23 Stunning Sternum Tattoo Ideas for Bold Women

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Looking for a stylish, sexy and bold new tattoo? Then consider a sternum tattoo. Sternum tattoos are placed on the upper body and have been made very popular by celebrities such as Rihanna and Cara Delevingne. To show you how gorgeous these tattoos can look, we have put together 23 of the best sternum tattoo ideas. We have a design for everyone – from small tattoos to large pieces of body art with vibrant colors.

1. Floral Sternum Tattoo

First up we have this bold floral tattoo idea. The tattoo features beautiful pink dicentra flowers with a leafy design and a delicate jewelry feature in the center. A tattoo like this is stunning and it would be perfect for someone who wants a large statement making piece. You can recreate something similar or try the design with different flowers.

2. Stunning Lotus Sternum Tattoo

Lotus flowers are very popular designs for tattoos. This is for many reasons some of which include the flowers beauty and because of what lotus flowers symbolize. The lotus can be a symbol of peace, fertility, spiritual enlightenment and more. Here we have a bold lotus sternum piece. It is very detailed and the flower is gorgeous. For your tattoo, you can have a similar design or try adding color to the lotus as the colors mean different things too.

Stunning Lotus Sternum Tattoo

Source: @iliana_rose

3. Mandala Sternum Tattoo

Next, we have a delicate mandala sternum tattoo. The mandala pattern has been tattooed onto the sternum and has an intricate floral design. A tattoo like this is beautiful and it will suit anyone. You can recreate this tattoo or take inspiration from it and use your own patterns.

4. Ornamental Sternum Tattoo Design

Our next idea is stunning. The tattoo features a gem in the center, an ornamental design and dangling charms. It is a glamorous and bold design that is perfect for someone who wants a statement piece of body art. You can even add color to the gemstones on designs like this one.

5. Small Sternum Tattoo

Looking for a small sternum tattoo? Then this next pick could be just what you are looking for. The design features a line running along the sternum with patterns all the way down. When choosing a tattoo for yourself, you can have a design like this one or add your own patterns.

6. Small Flower Sternum Tattoo

If you want a small and cute tattoo, this design is for you. A small flower has been tattooed onto the sternum. It is a simple black ink design and it looks so pretty. Have a tattoo like this or choose you favourite flower, a rose would be beautiful too.

Cute & Small Flower Sternum Tattoo

Source: @cagridurmaz

7. Artistic Lotus Tattoo

Next, we have a very artistic tattoo idea. The sternum design features a lotus shape with an intricate pattern of wavy lines and dots. We love this unique take on the popular lotus flower. You can recreate this tattoo or maybe add some colored lines to the design that would look very pretty too.

8. Botanical Sternum Design Idea

Want a large and bold sternum tattoo? Then this next pick is for you. The tattoo has leafy botanical designs, beautiful flowers and delicate chains too. At the top there is also a pretty moon. Recreate the whole tattoo or just use elements you like, we think the whole design looks amazing and it will suit anyone.

9. Big Floral Sternum Tattoo

Our next tattoo features a gorgeous floral design. The flower is large and has beautiful details on the petals. Have a flower like this one created, or choose your favorite. If you want a more vibrant piece of body art, you can even add a pop of color.

Big Floral Sternum Tattoo

Source: @alinatu

10. Geometric Floral Sternum Design

Geometric tattoos have become very popular and the designs feature simple shapes. The style has been adapted and now features other designs such as flowers, just like our next pick. As you can see, a triangle has been tattooed on the sternum with pretty flowers. For your tattoo, you can choose any shape with any floral design.

Geometric Floral Sternum Tattoo

Source: @lucasmilk

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