If you’re looking for a rocking new hair shade, you should think about these bold dark purple hair color ideas. They’re fabulous, flattering, and everyone will be talking about it if you get it right. Take a peek and let us know what you think about these little delights. We’re in love with them, and we think you might just be too.

1. Dark Purple Hair Color Idea for Brunettes

Highlights are a great idea of adding a new dimension to your hair, so instead of looking one tone and therefore flat all over, the hair has different light-reflecting strands in it. When you’re going for a dark shade, such as these dark purple hair color ideas, adding different shades is important to bring it to life. In this look, a darker brunette has been left at the background, with just subtle pops of purple highlights peeking through to bring it to life. If you have dark hair and you fancy going for a change (but just not a dramatic change), this purple look might just be right for you.

2. Dark Purple Lob

When the weather turns darker, it only makes sense for your hair to match the trend. We can’t get enough of this dark purple lob – a look that shows you don’t need long luscious locks in order to play around with pops of color. Waves have been added to bring this hair to life, which is great tip if you have fine hair but want to give it some “oomph”. The highlights and lowlights of different shades of purple help to bring it all to life, but it’s those waves bring a bounce that makes it look even cuter.

Dark Purple Lob Hairstyle

Source: @hairbynoora

3. Purple Hair with Dark Roots

Dark roots are perfect for lazy girls just like most of us here at StayGlam. When you combine a colored look with a darker-rooted look, you have a lazy (but fabulous) look, and that’s about as easy as it gets. If you have naturally dark hair, when the roots show through, they won’t be so obvious if you copy this look. The roots have been left naturally dark. That glossy purple pop is simply stunning to look at too – we can’t see any negatives here?

4. Dark Purple Hair with Light Purple Highlights

And here’s a great idea for when your dark purple hair color ideas are starting to fade out … Why not play around with different tones and shades, adding some lighter pops of lilac in with a much darker shade? When you add those wavy curls at the bottom, all the dimensions and shades of purple are shown off, giving you a look that everyone will love. There’s no better time than now if you’re thinking of jumping right in … and this look is amazing!

5. Dark Purple Bob

If you have an oval shaped face, the long, wavy, and messier bob is perfect for you. Although you might need to play around with shades of purple to find one that suits your skin tone, the long bob or bob is the perfect way to give your hair a break. Cutting off those dead ends will result in healthier hair, and in the long run it’ll even make it grow a bit faster too. Sometimes you just need to admit defeat and go for the chop, but when you see purple looks like this, the transition doesn’t seem so difficult.

Dark Purple Bob Hairstyle

Source: @mizzchoi

6. Melted Purple and Lavender Hair

A melt of colors is simply a mix of colors that have been blended together so beautifully, you won’t know where one ends and another begins. That’s definitely the case with this melted purple and lavender hair. There are so many shades of ‘purple’ you could pick from, which means you have plenty of ways to customise this look and make it your own. Pick two or three shades that go well together and get blending. Who knows what magic you might end up creating?

7. Medium Length Style

Dark red and purple go splendidly together, perfectly shown by this medium length style. The reds are kept towards the top, and they fade into a beautiful purple blend. There are a lot of hues thrown into this look, but that’s what helps to keep it so natural looking. If you went for pure purple all over, it wouldn’t look as ‘natural’, or as discreet.

Medium Length Dark Purple Hairstyle

Source: @kattcolors

8. Velvet Ombre

If you’re a brunette and you want to dye your hair purple, you better be prepared to put in the leg work. Trust us when we tell you there’s going to be quite a bit of leg work. These dark purple hair color ideas look as great as they do because they are quite hard work. They’re certainly a lot of maintenance. As well as a few hours in the salon, lightening / bleaching your hair, you’ll also have the after-maintenance to deal with, and this can include product-build-up by mixing a touch of your color in with your shampoo and conditioner. Add to this making sure you condition your hair really well after all that damaging and drying-out pre-treatments, and using the right products too.

9. Long Curly Hair with Purple Highlights

Darker hair colors are renowned for not ‘soaking’ up the color as well as lighter hair shades do. That’s why it’s always recommended to opt for lightening and bleaching treatments beforehand if you want your look as bright and bold. Purple isn’t a natural color, and because it’s not natural, it’s usually much harder to achieve than other shades. You will need to refresh your color regularly. If you haven’t gone too multi-tonal, you can get away with doing this at home.

Long Curly Purple Hair Color Idea

Source: @michellehair

10. Brunette & Dark Purple

Before you opt for a bright shade of purple, you should make sure that it will match your skin tone. The wrong shade for your complexion could leave you looking washed-out, or more ‘gothic’ than ‘vampy’. We would always recommend heading to a colorist before making your final decision. When you head to your hairdresser, take photos with you of the kind of purple you’d like to have and the kind of effect you want to achieve with it. The more of an idea you can give them, the better the chance of you walking out with something you adore. You want to love your dark purple hair color ideas, not loathe them.

11. Subtle Purple Highlights

Subtle purple highlights are a great way of adding that pop of color to your look, while still keeping things on the down-low … Enough to keep your job if hair color is a problem anyway. The top of the hair has been left very natural with this brunette look, and the ends have been colored using an ombre balayage effect. Different shades of lilac, purple, and a dark plum color have all been used in the creation of this stunning look.

Subtle Dark Purple Highlights on Dark Hair

Source: @glamiris

12. Short Dark Purple Hair

The purple highlights really bring those curls to life on this short look, and this is a great example of how to wear any color when you have shorter locks, not just dark purple. Highlights have been added here, with the underneath left naturally dark and brunette. It’s like a pop of peekaboo color, and we love it.

Short Dark Purple Hair

Source: @audradian

13. Smoked Purple and Lavender

The best way to get a really bright colour is to first bleach your hair, and then add a toner to make it a whiter, less brassy shade of bleach blonde. Once you’ve achieved that neutral base, any color that you apply to the top of it will be brighter than what it would have been if you’d added it to your bleached yellow locks. There are plenty of toners on the market, and another great tool to use is a silver shampoo. This is usually a dark blue / purple color anyway, and helps to remove any brassy hues. That’s essential for getting a really good coverage from your purple color.

Smoked Purple and Lavender Hair

Source: @rubydevine

14. Dark Purple Balayage Highlights

If you’re a natural brunette, rather than heading for lighter, brighter pops of color, opt for something warmer in the purple region instead. It’ll be much easier on your hair, and it’ll also be easier on your skin tone too. If you go too dark, too rich, or too icy for that matter, you’ll need to change your makeup palette entirely. The colours you wore before won’t go with your new ‘do, and you may find that buying brand new cosmetic colors will start to cost a fortune. Make sure you’re picking the right shade beforehand.

15. Berry Ombre

Out of bright and light purples, and dark and warmer tones, the latter are most definitely the easier of the two to achieve. The cooler, icier and lighter shades, such as pastel lilacs and violets, will often require much more in the shape of pre-lightening treatments. They will also require the most upkeep too. Red undertones need to be removed entirely with brighter and lighter shades first. That’s hard work if you don’t know what you’re doing, or your hair isn’t in great condition to start with.

16. Shoulder Length Style

Fading of your dark purple hair color ideas is inevitable. There we said it. And we’re sorry for saying it too, but you should definitely be aware of that before you part with your hard earned cash. There are plenty of ways you can slow down the fade of that beautiful shade, and this will include not regularly washing your hair, switching your hair products for safer, sulfate-free options. Also, switching from warm water to cool water when washing your hair can help to fight the fade.

17. Short, Curly & Purple

Short and curly is great hair if you can pull it off, it’s cute and girlie all at once, especially when you throw these purple and pink blends of color into the mix. If you don’t have your hair curlers to hand, don’t panic. You can achieve beautiful bouncing waves with your straighteners if you flick them out in the right direction. You may never need more than your hair straighteners ever again!

18. Jam Velvet

When you’ve got a lot of color to show off, what better way than with a braided design that’s intricately mixed to show off every tone and shade? Braids are totally in right now, and the Kardashians prove that fact. When you combine two of this season’s biggest trends – dark purple locks with those fabulous braids, you have an absolute recipe for success.

Jam Velvet Hair Color Idea

Source: @glamiris

19. Long, Grape Purple Hair

There are so many tones and shades of dark purple to choose from. We’re a big fan of this long grape-purple hair, aptly named because it looks a little bit like the color of a grape. Funny that! Even with darker tones like this that look one-shade all over, there are plenty of mixtures of colors – light and dark are used to add volume where before you may have had thin hair. If you can’t grow thicker hair, why not fake it with light trickery and illusions?

20. Purple Highlights on Dark Hair

If you want to achieve beautiful purple locks like this, you’ll need to ask your hairstylist for purple highlights on dark hair. Or you could just show them this picture, of course! By adding highlights you’re able to change the entire look of your hair, and you can do this without going for an all-over color, which can often be too daunting for some women. By using highlights to transform your look, you can add more and more as you wish to, or let them fade out to change your look completely once again.

Purple Highlights on Dark Hair

Source: @glamiris

21. Grape Purple

Here’s a very clever tip that will help you with your dark purple color ideas fade-out at the end of it all too…

When you’re ready to change your look once again and you fancy fading out the purple, use a silver shampoo. As the purple fades, it will fade to a more lilac / pastel finish, much easier to fade out. There are color-remover products out there, and some of them we have personally used and had great success with, but they’re not overly friendly on your hair, and leaving it naturally to fade out is always the better option.

22. Glam Dark Purple Hair

Next, we have glam purple hairstyle to show you! For this look, the hair is beautifully curled and features different shades of purple. Most of the hair is dark purple and there is a lighter tone too. This is a stylish and beautiful color idea that will look amazing on everyone. This color combo can be used on any hairstyle.

23. Dark Purple and Silver Bob Hairstyle

Purple is versatile and it will suit many other colors. This is a trendy example. The hair is cut into a stylish bob. At the top, the hair is dark purple and about midway the hair changes into a silvery white shade. As you can see, the colors look amazing together. We love the striking contrast of colors and think the whole style is stunning. Hair like this is perfect for the ladies who want to make a statement.

24. Beautiful Black and Purple Hair

This next hair idea is another one of our favorites! Here we have hair that starts black and then the color changes into a bold royal purple shade. The color is dark but also so vivid. It is a stunning color combo and it can be worn on a cute bob like this or on longer hair. You can also opt for an ombre look. So, choose natural hair that changes to this color midway.

25. Long Purple Hair

Love bolder colors? If so, this is for you. The hair featured here uses dark purple tones towards the top section while the bottom section of the hair is a brighter shade. We love the different tones of purple that have been used because they create such a statement. It is just an amazing hair idea and it will make you stand out from the crowd in style.

26. Brown Hair With Stylish Purple Tips

If you do love purple but want to wear it in a more low-key way, then you need to see this. The hair starts brown at the root then changes to dark purple and finally to a lighter purple at the tips. As you can see, the color change is gradual so it creates a subtler look. This is great for those who want to give purple a try because if you decide it’s not for you, then it will easily grow out. Recreate this or use different shades of purple.

27. Dark Purple Ombre Bob

Ombre is a gorgeous color trend and next we have a pretty purple version to show you. For this look, the hair starts black then blends to dark purple and finally to a light purple shade. This is a beautiful way to wear darker purple and a more pastel tone together. Try the cut and color or try the ombre on longer hair. Either way, your hair will look stunning.

28. Stunning Dark Purple and Lighter Purple Hair

We love this next hair idea because the purple used is just stunning. Here we have curly mid length hair. Most of the hair is rich and dark purple while there are a few highlights of lighter purple too. The dark purple is just gorgeous and it is great for those who don’t want purple color that is too bold. We also like the brighter purple at the front because it frames the face and softens the dark color.

Stunning Dark Purple and Lighter Purple Hair

Source: @katkolors

29. Black to Purple Ombre Hair

Next, we have a trendy color idea to show you. The hair starts dark and then changes into purple. Multi purple tones have been used and they have a metallic look as well. This is a bold, stylish and fun hair idea that will suit everyone. These purple tones can be worn with lighter hair colors such as brown. Your hair does not have to be black.

30. Blue and Purple Bob Hair Idea

Another color that purple looks amazing with is blue. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this next look. Here we have a chin length bob. The hair starts black, then changes to bold blue and then finally into a dark and vivid purple shade. We love the blue and purple color combo! Recreate this or try adding more blue. You can also try these colors on longer hair.

31. Subtle Dark Purple Ombre

The next hair idea is more subtle. For this look, the hair is black and then the color blends into a gorgeous purple shade. As the purple is quite dark, the color change is quite low-key. This is an easy to wear style that will suit everyone. Try the color and cut or use the color combo on a different hairstyle.

32. Black and Dark Purple Ombre Long Bob

Next, we have another ombre look to show you. This time the purple used is not as bright. So, the hair is black at the root and then blends to a stunning and vivid purple. We love this purple hair idea because it is so stylish and fun. This shade of purple will suit other hair colors too. It would also look amazing as all over color from root to tip.

33. Burgundy Hair with Purple Tips

There are so many different shades of purple to try and these next colors are some of our favorites! The hair starts as a beautiful burgundy shade and then changes into a gorgeous, bright purple. These colors are just stunning and they are perfect for those who want dark hair but also want to wear bolder colors. It is a balance between the two.

34. Trendy Purple Hair Idea

If you are looking for a trendier style and color then, this is for you. Here we have mid length hair that is dark on the top section and purple on the lower section. The colors are beautiful and we love the actual style because of the hair accessory. Not only does this look show a gorgeous color combo, but also a cute hairstyle.

35. Different Purple Tones

Can’t decide which shade of purple to try? Then why not choose a few?! You could have hair like this. This hairstyle features a bob and lots of different purple tones have been added to the hair. The shades are dark and light and the result is amazing. If you want a unique hairstyle, then this cut and color is perfect for you.

36. Barely There Purple

This next hairstyle is probably one of the subtlest. Here we have dark hair that has barely there purple color. So, the purple used is very low-key and can only be noticed if you are really looking. This is one of those styles where when the light hits it, the purple will shine through. Purple color like this is great for the ladies who want to add a trendy color to their hair without being too over the top.

37. Black Hair with Dark Purple Color

Next, we have another black and purple color combo. This time the hair is black at the root and then it changes into a gorgeous purple shade. The cut, style and color is gorgeous so try and recreate the whole look if you can. Of course, the color can be worn on shorter hair too. We love this hairstyle and think it will look amazing on everyone!

38. Beautiful Violet Hair

If you want dark hair but want a shade of purple that is still a little bright and vivid, then this is perfect for you. Here we have violet hair. As you can see, the violet shade is dark but it has such rich purple tones. This is a stunning hair color and it will suit all hair lengths and styles. We really want this hair color!

Beautiful Violet Hair

Source: @hairbyleila

39. Stylish Purple Hair Idea

The next hair idea is stylish and bold. This look features long hair that is purple from root to tip. The shade of purple used is stunning and it really makes a statement. A color like this is easy to wear and it will look amazing on different styles. It would look so trendy with a bob.

Stylish Purple Hair Idea

Source: @alimyers.ol

40. Purple to Red Ombre Hair

Another stylish color combo that you can try is red and purple. Here is a pretty and cute example. For this look, the hair is purple on the top section of hair and bright red on the lower section. As you can see, the two colors look amazing together! This is a fun style that would be perfect for the spring and summer. Recreate this or switch the colors and have purple on the top and red on the bottom.

41. Easy to Wear Purple Hair

Next, we have another easy to wear look. This time the hair is black with added purple highlights. Even though the purple color is quite bold, the overall style is still subtle because not many highlights have been added. This is another great idea for those who want to try purple in a low-key way or for those who are adding purple to their hair for the first time. It is a low maintenance style.

Easy to Wear Purple Hair

Source: @gma_styles

So now you have 41 beautiful dark purple hair color ideas, which one has inspired you to go for the change? It’s that kind of year where these darker shades are very much on trend, so maybe it’s about time you rocked it?

One of the best things about the internet is the vast array of Instagram and Youtube tutorials you can now watch, on any particular topic you like. That’s if you ask us anyway. One genre of tutorial that has grown in popularity over the last few years is that of the Youtube and Instagram makeup tutorial, enabling “normal” people (just like you and me) to learn the latest makeup tricks and put them into practice in our every day lives.

If you want to update your makeup look, or just learn a few tricks and tips from the pros, here are 21 easy step by step makeup tutorials from Instagram:

1. Blue & Brown Smokey Eye

Once upon a time, you would need to sign up to a class in order to learn the latest makeup and beauty techniques. With the increasing popularity of Youtube, this is no longer the case. If you wanted a big and grand makeup look for a big event, just like this blue-popped beauty, you would need to pay out a lot of money for an expensive makeup artist. Now, however, you just need to take a peek on Instagram and Youtube and the tutorials are right there are your fingertips. You can learn in real time with the pros, and that sort of experience is just priceless.

2. Peachy Eye Makeup Tutorial

Peach shades of eye makeup are such a big trend right now, especially with the latest Two Faced ‘Sweet Peach’ palette. It’s quite a brave shade if you’ve never rocked it before though. With such a vast array of shades in the palette itself, it’s hard work knowing which ones you should (and shouldn’t) be pairing with which. This pretty eyeshadow look shows you how to use the darker shades in the crease of your eye, while accentuating the main lid with that beautiful shimmering shade.

3. Simple Eye Look for Beginners

Eyeliner is a nightmare, especially when you’re using liquid eyeliner, and definitely when you’re in a rush! It never goes right on both eyes. You can spend the entire day just trying to even up that one flick, only to end up with massive black eyes at the end of it because you got carried away … We know the stress, we live it every day, but helpful easy step by step makeup tutorials from Instagram make life a lot less stressful!

4. Gold Glitter Eyes

Need a look to really make your eyes pop? This gold and glittery number is definitely one to check out. To make life even easier for you, there’s even a step by step guide on how to achieve it. As you can see here, translucent powder has been used underneath the eye, and also around the external corner of it. This is to catch those loose bits of glitter that always fall on your face. You simply dust the powder away and the glitter will dust right away with it.

5. Burgundy Look

For something a bit darker, look towards the darker shades in your palette and easy step by step makeup tutorials from Instagram just like this one. The simple peach shades have been used to start with, creating a base for that darker red and burgundy pops of color to be added over the top. Just remember to blend it all well with a large and fluffy blending brush, and use a decent eyeshadow primer before you get started to ensure the look stays for the entire duration of your event. You don’t want this beautiful look to slip halfway down your face, that’s for sure!

6. Purple Smokey Eye

For something purple, we can’t recommend this shimmering purple look enough. It’s spring now too, so there has never been a better time to rock those pastel shades. This look starts with the eyeshadow primer, of course, before adding a nude base. Then  build up the colors, incorporating different shades of lilac and almost-pink tones, until you’re ready for that glitter pop right in the center. Throw on your eyeliner, add your lashes, and you’re good to go. Not as scary as you first may have thought, right?

7. Black Smokey Eye with a Pop of Gold

And for those nights when you need a really smokey look, how about this black smokey eye with a beautiful pop of gold? The smokey eye look is great for so many occasions too – a hot date, for example, or even night out on the town with your best girlfriends. The trick to looks as deep and dark as this one is to start off light and build your way up. By just slapping the black eyeshadow on your eyelids, you’re going to look more horror-scare than night-out. Add a little, blend it, then add a little more. It’s easier to add more than it is to take some away.

8. Smoked Eyeliner

For those days when you don’t have time to mess around with liquid eyeliner, easy step by step makeup tutorials from Instagram like these definitely come in handy. Just use your regular eyeshadow in the place of eyeliner, using a thin angled brush to dust it along. It gives you a much ofter finish than the harsh lack lines of regular eyeliner.. It’s much quicker to do in the morning also. Winning all round!

9. Pink Glitter Look

One thing you may notice will most of these easy step by step makeup tutorials from Instagram, is that they all start with the same / similar base. There’s an eyeshadow primer, and a nude / neutral base color. With that base, you can build up a number of different looks, using a wide range of shades in your palettes. This look, for example, adds a darker hue to the outer corner and crease, keeping things sparkly and light with that beautiful pink pop towards the center / front of the lid.

10. Pop of Purple

Purple is a great shade to play around with when you have deep brown eyes. That dusky peach towards the center and inner corner stops the look from being too dark or “purpley”. In fact, if you’re worried that a dark black or grey smokey eye might be a little too much for a particular event, tone things down with a playful pop of purple

11. Cut Crease Tutorial

Another look, another cut crease – it’s one of those looks you’ll end up learning eventually, just because you get so frustrated that everyone else is doing it and you’re not. That’s what prompted us to find Youtube and Instagram tutorials for pretty and bold looks like this anyway. What event has brought you here?

12. Bronzed Eyes

Need a good look for a summery, evening event? These bronzed eyes are an absolute winner, another of the easy step by step makeup tutorials from Instagram. Start with that nude / peachy-shade base and primer, as we suggested before. Then build things up, taking it easy. Add a more pink-tinged shade to the outer corner and crease, filling in the center with that beautiful bronze shade, taking it into the inner corner. Add your liner and lashes – the two most important L’s – and you’re good to go.

13. Teal Smokey Eye

What about when you’re not in the mood for something subtle? How about those times when you need dramatic eyes to go with that stunning dress. You know – when you want to make a real entrance. These teal smokey eyes are a great twist on the classic smokey eye. It also shows you how you could play around with a number of the shades in your palette to create different looks, all using the same (or similar) techniques.

14. Brown and Gold Eyes

Brown and bronze eyes look great on green, blue and brown eyes, which makes them a great go-to look for when you something easy and quick. Add your primer and nude base, and then build up beautiful tones of brown and bronze. Keep the darker shades to the outer corner, a lighter shade on the inner corner. Finally, add a bright, glittery finish in the middle for a beautiful and dramatic, yet simple look.

15. Brown and Green Smokey Eye

If you have blue eyes, cooler and more neutral tones tend to work well, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate them into a stunning and dramatic style. Easy step by step makeup tutorials from Instagram like this one show that a quick addition of dramatic lashes can make the world of difference to how your makeup turns out. This beautiful green shade could also be used in much lighter summery looks also, minus lashes, and without the smokey build up.

16. Makeup Tutorial for Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are often pain-in-the-butt eyes, but there are a plethora of tricks that you can use to make your life much easier. A primer, for example, should never be forgotten, and you should try to work on that crease build-up when your eyes are open, rather than shut. If your eyes are shut, you may not follow the natural crease-line, and this can ruin the entire effect completely.

17. Purple Smokey Eye for Blue Eyes

Blue eyes look great with a deep and rich smokey purple look, and purple has been known for years to be one of the most luxurious colors. Once upon a time, it was so difficult to get the color purple (because it uses a lot of different, expensive pigments) that only the rich people could afford to wear it in their clothes. If that wasn’t the perfect excuse to rock a killer makeup look like this, we don’t know what is.

18. Golden Eyes

Gold is a great color to wear at any time of year. During the summer, the color adds a wonderful glow to your face, and in the fall, you match the beautiful brown, gold and bronze shades that associates itself with the season. Use a lighter and peachier / coral shade for the warmer months, and add more of a darker, brown tinge when the weather turns colder.

19. Party Look

Do you need a quick go-to party look that will easily take you from daytime chic to nighttime party gal? This shimmering and sparkly look is definitely one to bear in mind, especially when you consider that it’s the simple addition of some silver sparkle that brings this look to life. Just do your regular smokey eye, and add some extra light to it. Great idea, right?

20. Gold & Burgundy Look

When you’re working with shimmery and glittery eyeshadows, make sure you do your eye look. The reason for this is that it definitely will go everywhere, because it always does, and if you’ve already done your foundation, etc. you’ll have to ruin it to wipe the glitter away. By doing your eyes first, and the rest of your face last, you can wipe it away and then put your concealer, color corrector, foundation, etc. on over the top. Smart, right?

21. Everyday Look

Nudes and browns make for the perfect every day look, and it only takes a few moments to achieve with the right tools. A big and fluffy blending brush will make that brown-smudge-ness a breeze, and you just need a decent and well-packed brush to pop the shimmer and glitter in the center of your lid over the top. Add a quick spritz of setting spray over the top, and your look will stay damn fabulous of the entire event.

And there you have them – easy step by step make up tutorials from Instagram that you can easily copy with a few moments to spare. We’re urging you to think outside the box – play around with those shades that you never touch, and learn how to use them with other shades and blending techniques to create unique and individual makeup looks that everyone will want to copy. Don’t forget to show us what you come up with!

Summer is just around the corner, and with that warmer weather comes a very different need. It’s a need for slightly different hairstyles and designs to enable you to protect your hair better from the baking heat of that glorious sun. If you’re on the hunt for chic and easy updo hairstyles for natural hair, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ve found 21 designs that we think might just catch your attention …

1. Faux Mohawk

The mohawk is such a cool style, and it shows you mean business. When you’re not brave enough to go ‘full mohawk’ though, check out this faux mohawk instead. Using braids and little space buns, you have the opportunity to create a really edgy look without the need for really drastic measures … You know, like actually shaving your head. It looks great on some girls, of course, but we’re not sure we could deal with the grow-back time. We’re super impatient.

2. Tutorial for an Elegant Updo

There are plenty of tutorials on Instagram if you take a peek. Some of them are ideas that you might miss if you keep yourself in the Pinterest and Youtube world. There are less well-known people than the big tutorial names you may have already come across, and among these are some really hidden treasures. You should definitely peek at Instagram if you want chic and easy updo hairstyles for natural hair like this one.

Elegant Wedding Step by Step Updo Tutorial for Natural Hair

Source: @igbocurls

3. Perfect Summer Updo

This perfect summer updo is both elegant and bold, and isn’t that what you want to be this summer? With a little sass thrown on top, of course. It is truly amazing how many different styles and designs you can create from simple braiding techniques. This larger braided style is definitely a great way to keep the hair off your face in that beautiful hot heat!

Twisted Summer Updo Idea for Natural Hair

Source: @voiceofhair

4. Bun + Faux Bangs

Bangs are quite a scary thought, especially if it’s your first time. We’ve all seen those horrifying pictures and videos on social media though, haven’t we? You know the ones – someone’s cutting their bangs and it ends up looking utterly ridiculous, and also usually too short. Faux bangs are a fabulous way of rocking the look, without actually having to cut your own hair and risk any mishaps. Simply rock the bun / top knot look, and leave some free, which you’ll then tease into a faux-bang look to suit your mood that day. When you’re done with them, just release, and you’ll have your own non-bangs hair back again. So simple, so smart!

5. Braid into a Low Bun

When you need a look that does the job and is super simple, this look ticks all the right boxes. Afro type hair often falls prey to dryness, and can be left looking frizzy and unkempt. Simple looks like this one require minimal twisting and turning. They also doesn’t need for anything too tight that could potentially damage your scalp.

Braid into a Bun Updo for Natural Hair

Source: @4adaniels

6. Flat Twist Updo + Pompadour

This is such a fabulous look, isn’t it? You have the great option of being able to add height to your hair with very minimal effort. We think you should definitely rock that. This pompadour look definitely ticks the right boxes if you want something out there and edgy, and the cute flat twists really help to bring something more feminine to the overall finish.

Natural Hair Updo with Twists

Source: @ebonybomani

7. Braided High Bun

For a look that is every bit as fabulous as you are, how about chic and easy updo hairstyles for natural hair like this one? Using braids and twists, you could easily achieve a piled-high bun with plenty of sass, and you could even add those face-framing braids to add a halo of sorts around the face.

Braided High Bun Updo for Natural Hair

Source: @voiceofhair

8. Bun Updo with a Headband

Headbands are a great way of livening up every look you already do on a regular basis. If you’ve been rocking the low pony, add a headband to instantly make the look much more feminine daytime chic.  You could add the headband with low buns, high buns, and even naturally left down-do’s too. I guess we’re saying that hair accessories are kind of a big deal.

Elegant Bun Updo with a Headband

Source: @zoeallamby

9. Stunning Braided Updo

It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s beautiful – 3 things you want from your chic and easy updo hairstyles for natural hair. Three more things you’ll want to achieve great looking hair like this one, are the right conditioner, shampoo and everyday styling product to help keep your hair in check. You should be using the product specifically created for your hair type where possible. You might just find it works!

French Braided Updo for Natural Hair

Source: @igbocurls

10. Curly Side Bangs + Bun

A clip-less wand is just the right tool to help you get tight curls like this when you don’t have loads of time to set aside from curlers. By having half the hair back in a low bun, just like this look, you’re also saving half the curling time. These half n’ half styles are great for when you want to make some effort, but you don’t have time to put in the full works.

Natural Bun Updo with Curly Bangs

Source: @sashabasha2

11. Everyday High Puff Updo

One of the simplest styles of all – simply scrape all your hair back and let it rest in a big puff explosion on the top of your head. If you were blessed with crazy beautiful curls like these, it would be a total shame to let them go to waste. By rocking this look, your hair is out of the way when you don’t want it to irritate you, and you’re still showing of those curls you’re so proud of at the same time. An all-round winner if you were to ask us. (Which we’re assuming you are.)

Everyday High Puff Updo for Natural Hair

Source: @voiceofhair

12. Braided Style

Of course, the one thing guaranteed to take care of your hair during the warmer months when you want these relaxed styles, is good nutrition. Nutrition for your hair starts from the inside, and the better your diet is, with plenty of rest fruit and vegetables, the better your hair will be. This will also be the case for other areas of your body – your skin, for example. If you have really dry hair and you want to give it the best shot at survival, start drinking plenty of fluids, let your hair breathe in these relaxed styles for a while, and eat more foods that are packed with vitamins and minerals. It works. Trust us on this.

Braided Formal Updo for Natural Hair

Source: @4adaniels

13. Cute Everyday Look

If pigtails are good enough for the Kardashian’s and the Jenner’s, they’re good enough for us. Plus, they’re utterly adorable, and when twisted into these low buns, make for great swimming pool hair. It’s tied back so it can’t get all knotted up, and it’ll even last for a few days if you do it tight enough. Just don’t do it too tight though – the whole point of these chic and easy updo hairstyles for natural hair is to give your hair a relaxed break.

14. Formal Updo

A look that Michelle Obama herself would have been proud to rock, this formal updo is quite something, and actually much easier than you first may have thought. A little twist here, a little teasing-out there, and a pin or two to keep everything all in check … Are you feeling creative today?

Formal Wedding DIY Updo for Natural Hair

Source: @igbocurls

15. Chic Flat Twist Updo

If you want to have really good quality / condition hair, you will want to skip hair-washing day sometimes, as well as eating a healthier diet. Ideally, you will want to be washing your hair only every four to five days or so, perhaps every three to four if you must. The more you wash your hair, the more damaged it will be – you’ll be stripping it of the oils it needs in order to stay strong and healthy. These chic and easy updo hairstyles for natural hair give you an opportunity to rock dirty hair in an updo, and it would be foolish to let that hair-wash-skip pass you by!

Flat twist Updo for Black Women with Natural Hair

Source: @4adaniels

16. Space Buns

Space buns are so nineties, we can’t help but dig this look, and they’re such an easy look to recreate too. You can rock them messy, or tighter, just like easy and chic updo hairstyles for natural hair like this one! You could add bows, flowers, and other hair accessories if you wanted a cuter and more feminine look, but one of the easiest things to do is use a strand of your own hair to wrap around the base.

17. Pretty Prom Updo f+

Do you remember that we discussed using hair accessories to liven up your chic and easy updos for natural hair? This is a classic example of just that – a pretty prom updo that also could be used for weddings and other formal events. If you were to take the accessories out, or just replace them with different ones, you’ll find the look changes once again. Sometimes it’s the little details that make all the difference.

Cute Prom Updo for Black Women with Natural Hair

Source: @zoeallamby

18. Bun Updo with Bangs

Looking for a cute little bun updo with bangs, just like this one? Awesome, because we think it’s utterly adorable. If you want it to look great however, you should try this natural hair regime. On a monthly basis, you’ll want to do a completely protein treatment. Every week, deep condition your hair, making sure you’re using moisture-specific shampoos and conditioners. On a daily basis, you should be using a curl activator when you can find the time. You might also want to consider using shea butter to help seal those ends. Give it a try and report back – we’d love to know what you think!

Low Bun Updo with Curly Bangs for Black Women

Source: @igbocurls

19. Twisted Look

These easy and chic undos for natural hair are great examples of “protective styling”, and this is designed to do two main things. Firstly, it is meant to prevent the ends from drying out. Secondly, the manipulation is kept to a minimum, and this cuts down on stress and breakage. When you opt for natural hair and twists, you’re achieving these two things, and this style is just one example.

20. Twisted Mohawk Updo

Another mohawk, but a very different style. This one is twisted and much more rounded and softer, but still packs that kicks punch that you want to your relaxed and protective styles to pack. A soft baby toothbrush and some hairspray will help you to ensure those baby hairs are slicked back away from the face, and that will prevent your look from getting mussed up.

Twisted Mohawk Updo for Natural Black Women

Source: @kyssmyhair

21. Twisted Elegant Updo

Do you want to know a secret to getting the softest hair? You’ll need three things – a plastic cap, a hooded dryer, and a conditioner that is créme based. When you have an hour or so to spare one day, simply apply loads of conditioner to your hair, sit with the plastic cap on under the hooded dryer, and let it sink it. You can catch up on your magazine reading while you’re letting the conditioner work its magic. Once you’ve washed it out, you’ll find that your hair is super soft. You’ll get another 4-5 days out of it before you need to wash it again, and you may even get a few days longer with tighter designs and styles such as this one.

Natural Hair Updo for Weddings and Brides

Source: @igbocurls

These 21 chic and easy updo hairstyles for natural hair all bring something new and unique to the table, but there really are so many ways you can twist, braid, coax and tease your hair, pinning in into place. Customise it to make it your own, and put your own little spin noon things. Your hair is the one place you really can let your personality  shine through,and we definitely encourage it!

Are you in the midst of planning for your wedding day? Looking for romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair that you can take inspiration from? Well, firstly, we’d like to say congratulations if you’re getting married. That’s SUPER exciting! Secondly, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve found you some proper little beauties …

1. Messy to the Side Hairstyle

Sometimes the simplest of hairstyles are often the ones that pack the most impact, and that’s definitely the case with this stunning messy to the side hairstyle. If you’re looking for a relaxed, yet romantic and elegant way to wear your hair for your big day, this might just be spot on.

Wearing your hair to the side on your wedding day helps to show off any beautiful features you may have on the back of your dress. It also helps when you’re not wearing a veil too. It’s an old Irish tradition to wear flowers in the bride’s hair rather than a veil. Aside from looking beautiful, it’s a great way to bring costs down, and also helps to bring a really romantic feel to the whole occasion.

2. Messy Braid + Baby’s Breath Flower

Gypsophilia is the ‘proper’ name for “baby’s breath” – the beautiful white flower that you can see in this stunning wedding hair. They’re actually related to the carnation, and when used in your wedding hair, or in the bridal / bridesmaids bouquets, elegantly symbolise pureness, everlasting love, and innocence.

A small flower on sprigs, they are perfect for use when you’re wedding planning. They’re also easily woven into your romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair.

3. Half Up, Half Down Style

If you’re looking for a style that is as beautiful as it is simple (and that’s very!), this half up, half down style is definitely for you. You get the benefit of being able to show off your beautiful long locks, while at the same time having an intricate and elegant hairstyle that sets the perfect backdrop for that flower accessorising.

Romantic Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle

Source: @braidstudio

There are so many different ways you could customise your hair, taking this one as inspiration. You could think of French braiding, reverse French braiding, lace braids, fishtail braids, in fact, any kind of braid that you like. The possibilities really are endless.

4. Messy Bun Updo

The neckline of your dress is really important when it comes to picking romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair. Firstly, if your hair sits around the neckline, you may find that it irritates you, and as you scratch it, you might leave red marks which will clearly show up in photos.

Secondly, what’s the point in having a beautiful neckline if you’re just going to cover it over with your hair? The finer, more beautiful details of the dress will be ignored, and you need to remember that you PAID for those details. It makes perfect sense to want to show them off.

5. Simple Half Up Hairstyle

When it comes to asking for what you want, it’s often better to visit your hair stylist armed with a wad of photos, rather than using words such as “bun”, “romantic”, or “waves”. One woman’s “waves” could be another woman’s “curly locks”, and the last thing you’re going to want is any misinterpretation.

By taking photos, you can specifically pinpoint which bits you love from different looks. This helps you both build a picture of your perfect wedding day hair. Communication is key in all relationships, and when it comes to asking for what you want on the biggest day of your life, clear communication is vital. Sometimes it pays to go back to pictures!

6. Braided Low Bun

With a simple twist, flick, or turn, you could completely transform the look of your braid, as shown by this beautiful braided low bun. The long hair has been worn entirely wrapped up in this romantic look, beautifully swept away from the face. This makes it super easy to maintain your makeup on the big day.

There’s nothing worse than flicking your hair around all over the place. You’ll end up with a greasy face, or your makeup will rub on your hair and make that greasy instead. Not a good look for when you have wavy tendrils, that’s for sure.

7. Messy Braid

When it comes to booking the hair, and sitting down to talk with a stylist about what you want for your big day, make sure that you do so in plenty of time.

You should allow for a hair trial first, with enough time to create two or three different hairstyles. Out of these, you can pick your favorite. It also helps to have a few different pictures to take with you has wedding hair inspiration too.

8. Simple Braided Half Up, Half Down Style

Braids are a really big trend right now, and there are so many ways that you can wear them. It makes total sense to consider them when looking at romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair.

These waterfall braids have scooped just enough hair back from the face to show off your beautiful makeup, and any stunning accessories you may be rocking for the big day, and they also give you something to affix floral hair accessories and pieces to also. Now that’s wedding multitasking!

9. Boho Style with Fresh Flowers

If you have a dress that is off-the-shoulder, or entirely strapless, you need a hairstyle that allows you to show that off, and what better than this half up, half down style?

It’s a style that allows for a number of different styles within it, braids, curls, buns, chignons, and others included, and when worn in a messy boho style just like you can see here, shows off the bits that you really want to show off.

10. Messy Updo

With the help of a few pins and grips, romantic wedding hairstyles for long hair are super easy to achieve, especially ones like this messy updo. Starting with a basic low-down ponytail, some back combing at the roots to give you the volume that you can see here, tucking and twisting the hair before pinning will often give you a wide range of results.

Romantic Wedding Updo

Source: @lalasupdos

Tousel the hair slightly so that you can cover any visible pins, and then add flowers or other head / hair pieces. Simple!

If you don’t have time to head to the salon and get your pedicure done, there’s no need to panic. We’re coming to the rescue with 25 eye-catching pedicure ideas for spring, and we know you’re going to love them. Are you feeling bold and brave? Perhaps you’re on the hunt for something nude and muted? Maybe you don’t know what you want, and that’s why you’re here? Either way, and for whatever the reason, you won’t want to miss these stunning designs. Don’t forget to let us know which ones are your faves!

1. Pop of Neon & Glitter

If you’re going to use neon polishes on your tootsies, make sure you use a base coat underneath to prevent the polish from staining your toenails. If you do suffer from staining, you’ll find that lemon juice helps to get rid of some of that yellowing, being a natural bleaching agent. You will also want to make sure you’re using a good bas coat underneath those glitter toes too – you know how much hard work it is to get *that* stuff off!

2. Floral Pedi

Are you feeling florals? Florals and spring go hand in hand like … well, florals and spring really. It’s the season that all the flowers start to bloom and everything looks beautiful and flowery. Pay homage to the start of the warmer weather with these pretty delights for your toes.

Floral Toe Nail Art Design for Spring

Source: @mkmk1209

3. Easy Purple Design

If you want to create something simple, that doesn’t need a whole bunch of tools, but still packs a big punch, you need to ombre up your nails. It was the latest hair trend for a while, and now it’s the latest pedicure trend. All you need is the same colour, but in varying shades – darker to light, or pastel to bold. Mix and match them up, just as you can see here, or go darker with each toe – one of the latest looks to take the nail work by storm.

4. Gold Glitter

These are pretty cool, don’t you think? For when you want sparkly toes, but without too much sparkle, add nail foils / tape with gold glitter. It’s sophisticated, simple to replicate, and only takes a few minutes. You can place your foil tape in whatever patterns you like, but we really like these chevron designs.

5. Matte Pastel Purple Design

Pastel shades were made for spring, and this lilac shade is no exception. Your big toenail often has the biggest surface area, so make that your featured one. In this case, a textured, matte finish has been used, whereas all the rest of the toes have been finished to a high-gloss effect. The contrast between the two works really well, and certainly packs a beautiful spring punch!

6. Black & White

Monochrome – black and white – not usually a design you’d associate with spring, but there’s something rather 60’s and Twiggy-esque about these eye-catching pedicure ideas for spring. You could do what’s been done in this design if you wanted to add some sparkle to the occasion too – those diamante style gem-stones really help to bring it all to life … although you must remember they won’t be all that practical on your toes. In our experience, they have a habit of coming off in shoes, or when rubbed against socks.

7. Sparkly Pedi with Rhinestones

Of course, if you’re planning on wearing sandals all spring and summer, you could go all-out with your rhinestone and embellished design, just like these. The glitter has been ombre’d up from the base, just where the sparkling rhinestones are, and fades away into that beautiful coral-peach backdrop. It’s a great look for summer. Didn’t you know that peach and orange tones help to make your tan look darker?

Orange Toe Nail Design with Rhinestones

Source: @manikurka

8. Elegant Blush Pink & Glitter Design

Rose gold was a massive trend throughout winter of 2016-17, and it’s a trend that is set to stay for spring and summer of this year also. Stay in trend with eye-catching pedicure ideas for spring like these –  a beautiful dusky / blush pink tone that has glitter and sparkle in all the right places.

9. Cute Pastel Design with Fruit

When the warmer weather comes, there’s only one thing for it – it’s time to get fruity! Out come those wonderful summer drinks, and those beautifully fruity cocktails. Now you’ll have nails that are cocktail-Instagram worthy. Now we just need an excuse to drink fruity cocktails …

Cute Pastel Pink and Blue Toe Nail Design

Source: @imvelynail

10. Green Glitter Pedicure

If you’re feeling those mermaid vibes, and let’s face it, who isn’t, how do you feel about this green and glittery mermaid? The Little Mermaid herself would have been proud of toes like these! Now you’re rocking these killer toes though, you need to find a sandy beach to take Instagram snaps of them in … A day out at the beach anyone?

11. Sparkly Lady Bug Design

Spring is the time that bugs come out to play, and if you don’t mind them (rather than us – flapping and running away), you might like to check out these adorable ladybug designs, perfect for when you have white, red and black nail polish. It’s a simple design, and one that everyone will be interested in. Do you feel like having bugs on your toes today?

12. Glittery Star Design

What about for when you want to take things darker? What about these beautiful star-design blue and silver nails instead? Mix and match them up, or alternate them, and just use stencils or decals to add the stars into your look. What do you think? Are you reading for the stars this spring? Are these eye-catching pedicure ideas for spring out of the world for you? Okay, okay, we’ll stop with the puns now.

Navy Blue and Silver Star Toe Nail Design

Source: @imvelynail

13. Classy Design

If out of the world isn’t right for you, how about classy and muted instead? They’re muted and nude, but can still be considered eye-catching pedicure ideas for spring. The glitter and shimmer effect in them brings the look to life enough to make them bold, but still muted enough to keep things classy.

Classy Neutral Toe Nail Design

Source: @imvelynail

14. Pink Blossoms

And for when you want to celebrate the spring coming in style, what about pastel floral designs instead? They’re feminine and girlie – everything we love about our springtime closet. In fact, we’ve got a beautiful floral handbag that would go perfectly well with these nails – have you got a floral handbag you could take some inspiration from for your next mani / pedi?

15. Matte Pink & Glitter Design

What a really cool design! There’s a half-moon effect done right at the base of these toenails, but a black has been added right at the bottom, with a bright and bold glitter used over the top. Then there’s a layer of negative space, which we think adds something really cool to the look, finishing off with that beautiful bright and matte pink. It’s definitely different, but is it right for you?

16. Tropical Leaves Toe Nail Design

Are you wishing for tropical climates? A beautiful white sandy beach, and perhaps some crystal clear and blue waters to enjoy? Well, if the dream is about as close as you’re going to get, bring the tropical to you with these stunning eye-catching pedicure ideas for spring.

Green and White Leaves Toe Nail Design

Source: @mkmk1209

17. Perfect Spring Pedi

Do you like butterflies but fancy something different from the traditional butterfly nail designs you see? How about something like this instead, making use of the larger surface area on the big toe nail to create that stunning look? It gives you the perfect chance to add some glitter and sparkle, and we think it’s really pretty. And, of course, everything looks much better when it’s added against that white backdrop – it really helps to bring the other colours to life.

18. Colorful Toes

We’re wishing for a Tiffany ring, but we’ll settle for Tiffany-blue inspired eye-catching pedicure ideas for spring instead. We love the way the black and the silver glitter has been used alongside it, similar to the negative space mani idea we gave you earlier on, but without the negative space, and finishing with a gloss effect rather than a matte one.

Colorful Toe Nail Design for Spring

Source: @claire_nail

19. Simple & Elegant

What a really simple and beautiful look! You’d think about having black tips with a nude nail, so why not turn things around? You’re adding the same amount of polish as you would with black tips, but you’re placing it around the base of the nail instead. It’s a very different look, and you can even help to draw more attention to your interesting and unique design with the help of those gold embellishments.

Simple and Elegant Toe Nail Design

Source: @mkmk1209

20. Blue and Pink Ombre Design

This is a really cool design, don’t you think? We mentioned ombre before, but this is a different style of ombre, working from purple to blue on the one nail, rather than spreading the colour range across the board. You could add clear gems to help bring some sparkle to the look, and you could use a matte or a glossy finish. We think this would look great with both – how about you?

21. Matte Navy Blue Design with Rhinestones

Speaking of matte, how about these eye-catching pedicure ideas for spring? Add some rhinestones – shiny – to a matte base and you’ll see it creates quite the stunning design. Did you know that you can buy a matte top coat to help create these fab designs. It means that any gloss shade you already have can be given the matte-finish effect, without the need to buy even more bottles of nail polish. Winning idea, right?

Matte Navy Blue Toe Nail Design with Rhinestones

Source: @manikurka

22. Glitter + Rhinestones

Similar to the previous look, but rather than focusing on a really dark, almost royal-blue shade, you’re focusing on a much lighter one. It’s almost white, but a shimmering and glitter has been added over the top, and we think these designs would look perfect for a spring wedding day pedicure!

23. Colorful Flowers

They’re almost a watercolour effect, and that’s just one of the reasons we fell in love with these pretty spring nails – colourful flowers. With the flick of your paintbrush, you have a petal for your flower, and you could even add a touch of water for a more watercolour finish to it. Just make sure you’ve taken care of your actual nail first, if you’re planning on letting parts of it poke through nude and neutral. Lots of TLC, take your old polish off, and give your nails some oil and massage love every once in a while. They’ll thank you for it, and so will your manicure and pedicure.

Flower Pedicure Design for Spring

Source: @kasumi412hy

24. Cool Cactus Design

A cactus for spring? We would never have thought of adding the two together, but against that white base nail, you can’t help but agree that cactus plant does look pretty cool. When the weather gets warmer, we think glittery cacti are the perfect pedi.

Cute and Cool Cactus Toe Nail Design for Spring and Summer

Source: @imvelynail

25. Easy yet Eye-Catching

Khaki nails don’t need to be as “unfeminine” as you first may have thought, and with the gold embellishments and nude contrast colour, these look not only fabulous, but really grown-up and sophisticated also. Nail foils or tape can help with that gold line across the middle, but just made sure you have spares for those gold balls – they’ll fall off and drive you mad after a while.

Simple Toe Nail Design for Spring and Summer

Source: @imvelynail

We know that spring won’t last for long, but you might as well rock through it in style with these eye-catching pedicure ideas for spring. It’s almost time to get your summer and warmer weather shoes out, and that means getting your feet summer-ready. These designs seem like the perfect way to get things kick-started, and we can’t wait to see which ones you decide to choose! Let us know, leave your favourites in the comments below!

If you have brown eyes, you’re lucky. You’re blessed to be able to get away with so many different colours, shades, and designs of makeup, the world is quite literally your oyster. On the colour spectrum / wheel, there isn’t a “bad” or “good” colour for brown (opposite / complementary), which means you can pretty much do whatever you like.

Whatever your mood, event, style or occasion, there is a brown makeup look for everyone, and we’re taking a closer look at some great designs in these gorgeous makeup ideas for brown eyes.

1. Gold Glitter Look

Be creative with your makeup designs, and spend some time playing around with the different shades in your palettes to see what work for you. These gorgeous makeup ideas for brown eyes must have started somewhere – a makeup artist playing around with the different tones and textures one day. How do you know you won’t create the next killer makeup look? You don’t, and that’s why you should definitely get creative.

Gold Glitter Smokey Eye Makeup Look for Brown Eyes

Source: @cierahmua

2. Pop of Dark Gold

If you’re going to get creative with your gorgeous makeup ideas for brown eyes, you should make sure you’re using a good eyeshadow primer. This ensures that your eyeshadow doesn’t move around or crease, and can also ensure your look stays firm for the time you need it to. There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful makeup look when you leave the house, only for it to look a bit … lacklustre just a few hours later.

3. Olive Green Smokey Eye

If you have really dark brown eyes, you can play around a lot more with the much darker, almost-smoky looks when doing up your face for the day. If you have “medium” brown eyes, you should definitely play around with green tones, and yellows and yellow-gold shades look amazing on lighter brown eyes – they help to bring out those gold and yellow flecks.

4. Glittery Purple Look

If you have brown eyes, one of the things you should definitely play around with are those beautiful metallic shades. Nudes and metallics especially work well together, and are often work by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. As well as the typical nudes and gold or bronze metallic tones, don’t be afraid to try dusky and rose gold pink toned eyeshadows, and also darker browns and purples too. These are all shades you can rock, so it’d about time you were rocking them!

5. Glittery Black Smokey Eye

If you’re deciding to play up your eyes, and it’s the first time you’ve decided to be creative with your makeup, keep the rest of your face nude. This is especially the case for your lips. Having big, dark and dramatic eyes combined with big, dark and dramatic lips can make you look a little horror-show-esque, and we’re sure that’s not quite the look you were going for.

Black Glittery Smokey Eye for Brown Eyes

Source: @cierahmua

6. Dramatic Cut Crease

A dramatic cut crease is quite renowned for being difficult to get right, but the key to getting things perfectly blended, and with the sharpest of creases, you’re going to need to learn how to blend. You’ll also need a steady hand. You should work on the smokey eye and crease section first, using a concealer to cover the lid and get yourself that sharp line. From then you can add your main eyeshadow shades. It might take a couple of tries, but you know what thy say – practice makes perfect.

7. Gold Glitter Lower Lash Line

If you need an easy way to take yourself from daytime office chic to night time party gal, a quick flick of gold glitter liner could be all it takes. Rather than applying it to your top lid as you usually would, apply it to the bottom lash line instead. It’s a modern twist, adds some glitz and glam to your makeup, and takes just a few minutes to apply. Great trick! One you definitely need to know.

Gold Glitter Lower Lash Line Makeup Idea

Source: @angexla

8. Glamorous Look

You can’t have super glamorous eyes without having the brows to go with them, of course, and it may surprise you to learn that brows are more important than you first may have thought. They help to frame your face. They also help to change up your look. Your brow makeup is usually the first thing you’ll need to change when you switch up your hair colour, and it makes sense to get them right. You could have them professionally shaped, for example, and then keep up the regime with regular tweezing / threading / waxing afterwards. It pays when you want a killer eye look, that’s all we’re saying.

9. Sparkly, Silver Glitter Cut Crease

Who said you couldn’t rock silver when you have brown eyes – you can rock all metallic shades, and this look is just one example of how beautifully you could wear it. If you really want your silver look to pop, apply a white eyeliner or shadow under it, making sure you apply a primer before that. The white acts as a clean blank canvas, and everything else you apply over the top will sparkle just as beautifully as you want it to.

10. Matte, Burgundy Smokey Eye

In order to get gorgeous makeup ideas for brown eyes like this one, you’ll need to start with your primer. Over the top of that, you’ll need a nude / base shadow that is easy to apply and long-lasting. Towards the inner corners of your eye, and also your brow bone, you should apply a white eyeliner. These are the areas you’ll add highlighter to, and as we’ve said before, that white base really helps to make the colours you use pop. After that, you’ll want to add a darker shade in a side-on ‘V’ shape on the outer corner of your eye. That’s what you’ll use as your base to build colour up on, and that’s also a clever trick – build up rather than pack on. If you add too much, you can’t take it away. If you don’t add enough, you can always add more.

There is nothing quite as exciting as the announcement of a new baby, and when it comes to announcing your new bundle of joy, you will want to make sure things go down with a bang. So many people have done so many announcement ideas these days, it’s hard to find something unique and individual, but we’ve found a few ideas that we think you night really like. We certainly did. Here are 41 cute and creative pregnancy announcement ideas.

Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. Super Cute & Creative

All you need for this announcement is a set of chalks and a blank wall. Do you have a concrete wall in your back yard you could use? Is there an alley near by? Don’t forget, if you’re using chalk, it can easily be washed away, so don’t worry too much about the graffiti factor. Simply stand in front of the chalk-drawn bump, and wrote those magic words above your head. Alternatively, you could add these in a photoshop application afterwards. Those apps are so smart!

Super Cute Pregnancy Announcement on a Wall

Source: @gypsyjones_

2. First Pregnancy Announcement

Mama Bird, Baby Bird – this is a closet choice we definitely want to replicate. It’s simple and to the point, and includes that classic pregnancy scan that everyone gets super excited about! Just remember, ladies, as soon as you make that announcement, everyone’s going to want to touch your tummy. Let the batting-away-of-hands commence.

Mama Bird Baby Bird Bodysuit Pregnancy Announcement

Source: @emilyyhinn

3. Big Brother

And what better way to announce the joyous news than with the big brother (or sister) in tow. Especially when they look as cute as this big bro, doing things the right way that’s for sure! T-shirts cost next to nothing to have made these days, and you can even buy t-shirts with slogans such as these already made up. If you want a cheap and easy way to announce your big news, this one takes some beating.

4. Big Sister Balloon Announcement

How about balloons for your cute and creative pregnancy announcement ideas? Obviously, the child crying is an optional extra here, but it’s certainly a funny way of reacting to the news that you’re about to go from being the center of attention, to the big sister of a crying, drinking, pooping baby brother or sister, who will pull your hair and steal your makeup and clothes for many years to come. Oh the joys …

5. Second Pregnancy Announcement

Shoes, they’re such cool things, aren’t they? They look good, women go nuts for them, even men go nuts for them in today’s modern day and age. What a great idea to incorporate your love of shoes in with your new pregnancy announcement. And it could all be as simple as grabbing yourself a sharping and having a little doodle. We thin kit’s a blooming marvelous idea, how about you?

6. Twin Pregnancy Announcement

Whether you’re expecting twins or not, you can’t deny that this superhero-themed baby announcement really is the cutest thing ever. First time baby, second baby, 50th, baby, we don’t care, we want to have lots of babies just so we can photograph this moment over and over again. At least this one isn’t crying. Perhaps a superhero sidekick isn’t so bad?

7. Simple Pregnancy Announcement

Are you looking for a very simple and stylish way to announce the good news? What better way than with super fashionable baby Converse sneakers, combined with a pregnancy scan, and a small print-out that reveals the good news. If you don’t have chalks, balloons, or a wall to post in front of, a simple calendar announcement will do just the trick. Sometimes it pays to go back to the basics.

8. Let the Adventure Begin!

If you aren’t ready to face people, and that constant barrage of questions, don’t tell people yet. 12 weeks is the minimum point to pass before you start shouting about your news, but that doesn’t mean you need to do it just then. Take the time to process this news, because it really is big news, before you start inviting everyone else in. Because you know what everyone else has – an opinion, and this really is a big adventure.

9. Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

Speaking of family and friends, remember that everyone is on the internet these days, so if a certain grandmother on the other side of the world doesn’t know about the new baby, and you’d rather spill the beans than let someone else let her know, it’s probably a good idea to wait a little longer. News on the internet really does travel super fast! It’s crazy how fast!

Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

Source: @melzivink

10. Something Sweet is Brewing

If Mommy likes tea, and Daddy likes coffee, we can’t think of a better way to reveal some very big news. Plus, cute and creative pregnancy announcement ideas like this are cheap, easy and have a big impact because of those two things. It’s another of those smart ideas that helps to take things back to basics. Something sweet is definitely brewing, and we can’t wait to meet it.

11. Converse Trainers Announcement

Those Converse trainers again, but what a great idea. Do Mommy and Daddy have matching Converse trainers? If not, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to go and do some shopping. Not like you needed an excuse, of course.

12. Onesie (Bodysuit) Announcement

Do you remember that we discussed using a photo app on your phone to edit photos to make them look super cute? Well, cute and creative pregnancy announcement ideas like these enable you to use these apps. With a simple white babygro, a pregnancy scan picture, and perhaps some cute baby booties, you have the basics for a photo that would be complete with that hashtag date.

Simple Onesie Bodysuit Pregnancy Announcement

Source: @marianne_dp

13. Funny Pregnancy Announcement (Paraplegic Man)

A sense of humor is a great idea, especially in otherwise serious situations such as this one. This man is clearly celebrating that everything “still works” despite his wheelchair-bound state, and in a world full of bad news, we think some funny good news is definitely necessary.

Funny It still works Pregnancy Announcement

Source: @kla_duff

14. Cute 2nd Pregnancy Announcement

There are a few things you will want to take into account before you go announcing your big news, and one of the first things you should work out is, at what point during your pregnancy are you going to announce it? And are you going to tell certain, closer family members before you tell others, or friends? There;s a pregnancy-political agenda with such things these days, and it’s best to discuss the matter with your partner beforehand. Are you ready for those Facebook notifications to start dropping in?

15. Bodysuits + Due Date

Most people would suggest that waiting until you are 12 weeks, or three months, pregnant before making the big news public is a good idea, because you are passed the point at which certain things, such as miscarriage, could occur the most. The first rimester of your pregnancy is a very special time, and it’s the time you should be taking the most care of yourself. Worry about your big announcement later on – you’ve got nine months to break the news after all. Well, around three or four months, at least, until you start showing the hint of a bump.

16. 1, 2, 3

1, 2, 3 chairs – a simple idea, but one that definitely worlds. An empty chair spells one hell of a message, especially if you add a balloon in the shape of a number, #2, #3, etc. You could add a babygrow, pair of baby booties, or even a pregnancy scan picture if you wanted to, but with the cute-factor of cute and creative pregnancy announcement ideas like these, we don’t think it’s necessary.

17. Beach Pregnancy Announcement

Do you live near the sea? Perhaps you just so happen to be going away on vacation at the same time as your 12-month announcement stage? We think using the sand at the beach is a brilliant idea. You can write your big news in the sand, and add your feet – mommy and daddy – for added effect. We especially love the way the smaller pebbles have been used to create baby-feet imprints.

18. Simple, Onesie and Ultrasound Announcement

The ultrasound scan is a classic pregnancy announcement idea, and sometimes going back to the simple basics really works. Your legs, your first child’s legs, and other children, if you have them. Add the baby grow, and perhaps a child’s stuffed toy also, and you have something that works because of its beautiful simplicity.

19. Funny Chalkboard Twin Pregnancy Announcement

Chalkboards are an inexpensive way to make a brilliant baby announcement, and you can write pretty much whatever you like on them. This gives you the perfect opportunity to add lots of different funny pictures together, for a collage of new baby announcement prints. We love this idea, and we think it would also make for a great canvas series on the wall too … What do you think?

20. Family Announcement

Speaking of chalkboards, sometimes just a number can say everything, and that’s definitely the case here. It’s one of the simplest cute and creative pregnancy announcement ideas, but one that packs a massive impact. That kid in the middle looks utterly adorable, don’t you think?

21. Future Best Friend Coming!

We all wish our kids could be best friends as well as siblings, and maybe if you push the idea from as easy a point as possible, it might just be possible. At least you’ll get the cutest of cute and creative pregnancy announcement ideas out of it!

Future Best Friend Coming Sibling Pregnancy Announcement

Source: @jennifer527

22. Cute Grandmother Announcement

Let someone know that they are going to be a grandma with a cute baby bodysuit like this. The bodysuit has “Happy Mother’s Day Grandma” wrote on it. For someone who is not aware that you are expecting, this will be one amazing surprise. You can get other personalized items like this but without the Mother’s Day part, so you could make the announcement during any time in the year.

23. Adorable Announcement with a Pet

Our next idea is perfect for the those who have pets! Here we have a couple who have included their dog in their announcement. The adorable dog is stood next to a sign that reads “Mom and Dad are getting me a Human” there is a due date too. It is a super cute idea and it is unique too. You can recreate something like this with any pet.

24. And Then There Were 4

If you are looking for a cute photo idea to announce your pregnancy, this could be perfect. Here we have a baby bodysuit that reads “guess what?” and there is also a board that says “And then there were 4” with a scan photo underneath. It is a creative idea and it includes the rest of the family in the announcement.

25. Movie Theme Announcement

The next idea we have to show you is one of our favorites. This is another photo idea and it shows a couple holding a babygrow. The parents to be are both wearing T-shirts from the movie The Goonies and the babygrow also has The Goonies design too. It is just a cute and unique idea. If you love The Goonies, then recreate this or you can use your favorite movie.

26. Unique and Funny Eviction Notice

Show off your sense of humor with a pregnancy announcement like this. The sibling to be is in a crib with an eviction notice on the side. It says that a new tenant will be arriving soon and there is a due date too. This is a funny and unique announcement that can include your other children too.

27. Cool Gaming Idea

Looking for a cool T-shirt to wear for a photo announcement? Then this could be perfect. Here we have a T-shirt that reads “I leveled up to Mommy” and then it says “New player joining”. This is so cute and fun. It is perfect for the parents to be who love gaming. These T-shirts are available on the page below.

28. Cute Big Brother Pregnancy Announcement

Next, we have the perfect announcement for those who have other children. Here we have a brother to be that is sat next to a sign and it talks about how he won’t be an only child and when his new best friend is due. This is super cute and it will be a special memory to look back on when both children have grown up. You can create something similar for big sisters too.

29. Can’t Wait To Meet You

The next announcement idea is super cute. Here we have a photo that includes a baby bodysuit that reads “Can’t wait to meet you”. There is also a scan photo, flowers and adorable pink shoes too. This is a beautiful photo that can be shared with family and friends to share your special news. As the shoes are pink, it reveals the gender too, but you can keep it neutral so everyone is still guessing. If it is a boy, you can use something blue.

Can't Wait To Meet You

Source: @j_uniqueeye

30. Pregnancy Test Announcement

If you are looking for a simple and funny idea, then this is for you. Here we have a letter board and it reads “Here we go again” with a due date and the pregnancy test underneath. Something like this will be easy to recreate and all your family and friends will love it. You can keep the photo you created as a memory of the special time too.

31. Funny T-Shirt Idea

Love the T-shirt ideas? Then check out these hilarious T-shirts. One says “Eating for two” and other has a design that says “Drinking for two”. It is a funny idea and you can both wear T-shirts like these for a cool announcement photo. You can buy these T-shirts on the page below.

Funny T-Shirt Idea

Source: @topperenvy

32. Cute Big Sister Pregnancy Announcement

Next, we have another cute announcement idea that includes siblings. Here we have an announcement photo with big sister and the due date written on the floor in chalk. The sister to be is sat on the floor with the scan photos too. It is such a creative and unique idea. This is an amazing announcement and it will be a special memory too.

33. Adorable Tea Party Idea

If you love tea parties or are a fan of Alice in Wonderland, then this announcement idea is for you. Here we have a tea party with the sister to be sat on one side of the table and seat reserved for her new sister on the other side. This is such a cute idea. If this is your first child, then you and your partner could be in the photo instead and you could go all out to make it look like Alice in Wonderland.

34. Unique and Creative Avocado Announcement

Love avocados? Then this is the perfect announcement idea for you. Here we have a mom to be that is stood in the background with half an avocado over her body, the seed of the avocado is the new baby! This is such a cute idea and it is very unique and fun too. You can recreate this photo or if this is your first child, then you can be stood by yourself.

35. Coming Soon…

Our next idea features another cute and simple announcement. There is a letter board and a baby bodysuit that reads “Coming soon”. This is an adorable photo idea and the photo can be given to family and friends, so you can share your special news. You could even add other things to the photo like the scan picture or something blue or pink.

36. Baby on Board

Going on vacation? Then why not create an announcement photo like this one?! The parents to be are holding a summer hat on the beach and the hat has letters on it that read “Baby on board”. It a simple and super cool announcement. Not only that, but it will make one special vacation photo too.

Baby on Board

Source: @toritheot

37. Harry Potter Announcement Idea

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? If so, this announcement is perfect for you! The parents to be have created a photo announcement with a Harry Potter theme. There are spell books, characters and more. It is a cool and unique idea and everyone who sees this announcement will love it. You could do something like this with a different movie too.

38. Big Brother Announcement

Next, we have another sibling announcement. This one includes the brother to be wearing a ‘big brother’ bodysuit. There is also a board that reads “Promoted to big brother” and there are scan photos too. It is a simple idea and it is super cute. An announcement like this will be great to look back on in years to come.

39. Timeline Announcement

Our next idea is another adorable announcement and this one has a timeline. This photo features a bodysuit that shows a timeline of when the parents to be got together right up until the announcement of a baby. It is just a cute and unique way to celebrate the fact that you are expecting a baby and also the journey that you have shared together.

Timeline Pregnancy Announcement

Source: @yvettebdk

40. Cute Beach Photo Idea

Earlier we featured a beach announcement and if you liked that, then you may love this one too. Here we have another beach photo, but this one features shoes. On the left, you have the dad’s shoes, then the mom’s and finally the new baby’s shoes. It just a simple, unique and creative way to tell everyone you are expecting. You can of course do this with any shoes and with any background.

41. Pregnancy Announcement with a Friends Theme

Love the TV show Friends? Then why not choose an announcement like this?! Here we have a bodysuit with Janice’s famous catchphrase “oh my god” and there is a scan photo at the bottom that is inside the frame from the show. It is a cool idea and all your family and friends will love it.

And then you have them – 41 cute and creative pregnancy announcement ideas that we think are brilliant and adorable in equal measures. How did you announce your pregnancies? Did you have adorable ideas like this, or did you come up with something different? We can’t wait to hear all about it, of course, and you know what to do … Leave your comments below!

One of the hottest new trends in the tattoo world right now is watercolor flower tattoos. When you see how truly stunning they are, it’s not very hard to see why. With beautiful shades and colors, and a wide range of designs and ideas to work with, they’re a versatile idea that is as pretty as it is unique. We think we’ve found a few ideas that you might like to take a peek at …

1. Pink Peony Arm Tattoo

The humble peony is one of the oldest flowers to be used in the Eastern culture. You can understand why peony tattoos would be such a great hit. The style of the flower itself gives way to stunning watercolor flower tattoos, beautiful soft petals in marvelous shades of pink and peach. These days, peony tattoos are often seen with Japanese style koi carp tattoos. Also, for such a delicate and feminine flower, is often depicted as rather masculine, said to depict a total disregard for consequences.

2. Small Hand Tattoo

This cute and small hand tattoo is a perfect way of showing how subtle these watercolor delights could be, and in the humblest of places too. You may not even have considered having your watercolor flower tattoo quite so visibly on your hand, but as you can see, it doesn’t need to stand out too much.

3. Pretty Wrist Tattoo

The arum lily really is a beautiful one (and it was also the flower for the writer of this post’s wedding, we must add), and comes in a wide range of colors. This gives you plenty of opportunities to play around with your watercolor flower tattoos. The original meaning of the beautiful lily was said to have come from Ancient Greek times, at the time called the Madonna Lily, found in white. At the time it was considered to have come from the Queen of Gods, Hera, and was then said to symbolize the Divine Feminine.

4. Big, Watercolor Tulip

Primarily known as a feminine tattoo, tulips come in so many colors that there are endless ways to use them in watercolor flower tattoos. Those who appreciate the sun will also appreciate a tulip tattoo, as it is a flower which constantly bends and moves its head in order to get the best view of it, making brilliant use of those powerful and sunny rays. For many, the simple flower is a symbol of beauty. It holds many more meanings than that, particularly flexibility – the tulip bends to meet the sun.

5. Pink Poppy Flowers

Poppy tattoos are used all over the world these days, primarily to symbolize the remembrance of those we lost in war, but poppies, especially their use in mythology, has been around for many years. Roman and Greek traditions depict that the poppy is a symbol of death, but in a romantic light – more in the sense of eternal sleep. Of course, eternal sleep can have another beautiful and poignant meaning – a sense of peace, another beautiful meaning behind a truly wonderful flower.

Pink Poppy Flower Watercolor Arm Tattoo Idea

Source: @graffittoo

6. Blooming Anemones

The one thing you will need to remember when choosing your watercolor flower tattoos is the place in which you are going to have them. From far away, for example, a dark purple blush of ink could look very much like a bruise,and tattoos such as these ones will peek out from beneath top and bra straps, A tattoo is for life, and that’s something it is wise to remember.

7. Orchid Arm Tattoo

The humble orchid means so many different things in so many different cultures, but we must remember it for the beautiful and delicate flower that it is. It requires very specific surroundings in order to thrive, which is quite different from the old Japanese meaning. They were often said to symbolize strength and warriors.

Watercolor Orchid Flower Tattoo Idea for Arm

Source: @graffittoo

8. Foot Tattoo Idea

The one thing you should be aware of when it comes to foot tattoos is that they hurt … quite a bit. These watercolor flower tattoos are beautiful, you can’t deny that, but the bonier areas of your body are always going to be the most painful places to have inked. You will also need to bear in mind that the shoes and socks you wear will rub on the skin. This can actually have an impact on how long the tattoo actually lasts. Constant rubbing will cause it to fade, and that will mean a touch-up every now and again. You know what that means – more pain. Just saying.

9. Small Flower with a Quote – ‘Carpe Diem’

Carpe Diem means “seize the day” in Latin, but “seizing the day” isn’t something you’re really going to want to do when it comes to getting inked. This is something that will be on your body forever, unless you go to drastic measures to have it removed, such as having laser removal. For the record, that’s a very painful process.

10. Flower Tattoo Idea for Friends

The same can be said for the tattoos you choose to have with your friends – these are beautiful, and we definitely aren’t taking anything away from that. Jake sure your friends are your real friends before you go getting matching inks. That tattoo will be a constant painful reminder of a friendship gone by otherwise.

11. Flowering Rose

Although the rose tattoo is associated with various cultures, Eastern tattoo art, for example, it is most definitely an Americanized tattoo. You can have it personalized in so many ways too, these watercolor flower tattoos being just one of them. For the most part, these stunning rose tattoos are used to depict beauty and love, and you can change the color or shade of the flower itself to mean a different thing. Thorns can even add a new twist on the design, adding a ‘spiked’ meaning to the entire design.

12. Light Blue Peony Flowers

A flower that is used to depict wealth and elegant, this light blue peony is a stunning way to show off watercolor flower tattoos, although the flower itself is often used in red and pink shades. The Japanese may call them the “king of flowers”, and we’re seconding that.

13. Cherry Blossom Twig Tattoo

Cherry blossom tattoos are often used in Japanese style designs, and work as a perfect metaphor for life. The petals of the tree look beautiful, but beauty fades quickly and life soon moves on, the petals falling and the cycle starting all over again.

14. Small, Behind the Ear Tattoo

If you wanted a cute and dainty place to home your new watercolor flower tattoos, you could do a whole load worse than the tiny space behind your ear. With your hair worn down, no one would ever know it was there. Tie your hair up in a ponytail, however, and you treat people to a cute and colorful display just like this.

15. Cherry Blossom Arm Tattoo

As well as showing how fleeting life is, this cherry blossom arm design is the easiest to personalize, enabling you to twist and contort the branches into intricate designs to suit a wide range of places. It means that you can use it all over your body, even using it as a “filler” style tattoo for full sleeve or leg pieces.

16. Watercolor Poppy Flower

The meaning of the red poppy combined with remembrance actually comes form a very poignant poem by John McCrae. It was called “In Flander’s Fields”. It was about World War 2 and all the brave souls we lost in the war. We definitely think this stunning tattoo idea pays respect enough.

17. Small Peony Foot Tattoo

There are a few things you may need to bear in mind when it comes to watercolor flower tattoos like these. They are a relatively new concept and style, and that means that long-term fading isn’t known about. Some people suggest that the lack of an outline will mean the tattoo itself can bleed a lot easier. Other tattoo artists will also suggest regular touch-ups to ensure the color or vibrancy doesn’t fade.

Small Peony Watercolor Flower Foot Tattoo

Source: @graffittoo

18. Light Pink Rose Design

The idea behind these watercolor flower tattoos is to mimic the style of a watercolor painting. An artist can get super creative with designs such as these, and there are no “lines” are such to stay within when coloring in. No two watercolor tattoos will be the same, and that’s what has made them so popular these days. Everyone is striving to have something a little more different and unique.

19. Pink Eustoma Flower

Also known as Lisianthus, eustomas are quite the beautiful and vibrant flower, even in these watercolor flower tattoos. Their large and funnel-shaped flowers make for really beautiful ink designs, and they’re quite difficult to take care of. This would symbolize something fragile and delicate.

20. Flowers + Quote

A great way to personalize any tattoo, particularly these watercolor flower tattoos, is to add a quote. Do you have a favorite quote? Perhaps your parents or grandmothers used to say something that has stuck with you over the years? The only thing left to do is pick a font, and that’s often the hardest part when picking text-style tattoo designs.

Watercolor Flower Quote Tattoo Design

Source: @graffittoo

21. Pink Orchids

Any tattoo will come with its fair share of maintenance, but with really vibrant tattoos such as these watercolor delights, you may need to go back for a touch-up sitting to ensure the colors are as beautiful as they should be. The more colorful the tattoo, the more the chance you’ll need to go back for a little maintenance.

22. Poppy Tattoo

When you go for your tattoo, always make sure you’re wearing the right kind of clothes. This may sound like an odd thing to say, but you will want to make sure you are comfortable throughout the duration of the tattoo, as well as the journey home, and later on that day too. You will be in pain – a needle has been stabbed into your skin a few thousand times. The looser and more free-flowing your clothes are, the more comfortable you will find yourself.

Pink Poppy Flower Watercolor Tattoo

Source: @graffittoo

23. Big Peony Back Tattoo

Do tattoos hurt? Yes, of course they do, but how much they will hurt will change from person to person. Everyone is different, everyone has different pain thresholds, and it has even been suggested that women have a higher threshold of pain than men do. You should definitely be under no illusions when it comes to the pain factor of getting inked, and prepare for that – during the tattoo itself, and also afterwards.

24. Pretty Wrist Tattoos

When getting tattoos on highly visible places, such as your wrists or hands, you will need to be aware that it can have an impact on your life. Although the equality surrounding tattoos and piercings in the workplace is evening out, there are still some businesses who won’t employ someone with visible body modifications. Could your dream tattoos hinder your career? It’s definitely something to think about.

25. Amazing Arm Tattoos

Another thing you’ll need to bear in mind with arm and leg tattoos is how much you’re going to have them in the sun. Sunlight, and particularly tanning, can have an effect on how long your ink lasts, and it’ll fade quicker if you don’t care of it. There are creams and lotions you can buy designed for tattooed skin in the sun, but just making sure you use a strong enough SPF factor will do a good enough job if you’re not prolonging your skin to lots of it.

26. Magnolia Leg Tattoo

Magnolia trees are beautiful ones, and their petals are soft, pink and white in color, and said to depict three things – life, beauty and nature. Trees are a great idea to use within a family-orientated tattoo, as well as within these watercolor flower tattoos also.

27. Iris Spine Tattoo with a Quote

There are quite mixed symbolic meanings behind the humble iris tattoo, and although some believe it to mean death – befalling everyone – there are other more positive meanings behind the body art work. There are generally three petals in iris tattoos, and some think these stand for the past, present, and future. Because of this, they have become a tattoo that is often associated with hope.

28. Beautiful Single Rose Tattoo

The next tattoo we have to show you features a beautiful red rose. This design is tattooed down the spine and the watercolor technique is just stunning. You can recreate this tattoo or try a smaller rose elsewhere on the body. Also, consider the color of the petals as the different rose colors symbolize different things.

29. Watercolor Flowers and Hummingbird

Next, we have a flower and hummingbird tattoo. The tattoo is a circular shape with pretty purple flowers and there is a green and purple hummingbird too. It is a beautiful design and it is perfect for anyone who loves birds and nature. Try a similar design to this or choose different flowers and a different bird.

30. Botanical Arm Tattoo

When choosing a floral tattoo design, you don’t have to choose just one type of flower. This botanical tattoo features two different types of flowers and green leafy plants too. We love the combination of the different plants and flowers as it makes the tattoo unique. Recreate this or try adding your favorite flowers to the design, maybe even add your birth flower.

31. Colorful Lotus Tattoo Design

Lotus flowers are a pretty and popular tattoo idea. This next design shows a beautiful example of a watercolor lotus tattoo. It is a small and simple design that is located on the wrist and each petal is colored in vibrant watercolor shades. The different colored petals gives the design a vibrant twist and it makes it stand out from the rest. Try this design or you can choose one color for the petals.

32. Breathtaking Watercolor Tattoo

If you are looking for a stunning piece of body art that will wow, then this is for you. Here we have a breathtaking chest tattoo that features blue iris flowers. The colors used are beautiful and the design is delicate and bold. A chest tattoo is believed to be quite painful compared to other tattoos but as you can see, it is worth it.

33. Watercolor Violet Flowers

Our next tattoo idea features gorgeous violet flowers. There are three of the beautiful flowers tattooed on the arm and the whole design has an artistic watercolor effect. We love this tattoo because it has captured the beauty of violet flowers perfectly. Try this tattoo or you can have a smaller version placed somewhere else on the body, the wrist or ribs would be cool.

34. Pink and Purple Flower Tattoo

Next, we have another arm tattoo but this one features three large flowers in pink and purple shades. One of the flowers is dark pink, the next is purple and the last one is light pink. It is a pretty and feminine tattoo that will suit everyone. Recreate the gorgeous pink and purple look or choose your own colors for the flowers.

35. Snowdrop Tattoo Design

Looking for a pretty and unusual tattoo? If so, this is for you. Here we have a stunning snowdrop flower design that is tattooed down the arm. There is also a galaxy style background with gorgeous stars too. It is an awesome tattoo and it is perfect for anyone with a birthday in January as a snowdrop is the birth flower for that month.

36. Watercolor Cherry Blossom Tattoo Idea

The next tattoo we have to show you is stunning. This design features pink cherry blossoms that are tattooed just under the collarbone. The watercolor technique is perfect for creating cherry blossoms as it captures the beauty and delicateness of the flowers perfectly. Recreate the cool collarbone design or have cherry blossoms tattooed elsewhere.

37. Beautiful Floral Circle Tattoo

Love wrist tattoos? Then you need to check out this design. Here we have a circular floral pattern that is tattooed on the wrist. This is such a stylish idea as it combines trendy geometric shapes with beautiful flowers. Create a tattoo similar to this or use your favorite flowers instead.

38. Watercolor Geometric Flower

If you like floral tattoos but not the dainty and delicate designs, then this is for you. This design features a beautiful flower that has a modern and geometric look. The shapes and watercolor technique make the flower look like an illustration. It is a cool tattoo and is great for someone who wants a unique flower design.

39. Lotus Back Tattoo Idea

Next, we have another floral back tattoo. This one features a beautiful pink lotus with a green stem that is placed down the spine. The colors used are just stunning and a design like this is perfect for the ladies that want a bold piece of body art. You can recreate this design or try just the lotus flower without the stem.

40. Small Blue Flower Tattoo

Our next tattoo is pretty and subtle. This design has a little blue flower with a leafy stem. The colors and detail used on the flower are just stunning. If you wanted an even smaller tattoo, you could try the design with just the flower head. Create a blue flower like this or try a similar flower tattoo in a different color.

41. Floral Crescent Moon

Love flowers and the moon? If so, this is the perfect tattoo for you. Here we have an arm tattoo with a crescent moon shape that is covered in stunning watercolor flowers. It is just a pretty and stylish tattoo that combines two popular designs beautifully. Recreate this or you can use any flowers of your choice.

42. Watercolor Flower Tattoo Design

The next tattoo we have to show you is trendy and statement making. This design is tattooed on the arm and features one large flower with smaller flowers around the outside. There are also bright watercolor shades added to the design too. It is a pretty tattoo that will suit everyone. You can always opt for different flowers so that the tattoo is unique to you.

43. Pretty Purple Flowers

If you are looking for a cute and pretty tattoo, then this design may be perfect for you. Here we have a small ankle tattoo that features three purple flowers. The flowers are so bold and beautiful! You can recreate this or try one flower instead of three. A design like this can be tattooed elsewhere on the body too.

44. Watercolor Flower Back Tattoo

Back tattoos are very popular and with designs like this one we can see why. This tattoo features a bouquet of watercolor flowers. The colors and different types of flowers used look gorgeous. You can create a back tattoo like this with any flowers. A back tattoo is perfect for anyone who needs a tattoo that can be covered up.

45. Vibrant Tulip Tattoo Idea

Love tulips? Then this next tattoo is for you! Here we have two pretty tulips where half of the petals are pink and the other half are blue. It is such a cute and unusual design. Try creating tulips like these or use two colors of your choice. You can also have tulips tattooed in one color for a subtler look.

46. Watercolor Thigh Tattoo

The next tattoo we have to show you is one of our favorites! This is a thigh tattoo that features a stunning fuchsia flower design. A tattoo like this will look beautiful on everyone. Recreate the thigh tattoo for a stylish piece of body art or try a smaller fuchsia design on other parts of the body such as arms, wrists or ribs.

47. Beautiful Floral Back Tattoo

Next, we have another gorgeous watercolor back tattoo. The design features four beautiful, purple flowers in different sizes with a bright blue background. It is quite a simple design and it really makes a statement. This is a cute tattoo that can be recreated in any color.

We think these 47 watercolor flower tattoos are all beautiful in their own little ways, but there are so many possibilities when it comes to picking something entirely personal to you. Have a chat with a few artists and see what they’ll help you to come up with. It pays to remember that these people are artists – they’re not just good for stabbing your skin with the ink, they’re also great for coming up with truly breathtaking art. Maybe it’s time to leave the ball in their court for a while?

Let’s be honest about this, when it comes to prom night, every little detail is important. Getting the right elegant nail art designs for prom 2018 isn’t just a case of matching the colour to your dress, there’s so much more that comes into play these days. With long nails, short nails, stiletto nails, embellished nails, negative space nails, lace nails, and every other nail design you can think of in between, there has never been more options open to you. We think it’s about time you got a little bit creative.

1. Pastel Blue & White Design

If you don’t have time to head to the salon, or your budget won’t stretch quite that far, to allow for a beautiful manicure, don’t despair. There are plenty of ways you can makeover your talons at home, cheaper, faster, and to the exact style you wan. Lace nails, for example, are easily recreated with actual lace pieces, or you could use lace as a stencil to paint over, or you could even recreate the look with cleverly-placed flicks of white polish.  You could even look at getting nail wraps if painting the lace design is a bit too much for you.

Pastel Blue and White Prom Nails

Source: @nail_sunny

2. Simple Chevron Nail Design

The chevron design is one of the simplest you could try at home, and we’ve achieved it both freehand, and with the help of shaped nail tape too. If you have zig-zag scissors, you could even cut up tape at-home. Place the tape over your nails, then apply your paint, and once the polish has dried and you peel the tape away, you should be left with something that looks a little bit like this. We love the way that glitter has been used over the neutral peachy-nude shade, and you’ll find contrasts like that, even subtle ones, can make a massive impact.

Simple Gold and Neutral Chevron Prom Nails

Source: @hemmyberlin

3. Light Pink Coffin Nails with Rhinestones

For when you want to go all-out with the glitz and sparkle, how do you feel about the addition of rhinestones on your talons? Strategically placed, you could have them to look like any design you like – something exotic, perhaps? Or maybe just one gem on each nail? It’s up to you how intricate and how creative you go with the rhinestones, but you must admit they add a certain kind of sparkle to the occasion.

Light Pink Coffin Nails with Rhinestones for Prom

Source: @riyathai87

4. Glittery Accent Nails

If you don’t have a lot of time to redo your nails in time for prom, or just need a hand with something that’s simple, to the point, and elegant, how do you feel about these stunning designs? They’re nude and simple, but one nail has been called upon to become the “featured nail”. You can change the whole appearance of your manicure just by adding that one glitter nail, and it’s definitely one of the easiest of the bunch.

Simple Neutral and Glitter Prom Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @nail_sunny

5. Pink and Silver Metallic Nails

How do you feel about flowers? If you’re having a pretty pink or peach dress, you’ll need pretty peach or pink nails, just like these elegant nail art designs for prom 2017. For the record, if you’re having these nails done a few days before the actual prom event, make sure you take care of the nails in the couple of days between appointment and event. The last thing you’ll want is a last-minute busted nail. Use rubber gloves when doing dishes and submerging your hands in water, and make sure you have a good top coat on to keep things nice and secure.

6. Neutral & Gold Glitter Nails

Decorating the cuticles is a really big deal right now, and whether you’re looking at using rhinestones, glitter, or even wire nail art, it’s a must-have look if you want to be fashionable and elegant at prom this year. It’s very simply a case of adding nail tape to the main bulk of the nail, just leaving that half-moon cuticle section free, and then painting with your preferred glitter shade. Cover with top coat and you’re good to go. Could life be any simpler?

Neutral and Gold Glitter Almond Nails for Prom

Source: @nail_sunny

7. Trendy Ombre Glitter Nails

If you want trendy ombre glitter nails like these fabulous and elegant nail art designs for prom 2017, you’ll need a few things to hand. You’ll want your peachy-nude base colour, base coat, top coat, and then two shades of glitter. In this case, a silver-pearlised one, and a greens-blue one. Place your glitter in two stripes on a makeup sponge, and then place the sponge over your nail. After a press, you should be left with something that looks a little bit like this, and all that’s left to do is apply that top coat.

8. Pink Marble Nails

These pink marble nails are stunning, aren’t they? If you’re on the hunt for elegant nail art designs for prom 2017, you can’t go far wrong with marble nails. They’re the very epitome of elegance and class. They’re not overly difficult to do at home either, just in case you don’t have time to head to the nail salon. We’ve seen plenty of tutorials on Youtube, and we’ve even had great success trying to recreate some of the looks at home too!

Pink Marble Nail Art Design for Prom

Source: @nail_sunny

9. Pastel Blue & Rhinestones

These nails have an air of Cinderella about them, and we think that’s why we loved them so much. To get nails as good as a fairy princesses, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a good base to start working on. Before painting your nails you should make sure that you’ve gotten rid of any excess polish leftover from your last manicure. File your nails down, make sure you’ve given them a good coat of a conditioning base coat, and then it’s time to get creative. But you should know that your nails will look better if you take care of them first.

10. Neutral, Sugar Glitter Nails

Textured nails are a really big hit right now, and these almost-sugary nails are a perfect example of elegant nail art designs for prom 2017. They have just the right amount of something about them to make them really stand out from the crowd, but without too much that it takes over your entire look. Don’t you want it to be about your entire look? You spent enough time deciding on a dress, makeup and hair, after all.

Neutral Sugar Glitter Almond Nails for Prom

Source: @nail_sunny

We simply can’t believe how fast this year is going! Can you believe it’s almost Easter already? Not that we’re complaining about the warmer weather, of course, but we’re sure our waistlines will soon start to complain about all that extra chocolate consumption. We’ve decided to console ourselves with fabulous nails, and right now, we’re taking a closer peek at easy and simple Easter nail art designs. Here are 61 of them that we think you’re going to love.

1. Pastel Design

Pastels and spring go perfectly together, just like … well, pastels and spring really. This one combines a lot of different looks in one, but you don’t need to go for them all. Pick your favorite, or have nine all the same with one feature nail? Or even one featured nail on each hand? The ball really is in your court, and with designs as cute as these on the market, it really is time to get creative!

Pastel bunny Spring Easter Nail Art Design

Source: @fervelia

2. Polka Dots + Bunnies

Bunnies are a great idea for Easter nails, and they’re so much easier to paint yourself than you first may have thought. Start with your base coat, making sure you’ve done the full works before hand. This means removing any excess polish from the last mani you had, and giving everything a good file and shape. Add that lilac pop on the top, and find a darker purple shade to create those polka dots. You will also need a dotting design for that, but we’ve managed to use the round end of a hair grip and creative some pretty fabulous designs, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t have what you need. After that, a white elliptical for the rabbits face, a couple of ears, and some pink and black added in to give the bunny more detail. Not as tough as you first thought at all, right?

3. Cute Matte Design

Matte nails are a really big deal right now, but don’t worry if you don’t have a bunch of matte shades on hand. Simply paint your nail design, like these cute bunny and carrot nails, and rather than using a glossy top coat, give it a matte top coat instead. You’ll have matte nails and you won’t have needed to go out and buy a bunch of new polishes!

4. Colorful Design for Long Nails

If you have longer nails, why not play around with a slightly more intricate design. We love the horizontal stripes on these nails, using nail foils to help separate and give it a good illuminating pop. Bunnies and chicks are the name of these game with these delights, but you could add Easter egg designs, or any spring-like design you like really. How about daffodils? Daffodils always remind us of spring!

5. Flowers + Bunny Accent Nail

Green – how do you feel about it? Well, for spring-time, and particularly Easter, we think it’s the perfect shade. Especially when you combine them with some beautiful daisies and a white bunny too. Green is the color most meant to symbolize new life, nature, energy, harmony, and fertility. If that doesn’t say “spring celebration”, we don’t know what does!

6. Purple Design

Lilac, lavender, mauve – purples – are a really great color, especially when it comes to easy Easter nail art designs, but you’ll definitely want to remember to use a base coat. Purple, and many other bright shades, have a habit of leaving a nasty staining behind. If you find you do suffer with this, grab yourself a lemon. Lemon juice contains natural bleaching agents, and it’ll help to get rid of some of that discoloration.

Cute Purple Easter Nail Art Design

Source: @melcisme

7. Pink Ombre Design

What a super-cool design! These simple Easter nail art designs use a watercolor-ombre effect, and that’s such a cool look for right now. You will want to use a really good white base coat underneath to help the pink on top to stand out. You will also want to make sure you have yourself a good quality white polish also. White tends to be the color that most streaks.

Pink Ombre Easter Nail Art Design

Source: @zigiztyle

8. Cute Easter Chick Nails

Easter and chicks – they go great together, don’t they? You should definitely consider nails like this for your spring-time fun, especially if you want something cute and pastel. Easy to do, it’s a five-minute manic that we would definitely recommend.

Simple and Easy Easter Chick Nails

Source: @fervelia

9. Cute Carrot Design

If you don’t want bunnies, how about carrots? And speaking of carrots, we really fancy eating some juicy carrot cake right now! Anyway, cake and food aside, let’s pay some more attention to these super cute easy and simple Easter nail art designs. A little triangle of orange gives you the main bulk of the carrot, and a few flicks with your thin brush and some green paint will give you the greenery you need to make it look authentic. Simple and cute – isn’t that what you were looking for?

DIY Colorful Easter Nail Art Design

Source: @phenomenail

10. White Design with an Accent Nail

An accent nail is a great way of livening up your nails, without the need to liven up all your nails. You could give your main color a quick touch-up at the base, and then re-paint or re-design just one featured or accent nail, giving it that spring / Easter-touch. If you don’t have time for a full manicure, just give one nail the manicure treatment instead. It’ll take one tenth of the time … in theory anyway.

11. Spring & Easter Design

Florals are always a really good idea for Easter, and spring is when all the flowers bloom so what better time really? We can’t help but thing that a rhinestone would make the perfect addition for the center of a flower, with the petals coming out from around it. What do you think? And please show us if you do give it a shot!

12. Simple & Elegant

You don’t need to go all-out when it comes to Easter nail art designs. These still give the game away with regards to the theme, but at the same time they’re very muted and understated – nothing too bold or in-your-face. It makes them a lot easier to wear than the brighter and bolder styles, and also means you nails will have a better match with more of your closet choices.

Elegant Easter Nail Art Design for Long Nails

Source: @nailsbyjema

13. Chick & Glitter Accent Nails

When using glitter on your nails, we would always recommend that you start with a decent base coat. Glitter is renowned for being really impossible to get off once you’re done with it, but the base coat helps to create a barrier level between the polish itself, and your nail. When you try to get rid of it, a bit of soaking in acetone-free nail polish remover will do the trick. You know, just in case these glitter lovelies take your fancy.

14. Colorful & Eye-catching

If you want something bright, bold and eye-catching, how about colorful Easter nail art designs like these? They’ve got everything you need to make them Easter and spring-like – pastels, florals, bunnies, and carrots. Now if only there were chocolate in there too, they really would be a true representation of our Easter.

15. Simple Pink Design

Nobody really knows where the true origin of the word “Easter” lies, but there have been links to Latin, although that was originally derived from a translation error … For the record, over ninety million chocolate bunnies are made around the globe every year for Easter, and we plan on eating quite a few of those … How about you?

Pink and Green Bunny Easter Nails

Source: @melcisme

16. Bunny + Carrot

It’s the carrot nail we particularly loved about these nail art designs, although you can’t deny it – they’re all very cute indeed. A combination of matte and gloss finishes helps to make this look stand out, that and the bright orange shade, of course.

17. Pastel Ombre Nails

Believe it or not, bunnies haven’t always been associated with Easter. It’s said that the association is an American thing, although first introduced by Germans, and the fables and myths date as far back as the thirteen century. Eating chocolate bunnies is a much more modern affair, as are easy and simple Easter nail art designs. We’re very thankful for adorable nail designs such as these!

Pastel Ombre Easter Nail Art Design

Source: @nailsbyjema

18. Cute Red Design

Red isn’t a color that you would normally associate with spring and Easter, but as you can tell, it works rather well. This design, complete with cute bunnies and carrots, is bright and colorful, but not over-the-top. That’s just one reason why we love them.

19. Bright Bunny Ears Design

If you don’t want full bunnies, just add bunny ears to the tips of your nails, just like these easy and simple Easter nail art designs. Each nail has been painted a different pastel shade – another great idea for the spring time – and each one has had their own unique set of bunny ears painted on. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from using decals or transfers. We won’t tell if you don’t!

20. Cute Design for Short Nails

The churches are filled with flowers on Easter Sunday, and this is designed to symbolize the new life – the resurrection of Jesus Christ, if you like to follow the religious side of things. We’d love to fill our homes with flowers too, although that isn’t always practical. We’ll settle for beautiful floral nail designs like these instead.

21. Easter Bunny Nails

Next are these super cute, Easter bunny nails. Because what easy and simple Easter nail art designs list would be complete without a classic Easter bunny. Go cute and adorable, or be realistic if you dare. How good is your hand-painting skills?

22. Cute Pink and White Easter Nails

Next, we have a cute and pretty Easter nail idea to show you. The nails are all painted in a light pink shade and each one features a beautiful Easter themed pattern too. Two nails have white polka dots, the next has an egg design and the last one has adorable bunny art. You can recreate this look at home with stickers, a nail dotting tool and stencils. Try all of the designs or choose just one.

23. Stylish Pastel Easter Nail Idea

Looking for a unique and stylish nail design for Easter? If so, this is for you! The color palette includes pastel yellow, light purple, black and white. We love this combination because black and white is chic while the pastel tones are perfect for the spring. Three of the nails have Easter designs, one is a white rabbit and two are inspired by Easter eggs. This is a gorgeous look that will suit everyone. Recreate the whole manicure or just one or two of the nails.

Stylish Pastel Easter Nail Idea

Source: @nenasofias

24. Bold Easter Nails

Our next nail idea is bold, bright and fun. Most of the nails are painted in a vibrant yellow shade except for the accent nail which is purple. Each nail has a stylish design inspired by Easter and includes egg patterns and a cute bunny. You can recreate egg patterns with nail tape or stencils. If you love creating nail art, you can try and hand-paint the bunny ears or you can use a rabbit stencil.

25. Bright Polka Dot Nail Design

Brighten up your look this Easter with cute and colorful nails like these. Each nail is painted in a different color with a pretty polka dot design over the top. There is also one accent nail that features an adorable chick too. Recreate each of the nails or you can choose just one polka dot design. You can check out the nail polishes used to create the look on the page below.

26. Elegant Easter Nail Art Design

Celebrate Easter in style with nails like these! The nails use a beautiful pink and white color palette and each nail has a different design. Some nails are simple, one is sparkly and two nails feature Easter inspired art. It is a beautiful look that will suit everyone. Click the link below to view a tutorial and you can also see the products used to create this gorgeous Easter manicure.

Elegant Easter Nail Art Design

Source: @kt_tk1

27. Polka Dot and Bunny Nail Idea

Next, we have another cute and stylish polka dot look. These nails are short and have been painted in pink and purple colors. There are also white polka dots and a white rabbit design too. It is a fun and pretty look that will suit any Easter event. The colors used to create this design were: Rimmel London Ring A Ring O Roses, Lovely Gloss Like Gel Nr.128 and Catrice Cosmetics Milky Bay.

Polka Dot and Bunny Nail Idea

Source: @nbnailart

28. Glam Pink Easter Nails

The next idea we have to show you is pretty and glam! All of the nails are painted pink with one bunny accent design on each nail. We love this idea because the bunny has a little gem for a tail. It is a simple design feature but it really jazzes up the nails. Recreate this look or try your own rabbit and crystal nail art.

29. Yellow Nails with Chick and Flower Art

Yellow is a must-have color for the Easter and spring. This next nail look shows how to wear yellow in style. Some of the nails are painted in a vibrant yellow shade while two of the nails have an accent design. One features a beautiful floral pattern and the other has a cute chick. It is a gorgeous nail idea for the spring and for Easter events.

Yellow Easter Nails with Chick and Flower Art

Source: @art.skk

30. Vibrant Easter Bunny Nails

Our next nail idea is fun and vibrant. Two of the nails feature a cute carrot design, one has a speckled egg pattern and the other nail has adorable pink rabbit art. This is a unique design that will make your nails stand out from the crowd. You can check out tutorials online that show you how to create carrot and rabbit nail art.

Vibrant Easter Bunny Nails

Source: @nail_sunny

31. French Manicure with Easter Bunny Design

Give your French manicure an Easter twist with a design like this one. Most of the nails have the classic French manicure look and are a nude color with white tips. There is one accent nail that has turned the white tip into the cutest Easter bunny. It is a beautiful look that allows you to keep your usual manicure but it celebrates Easter too.

32. Chic Pink Nails with White Rabbit Design

Want to try an Easter design but do not like all of the bold patterns and vibrant colors? If so, this idea could be for you. The nails are painted in a light pink color with two accent designs. One of the accent nail features a simple white rabbit outline and the other has a pink polka dot pattern. It is a chic and elegant look that will suit everyone.

33. Pastel Polka Dots and Bunny Ears

Pastel colors and polka dots are perfect for the spring. This next nail idea is a beautiful example of how to wear these two styles together. Each nail is painted in a different pastel shade with a white polka dot pattern over the top. There is also a cute bunny accent nail too. This is a gorgeous manicure that will look amazing for the spring and Easter. Recreate the whole look or just the polka dots. You can check out the nail polishes used on the page below.

34. Cute Easter Egg Nails

The next nail idea we have to show you has taken inspiration from eggs. The nails are painted in different colors and have a speckled egg pattern over the top. There is also an adorable chick accent nail too. There are lots of tutorials online to show you how to create the speckled pattern. Recreate this look or just one of the nail designs.

35. Easter Rabbits, Egg Patterns and Carrots

Next, we have another cute carrot and rabbit design to show you. Two of the nails feature a bunny ear design, the next two have Easter egg patterns and the last nail is covered in carrots. It is a fun and unique nail idea that is perfect for celebrating Easter. Recreate this look or try one carrot instead of lots, and maybe only one set of bunny ears.

36. Simple Pastel Easter Nails

Another beautiful color you can try for Easter and spring is pastel purple. This manicure shows how to wear pastel purple perfectly. The nails are short and pretty with two accent designs. One features a white rabbit and the other has a cute floral pattern. This is a gorgeous Easter nail idea that will suit everyone.

37. Stylish Pink, Black and White Nail Idea

Give your nails a unique and stylish look by creating different colored rabbits. Here is a great example. The nails are painted in a pretty pink shade and there is a rabbit accent design on each hand too. One rabbit is classic white but the other is a black rabbit with a white tail. By using black, it creates a trendy look that is different from the rest.

38. Adorable Easter Nail Art Design

Love polka dot Easter nails? If so, this is for you. Here we have a colorful polka dot nail idea that has Easter bunny and yellow chick accent designs. It is such a cute look that is perfect for the occasion. You can create the polka dots with a dotting tool and you can hand-paint the chick and the rabbit. There are lots of tutorials online to help you.

39. Spring Flower and Bunny Nails

If you want your nails to look stylish after Easter is over, then try a design like this one. Most of the nails feature pastel ombre nail art and there are two accent nails too. One nail is covered in spring flowers and one features a bunny. Even though there is a rabbit, this nail idea is perfect for the spring season. Recreate this look or try the design in different colors.

40. Adorable Rabbit and Heart Nail Idea

The next nail idea we have to share with you is just adorable! The nails feature two bunnies with a heart pattern above, hearts with an Easter egg pattern and two small hearts on the little finger. A design like this would be perfect if you are attending an Easter wedding or if you just want to have creative and unique Easter nails.

Adorable Rabbit and Heart Nail Idea

Source: @_miriilein

41. Cute Polka Dots and Bunny Ears

Next, we have another cute polka dot nail idea. The nails are painted in a stunning purple shade with a white polka dot pattern. There is also adorable bunny nail art on the accent nail too. This is a fun and pretty look that will suit all nail lengths and shapes. Recreate this look or try a pastel purple shade to suit the spring.

42. Cute and Magical Easter Nails

This next nail design is so cute! Three of the nails are sparkly with a holographic look and rhinestones. The other nail is purple with an adorable rabbit. This is a fun mani for Easter and it also looks a little magical too. You can recreate a similar look or use any holographic colors with any bunny nail art. Try to keep the colors pastel toned because those shades suit the spring.

43. Bold Easter Nail Art with Polka Dots

Next, we have a fun, bold and colorful Easter nail idea to show you. Two nails have a cute polka dot design while the others have adorable Easter characters including a bunny and a chick. This mani is perfect for those who want a unique Easter mani. The polishes used to create this look are OPI Alpine Snow and Matte Top Coat as well as Snap Happy, Fear & Desire, Vices Versa, I’m Addicted, Romper Room and Good To Go by Essie, Mellow Yellow by Sally Hansen and finally Liquid Leather by China Glaze. You can also view short tutorials for each design on the page below.

Bold Easter Nail Art with Polka Dots

Source: @ane_li

44. Colorful Pastel Nails

If all the nail art with Easter characters such as bunnies is not your thing, then this could be perfect. All of the nails for this mani are painted in a different pastel color ranging from pink to yellow. This is a fun and colorful design that will look stylish after Easter is over. The design will suit all nail lengths and shapes. Plus, you can use all the colors for different designs too.

45. Bright Easter Nail Design with Glitter

Love to wear bright nail colors and glitter? If so, you need to check this out. Each nail has a different design including cute polka dots, block color, bunny ears and glitter. It is so pretty and the colors used are perfect for the spring. This manicure was created with colors Lavender Fields, Ibiza Breeze and Pink Me Up by Ella+Mila. Overnight by Little Ondine and a top coat by Serendipity was also used. You can check out a tutorial on the Insta page below.

46. Geometric Bunny Art

Looking for unique and trendy Easter nail art? Then this could be perfect for you. All of the nails are a vibrant yellow shade but each one has different art. The design that we really love is the geometric bunny. It is a small black outline of a bunny with colorful geometric shapes inside. This is a trendsetting Easter mani. Recreate this look or you can use different colors. You could even have all yellow nails with the rabbit as an accent design.

Geometric Bunny Art

Source: @blingwinkel

47. Easter Egg Hunt Nail Design

One of the best parts about Easter is hunting for chocolate eggs and this mani was inspired by the holiday tradition. Most of the nails are sky blue with green grass on the tips. Cute and colorful eggs are hidden in the grass and one nail even has an Easter basket. This is a fun mani that celebrates Easter eggs. You can check out the nail polishes used for this mani and also view a tutorial on the nail artist’s page. The link is here.

48. Glam Easter Nails

If you like glam nails but want to celebrate the holiday with an Easter themed mani, then this is for you. Here we have oval nails that are decorated with pastel colors, white patterns and gold foil. It is a stunning mani and it will look beautiful even after Easter is over. This look was created with Heroine NYC polishes in colors Peek-A-Blue, Peach Please, Lilac It, Empower-mint and Sugar Spun. You can view a tutorial on the nail artist’s page.

49. Colorful Chevrons and Bunny Ears

Chevrons are great for Easter because it’s a simpler way to get that Easter egg design on your nails. Here is a cute way to wear the art. Each nail has different colored chevrons and one nail even has pretty bunny ears. This is a fun and stylish mani. You can also buy chevron nail stickers online so you can try and recreate this mani at home.

Colorful Chevrons and Bunny Ears

Source: @sofinailstv

50. Spring Inspired Nails

This next nail idea combines Easter and spring themes together. Each nail has a different design which includes a bunny, flowers, butterflies, a heart and more. It is a cute and unique mani that will look beautiful throughout the spring season. You can recreate the whole look or just use one or two of the designs.

51. Bunnies and Carrots

Love Easter bunnies? If so, you need to check out this next design. Some nails are simply orange, one is nude with carrots and one features a bunny with the words Hippity Hop. It is such a fun, bright and cute design. You can buy bunny and carrot nail stickers online or you can view tutorials online which can show you how to hand-paint similar art.

Bunnies and Carrots Nail Design

Source: @nailsteria

52. Matte Pastel Mani

Next, we have another pastel look to show you. This time the nails have a pretty and coordinating color combination of pink, purple and blue. We love the colors and this is a chic, stylish and easy to wear Easter mani idea. You can find similar colors to these online. For a bolder look, you could even add some white Easter egg patterns.

53. Adorable Easter Nail Idea

This next nail idea has got to be the cutest Easter mani ever! The design features an adorable Easter bunny and a yellow chick in an egg. There is also a flower and carrot design. It is a fun, bright and sweet mani that is perfect for the occasion. The colors used for this look are Claire’s Light Yellow, OPI Mod About You, That’s Hula-rious and Matte Top Coat, Sally Hansen Barracuda, Essie Virgin Snow and Good to Go. You can also view short tutorials for each design on the nail artist’s page.

Adorable Easter Nail Idea

Source: @ane_li

54. Stylish Easter Egg Gradient

If you like the must-have gradient nail art, then this idea is for you. The nails start light blue and then blend into different shades until they are pink at the tips. Each nail is also decorated with white Easter egg inspired patterns. It is a trendy and easy to wear look that will suit everyone. You can recreate this or try your own gradient colors. This mani was created with OPI Alpine Snow, Essie Bikini So Tiny, Play Date and Haute To Trot and a top coat by Seche nails. Zig Zag vinyls by Whats Up Nails was used as well.

Stylish Easter Egg Gradient Nails

Source: @skys.nails

55. Easter Chicks and Polka Dots

Love cute little Easter chicks? If so, you need to see this design. All of the nails are white with either colorful polka dots or adorable yellow chicks. It is a fun, bold and pretty idea. You can recreate neat dots like these with a dotting tool. The chicks were hand-painted and you can find tutorials for chick nail art online. All polishes used are by Essence Cosmetics.

Easter Chicks and Polka Dots

Source: @nbnailart

56. Cute and Colorful Easter Nails

Next, we have another cute and colorful idea. For this look, the nails have different shades including purple, orange and more. Each nail also has a white Easter bunny. This is a fun mani and it is perfect for Easter. You can recreate the look or use similar colors and use the bunny as an accent nail.

Cute and Colorful Easter Nails

Source: @emybeev11

57. Speckled Egg Nail Design

Another Easter tradition is painting and dyeing Easter eggs. This next design has been inspired by this. Each nail is painted in a different bright pastel color. All of the nails also have a black speckled effect. This nail art captures what those cute little eggs look like perfectly. Recreate a similar look or use the same color on all nails.

Speckled Egg Nail Design

Source: @nailsteria

58. Glam Mani With a Pretty Bunny

This next nail design is so glam and pretty. All of the nails are painted in different shades of pink and some have added gold glitter too. One nail is also decorated with a beautiful white bunny with lashes and sparkly ears. This mani is perfect for those who like glitz and glamour. You could even recreate a similar look with purple instead of pink.

59. Unique and Colorful Easter Nails

Next, we have unique and colorful nail art. Each nail is different and has hearts, zig zag patterns and more. This is a more intricate version of the Easter egg patterns. You can recreate the whole mani or just use one of the designs on all nails. This nail art was created with OPI Bee Mine Forever, It’s A Boy!, This Cost Me A Mint and Follow Your Bliss, Uber Chic Beauty Welcome Spring, Twinkled T Can’t Even and Glow Up, Moyou London Cool Pool, Banana Ice and Hello Absinthe and Super Chic Laquer Top Coat.

60. Cute Pink Nails

If you like chevrons, different Easter art and polka dots, then this is perfect for you. All of the nails use pastel colors and the art is different. One nail has chevrons, one has polka dots, there is also a white bunny and an adorable chick. This is a stylish, pretty and fun Easter theme mani. You can recreate the whole look or just one or two of the designs.

61. Chocolatey Easter Nails

Is chocolate the best part of your Easter holiday? If so, you will love these nails. Most of the nails are painted in a chocolatey color while one nail is decorated with white art. You can create something simple like this or create more intricate chocolate art with gold foil to make the nails look like an Easter egg.

We loved these easy and simple Easter nail art designs, but we’d love to see what you wonderful and creative lot can come up with also. It’s time to get your paintbrushes out, people. Let’s get those spring time vibes started … maybe some super nice weather will follow.