21 Sweet and Stunning Summer Wedding Cakes

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11. Cute Pink and Gold Floral Cake

Next, we have this cute pink cake. It is a rose colored three-tiered cake with 24K gold leaf stripes. The pink and the gold create a luxurious and glam look. It also has a tropical vibe because of the vibrant sugar flowers. A cake like this would be perfect if you want to inject some color into you wedding reception.

12. Unfrosted Multi Tier Cake

Here is another multi-tier unfrosted cake that features summer berries. This one has a lot more sponge coming though giving it a very rustic vibe. The cake also features beautiful edible flowers. Edible flowers look great and give the cake a unique touch.

13. Classic White Multi Tier Cake

Liked the ruffle cake? Then you’ll love this pleated multi-tier cake. It is like a bigger version of that cake and has beautiful bright blooms. Inside the frosting is delicious brown sugar cake with cheesecake buttercream and dark chocolate cake with chocolate truffle cream. This cake not only looks amazing but sounds like it tastes it to!

14. Striped Cake with Bright Blooms

If you want statement summer wedding cakes then look no further! This cake features black and white striped icing which would wow as it is. The cake is finished off with vibrant flowers. The combo of stripes and bold florals create a statement making center piece, perfect for any wedding. You could recreate this however you like with different flowers and stripe colors.

15. Beach Bloom Summer Wedding Cake

Here is another unfrosted cake that will wow your guests. This one was created for a beach wedding and as you can see it looks stunning! The cake is finished off with beautiful flowers. Something like this would be a great choice for any wedding. You could use different flowers and change the number of tiers to make it unique to you.

16. Ombre Rose Cake

Roses are the flower of romance and love. So, it is no surprise that these flowers have inspired cake makers. We love our next pick which is a cake completely covered in iced rose swirls. This technique creates a stunning cake that would be perfect at a wedding. You could recreate this in any color but an ombre palette like this would look amazing.

17. Elegant Two Tier Cake

Our next pick is just the perfect classic wedding cake. It features the traditional soft and romantic colors on multi-tiers. The cake is finished off beautifully with delicate flowers. Something like this would be perfect for any wedding with any theme. You could even add more tiers.

18. Minimal White Three Tier Cake

Love minimal style, then this is the cake for you! This three-tier cake is all in white and has a crisp look. It is very simple but makes an impact. If you wanted to add a pop of color add some fruit like this. The orange and white complement each other perfectly. You could add a color suited to your wedding or just keep it white. This is a trendy cake.

19. Pretty Cake with Flowers and Fruit

Here is a cute cake that features a few summery elements. This cake has pink ombre icing with delicate florals and fresh fruit. It has the summer colors, fruit and blooms. A cake like this just says summer wedding. You could add more tiers if desired but it would look beautiful as it is on any table.

20. Luxurious White and Gold Cake

Next, we have a luxurious looking cake that will add glamour to any wedding. The cake is multi-tier and features gold detail. It is finished off with stunning flowers. A cake like this would be perfect for an outdoor wedding in a beautiful garden. It has a fairy-tale look to it which would be perfect for your fairy-tale ending.

21. Summer Flower Three Tier Wedding Cake

Last on our list we have this trendy cake with the sponge showing through the icing. It is a simple but beautiful design that is finished off nicely with dark and light flowers. This cake would suit any wedding at any wedding venue. You could even add flowers to the top for an extra special finishing touch.

Summer Flower Three Tier Wedding Cake for Summer Wedding Cakes

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We hope you have been inspired by these summer wedding cakes!

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