21 Fun Baby Shower Games and Prizes

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11. Guess How Many Sweets

The guess how many sweets in the jar game has had a baby shower makeover! For this shower, a big baby bottle was filled up with candy. This is a cute game and can be personalized to suit any shower. You could have a pink or blue bottle and fill it up with your favourite sweets. All the guests have to do is guess the number of sweets and who ever is closets wins.

12. Baby Shower Bingo

Bingo is game that everyone will enjoy, making it a great choice for your shower. Instead of regular bingo why not try baby shower bingo! The rules are easy, just fill in the boxes with gifts you think mom will receive. Then if your predicted gift is opened mark the square with an X. You could design your own bingo card to suit your shower theme.

13. Advice for Mom

Give all the guests a chance to share their words of wisdom with advice for mom cards. These cute cards will be loved by the guest of honor and can be kept as a memory of the special day. To make things fun you could even have a prize for the advice that is the funniest etc.

14. Creative Prize Idea

These little soaps could make the cutest prize ever! The sweet pea soaps feature a thank you from the mom and her sweet pea. You could be creative with this idea and come up with your own cards. Any guest would be delighted to win one of these.

15. Guess the Birth Date

As many will know some babies do not arrive on the due date. Some are early and some are late. That is why a game like this would be great at a baby shower. Each person makes a prediction of when they think the baby will be born and sticks it on a calendar like this one. Then when the baby is born the person closest to the date wins.

Guess the Birth Date Game Idea for Baby Shower

Source: @bearymama86

16. Baby Bottle Trophies

If you’re looking for a unique prize, then you need to have a look at these bottle awards. The awards are baby bottles painted gold. Your guests will love these and if you like crafts and diy, you could make something like this yourself. Bottles like these would be an amazing prize!

Gold Baby Bottle Trophy Prize Idea for Baby Shower

Source: @nappytastic

17. Cute Plant Prize

Give your guests a unique prize with cute seed packets like these. Each one is personalized with the due date. You could re-create prizes/favors like these with any flower seed and with any design. Perfect if you’re having a woodland theme shower.

18. Baby Shower Party Bag

Need something to jazz up your prizes and favors? Then check out these party bags. The bags feature the mom and dad’s name with the due date. Any prize would look awesome in a bag like this. You could choose any color scheme and font to suit your shower.

Baby Shower Party Bag Idea

Source: @rootedmanor

19. Tape Measure Game

A great game idea for any shower is the measuring tape game. To play this game all your guests need to do is cut the tape at the measurement they think is the size of the baby bump. You could use yarn if prefer. Then whichever tape fits the closest around mom’s waist wins. It’s a fun game that everyone will enjoy.

20. Don’t Say  Baby

Don’t say baby is a very popular game for a baby shower. Each guest has a clothespin and wears it throughout the shower. If someone hears you say baby they can steal your clothespin. Whoever has the most by the end of shower wins. You could try this with bow ties for a boy’s shower and bows for girls.

21. Selection of Baby Shower Games

Last on our list is a cute selection of baby shower games. There is guess the date, a quiz on the mom-to-be and baby predictions. Games like these are printable and would be perfect to put on a games table. You could re-create these yourself in any color and design to suit any shower. Your guests will love these!

We hope you have found the perfect baby shower games! Any of these will make the baby shower a day to remember.

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