63 Most Beautiful Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas

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If you really want a new tattoo but just can’t find the perfect design idea, then we may be able to help! Today we want to share 63 stunning sun and moon tattoo ideas. Not only do these tattoos look amazing, but the sun and moon can also be symbols of the circle of life, strength, unity and more. So, they have a positive message too! There is a tattoo for everyone, from unique designs to bold body art and there are even some tiny tattoos for those who prefer subtler ink. So, what are you waiting for?! Take a look, find a cool tattoo and book your tattoo appointment.

1. Small Finger Tattoo

The first tattoo that we have to show you is so cute and trendy. Here we have a small moon, sun and star design that is tattooed on the inside of the finger. A tattoo like this perfect for someone who wants a small and subtle design. You can recreate this or just choose a sun and moon without the star.

2. Colorful Tattoo Idea

Next, we have a unique and colorful design to show you. The tattoo features a large sun with a smaller crescent moon. Both the moon and the sun have faces which gives them a traditional tattoo vibe. We love the colors because they are so vibrant and beautiful. This is one of favorite designs and it will look amazing on anyone. It can be placed almost anywhere on the body too.

3. Tiny Tattoo Idea

If you like tiny tattoos, then check out this next idea. This design has a sun, black ink moon and a star. It is a tiny tattoo idea and it looks so cute and stylish. This would be perfect as a first tattoo because it is small so it won’t take a long time. Keep it simple like this or you can add some color.

4. Sun and Moon with Waves

Thinking about having a tattoo with your best friend, partner or family member? If so, you could have a tattoo like this. These two have chosen to have a moon and sun design. One person has the moon and the other one has the sun. Both tattoos have the same ocean wave design so that makes them match. It is a cool tattoo and it shows how you can’t have one person without the other.

5. Moon Inside The Sun Design

The next tattoo is very unique and it looks amazing. Here we have a sun design that is tattooed on the arm. The sun is split in half and the moon is inside it. It is a very beautiful and unusual design and we love the stars around it too. You can recreate this or you can use a different sun and moon.

6. Beautiful Tattoo Idea

Next, we have a stunning sun and moon tattoo. This design features a large sun with a small crescent moon. Both the sun and the moon are beautifully decorated and have gorgeous charms. This is an ornate and unique tattoo. Something like this will suit everyone and it can be placed anywhere on the body.

7. Back Tattoo

This next tattoo is one of our favorites! Here we have a large crescent moon with a beautiful sun on the inside of the moon. We love the placement of the tattoo. It is a super cool and stylish piece of body art that is perfect for those who like vintage style tattoos. You can recreate this or add some color.

Sun and Moon Back Tattoo

Source: @_mfox

8. Sun and Moon Arm Tattoos

You don’t have to have the sun and moon as the same tattoo, you can have them separate but with a matching design. This tattoo idea is a great example. One sun and one moon has been tattooed on both arms. The tattoos are both beautiful with stylish patterns and they both have an arrow design too. Try similar tattoos to these or try a different sun and moon. Tattoos like these would be great on the legs too.

9. Cute Sun and Moon with Clouds

Looking for a cute and stylish tattoo? If so, this could be perfect for you. Here we have a beautiful sun with a crescent moon. The design features clouds and the sun is awake and the moon is asleep. It is such a cool and unique tattoo and it shows the cycle of life. Recreate this black ink design or add some color.

10. Small Tattoo Design

Next, we have a simple and trendy tattoo idea to show you. This design features a sun with a smaller crescent moon. It is another tattoo with a modern look. A design like this is timeless, will suit anyone and it can be placed anywhere on the body. Try a similar design to this or you can try the sun and moon without the faces, this would look cool too.

Small Sun and Moon Tattoo

Source: @lucasmilk

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