43 Adorable Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Gender reveal parties are the perfect way to share whether you are expecting a boy or girl with your family and friends. There are so many ways you can tell everyone your exciting news from cakes to smoke to confetti and balloons. We want you to have the best party for such a special occasion so, we have found 43 of the most adorable gender reveal party ideas. We have everything you will need including games, decorations and more.

1. Gender Reveal Cake

One of the must-have items for any party is a cake. So, our first idea is this teddy bear cake. The design on the outside is cute and fits the theme as it is pink and blue. For the inside you can have either pink or blue sponge to reveal the gender or maybe a plain sponge with pink or blue treats inside.

Adorable, Blue and Pink Gender Reveal Cake

Source: @yella_bakes

2. Pretty Party Decor Idea

Next, we have a pretty decor idea for your party. The space has been decorated in a color scheme of white, gold, pastel pink and light blue. These colors are perfect for a gender reveal and the gold glams up the party area. The key items for decor like this are balloons, flowers and fairy lights.

Gender Reveal Party Decor Idea

Source: @nurys_cakes

3. Fun Gender Reveal Pillows

Looking for a unique way to reveal the gender of your baby to family and friends? Then this next idea could be for you. Here we have gender reveal pillows. The parents-to-be each have a pillow with blue or pink confetti inside. Then when the pillows are shaken or used in a pillow fight the confetti will be released. This is such a fun idea, you can have multiple pillows so guests can be involved too.

4. Gender Reveal Balloon Box

An easy and popular way to reveal the gender at a party is with balloons. The parents-to-be will have a box and when they open the box, pink or blue balloons will fly out. This is a cute idea that will create great photo opportunities and the guests will love it.

5. Gender Reveal Box

For the balloon reveal you will need a box. In the post above the parents used a box with “it’s a..” wrote on it. Here is another example of a box you can use. This one has a ribbon on the top and reads “a boy or a girl?”. You can use either box ideas for a cute balloon gender reveal. If you like crafts you can even decorate the box yourself.

Gender Reveal Box

Source: @ramendyzein

6. Scratch Card Party Game

Games and activities are great to have at parties. Here we have a little lady or mini mister scratch card idea. Each guest receives a card and must choose either the boy or girl. They scratch off their choice and reveal if they are right. On this card the gender was revealed as a boy. This is a unique and fun idea that everyone will love.

7. Pink and Blue Photo Booth

Our next party idea is a photo booth. Each guest stands inside the pink and blue frame and can guess the gender with either pink or blue balloons. This is a fun activity and the photos can be kept as memories of the special day. This photo frame is perfect for a gender reveal and if you like DIY projects you can make one yourself.

Pink and Blue Photo Booth

Source: @zulibee

8. Royal Gender Reveal Party Idea

Next, we have a royal party theme for the prince or princess to be. The space has been decorated with regal crowns, royal portraits and delicious treats. This is a fun theme idea that can easily be recreated. The key pieces you will need are crowns and gold decor.

9. Old Wives Tales

When trying to guess the gender many family and friends will use old wives tales. So, if you are carrying the baby low it will be a boy and carrying high will be a girl. There are many of these tales and our next idea has turned them into a fun game. The most popular tales are wrote on a board and then the mom-to-be circles which applies to her. When the scores are added up it should reveal a gender. This is a great guessing game that is easy to play.

10. Cute Gender Reveal Cookies

Every party needs sweet treats. Here is an awesome example of the cookies you could have at your gender reveal. Some of the cookies read she and some of the cookies read he. The cookies are also colored in pink and blue. These will look cute at the party table and will taste good too.

11. Sweet Blue and Pink Decor Idea

Next, we have another theme idea. This one is a sweet theme full of desserts and treats! The area has been decorated with doughnuts, balloons and candy. There is also a blue and pink cake full of candy. This is a fun theme and you recreate something similar or use your own favorite desserts and treats.

12. Stashes or Lashes Game Idea

Our next idea is a fun guessing game. Here we have a board with stashes or lashes wrote on it. Each guest should write their name in pink or blue under stashes if they think the baby will be a boy or lashes for girl. Then the points get added up and the winning gender is revealed. If the guests guess correctly you could even give them a prize.

13. Creative Star Wars Theme Idea

Fan of Star Wars? Then this party theme is for you. One couple had a Star Wars theme and instead of the classic boy or girl they used Luke or Leia. This is a creative, fun and quirky idea. You can use this theme for the decor and the food you serve. Instead of having he or she cookies you can have Luke or Leia cookies. We love this theme idea!

Creative Star Wars Gender Reveal Theme Idea

Source: @katy_joi

14. ‘What Will It Bee’ Gender Reveal Cake

If you are having a gender reveal party in the summer or if want a different theme to the classic pink and blue, this idea is for you. Here we have a yellow bee theme cake. There is a little sign on it that reads “what will it bee?”. A bee theme is super cute, keeps the party neutral until the reveal and will look great for the summer season.

15. Gender Reveal Balloons

Not only are balloons great low-cost party decorations but they can also be part of the reveal too. This black balloon features boy or girl on the front and when popped will reveal pink or blue confetti. It has been placed with plain pink and blue balloons too. Balloons like these will suit any party.

16. Name Suggestions

For a fun party, you should consider having games and activities. Here we have a name suggestions idea. There are pink and blue pieces of paper next to a bowl. Each guest should write down a name for the baby on pink for girls names and blue for boys. Then the parents-to-be can pick out their favorite and reveal the gender. This is a great game that everyone will enjoy.

17. Gender Reveal Smoke

Smoke is a very popular way to reveal the gender at a party. You can use smoke in different ways from smoke bombs and sticks to the tires on your car or bike. Here is an example of tire smoke. When the tires turn the smoke is released. This is a statement making gender reveal that will create great photo opportunities too.

Gender Reveal Smoke

Source: @highwaymax

18. Quirky Rugrats Gender Reveal Party Idea

For those who remember the Rugrats, this idea is for you. This gender reveal party has been inspired by the TV show. Instead of the classic boy or girl reveal it is a Phil or Lil reveal. This is a fun and quirky idea that will make your party one to remember.

Quirky Rugrats Gender Reveal Party Idea

Source: @wooemdesign

19. Twin Gender Reveal Idea

Having twins? Then you should check out this next idea. This couple have two boxes, one for each twin with the colored balloons. One pink set and one blue set which reveals they are having one boy and one girl. You can recreate something similar with the two boxes or if you having a boy and girl you can have one box with mixed balloons.

20. Girl or Boy Decor

Next, we have a party decor idea that is fun and bold. Vibrant pink and blue shades have been used with glam gold. The balloons and treats look amazing too. You can take inspiration from this and create your own pink and blue decor like this that will wow.

21. Gender Reveal Invitations

Your party will need invitations. You need to tell family and friends when the party will be, what time and where. This invitation is perfect for a gender reveal. It reads “Wheels or heels, what will it be?”. Anyone who receives an invitation like this will be excited for the special day. You can buy these or if you like making cards and other crafts, you can make some yourself.

22. Unique Pumpkin Gender Reveal Decor

Having a gender reveal in the fall or want a boho theme? Then this creative idea is perfect. Here we have three pumpkins. One painted white with “it’s a” on it and the other two are pink and blue. The pumpkins are super cute decorations. You can also dye in the inside of a pumpkin with food coloring, so you can also reveal the gender.

23. Gender Reveal BBQ Idea

If you are having a gender reveal party in the summer, this idea is perfect. Here we have a board for a gender reveal BBQ. It reads “bun is in the oven, burgers are on the grill… Welcome to the Baby Q”. This is a fun idea and everyone loves a BBQ so your gender reveal party will be one to remember.

24. Gender Reveal Macarons

Looking for a unique way to share your exciting news? Then check out these Surprise Macarons. These little sweet treats are white on the outside and once bitten or broken open reveal a pink or blue filling inside. You can have these at a party and completely surprise your guests!

Gender Reveal Macarons

Source: @cheatday.ny

25. Friends Theme Gender Reveal

Are you a fan of Friends? Then consider a gender reveal party like this one! This party had a Friends theme and there are references to the show on the cakes and more. Our favorite part of this idea is the Phoebe or Phoebo sign. This is a fun idea that will make your party one to remember.

26. He or She Balloon Idea

Next, we have a cool balloon idea. A black balloon has been placed on a board and it has been filled with pink paint. Once the balloon was popped, the pink paint revealed the gender. You can have a few of these and turn it into a game for the guests where all the balloons have to be popped at once. Use blue paint if you are expecting a boy.

27. Blue and Pink Cake Pops

Cake pops are a must-have for a party. For a gender reveal party, you can have blue and pink cake pops like these. They are so cute and suit the theme perfectly. Just have blue and pink cake pops as a sweet treat for the party or have colored sponge inside to reveal the gender.

Blue and Pink Cake Pops

Source: @az.favors

28. It’s a Girl, It’s a Boy Decor

Our next idea features cups and napkins. Both of these items have either it’s a girl or it’s a boy designs in a blue or pink color. These would look so amazing at a gender reveal party. Have both designs to keep guests guessing or choose one of the designs for the party when everyone knows.

29. Boy or Girl Guessing Game

A party needs entertainment and here is a great idea. A sign has been put onto the wall and it is a chart with boy or girl wrote on it. Each guest will make their guess of whether the baby will be a boy or girl by putting either a blue ball or a pink bow on the chart. You can even give guests prizes if they guessed correctly.

30. Cute Blue and Pink Bib Cookies

Next, we have another sweet treat. Here we have bib cookies. These cookies have been made to look like baby bibs and are colored either pink or blue. They are also decorated with mustaches or eyelashes. These are so cute and would be perfect for the party. Have some made or if you like baking then make similar cookies yourself.

Cute Blue and Pink Bib Cookies

Source: @laboyinc

31. Fun Spray Idea

Have fun with the gender reveal by having spray cans like these. The cans have been kept neutral on the outside and will reveal the gender with a color once sprayed. These cans will probably be full of pink or blue silly string which is a great idea for a party. Your guests will have a lot of fun with silly string and it will create awesome pictures too.

32. Sweet Party Favors

Some people choose to give their guests a party favor. A favor is a little gift that is given to guests as a small thank you for sharing the special day. Here is a great idea. Little pink and blue bags have been filled with pink and blue sweets. These favors are quite easy to create and your guests will love them.

33. Gender Reveal Cake and Treats Idea

Another important part of the party is the decor and here is a gorgeous decor idea. A table has been filled with pink and blue treats. There are also cookies that say girl or boy. This is just a beautiful way to decorate for the gender reveal and something similar would look amazing at your party.

34. Gender Reveal Cookies

Earlier we featured gender reveal macarons. If you liked that idea, you may like this one too. Instead of macarons this reveal is a cookie! Once the cookie is bitten or opened it will reveal a pink or blue color inside. You can find all different recipes online for gender reveal cookies.

35. Baseball Idea

Want to reveal the gender of your baby to the party guests in a unique and fun way? Then check out this idea! Here we have a baseball and once the ball has been hit it will reveal smoke and confetti! You can buy these in pink or blue from Poof There It Is! and there are all different balls, shooting targets, tire packs and more. Not only will your guests love it, but you will get great photos too.

36. Pink and Blue Drinks

Every party needs drinks so why not create pink and blue drinks to suit the theme?! Here we have two drinks dispensers that have been filled with pink and blue liquid. There are also cute pink and blue cups too. This is a an easy idea and it will look awesome at the party. You can make pink or blue cocktails, mocktails or a combination. Even make it fun by making this a prediction game, each guest makes their guess by choosing a colored drink.

37. Harry Potter Theme Gender Reveal

Next, we have another party theme idea. This gender reveal party has a Harry Potter theme! It is the perfect idea for parents-to-be who love the magical books and movies. All the decor and food suits the theme and we love the witch or wizard banner. It is a unique party idea that everyone will enjoy.

38. Harry Potter Theme Decor

This next idea continues the Harry Potter theme above and we just had to share. These are posters that feature the surname of the baby, the due date but it is written as a wanted date and there are also witch or wizard designs. Anyone who is a fan of the books and movies will love these and you can have a go at making similar posters yourself!

39. Cute Gender Reveal Cake Idea

Our next gender reveal party idea is a cute cake. This is a two tier cake that features a beautiful design. There are also two feathers on top, one pink and one blue. It is a unique cake idea and it will look amazing at your party. You can also have colored sponge inside to reveal the gender.

40. Cute Party Favors

If you are giving your guests party favors, then consider something like this. Here we have blue and pink lip balms. The lip balms have been placed inside adorable baby rattles. This is a cute idea that all your guests will love. You can buy the rattles on the page below and buy the lip balms separately.

41. Pink and Blue Sweet Treats

There are many creative ways that you can serve food and treats at your gender reveal party. This is one of them. Here we have pink and blue strawberries and wafers. Treats like these will look amazing at your party and you can buy pink and blue candy melts online to create something similar.

42. Stork Pinata

Pinatas are so much fun and here is a pinata idea for your gender reveal. This pinata is shaped like a stork and would look so cute at your party. You can fill a pinata with pink and colored confetti or treats. Either use the pinata as a game, or use it to reveal the gender with pink or blue colors inside.

Stork Pinata for a Baby Gender Reveal Party

Source: @pinatas.mya

43. Balloon Decor Idea

Want to wow your guests with the decor? Then consider something like this. Here we have a balloon backdrop that is covered in blue and pink balloons. This would look amazing at your party and you can just use it as decoration or maybe as the backdrop to a photo booth. There are tutorials online to show you how to make a backdrop in any size.

We hope you have found some awesome ideas for your gender reveal party!

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