23 Badass Tribal Tattoo Ideas for Women

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11. Magical Sun and Moon Tattoo

The next tattoo features a sun and a moon and both are adorned with beautiful tribal patterns. Each symbol can mean something different. A tribal sun can represent many things including light, life, creativity, leadership and growth. The moon can symbolize respect, fertility and a deep connection with nature. So when you put them together, you have one powerful tattoo. It is a pretty tattoo and you can recreate it or maybe just have either the sun or the moon. Choose the one that represents why you want the tattoo.

12. Beautiful Tribal Leg Tattoo with Flowers

Earlier in the post we shared an amazing leg tattoo. If you loved that idea, then you need to take a look at this too. Here we have another design that covers the leg from thigh to ankle. This one only covers one side of the leg. It features tribal patterns and beautiful flowers. It just shows how different tattoos can be created. This is perfect for someone who wants a bold and striking tattoo.

13. Stunning Tribal Tattoo Idea

This next tattoo is another one of our favorites. Here we have a unique hand tattoo that features a moon and tribal patterns. These patterns are inspired by Hajichi and they are based on popular tribal designs. It is a beautiful tattoo and it brings together different cultures. There is a version of the tattoo with a sun instead of a moon on the page below.

14. Diamond Tribal Patterns

If you liked the geometric style tribal tattoo, then this could be perfect for you too. This design is tattooed on the back and it is a long diamond shape. The diamond is adorned with intricate tribal patterns. It is a beautiful tattoo that can be recreate or you can try using different patterns. Try to keep the shape though because it looks amazing on the back.

15. Large Back Tattoo

Next, we have another back tattoo and it is bold and beautiful. One side of the back has been decorated with gorgeous tribal patterns. There is a line down the spine that separates the tattooed side from the other side of the back which is so striking. The tattoo also features beautiful tropical flowers. This design is great for those who want a large and intricate piece of body art.

16. Amazing Matching Foot Tattoos

Looking for a beautiful tribal foot tattoo? Then this is for you! Here we have two matching tattoos that are placed on both feet. The tattoos feature a stunning geometric and symmetrical design that is inspired by Berber tribal patterns. It is an amazing tattoo idea. Recreate this or you could try the design on only one foot.

17. Pretty Flowers with Tribal Patterns

If you love the floral tattoos, then you need to check this out. This arm tattoo features three tropical flowers in different sizes. All of the flowers are surrounded by tribal patterns. The flowers look stunning and they are so striking with the tribal design. You can try a similar tattoo to this or use a smaller version which can be placed anywhere on the body. A pop of color can be added to the flowers.

18. Stylish Patterned Arm Tattoo

The next tattoo features a stylish arm design. This tattoo is a band shape and it is adorned with intricate tribal patterns. It is an awesome tattoo and it is great for those who want a bold tattoo but one that can also be covered up. Recreate this or use any tribal patterns to decorate the band.

19. Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos have become so popular for women. Next, we have a tribal version to show you. From the shoulder to the wrist, the whole arm is decorated with tribal inspired patterns. There are flowers, repeat patterns and more. It is an amazing tattoo that will really wow everyone. You can have a similar tattoo or use tribal patterns that mean something to you to create your own sleeve.

20. Statement Making Hand and Wrist Tattoo

Next, we have another wrist and hand tattoo. This one features different types of tribal patterns and there are also two cute butterflies too. A tattoo like this will suit everyone and it can recreated with or without the butterflies. A similar design would look great on the ankle.

21. Dolphin with a Tribal Pattern

If you love animals, in particular dolphins, then this tattoo is for you. Here we have a beautiful black ink dolphin that is decorated with tribal patterns. When you see a tribal dolphin, it can symbolize your connection to nature, the ocean and it can represent family bonds too. It is a pretty and unique design that can be placed anywhere on the body.

22. Stylish Underboob Tattoo

Underboob and rib tattoos have become a must-have for women. Next, we have a version with tribal patterns to show you. As you can see, geometric shapes and swirls have been used to create an amazing design. This is a subtler tattoo as you can show it off when you choose to. Something like this will suit everyone and different tribal patterns can be used.

23. Hand Tattoo with Beautiful Patterns

The last tattoo that we have show you is a hand design. For this, the hand has been decorated with delicate and beautiful patterns. This is a stunning tattoo and it makes an elegant statement. A tattoo like this is great for someone who wants a daintier tribal tattoo. You can recreate this or choose one of the other tribal patterns to create a similar look.

We hope you have been inspired by these tribal tattoo ideas!

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