81 Cute Couple Tattoos That Will Warm Your Heart

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, you need to think very carefully on the design or wording you want.  Of course, you may have an idea of what you would like but sometimes you need inspiration. Many couples often have their partners name written on their arms and then you have the impressive couples that choose long and hard about their tattoo.  There are so many general tattoo designs to choose from, in additional, you might choose to have your own personal design or wording.

You have also get to think about whether you want a colour or black/grey tattoo, shading, no shading.  Many people think that choosing their tattoo is easy, maybe if you are adamant on what you want but if you are unsure, it can be hard.  Tattoos can remind us of our beautiful memories we have had and sometimes remind us of the pain we went through.  Whatever your couple tattoo might say or show, it is forever.  We here at Stay Glam have put together 81 of the cutest couple tattoos that will melt your heart.  Take a look and we can guarantee you will love them all!  Enjoy guys!

1.’I Love Him’ + ‘I Love Her’ Tattoos

Having a meaningful tattoo is the better than a standard meaningless tattoo. These cute matching tattoos are adorable.  Make sure you and your partner are true soulmates before inking your skin.  You can feel the love in the air when you look at these.  ‘I love him’ and ‘I love her’ are all that’s needed. Choose a lovely handwriting font.  You and your partner will look back in many years to come and will still be proud of what you did choose and the whole design.  This is a classic and timeless quote that will never die.

I Love Him I Love Her Couple Tattoos

Source: @black.metal

2. Matching Heart (<3) Tattoos

Do you want a matching tattoo but with a twist? Have a look at these matching heart tattoos.  Not your standard conventional heart tattoos.  It is always good to think outside the box.  Knowing that you want a heart is a good start but if you don’t want the outline or a filled in standard heart shape, think about this.  When you see one-half of these connecting tattoos, it doesn’t look like a heart at all, until they are together.  You can have this matching ink in any colour, any size but we would say, choose to have it in the same area as the photo because when you do get together, you can be complete. Other parts of your body may be a little tricky to link up.

Matching Arm Heart Couple Tattoos

Facebook: Eric Cedrone

3. Watercolor King and Queen Tattoos

You’re his queen and he’s your king. What better way to show this than to have matching king and queen tattoos.  Add a modern and colourful twist to your crowns by adding watercolours.  These tattoos are bright and vibrant; they will really stand out from the crowd.  Choose a few colours to enlighten and embrace the watercolours.

4. Cute Matching Initials Tattoos

Do you want his and hers initials? Sometimes, less is best.  By just having his and your initials, tells your story.  No need to add a fancy design or any words, keep it simple.  This is different to having his or hers first name written on your arm.

Cute Matching Initials Couple Tattoos

Source: @nom_life

5. Connecting ‘LOVE’ Tattoo

LO – VE.  When together, spells LOVE. Love is a strong word and so are the feelings you have for one another.  Having matching tattoos like the photo above, will show how much you mean to each other and have that special connection. Choosing to have this specific design on your hand is the ideal place to have it.  Now you have to decide who’s to have the LO and who will have the VE!

6. Heartbeat Wrist Tattoos

Many people opt for a small wrist tattoo. This tattoo is cute but also reminds us how short and precious life is.  These heartbeat wrist tattoos are also known as EKG or ECG (electrocardiogram) lines.  It can have different meaning but in this case, it represents someone special in your life and that person will have the matching tattoo on his or her wrist.

7. Connecting Wrist Tattoos – To Infinity and Beyond

Do you remember the movie Toy Story? Every time I see this cute tattoo, it reminds me of that movie, when Buzz Lightyear says it.  Of course, this can have a different meaning to the movie but if Toy Story means a lot to you, your meaning might be so.  To infinity and beyond is everlasting love. Having matching tattoos when having words or sayings is easier than having other designs or patterns.  You can split the sentence up and both of you can have a part of it.

Couples Connecting Quote Wrist Tattoos

Source: @mquinn08

8. Matching Roman Numerals Tattoos

Do you have a memorable date? Do you remember the first date you met?  Maybe you want your anniversary wedding date tattooed.  Getting matching memorable dates is unique and special to you both.  Getting Roman numerals tattoos look completely different to the standard numbers.  As you can see on the photo, these guys have added ‘I love you’ underneath their date.  We think this is so cute!

Roman Numerals Couples Matching Tattoos

Source: @jvzminruiz

9. Small Hearts on Fingers

Wearing jewellery for many people is irritating and many tend to not wear their wedding ring, especially men. If you want an alternative to a wedding ring, then why not have a heart tattooed on your ring finger?  You could have matching hearts and this can act as your wedding ring and commitment.  The lady in this photo is still wearing her engagement ring but the heart represents hers wedding ring.  You could even have all three – engagement ring, wedding ring and a tattoo!

Matching Heart Finger Tattoos for Couples


10. “It’s our song.”

Your first wedding dance needs to always be remembered. If you have a special song that you want to keep close to your hearts, think about having the music notes tattoos on your wrist or wherever you choose to have it.  The wrist is a good place to choose because it’s small and looks great.  Here you can see that the bride has opted for her wrist and the groom has chosen the wrist but the opposite side.  They look so cute together.

11. Coordinates of a Special Place for Them

This may take some working out! If you know of a special place that means a lot to you both, try and find out the coordinates so you can have a matching cute tattoo.  It’s not that hard to figure out, you can even do this online rather than being at the place of interest, so don’t think you need to plan your holiday there for you to retrieve the digits.  This is definitely a conversation starter.

12. Simple Quotes Tattoos – Her One & His Only

This is too cute. “Her one” and “His only” is a message to the world.  In other words, you are taken, hands off my girl and you can say, hands off my man!  This looks so good when you are stood showing both tats together.

Couples Quote Tattoos

Source: @sweetdarln

13. One Life, One Love King and Queen Tattoos

He treats you like a Queen and you treat him like your King. Get matching his and hers king and queen crowns with ‘One Life’ and ‘One Love’ written underneath. If you did want to add a little colour, maybe think about just having a few jewels on your crown coloured in, but we think this looks perfect in grey shading like the photo.

14. Disney Beauty and the Beast Tattoos

Remember Belle?  Everyone knows the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. This is a cute story about Belle who falls in love with the Beast.  These tattoos will look so good and striking.  Are you a fan?

15. Unique Watercolor Vegetable Tattoos

These unique watercolour tattoos stand out and look amazing. The watercolour effect makes the tattoo look so different and the colours are so beautiful.  Choose your favourite vegetables and make your own design.  Maybe you and your partner are vegetarians and love your vegetables, it may seem silly but many people are proud of this and so you should be.

Couples Unique Vegetable Tattoos

Source: @sashaunisex

16. Cute Wrist Tattoos

These matching tattoos are simple, cute and so effective! If you want to add a splash of colour, add a few small red or pink hearts, like the photo.  You can have it sideways or straight across your wrist.  The perfect tattoo for couples.

17. In Love with you forever… forever in love with you

In love with you forever, forever in love with you, looks incredible when together. If you do choose to have this quote and you do choose the shoulder area, make sure you opt for opposite shoulders.  Think about it, it wouldn’t work if you choose to have the same shoulder!

Couples Quotes Back Tattoos

Source: @killakay1

18. Couples Travel Tattoos

Are you a couple that love to travel? Adventures are the thing that you are both passionate about and love to do?  Simply having “adventure” says it all.  Life is an adventure so it can have many different meanings to suit you.

19. Matching Swallow Arm Tattoos

Birds make lovely tattoos for both men and women. This is a great choice for you both.  They represent many things but majority of people tend to choose bird for love and family.  It can also mean freedom and always coming back home.

20. Heart Fingerprints

This is a cute and unusual tattoo, that you rarely come across. A heart shape tattoo, shaded into a fingerprint.  This is very decorative and looks stunning. It has an arty and magic eye appearance.

21. Couple Gamer Tattoos – Super Mario Mushrooms

We all love the Mario games and when people see these mushrooms, they will know! Red and green mushrooms from the game Super Mario Bros., look so good.  They stand out and even though they are different colours, you know they match.

Couples Gamer Super Mario Mushroom Tattoos

Source: @jbuck707

22. Small King & Queen Finger Tattoos

Ring finger tattoos are becoming increasing popular across men and women. You don’t have to be married to get matching tattoos.  Some people take the tattoo as their commitment and never marry.  It suits them fine.  You could get matching K and Q tattoos that represent King and Queen.  It is timeless, special and every time you look at your hand, you will think of each other.

Couple Small King and Queen Finger Tattoos

Source: @aislas86

23. Love Quote Tattoos

Love quotes show your love and affection for each other. These words you should always remember…  To you, my heart I surrender.  We love this quote and especially with the arrow pointing towards your partner.  They are simple but meaningful.

24. Tiny Mr & Mrs Finger Tattoos

If you are not keen on showing off your ring finger tattoo, opt to have a side ring finger tattoo. These tattoos are not consistency on show.   You may have a job that doesn’t allow employees to have tattoos.  This is discreet until you start to point!  Mr and Mrs fit perfectly well on the side of your ring finger and if you are engaged or married, you can still wear your rings.

25. Cute Mickey & Minnie Tattoos

Go for the retro Minnie and Mickey matching tattoos. Nowadays, many people forget about the classic cartoons like these characters.  They are memorable and so cute.  They make good tattoos because they are in love and very colourful.  Have them facing one other like the photo above.

Couple Disney Mickey and Minnie Matching Tattoos

Source: @hemiigurl

26. Watercolor Anchor Tattoos

Many people are going with the trends and choosing to have watercolour tattoos. We don’t blame them.  Look how good these matching anchor watercolour tattoos look!  They add a splash of colour and are very distinctive.

Watercolor Anchor Couple Matching Tattoos


27. Electron and Proton Tattoos

The electron and proton are the same but opposite. They are the same in regards to having the same number of electrons and protons required to revoke one another.  If you don’t fancy having a big, colourful tattoos that take so long and are expensive, you could choose these matching tats!

Couple Electron and Proton Matching Tattoos

Source: @miniminxiii

28. Barley for him, and Lavender for Her

I’m not sure about you but if I’m going to get a matching couple tattoo with my partner, I’m going to make sure it’s amazing and stunning. Take this barley for him and lavender for her tattoos.  These are so sweet and delicate.  I don’t want just his name written on my knuckles or arm, I’m going for a lovely feminine design.

Unique Barley and Lavender Couple Tattoos


29. Small Anchor Finger Tattoos

Anchor can symbolise stability and strength. Both of you make one another stronger and make the perfect team.  Tattoos do not need to be bold and colourful to have meaning behind them.  This is a light outlined anchor that sits on the ring finger and looks cute.

30. You are my Sunshine, my Only Sunshine

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. Being together makes you happy and you feel loved and special.  The sunshine is always shining and you both are madly in love.  These cute matching tattoos look incredible and are directed at one person only.

Romantic Quote Couple Arm Tattoos

Source: @cora_richey

31. Nerdy Gamer Tattoos – The Legend of Zelda Hearts

Many couples do play games together… by games I mean computer games! The classic game The Legend of Zelda is recognised all around the world and means so much to many people.  These matching cute hearts are from the game and if you are a gamer, if you saw these, you would instantly know!

Couple Gamer Tattoos Legend of Zelda Hearts

Source: @fuzzytattoo

32. Heartbeat Always and Forever Tattoos

The heartbeat line is popular amongst couples. This is slightly different but still has the same heartbeat theme.  They are heartbeat lines but “Always” and “Forever” are written into the heartbeat line. Other people may not notice, but you know it’s there.

33. Tiny Lock and Key Tattoos

Cute! Tiny lock and key are more meaningful than many loud tattoos.  These tattoos can have many meanings, but for couples that choose to have these designs, usually means the key holder holds the key to their partner’s heart.  One person can choose to have the key whilst the other will have the lock.  Sometimes best friends opt for these designs too, which can mean secrets.

Couple Tiny Lock and Key Matching Tattoos

Source: @vherkalo

34. King and Queen Hand Tattoos

King and Queen tattoos are perfect. You are his Queen and he is your King. If you want to show your commitment to your loved one by either having a identical or tats like this that complement one another, make sure you and your partner fully agree on the style, colour and size.  These incredible tattoos prove the love you both share is not only inside, but you want to show it on the outside too.

35. Peanut Butter and Jelly Tattoos

You two go together like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? One of you could have the peanut butter side and the other can have the jelly.  Yummy, right? You must add colour to differentiate the two.

Couple Peanut Butter and Jelly Tattoos

Source: @shortie_780

36. Bow and Arrow Tattoos

Bow and arrows look great as tattoos. No colour needed and one person has the bow and the other has the arrow.  Together you are a bow and arrow!

37. Red King & Queen Finger Tattoos

Red is for love. King and Queen of hearts in red font looks striking and lovely.  Have yours on the side like the photo above to be different.

Red King and Queen Finger Tattoos for Couples

Source: @jbuck707

38. Watercolor Bird Tattoos

Watercolour and birds work so well together. The watercolours really bring the bird to live.  These birds look so cute crowns on and they are facing one another.

Couple Matching Watercolor Bird Tattoos

Source: @sashaunisex

39. Geometric Penguins

Penguins make fun and lovely tattoos. These matching geometric look fab and unique.  Again, no colour needed.  When you think of a penguin you think of colour, but look how incredible this looks without.

Couple Wrist Geometric Penguins Tattoos

Source: @fintattoos

40. Super Mario Arm Tattoos

If you want something bold and colourful, then this is for you. Super Mario fans will instantly recognise these tattoos.  It’s Princess and Mario of course!  When these tattoos are together, the colours look amazing and full of life.

Couple Super Mario Gamer Tattoos

Source: @cherie_27

41. Anchor Arm Tattoos

You both make one another a stronger person. These anchors are so cute, especially when the girl version has added a pink bow to the anchor.

42. Small but Eye-Catching Finger Tattoos

Couple eye catching and bold tattoos are so cute. They show how much you mean to each other.  Linking tattoos for couples do not need to be on the ring finger, go for the index (pointing) finger.

43. Cute Bunny Tattoos

We all love bunnies. Bunny tattoos are cute and fun.  When you add another bunny, it symbolises a couple, which will represent you and your partner.  Add a touch of colour to the bunnies’ ears and cheeks.

44. Lion and Lioness Finger Tattoos

Lion and lioness are great tattoos for couples. It shows who the lion and who the lioness is.  These tattoos work so well on fingers.  The shading is unbelievable.

45. Cool Arrow Tattoos

Arrows show us the way. Matching arrow tattoos are a guide and show us the way to each other.  These look incredible on the arm and you can make the design your own by adding in as many different patterns and symbols as you wish.

46. Always & Forever

All you need are these two words… Always and forever.  Say no more.  No need for any designs, colour or patterns, it’s tells the message on its own.  We are loving the font in the photo.

Couple Always Forever Quote Tattoos

Source: @fintattoos

47. Watercolor Swallow Tattoos

Feet are popular for bird tattoos. Mixing watercolour into your tattoo will show the delicate and pretty side.  You can play around with how light or dark you wish to have your birds.  These matching birds look  so cute together.

Couple Watercolor Swallow Foot Tattoos

Source: @graffittoo

48. Til My Dying Day Finger Tattoos

This is another idea for the ring finger. ‘Till my dying day’ is a quote that many couples will relate to.

Til My Dying Day Quote Finger Couple Tattoos


49. Watercolor Triangle Tattoos

Triangle tattoos can have multiple meanings. It can symbolise love, change, harmony and even proportion.  This triangle outline teamed with watercolour, looks sensational.  It looks better than they haven’t stuck within the border of the triangle and added the colour all over.  It’s your tattoo, you decide what you want and so can your partner.

50. Matching Sun and Moon Tattoos

Matching sun and moon tattoos look cute and very detailed. You see each other’s light and dark side, and the sun and moon will represent this.

51. Tiny Heart Tattoos

Hearts are a cute way to show your love. Just having the outline of a heart, is enough.  Matching heart tattoos is all you need. This is an unusual place to see matching hearts so think about having your here too!

Tiny Hearts Couple Tattoos


52. Connecting Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoos look amazing but when you have connecting heart tattoos that take it to another level! Have a look at this connecting heart tattoo with added wings.  When put together, it is complete.

Connecting Heart Arm Tattoo for Couples

Source: @stephlove87

53. Red Queen, Black King Hand Tattoos

Red Queen and black King. Red for her, the black king for him.

54. Small Heart and Arrow Tattoos

Couple tattoos do not need to be matching. Take this arrow and heart tattoo.  They are both simple and effective.

Couple Heart Arrow Matching Hand Tattoos

Source: @michb67

55. Lock and Key Connecting Arm Tattoos

Lock and key can be designed in so many ways. This is a connecting lock and key.  They link by the keyring that holds them together.  This is a perfect way to connect your tattoos.  Of course, we know that the lock will always need a key to unlock it but they have added a keyring to theirs to link up.

56. Date When You Met in Roman Numerals

The date your world changed for the better. This is the date you both met.  Having this date tattooed in Roman numerals looks amazing, and means so much to both of you.

Roman Numerals Couple Tattoo Idea


57. Couple Finger Tattoos

Heart tattoos twinned with his and hers initials. This is the perfect way to personalizing your heart tattoo.

Couple Initials Finger Tattoos

Source: @uhhhhtaco

58. Family Watercolor Tattoo Idea

If you love your family so much, you can add them to your matching tattoos. Many people choose to have family tattooed to show their commitment and loyalty to them.  Family love is like no other so of course; you are proud and appreciate what you have.  Getting a lovely family tattoo is your way of showing the world that your family means the world to you.  Watercolours add to your family tattoo by bringing it to life and to showing how colourful your actual life is.  If this was to be tattooed in black with grey shading, it wouldn’t stand out so much and it would look quite dull.  If you do extend your family, you can then add to this in any shape or form you wish to do so.

Couple Watercolor Tattoo Idea

Source: @evakrbdk

59. Heartbeat Wrist Tattoos

Heart = love for you both. You both want to feel closer to each other and what’s closer than having a heartbeat on your wrist?  It makes an ideal tattoo with lots of meaning behind the design.  These are becoming more popular with couples that want something different.  If you don’t want this on your wrist, go for another delicate area.

60. Her King, His Queen

Her King, His Queen. They do say behind every great King has stood a Queen.  Go for matching tattoos with this gorgeous crowns and quotes.  These are the perfect size to fit your wrists.

61. Ship and Compas Tattoos

Love and travel have a lot in common. There are so many messages behind these tattoos, you just need to find one that suits you and your partner.  Whether you as a couple, love to travel or whether you met whilst both were travelling, this ship and compass will be able to tell your story.  Maybe you and your partner have never traveled but are planning to.  You don’t have to be an experienced world traveler to get these tattoos.  These are just a few ideas behind the design.  On the other hand, it can mean that you went through a bad time together but you found your way together and now you’re both stronger people.  Whatever your reason, make it special to you.

62. The Lion King Couple Tattoos

Are you or your other half a fan of Disney’s The Lion King? Then this idea is for you! Here we have a couple that has chosen a Simba and Nala design. This is such a cute couple’s tattoo that not only shows how much you care about each other but also your love of Disney. Recreate a tattoo like or choose any two of your favorite Disney characters.

63. Simple ‘Always’ Tattoo

Next, we have a tattoo with the word “always”. This is a simple but very meaningful design idea. You both can have matching tattoos with this word and it is a subtle way to show your love for each other. Try a red design like this or choose the color and the font that you both like best.

64. Cool Antler Tattoo Idea

Our next idea is a half tattoo. A tattoo like this involves you having half the design and a partner or someone else having the other half tattooed on them. Here is a cool example. This tattoo is on the same person but two people can have something similar. It is a beautiful antler design. A tattoo like this would look amazing on anyone. You can choose a feminine design like this or make one side more masculine.

65. Artistic Couple’s Tattoo

Looking for a unique tattoo idea? Then this design may be perfect. This couple have chosen an artistic kiss design. As you can see, the tattoo is black ink with two faces that are intertwined. It is an unusual tattoo that shows off your love in a trendsetting way.

Artistic Couple's Tattoo

Source: @quibe

66. Matching Tattoo Idea

Next, we have another matching tattoo idea. These two have chosen to have the same tattoo in the same place. The actual design is a night sky with trees. For your tattoo, you both can choose a similar scene but of your favorite place. Maybe a city skyline or a beach. Whatever means something to you both.

67. Cute Heart Tattoo Idea

When you think of love one of the first things that comes to mind is hearts. Love hearts are the symbol of romance so it is no surprise that these shapes are super popular for couple’s tattoos. However, if the classic heart is not for you, try something cute and quirky like this. This heart has the red but it is a watermelon. It is a fun and cool idea that you both could have tattooed.

68. Space Theme Tattoo Designs

Is your relationship out of this world? Then consider a tattoo like this one. One person has a got a space rocket while the other person has a planet. This is a cool tattoo idea that matches but looks great as an individual tattoo too. Recreate a design like this or choose your favorite planet and rocket design.

Space Theme Tattoo Designs for Couples in Love

Source: @ayhankrdg

69. Matching Origami Tattoos

Our next idea is unique and stylish. This design features two origami tattoos. It is such a cute and quirky idea. You both could choose any origami design and choose any colors and patterns to go on the inside. Maybe you could design each others!

Matching Origami Couple Tattoos

Source: @nessaaa_

70. Unique Year Tattoo Idea

Next, we have tattoos with years. Now, the tattoo featured was originally for sisters but we were inspired by this and think it would be an amazing idea for couples. There are so many important years maybe the one where you met, the year you got married or maybe the whole date. Whatever you choose it will be a meaningful tattoo.

71. Unique Half Tattoos

Love the half tattoos? Then you need to check out this design. This couple have chosen a tattoo design that is only complete when they are stood together. Her tattoo represents water and his earth and has been described as “two as one”. This is an awesome tattoo idea that is perfect for the couple who want something a little different.

72. Beloved Tattoo Idea

Next, we have another simple quote tattoo. This one features the word beloved. This is a beautiful tattoo that tells someone who much they are loved with just one word. Both of you could have beloved tattooed and you can choose any font and color.

73. Matching Lotus Tattoos for Couples in Love

Lotus tattoos are very popular and can be a symbol of harmony. So, it is no surprise that couple’s are choosing to have a lotus tattooed. This couple have chosen matching designs and the lotus is beautifully patterned. We love the heart in the middle, it is a romantic finishing touch.

Matching Lotus Tattoos for Couples

Source: @lucasmilk

74. Unique and Creative Back Tattoo Idea

Our next idea is very unique! This couple have a line design that is only completed when the two are hugging like this. It is so romantic and unusual. When the couple are apart it will look like a trendy line tattoo that are often featured with different patterns. Recreate a special tattoo like this or choose your own pattern that is only complete when you are with your other half.

Unique and Creative Back Tattoo Idea for Couples

Source: @dotstolines

75. Small Skull Couple Tattoos

If all the hearts and flowers is not your thing, you could choose a couple’s tattoo like this one. Here we have two skulls with King and Queen crowns. This is a quirky and stylish idea that will look great as an individual tattoo as well as a couple’s tattoo. You can recreate these skulls or choose your own unique designs.

76. Wedding Ring Tattoo

Just got married? Then consider a tattoo like this. These two have chosen an interlocking wedding ring design. This is so romantic and will be an amazing reminder of the special day. You could even have the date added underneath. We love this idea!

Matching Wedding Ring Tattoo

Source: @graffittoo

77. Trendy Watercolor Tattoo Idea

Next, we have a trendy tattoo idea. This couple have chosen to have an artistic geometric pattern with the watercolor technique. It is a statement tattoo that matches but would also look great on it’s own too. Recreate this look or choose your favorite colors.

78. Cool Wolf Tattoos

Show your loyalty to each other by choosing wolf tattoos like these. Wolves are a symbol of devotion and loyalty as they stick together in packs. These two have chosen a half wolf tattoo where the face matches up but the design is different. This is a trendy idea but your wolf design can be whole or have the same faces.

Cool Wolf Tattoos for Couples

Source: @lucasmilk

79. Matching Celtic Knots

Our next idea features Celtic knots. A Celtic knot does not end and is a symbol of eternity. This could represent your love and how you are loyal and committed to each other. Here is a stylish example of Celtic knots. The tattoos are matching and use beautiful colors. Recreate this look to try a different Celtic knot design.

80. Stylish Wave Tattoos

If you want a matching tattoo that isn’t obviously for you and your partner, you can get something like this. This couple have chosen a wavy design that matches but also looks cool as an individual tattoo. You wouldn’t know this was a couple’s tattoo right away so it is subtle and can be special for your both.

Matching Weave Couple Tattoos

Source: @dotstolines

81. Geometric Tattoos

Geometric tattoos are super stylish and this couple have turned triangles into a cool, matching tattoo. One has a black triangle outline and the other has a black triangle. It is like the outline is missing without the filled in shape. So, it could represent that you are not complete without each other.

Unique Geometric Tattoos for Couples

Source: @okanuckun

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