45 Pretty DIY Halloween Makeup Looks & Ideas

Halloween is almost here! So, if you haven’t been looking already, now is the time to start thinking about your costume and makeup. Some love the scary ideas, however we know that many of you want to join in the fun but want to look gorgeous instead of gory. With that said, we have found 45 pretty DIY Halloween makeup looks. You will find Disney princesses, mermaids, sugar skulls and more.

1. Pretty DIY Scarecrow Halloween Makeup

The first makeup idea we have is this stunning scarecrow. Scarecrows are usually quite spooky but not this one. The artist has created a vibrant sunflower over the eye and the classic stitches on the mouth. She has also added sparkly glitter. This is a gorgeous take on a Halloween favorite.

2. Egyptian Queen

Feel like a Queen this Halloween with our next idea. Here we have Egyptian Queen makeup. The eyes have been created with the classic black eyeliner with vibrant colors. You can recreate this or take inspiration for your own ancient Egyptian look. Maybe add some gold or glitter. Also, the headdress is a must-have.

Egyptian Queen - Pretty Halloween Makeup Idea

Source: @joleanmua

3. Glittery Cat Makeup Idea

One of the Halloween classics is a cat and our next idea is a pretty, glitter feline makeup look. The eyes have a beautiful cat-eye flick and the artist has also created whiskers and a nose. There is added glitter too. You can easily recreate a look like this, and you can use any glitter color of your choice.

4. Halloween Pumpkin Makeup

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a pumpkin! Here we have a beautiful pumpkin inspired makeup look. The design features orange shading on the face with a classic black nose and mouth. This artist has made it look glamorous and pretty by adding beautiful eye makeup with sequins.

5. The Little Mermaid Makeup

Next, we have an idea inspired by a Disney favorite – Ariel from The Little Mermaid. As the character wears little makeup, it is an easy look to create. All you will really need is the wig and a similar outfit. Just try to include red lips like featured as the color is similar to the movie character.

6. Monochrome Halloween Makeup

Half and half makeup is a great technique to try. You can have one side suited to Halloween, and one side showing off your amazing skills. This next pick is a great example. One side is white and ghostly while the other features pretty purple makeup. You can recreate something similar to this or create your on hauntingly beautiful half makeup design.

7. Sugar Skull Inspired Makeup

We couldn’t have a Halloween list without showing makeup inspired by sugar skulls. This look features beautiful eye makeup, simple sugar skull patterns and a floral headband. You can create something like this or you can take inspiration from it and create more complex patterns or use different colors.

Here is how you can achieve the look:

8. Minnie Mouse

Looking for a cute Halloween idea? Then out next pick could be perfect. Here we have a version of Minnie Mouse. The artist has created a black nose and pretty eye makeup. This look is complete with Minnie Mouse ears. It is a fun idea and could even be a couple’s costume if you have a Mickey.

9. Spider Web Eye Makeup Idea

If you like Halloween and want a fun makeup look but don’t want to go all out or too over the top, this makeup idea could be just what you need. The makeup features pumpkin orange eyeshadow with a cool black spider web design underneath the eye. It is a simple and easy look to recreate and is perfect for parties or if you need last-minute makeup.

10. Glitter Skeleton

Skeletons are very popular at Halloween. Our next idea is a glam version of the classic skeleton makeup. The artist has created a bone design but she has also added sparkling glitter. By adding glitter, you give the scary skeleton a prettier look. Makeup like this is perfect for a party.

11. Mermaid Costume & Makeup Idea

Next, we have a magical makeup idea in the form of a mermaid. This is a unique take on the mermaid look as the artist has added pearls and gems. We love this idea! It is pretty and will wow at any Halloween event. Recreate something similar with pearls and gems or just take inspiration from the actual makeup, as the eyes are stunning and are perfect for a mermaid.

Mermaid Costume and Makeup Idea

Source: @jadedeacon

12. Poison Ivy

Our next idea is inspired by supervillian Poison Ivy. The look has been created with red lips, green eye makeup and a leafy design. It is completed with a red wig. This is such a cool and pretty take on the character. You can create this look or take inspiration from the many different versions there is of Poison Ivy.

13. Deer Halloween Makeup

Want to look cute but don’t want a complex makeup design? Then this idea is for you. Here we have adorable deer makeup. Deer makeup has become super popular and we can see why. The look is made up of white dots, shading, a black nose and pretty eye makeup. It is a simple but gorgeous design, perfect for Halloween celebrations.

14. Vibrant Sugar Skull

Next, we have another sugar skull makeup idea. This one looks more traditional with the vibrant colors and design around the eyes. It is a fun, beautiful and statement making idea. You can recreate this red look or choose your own colors. Try to match your floral headband with the colors you choose.

Pretty Halloween Sugar Skull Makeup

Source: @sarahnewsfx

15. Cute DIY Scarecrow

Earlier in the post we featured a scarecrow, if you liked that idea, you may like this one too. This scarecrow design is like a simpler version. It features small colorful patches with stitches on the mouth. The rest of the makeup is pretty and like you could usually wear. It is a simple, easy and cute makeup idea perfect for the festivities.

16. Pretty DIY Cat Makeup Idea

Our next pick is another cat idea. This one is a little more difficult than the one featured earlier. The eyebrows have a furry look as does the makeup around the eyes. This is such a gorgeous makeup idea that shows off your beautiful makeup while making you look like a classic Halloween cat.

Pretty DIY Cat Halloween Makeup Idea

Source: @alvajay

17. Fall Inspired Pumpkin Makeup

Halloween is part of the fall so you can add influences from the season into your makeup. Here is a great example. The artist has created a pumpkin design with the addition of fall leaves. This is a cute idea and you can recreate something similar or use the leaves with a classic Halloween pumpkin face.

Here’s a YouTube tutorial for the look:

18. Pretty Pikachu Makeup

Are you a fan of Pokemon? Then this makeup idea is for you! This artist has created a fun Halloween look inspired by the Pokemon character Pikachu. It is a cute makeup idea and it is perfect for parties. Create your own look inspired by Pikachu or choose your favorite character.

Pretty Pikachu Halloween Makeup

Source: @alvajay

19. Snow White

Next, we have another Disney princess. This makeup has been inspired by Snow White. Again, Snow White has minimal makeup so it is a simple look to create. You can be as bold or as subtle as you like with the eyes, but try to keep the red lips like the movie character. This is a great example featured below. Finish off with a wig and similar outfit and your look is complete.

20. Pretty Halloween Makeup with Glitter

You can jazz up any Halloween makeup with glitter and sparkle. Here we have a skull inspired design with glitter added to the face and hair. While she still has a spooky skeleton look, it is also pretty to due to the sparkle. You can add glitter to any Halloween makeup.

21. White Sugar Skull

Usually sugar skull makeup uses black lines to create the pattern. However, this artist has created a unique design by using white makeup instead. By using white you get a haunting but elegant look. Small pearls have also been used, but you can leave those or maybe add some silver glitter instead. Either way, you will have a stunning look.

White Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup

Source: @kvestina

22. Cute Bunny

Our next idea features a super cute bunny makeup look. The makeup features pink eye makeup, a pink nose, lips and cute whiskers. This is a such a pretty DIY idea! It is quite simple to recreate and it will suit everyone. Finish off the look with fluffy ears and you are good to go.

Pretty DIY Bunny Halloween Makeup

Source: @alvajay

23. Beautiful Dragon Inspired Makeup

Dragons are magical which makes them perfect as Halloween inspiration. Here we have a crystal makeup look inspired by dragons. The artist has used blue and green gems with glitter and stunning eye makeup. Dragon makeup like this is perfect for the powerful woman who wants a fierce but beautiful Halloween look.

24. Beautiful Sparkling Leopard

Next, we have a beautiful leopard idea. The artist has created stunning gold eye makeup, with a black nose, gold lips and leopard spots. Each spot also has gold and sparkle. This is a stunning makeup idea and it will wow everyone at the Halloween celebrations.

Beautiful Sparkling Leopard Halloween Makeup

Source: @jadedeacon

25. Pretty DIY Mermaid Makeup

Last on our list is this pretty purple mermaid idea. The look features scales, pearls, starfish and purple makeup. You can recreate this or you can use it as inspiration and use your own color scheme. There are tutorials online to help you easily achieve the scale look at home.

26. Magical Mermaid Makeup

Look magical and beautiful this Halloween with mermaid makeup like this! The makeup artist has created a mystical mermaid look with purple shades and scale design. This is a fun and pretty makeup idea. You can check out a short tutorial for this makeup on the page below, there is also a list of the products used too.

Magical Mermaid Makeup for Halloween

Source: @giuliannaa

27. Cute Werewolf

The werewolf is a classic Halloween costume and next we have a pretty version of the usually scary makeup. For this look, she has painted her face and eyebrows so they look furry and she has finished off the makeup with a cute brown nose, werewolf teeth and glam eye makeup. This is a simple makeup idea that is a little scary for Halloween but it keeps you looking beautiful too.

Cute Werewolf Makeup

Source: @muaerika18

28. Cheshire Cat Makeup

If you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland, then you are going to love this next makeup look. Here we have illusion makeup inspired by the Cheshire Cat. The makeup artist has created pretty purple eye makeup and a purple nose. She has also created the illusion of a large grin that the Cheshire Cat is known for. This is a cute look and it is perfect for someone who wants more unique cat makeup. You can find Cheshire Cat makeup tutorials online.

29. Glam Pirate Makeup Idea

Next, we have a pretty pirate makeup idea to show you. This makeup is quite simple, she is wearing vibrant pink eye makeup with dark lip color. The makeup is jazzed up with pirate and Halloween themed accessories such as a bandana, coins, contact lenses and more. It is a creepy and cool makeup idea that would be perfect for a party. This would be a great last minute look too.

Glam Pirate Makeup Idea

Source: @sinairuelas

30. Unique Gangster Clown

Thinking about dressing up as a clown this Halloween? If so, you need to check out this unique version of a clown. This makeup artist has created a gangster clown. It is exactly how it sounds – it is classic clown makeup with a gangster twist. This is an unusual and creative idea and it will make you stand out from the other clowns. There are makeup tutorials for this type of clown makeup online and you can check out what products were used to create the look on the page below.

31. Mystical and Spooky Makeup

Bring the magic and mystery to Halloween with makeup like this. This makeup artist has created a fortune teller look. She is wearing sparkly purple eye makeup with dark lip color and magical patterns. Wear similar makeup with accessories like the image below and you will have a pretty and otherworldly costume!

Mystical and Spooky Halloween Makeup

Source: @lamahbilal

32. Sally Makeup Idea

The next makeup look that we have show you is inspired by the character Sally from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. We love this because you can look spooky and pretty too. You can buy Sally costumes online and you can recreate similar makeup to this. There are lots of Sally makeup tutorials online.

Sally Halloween Makeup Idea

Source: @pazsykesmua

33. Wonder Woman Makeup

If you would rather be a hero than a villain this Halloween, then this makeup idea could be perfect for you. Here we have makeup inspired by Wonder Woman. The makeup artist has created a comic book style look complete with glam eye makeup and a star headband. This is cute and easy to wear makeup that will suit everyone and it is pretty too.

Easy Wonder Woman Makeup

Source: @jodiehulme

34. Pretty Frakenstein Inspired Makeup

Frankenstein is another classic Halloween costume and next we have a cute and unique version of the the makeup. The artist has painted most of her face green like you would usually see with Frankenstein makeup and she has created stitches too. It is more unusual because one section of her face is not green and has glam eye makeup. This is another look where you get the best of both worlds. You can be creepy Frankenstein but also look beautiful.

35. Stunning Masquerade Mask Makeup

Next, we have a stunning makeup idea and it is one of our favorites! Here we have masquerade mask makeup. For this look, she has the mask painted on her face in beautiful purple shades and it is finished off with sparkling gems. It is a unique, creative and beautiful idea. You can recreate this or try your own masquerade design.

36. Simple Spiderman Makeup

Looking for a simple and easy to wear makeup idea? If so, this could be perfect for you. This makeup artist has created beautiful eye and lip makeup that you might usually wear and it is complete with a painted Spiderman mask. You can easily recreate this. Try the red look or you can create your own eye and lip makeup and just paint on the mask. There are Spiderman mask tutorials online.

Simple Spiderman Makeup Idea for Women

Source: @minniemcgee

37. Magical Fortune Teller

If you love the fortune teller makeup ideas, then you need to check out this next look. Here we have another version of a fortune teller. She is wearing very glam purple and gold eye makeup and dark lip color. The makeup is finished off with a Triple Goddess symbol. This is a magical makeup and costume idea that would be perfect for a party.

38. Half Scaly Makeup

Next, we have another illusion makeup idea. This time the makeup is very beautiful and a section of her face has a scaly design. We love this because it looks like some of her skin has come off to reveal the scales underneath. You can use this scale design for lots of different makeup looks from mermaids to dragons.

39. Unique and Bold Pop Art Zombie

Want to dress up as a zombie this Halloween? If so, why not consider wearing pop art zombie makeup like this? Pop art zombies have become quite popular on Instagram and next we have a pretty and cute version. Her face is a bright color with a tooth design and a pink section around one eye. This is a less scary and more fun way to be a zombie because there is no blood and gore. There are lots of pop art zombie makeup tutorials online.

40. Pretty Illusion Makeup Idea

The next makeup idea features another illusion. For this look, most of her face is grey and her hair is also grey. There is one section of her face that is left colorful with beautiful eye makeup and her lips are bright too. She also has a vintage vibe which looks stunning. This is a very unique illusion that reminds us of the glam actresses from old movies on black and white TVs.

41. Spooky Bat Makeup

Next, we have a spooky bat makeup idea to show you. The makeup artist has created very glam eye makeup and she is wearing a stunning lip color too. This makeup is finished off with a Halloween bat design. It is a fun and creepy look that is perfect for a party. This is also great for those who want to join in the Halloween fun but also look gorgeous. You can check out what products were used on the page below.

42. Glitzy Skull

When you think about skulls, the word pretty does not come to mind. However, this makeup idea is going to change that! Here we have a glitzy lavender skull. The artist has created stunning skull makeup with different purple shades and she has completed the look with gems, glitter and a floral crown. We love the colors and the rhinestones. It is a very glam and slightly spooky version of the classic skull makeup.

43. Mystical and Magical Deer Makeup

Deer makeup is so popular for Halloween and next we have a unique version that will make you stand out from the rest. Here we have a pink deer makeup. She has painted her face and body pink and she has added white spots. The look is finished off with pretty pink eye makeup, a cute nose, antlers and a pink wig. This is a bright and fun makeup idea. There are lots of deer makeup tutorials online. Just follow one of those but use pink colors.

Mystical and Magical Deer Makeup

Source: @jadedeacon

44. Cracked Snow White Makeup Idea

Next, we have a princess inspired makeup look with a Halloween twist. Here we have a beautiful version of Snow White but the makeup artist has added a cracked illusion. This is such a cool and creative idea. The cracked illusion could be used for a creepy doll look or it could represent the mirror from the story.

Cracked Snow White Makeup Idea

Source: @bybrookelle

45. Avatar Inspired Makeup

If you loved the movie Avatar, then this makeup idea is for you! This makeup look was inspired by Neytiri – a character from the movie. She has painted her face blue and she has recreated the patterns on her face. The look is finished off with a wig. You can find Avatar makeup tutorials online. Makeup like this would be perfect for a party.

We hope you have found some pretty DIY Halloween makeup looks to try this year!

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