50 Awesome Couples Halloween Costumes

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11. Cop & Nurse

Instagram / layne_curs

Source: @layne_curs

The sexy nurse thing never gets old… and HE is totally owning it! Couples who laugh together, stay together.

12. Pizza Delivery Guy & Pizza

Instagram / mbrehm_21

Source: @mbrehm_21

Halloween pizza delivery, anyone?

13. Cruella De Vil & Dalmatian

Instagram / lorena_r86

Source: @lorena_r86

You can never go wrong with a classic costume like this. Ladies, start practicing your evil crackle if you opt for Cruella De Vil costume!

14. Beetlejuice & Lydia

Instagram / pinky103

Source: @pinky103

If you want to be the coolest couple on a Halloween party, make sure to give these costumes a try!

15. The Incredibles

Instagram / huck_fin5

Source: @huck_fin5

Dress up as The Incredibles and become a superhero couple for a night!

16. Baywatch Couple

Instagram / nyessi

Source: @nyessi

We just love couples with a sense of humor!

17. Popeye and Olive

Instagram / ritacykim

Source: @ritacykim

One important thing is missing on this photo… Popeye’s one-eyed smirk! Also, anchor tattoos on forearms are a must with this costume.

18. Sam & Suzy (Moonrise Kingdom)

A Sam and Suzy couples costume is one of those costumes that’s always a hit.

19. Jurassic Park

We just hope that a T-Rex isn’t hiding in those bushes… brrr!

20. Little Red Riding Hood & the Wolf

This Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t look so innocent. What would grandma say about that naughty costume she’s wearing? 

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