word Scramble

Our next idea is called Baby Word Scramble. All different baby theme words have mixed up letters and each guest has to guess what the word is. It is a fun and simple game that guests will enjoy. You could even mix up the word girl or boy and add it to the list to reveal the gender.

We hope you have found some fun and unique gender reveal games to use at your party!

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