50 Cute Good Morning Texts

A good morning text message is one of the best ways to let someone know you are thinking of them. It’s also an easy way to invade your partner’s thoughts and stay there for the entire day. Everyone loves to wake up to a cute text in the morning, right?

Don’t let a single morning go by without exchanging romantic messages while you both are still comfortable in your warm bed. Your virtual kisses and hugs will be all his need to start his day with a big smile on his face. You can also share this good morning quotes with your friends on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Tell that special someone they are on your mind with these lovely text messages:

Cute Good Morning Text for Him


Good Morning Text for Boyfriend

You love to start your mornings with a warm cup of coffee or tea? If yes, this is the text for you. Who wouldn’t love to wake up to a lovely message like this one?


Good Morning Quote

Another good morning message for a coffee lovers. We are sure there are many women who start their day with a coffee and a sweet, loving message for their boyfriend. Are we right?


Cute Text When you Miss your Partner

This text message will make him get that cozy and warm feeling on the inside. He will love hearing you are impatient to see him!


Every Moment With You is The Sweetest One

This quote is the sweetest way to show him you care for him.  These eight words will surely brighten up his morning.


Good Morning Hottie

If you aren’t in a lovely, dovey mood, this message is for you! It’s silly but it will definitely put a smile on his face. Guys love to be considered hot, especially if it comes from someone who they love.


Can I have you for breakfast in bed today

Breakfast in bed is the most memorable thing a man can do for a woman, especially if he is THE breakfast. Yummy!


Good Morning Text About Distance

They say that distance makes the heart grow stronger but sometimes the long distance relationship can be hard to handle. You miss his hugs, kisses and cuddles… this is the perfect quote for those lonely moments when you would give everything for him by your side.


Your Hugs and Kisses are the Only Sunshine I need

You don’t need sunny and warm mornings when you have somebody who loves you! His hugs and kisses are able to clear up the most gloomiest days.


Cute Good Morning Quote

This message will give him reassurance that you are happy with him, even when you just think about him. He can be sure that he is on your mind in the early morning.


You are my sweetest dream come true

Many women dream about their big love until they meet the guy they’ve been dreaming about. Thereafter, you don’t need to dream anymore because you’re living your dream with a man who completely stole your heart (and you his).


You Have Replaced my Nightmares with Dreams

If you need the right words to express your love for him, you might need to check this quote and send it to him. We think it can perfectly explain your love in just one sentence. He will feel special, that’s for sure.


Good morning message for him

If he isn’t the morning person, he will love getting a sweet message like this one. It will make him go from sleepy to bright as soon as he reads your message!


My Pillow Hates You

If you want to trade him for your pillow, he must be special. Let him know you would trade anything for his presence.


 Sweet Good Morning Text

With this quote you will prove him that love can really keep us warm! He will be happy to know that you are warmer just with a simple thought of him. Who knows, maybe this message will make him warm, too!


Sunrise Love Quote

Is your boyfriend so great that he makes your entire day better just with his presence? With this message you can let him know how important he is to you and that he’s in your head from the early morning!


Cute Good Morning Text for Couples

Who wouldn’t smile on this sweet message? If you want a big smile on his face, this message is a must!


The Hottest Man in the World has Just Awoken

Cool message if you want to boost your man’s ego.


Good Morning Text for Him or Her

Eggs, bacon, pancakes and kiss? Sounds like a perfect good morning to us! No one would refuse this awesome awakening.


Sweet Good Morning Text for Him

Short but cute message! Hugs and kisses make every day better (even virtual ones).


Sweet Good Morning Text for Boyfriend

This message is for couples in serious relationships. If you want to wake up right next to him, you obviously want live with him or spend the night at his place. There’s nothing better than waking up next to the person you love.


Rain Quote for Couples

Save this message for rainy weather. It will cheer him up, definitely!


Cute Text for Good Morning

Who wouldn’t feel special after this beautiful good morning message? He’ll definitely feel loved.


Good Morning Text Message

He can make you all fuzzy and warm even when he’s not near you? If yes, he’s a keeper!


Good Morning Quote

This is one of those all-in-one good morning texts. It will show him what an amazing person he is and how much you care for him. Maybe he will respond with the most loving text ever! Try it!


Morning Quote

When couples aren’t together all the time, dreams can be pretty handy. He’ll love to hear that he was in your dreams for whole night. Maybe you were in his, too.


Good Morning Love Quote

When you’re in love, that special person can give a new meaning to your life. Your mornings are filled with love, caring and you feel happy to start a new day with that amazing person. Love is beautiful!


Good Morning Quote for Him

How adorable is this message? It will melt even the coldest hearts.


Good Morning Message

When you tell someone he’s the icing on your life’s cake, things are getting serious!


Good Morning Message for Him

Too hot to handle? Very sexy! He’ll want to know all about your dream, that’s for sure.


I need more time to dream about you

Another lovely quote about dreams. If you are in a long distance relationship, this quote might completely explain your current situation.


Sweet Good Morning Message

When you are loving someone and you are loved by someone, weather becomes unimportant. Every day is beautiful and full of sunshine even if it’s snowing or raining.


Just the Thought of you Brightenes up my Morning

Even if he was having a bad morning, this cute message will definitely make it better. That’s why we love good morning messages so much – they make your day much, much better!


Its only a good morning when I know I have you

One word – adorable. If you don’t have that special someone in your life, days can be pretty tough.


Sweet Good Morning Message for him

I wish I could just came over… well, that day will come. Don’t worry!


Hot Boyfriend Love Quote

This one is hilarious. It will boost his ego instantly!


Good Morning Text Message for Him

This cute text is perfect, especially if you’re regular with your good morning messages. The smile will appear on his face the second he reads this message. We guarantee it!


Love Quote for Good Morning

A great text when you miss him! So, what are you waiting for? Send it!


The Best Good Morning Quote

Perfect message if two of you are planning to spend some time together soon. This’ll really get him excited to see you.


Good Morning Love Quote for Him

When girls are in love, all the other things become irrelevant. We only see our man and nothing else, not even a makeup!


Missing Boyfriend Good Morning Message

If you send him this message, you will definitely see him soon!


Quote about Dreams for Him

We all have some dreams we want to achieve but sometimes we can chase the wrong dreams until we find something or someone that makes us happy. Suddenly, they become our  true dream.


Good Morning Quote for Hot Boyfriend

If you’re in a search for a silly message, this one might be the one.


Cute Good Morning Text Message for Couples

Poetic messages are the best! They say so much in so little words…


I want to wish you a goodmorning

Did you know that when someone appears in your dreams, it’s because that person misses you? Lovely!


Dreamy Kisses Quote

After this message, he will shower you with his kisses on your next date!


Your morning coffee will have

Apparently, regular coffee with a teaspoon of sugar is boring! You definitely should try this one, maybe you will like it better.


Quote About Couple Pillows

Pillows can give good hugs, too! Specially, those with your lover’s name.


Quote for Sleepy Boyfriend

He isn’t a morning person? You always get your ‘morning text’ at noon? It’s time to change things and make him a morning person like you! He’ll get it if you send him this message or picture.


Our Love Gives me The Boost

Sometimes we need an extra push to accomplish our goals and obligations. Love is the perfect boost!


Its time to wake up quote

This message will remind him on his morning routine plus a kiss. He will jump out from bed just to get that kiss as soon as possible!

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