50 Best Nail Art Designs from Instagram

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21. Light Pink Nails + Rhinestones

Don’t be afraid to go crazy with rhinestones when wearing light pink and nude base colors. Nail art rhinestones come in various colors and sizes and they are a cheap way to make your nails stand out. You can get 100 pieces for only $1.99. Insane deal!

22. Nude & White Nail Design

Nude and white are a classic and chic combo, plus they are totally in right now. When paired with rhinestones, they create an ultimate polished look. The nude nail polish is OPI “Samoan Sand”.

23. Light Pink & Silver Design

Keep it feminine and flirty with a light pink base coat and silver designs. Bling the fingernail up with some rhinestones and a flower in the same colors. OPI nail polishes used to create this manicure are – “Mod About You” and “This Gown Needs a Crown”.

24. Ombre Coral & Gold Nails

Ombre Coral & Gold Glitter Nails

Source: @melimelr

A gold sequin nail polish might be the easiest way to amp up your manicure. This one is Essie’s “Summit of Style”. The ombre effect is created using Essie’s “Tart Deco” and “A Crewed Interest”.

25. Pastel Nails + Gold Details

This nail design is a bit more time consuming, but the effort is worth it. Pastel colors and gold details make this nail design perfect for spring. The green nail polish is L’Oreal “Pistachio Drage”.

26. Dark Blue & White Nails

Dark Blue and White Nails

Source: @bdettenails

Glitter gradient is one of our favorite nail designs. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make. Apply your white base color and let it dry. Then, apply a sequin nail polish, concentrating more product on the tips. Sequin nail polish makes this design easy to achieve because it does all the job for you. This gorgeous royal blue shade is Butter London “Royal Navy”.

27. Dark Grey & Gold Glitter Nails

Dark Grey and Gold Glitter Nails

Source: @melcisme

A combo of dark grey and sequin gold nail polish make these nails look like a million bucks! The design works great for any nail length and shape. Products used: China Glaze “I’m not Lion” and “Release”.

28. Matte Black & Nude Nails + Gold Details

A matte manicure always looks elegant and sexy. Recently, matte nail trend has taken the nail art community by storm. If you love this trend as much as we do, consider buying a matte top coat. This amazing product will transform any shiny nail polish into a pretty satin finish. OPI products used to create this design: OPI “Honey Ryder”, “Black Onyx” and “Don’t Pretzel my Buttons”.

29. Light Pink & Green Nails

Light Pink and Green Polka Dot Nails

Source: @nailsbyjema

Pink and green are probably not the colors you would usually pair, but as you can see, they look absolutely stunning together!  The green shade is Essence “L.O.L” and the light pink is OPI “Mod About You”.

30. Pink Heart Nail Design

Pink nails with hearts and sequins are always a great option. These lovely colors will instantly brighten up your mood. Nail polishes used: OPI “Chic from Ears to Tail” and Zoya “Ginni”. 

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