23 Pirate Makeup Ideas for Women to Copy This Halloween

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11. Pirates of the Caribbean Inspired Makeup

Next we have another Pirates of the Caribbean inspired look. This time she has normal pirate makeup on one side and the makeup on the other is green with shells. She looks like a member of Davy Jones crew. It is a fun idea and it is perfect for fans of the movie. There are tutorials online which will show you how to stick shells on your face.

12. Skeleton Pirate Illusion

If you want to go all out this Halloween, then this makeup idea is for you. The makeup artist has made it look like her skin has come off on her face and neck to reveal a skeleton underneath. This costume is complete with a pirate hat and eye patch. It is such a spooky idea and you can find tutorials online for skeleton makeup illusions like this one.

13. Ghostly Pirate with Treasure Map Design

Earlier in the post we featured makeup with a treasure map design. If you liked that idea, then check this one out. Here is another version. For this look, she has put the treasure map design on her body while the top section of her face looks like a spooky pirate. This is a cute and scary idea and it shows another way to use the treasure map.

Ghostly Pirate with Treasure Map Design

Source: @anarema4

14. Pirate and Mermaid Makeup

Can’t decide whether to be a pirate or a mermaid? Then why not combine the two?! You could try something like this. As you can see, she has mermaid scales on her face with gorgeous purple eye makeup and rhinestones. She also has pirate accessories, hair and pirate makeup designs. This is a unique idea and you will stand out from the spooky crowd.

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15. Pirate Makeup with a Wound

If you like the gory makeup ideas, then take a look at this. She has glam eye makeup complete with a bloody wound on her face. The costume is complete with a pirate inspired headband. This look ticks all the boxes. It is a little glitzy, spooky, gory and stylish. You can find tutorials online for fake wounds like this one.

16. Mystical Pirate Makeup

The next makeup idea is another one with a mystical vibe. This pirate look has a blue theme and she has a stunning blue and purple eyeshadow blend. The costume is complete with dark and rich lip color and blue pirate inspired accessories. This is a unique and pretty version of the pirate. It has an ocean mermaid vibe.

Mystical Pirate Makeup

Source: @jessuhbug

17. Glitzy Makeup Idea with Accessories

Next, we have another pirate inspired by Jack Sparrow. She has dark eyes with a bit of silver sparkle and she also has a unique nose ring. This is like an edgy pirate and it is great for those who love to accessorize and trying something different. The makeup is easy to create and it is perfect for parties and last minute events.

18. Simple and Pretty Pirate Makeup

If you don’t want to go all out and just want a simple and pretty pirate makeup look, then this is for you. As you can see, she has neutral eye and lip makeup. But there is a little glam gold added underneath the eyes. The costume is complete with a cute bandanna. This is perfect for those who want to dress up but still look gorgeous.

19. Pirate Makeup with a Cute Anchor

Look like a cute and glam pirate with makeup like this. She has dark and smokey eyes with silver sparkle. Her lips are rich red and the look is complete with an anchor. The colors of the makeup are perfect for the fall and Halloween. Complete the costume with pirate accessories and you’re good to go. We love this one!

20. Skeleton Illusion Idea

This next pirate makeup idea has another illusion. For this, she has pink and red makeup on the eyes and lips. However, one eye and one section of the mouth looks like a skeleton. This is an awesome idea and you will look like a spooky and ghostly pirate. There are tutorials for makeup like this online.

21. Dead Pirate Look

The next makeup idea combines zombie style makeup with a pirate, so you will look like a dead pirate. A lot of her face has simple makeup while the area around one eye is green and zombie like. She is also wearing a white contact lens on the green section. This is a unique idea and it is perfect for the zombie fans.

22. Pirate Makeup with Gold Coins

If you like treasure and pirates, then this is for you. The makeup artist has created glam pink and red eye makeup complete with rhinestones and a red bandanna. She has also stuck gold coins to her body. This is such a fun idea and it shows you’re a treasure hunting pirate. You can buy glue that is safe for skin online, usually from special effects shops.

Pirate Makeup with Gold Coins

Source: @sinairuelas

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23. Glam Pirate with an Eye Patch

The last makeup idea is simple and glam. For this, she has a beautiful smokey eye with rich red lip color. The costume is complete with a glitzy eye patch and headband. We love this because the makeup and unique eye patch is perfect for parties. This look is easy to create and wear.

We hope you have found a cool pirate makeup look to try!

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