23 Most Badass Shaved Hairstyles for Women

If you want a badass hairstyle that will make you stand out from the crowd, you are at the right place. Shaved hairstyles used to be associated with punks, but things have changed. More and more trendy women opt for shaved styles because they look edgy and feminine at the same time.

Are you brave enough to shave a part of your hair or even your whole head? Here are 23 shaved hairstyles to inspire your next transformation – from a good girl to bad.

1. Half Shaved Head + Long Hair

Haircuts with just one shaved side are so hot and sexy, right? Long hair softens the shaved area, making it look quite feminine and trendy. The best part about this hairstyle? It’s not a must to expose the bald patch all the time, you can easily hide it with the other section of your hair.

2. Short Blonde Bob + Shaved Side

This shaved-side asymmetrical bob proves that shaved hairstyles are actually super-wearable on any hair length and color. If you want to add a little funk to your girly girl hairstyle, shaving one side of your head just may do the trick. We know the style is pretty daring but it’s only hair, it’ll grow out…

3. Super Short Hair + Shaved Sides

Super Short Hair + Shaved Sides

Source: @thecutlife

Now that’s a bold hairstyle! As a woman, chopping off all your hair can be a very difficult decision. Many women are afraid that they will lose their femininity and sex appeal, but as you can see, short hair won’t make you any less attractive.

4. Ombre Pink Mohawk

Ombre Pink Mohawk

Source: @anthonycuts

Make your pink hair stand out even more by shaving the sides of your head and styling it into a mohawk. This type of hairstyle also looks good on natural hair, and is perfect for hot summer days. If you want to make a statement with your hair – go for this chic hairstyle!

5. Blonde Shaved Hairstyle

Blonde Shaved Hairstyle

Source: @sambialieu

Not only this hairstyle looks cool and stunning but it’s also very easy to maintain. After your big chop, you can become your own hair stylist and easily experiment with new hair colors. If you ever get bored of this short style, you can always thrown on a wig and have longer hair again.

6. Natural Hair + Undercut with Design

Looking for a new way to change your look? Try this natural style with an undercut. Opt for undercut if you aren’t completely sure on the idea of shaving part of your head.  The style allows you to hide and show your shaved patch whenever you want.

7. Pink Mohawk + Black Shaved Sides

Pink Mohawk + Black Shaved Sides

Source: @jennymee

Here’s another version of a pink mohawk, but this one features black shaved sides. With the summer heat coming, short and shaved hairstyles might be exactly what you need. Beat the heat with this mohawk without sacrificing your style!

8. Short Natural Hair with Shaved Sides

More and more black women are embracing their natural, curly hair and we absolutely love it! This short style is cute and unique at the same time. Tramlines are the perfect way to reinvent your shaved side. We love everything about this look!

9. Curly Mohawk with Highlights

Curly Mohawk with Highlights

Source: @majin_boobs

Yes, mohawk hairstyles can be stylish and sexy. The photo above completely proves that, right? Add some spice to your mohawk with honey highlights and luscious curls.

10. Long Curly Hair + Half Shaved Head

Long Curly Hair + Half Shaved Head

Source: @idigmegan

Women with thick long hair may go for this stunning undercut if they want to be daring. The undercut is characterized with two separate sections – longer and shorter.  The line that separates the sections makes this unique undercut pop even more.

11. Long Red Mohawk

The half-shaved head style can be carried off with a very short hair, medium length, as well as very long hair. If you want extra attention, this hot red hairstyle is for you.

12. Short Hair with Side Swept Bangs + Half Shaved Head

Short Hair with Side Swept Bangs + Half Shaved Head

Source: @hugosalon

Add some additional edge to your asymmetrical short hair by shaving your left side. If you don’t have time to spend hours on styling your hair, give this hairstyle a try. You can combine it with an elegant gown, little black dress or a t-shirt and jeans and always feel attractive and neat.

13. Shaved Blonde Hairstyle

Shaved Blonde Hairstyle

Source: @itskiva

Channel your inner Amber Rose with this shaved blonde hairstyle. You can dye it bright blonde, just like Amber, or rock your natural hair color. If you opt for this style, you’re one brave and bold woman!

14. Long Hair Undercut with Design

Shaved hairstyles don’t have to be scary. This cool style can be your little secret since you can always hide it with a help of your longer tresses. Follow the example and emphasize your undercut with an interesting design.

15. Short Blonde Cut + Side Bangs

Short Blonde Cut + Side Bangs

Source: @modernsalon

This blonde hairstyle shows how elegant and classy undercuts can look. The style might be too extravagant for some women but we absolutely adore it!

16. Natural Hair Bun + Shaved Side

A shaved patch can add a touch of edginess to your natural updo. The best part about shaved hairstyles is that once you shave your side at the hair salon, you can easily touch it up at home with an electric trimmer.

17. Purple Highlights Mohawk

Purple Highlights Mohawk

Source: @melanie.bee

A shaved patch and some bold color can add a touch of unique elegance and fierceness to the entire look. You can put your own spin on the look and experiment with different hair colors and lengths.

18. Colorful Mohawk with Black Sides

Colorful Mohawk with Black Sides

Source: @thecutlife

Short, colorful hairstyle with shaved sides is definitely an edgy statement that is incredibly chic, cool and low-maintenance. This hair color looks great with dark skin tone.

19. Braided Blonde Mohawk

Braided Blonde Mohawk

Source: @modernsalon

We know this style isn’t for everyone, but we applaud anyone who opt for such a drastic chop. The top part of the hair can be braided, curled or straightened. The styling possibilities are endless, although it doesn’t seem so.

20. Long Straight Hair with Undercut

Shaved hairstyles don’t always have to be hardcore. You can try this trend with a neckline undercut. This style is edgy and stylish yet you don’t have to shave all of your hair off.

21. Protective Style Bun + Half Shaved Head

Protective Style Bun + Half Shaved Head

Source: @thecutlife

Add an extra “wow” to your undercut with some interesting lines and designs.

22. Short Blonde Hair + Half Shaved Head

Short Blonde Hair + Half Shaved Head

Source: @thecutlife

In order to rock this short blonde style, you’ll need to be confident and bold. Are you?

23. Long Curly Hair + Shaved Side

If we still haven’t convinced you to take the risk and shave at least one side of your head, there’s a big chance you’ll want to do it immediately after seeing this breathtaking style.

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  1. Klhoè says:

    I wanna a style that will make people want to hang with me and see that I’m a cool gal to hang w and also k that I can be a great friend..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hair can’t make that person. Be yoself

  3. Pippin says:

    Brilliant, thank you for many ideas

  4. Oluwakemi says:

    I love all of this haircuts, I just don’t know what I want right now. Is there anyway I can get updates of hairstyles on my email?

  5. Monique says:

    Yes, you can subscribe to our newsletter!

  6. Ashlyn says:

    I wish I could pull off on of these hair cuts but I don’t have the right body type

  7. Pita says:

    Ashlyn, you can totally pull it off …it just depends on the hairstyle too, but out of 23 styles probably only a couple would completely fit any one person lol…. mostly depends on face shape, not rly on body type

  8. carol galentine says:

    Hi my name is bo I have medium long hair and my hair is not so thick. Would a mohawk workon me?

  9. Shae noble says:

    I am 13 years old and I know I get judged for my crazy hair styles, I have had undercuts, I layered my hair heaps then I got it cropped shorter then my chin. Eventually when it grew out a bit I shaved one side and got patterns done…. You know what, I LOVE IT!

  10. Kelsey says:

    Its an Amazing hair cut I’m asking my mum if i can have it but It depends if my school will let me have it

  11. Andy Van Scoyoc says:

    I’ve had all the super short cuts…including the entire shaved head.

    LOVED that! However…I did it, years ago, when it wasn’t trendy or the “in” thing, so I was constantly asked if I had cancer.

    My head is currently 1/8″ on the sides and I wear a “fin,” on top.

    I love it!

    Oh and for anyone who thinks age matters, I’m 48!

    You’re never too old!

  12. noutry says:

    first of all thaks for the pics i shaved your number 8 and i was on fleek

  13. passer by says:

    wow, these are stunning and very helpful to people like me who are getting there long thick hair cut and styled like one of these definately!!

  14. passer by says:

    * im hooked on goin with number 12!!!

  15. ANONYMOUS says:


  16. Tonya says:

    Hi. My 9 yr old wants to get a side shave for her birthday. No one at her school has this. This is her style. I’m not sure where to take her. Any ideas what I should look for? Thank you.

  17. norah amolo says:

    i love everything there

  18. Leilizzle says:

    I LOVE the 12th hairstyle so much… I’m gonna do it! 😀

  19. Sherray says:

    I recently had brain surgery on the left back side of my head and they gave me an undercut (almost) and im looking for ideas to cut my hair so I won’t look like surgery girl. Thank you for all the inspirational ideas.

  20. Erin says:

    I have short bob with half shaved head. Hubs didn’t like at first but has grown to tolerate it. I love the ease of styling.

  21. Jasmine jamoh says:

    Ahhh…I love all the hairstyles
    But no. 12 was just awesome
    I want to have it to but …

  22. Anonymous says:

    I so wish I could pull off long hair but I have a sort of dark strawberry blonde hair color so I’m not sure if it would look good and I’m scared to try it because once you do it you can’t really go back for a while

  23. Nora says:

    I think #22 might suit me but I’m not sure because my hair is strawberry blonde and I don’t think mom would let me dye or bleach it (I’m 13 so I can’t choose she needs to approve, and once you do it you can’t really go back, plus I’m not sure it would go great with my hair color)

  24. Racheal says:

    I have very thick curly frizzy hair. I hate it. I am a thick woman with a round face. I love #17. I was thinking maybe shaving of a lot of my hair would help my hair after it being colored so much? Think it would look okay?

  25. Anonymous says:

    I lyk the 8th hair is not curled how do i make it to be curled

  26. claudius says:

    I don’t think any haircut will make you a badass. Instead it will give valuable information to the opposite sex there is something really wrong with you and they should stay away

    At least I would when I see a punk wannabe women with a type of skrillex haircut which will istantly ring the “freak” alarm. Thanks , but I don’t need someone with personality issues and that needs a haircut to illustrate his/hers personality

    Be yourself , be natural and don’t fall for this “hey look at me” non-sense. It’s for low quality people that have nothing else to show.

  27. Anonymous says:

    love #10

  28. Yvonne says:

    Would like to come in and get a short dew, Iam a Senior and loosing hair need your help, need address and phone number please.

  29. Ano says:

    I have had brain surgery so i got this hair style for free

  30. Sageypoo says:

    Wow….Claudius, tell us how you REALLY feel. Lol. You def sound like you are in much need of growing up. Why does this hairstyle anger you so much?? It’s pretty comical to be honest.

  31. Amberan says:

    Agreed Sageypoo. For some people cutting their hair is a way of expressing themselves in a way they can, instead of something like drawing, writing, music, etc. Same with dying hair. You shouldn’t judge people for their hairstyle or look, that’s their own choice and it’s most likely something that THEY love, or something that makes THEM feel happy and powerful, not something to please others.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I love #10! Altho, my hair is naturally curly/a little frizzy, so it would definitely look different than it does in the picture, but I like that idea. I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ll do.

  33. Brandy says:

    I have the #19 cut, but with dark hair and natural greying. I can’t tell you how much I love it! My hair is thick and naturally curly, so I have a lot of styling options. Fortunately, I’m a hairdresser and do it myself. My hair grows super fast so I shave it every couple weeks.

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