41 Cute and Fun Gender Reveal Cake Ideas

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11. Team Pink and Team Blue Cake

If you are having a gender reveal party, then this next cake idea could be perfect. The blue, white and pink cake features cake toppers that read “little man or little miss” and “team blue, team pink”. You can have a similar cake at a party and get guests to guess and pick a team before the cake is cut. A cake like this would be a fun and tasty treat.

12. Adorable Owl Gender Reveal Cake

Our next cake is just adorable! This cake features two owls with a message that reads “guess whoo?”. We love this idea because its a cute and creative version of the classic gender reveals. You can take inspiration from this and have any owl design on any cake size.

Adorable Owl Gender Reveal Cake

Source: @c2sweets

13. Pretty Blue and Pink Iced Cake

So many amazing cake designs can be created with icing. This next cake features blue and pink buttercream rose icing. The roses look elegant and beautiful on the cake. You can have roses like these created in any color. If you love to bake you could even have a go at making a similar cake yourself.

14. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Cake

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is a popular lullaby for babies, so it is no surprise that it appears on cakes for baby showers and gender reveal parties. This cake has two little shoes on the top with a message underneath that reads “twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are”. This is a great cake design for a gender reveal.

15. Prince or Princess Cake

Next, we have a glam cake idea. This cake has two tiers with a cake topper that reads “prince or princess”. There are also small decorations on the top. We love this cake idea because it is different to the traditional girl or boy cakes. You can recreate something similar in any color scheme and cake size.

16. Blue and Pink It’s A… Cake

Looking for a simple but cute cake? Then this cake could be for you. The cake is round with blue, pink and white icing, it also features the words “it’s a….”. We love this idea because you can’t finish the sentence until the cake has been cut and the gender revealed. It is a fun and creative idea.

17. Girl or Boy Gender Reveal Cake Idea

The next gender reveal cake idea on our list looks too adorable to cut. This white cake features the words boy or girl iced in pink and blue, the cake is finished off with the cutest baby decoration. A design like this will wow everyone that sees it.

18. Creative What’s the Scoop Cake Idea

If you are looking for a fun and unique cake, then this idea could be for you. The cake features one pink ice cream and one blue ice cream. Underneath there is a message that reads “what’s the scoop”. This is such a creative idea because “the scoop” means news and everyone is waiting to hear the news on whether the baby will be a boy or girl. We love this idea.

19. Cute He or She Gender Reveal Cake

Our next cake idea is super cute. The single tier cake features blue and pink polka dots with adorable baby shoe decorations. You can take inspiration from this cake and recreate something similar or you could add more tiers or try a different shoe design. This is the great cake idea for any gender reveal party.

20. Blue or Pink Gender Reveal Cake Idea

Are you a football fan? Then this is the cake for you. The cake featured shows how you can create the football theme for both a boy and a girl. The only difference is one side is pink and the other blue. It also has a cute message that reads “blue or pink, what do you think?”. This is the perfect cake idea for anyone who loves football.

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