23 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

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11. Easy & Cheap Centerpiece

Popcorn – not just a tasty and relatively easy / guilt-free treat, but also a great starting point for easy DIY Thanksgiving decorations. Pour the un-popped popcorn kernels into a glass jar, and then comfortably sit an unlit candle in there so that its safely nestled and can’t move.

You wont be able to leave this unattended, but you shouldn’t leave candles unattended anyway. It’ll start to give off a delightfully comfortable scent once the kernels begin to warm. A touch of rustic string helps to finish the look, but this centrepiece doesn’t really need it.

12. DIY Acorns

If you’re good with your hands, these DIY acorns are a really good idea. You can pick plenty of them up from outside if you have a good wander around in the good, fresh fall air. If you get one wrong, just try again. Maybe give the kids a few so they don’t feel left out?

These are quite small items to decorate, so you’ll need a little bit of patience to see you through. However, some of these, decorated with string and a hot glue gun and dipped in paint, will make for great easy DIY thanksgiving decorations.

13. Walnut Candles

This is actually a very handy thing to know in general. There are quite a few items that you could make last-minute DIY candles out of. Oranges are a popular option, as are sea shells picked up at the beach. Don’t you see? It pays to think outside the box and get a little creative.

You’ll need to first remove the nut very carefully from the walnut shell, and then either recycle an old candle wick sustainer, or buy some new ones. You can do the latter for quite cheap, especially online. You’ll also need wick too, but you can quite easily get these things by somewhat destroying an old tea light candle.  Melt the wax down, pour it around the wick and sustainer that you glued to the base of the walnut shell, and wait to harden. You’ll find this happens quicker when left in the fridge.

14. Pinecone Door Decor

Wrap the kids up, or grandkids, nice and warm, and take them on an outdoor adventure. The mission? To find pine cones, of course, which you’ll then use in your easy DIY Thanksgiving decorations to create stunning pine cone door decor.

Dip them in paint, or spray them instead, and really get creative, using brightly coloured shades, or maybe even adding glitter to the mix? When you’re done, glue a hook on to them, and then tie to different lengths of ribbon to hang like you can see here. There’s no limit to the creative possibilities of pine cones, especially when you get the youngsters involved on rainy, cold weekends off with nothing else to do.

15. Glittery Acorns

When fall comes, there are so many across out there, they’re just begging you to create easy DIY Thanksgiving decorations with them. Okay, perhaps not begging, but you must admit that these do look super cute, and probably lots of fun to make too. (As long as you’re not the one clearing up the glitter mess, obviously.)

These are easily recreated at home with the assistance of your assistants, otherwise known as the kids, some glitter in little pots, and a tub of glue. Dip the acorn in the glue, and then in the glitter, and then find somewhere safe for them to dry … without getting glitter everywhere.

16. Pumpkin Floral Arrangement

We absolutely love this pumpkin floral arrangement idea for our easy DIY Thanksgiving decorations, and you don’t even need to be a professional in the world of flower arranging to be able to do this for yourself. If you have a garden filled with flowers, head on out there and get snipping. Alternatively, ask your mother / grandmother if you can raid their beautiful flower garden instead. Or just buy some flowers, obviously.

With your already hollowed-out pumpkin, just turning it around so that no one can see the scary, spooky cut-out scene, arrange your flowers inside. Ideally, you should place the flowers within a plastic bag filled partly with water. Obviously you can’t put water in a hollowed-out pumpkin, because then the water would go everywhere … It also helps to keep things nice and tidy on the inside.

17. Rustic Centerpiece

There’s something about going back to basics and going au natural when it comes to your Thanksgiving decorations. We love this little DIY one. Had you thought of using something as simple as a tree lug or branch in order to make a centrepiece for your dinner table this year? We think it’s a great idea, and it’s actually a very simple one too.

Wood and Candles Thanksgiving Centerpiece


You could cut circles out of the wood for the taillight candles to sit in, or you can do what you can see here – creative a crevice, of sorts throughout the centre of the wood itself, and then fill it with various fall-themed items – pine cones, tea light candles, acorns, branches, twigs, that kind of thing.

Just remember the fire risk here – don’t pile everything up so high that something could catch on fire. Use your common sense, you know how it goes.

18. Lantern Centerpiece

This lantern centerpiece is a super adorable way to liven up your home for Thanksgiving, and these lanterns can be picked up an-painted or decorated for next to nothing. You are then free to paint them to match your exterior decor, or your interior, or just let the kids loose on them. You could add sprigs of leaves, wheat sheaves, whatever you liked really.

Add your candle (or a couple of smaller candles) inside the lantern, and make sure that nothing can set on fire. Again, don’t leave this one unattended, and make sure you give it a once over before you start lighting anything.

19. Thanksgiving Mason Jar

How many glass jars do you seem to accumulate? Don’t you always wash them out and save them, storing them away in a cupboard somewhere, desperately trying to remember to “use them later” even though you never do. Well, here’s a great use for them, and it’s another of the easy DIY Thanksgiving decorations that we actually think is super brilliant too.

Paint your jar, and then either paint the words on the jar that you’d like, or put letting in place to act as a stencil before you begin the painting process. Add some rustic string to the top, and you could put anything you liked in here. Wheat, bread sticks, pens, even makeup brushes if you wanted to Thanksgiving-up your bedroom. You could even reuse the jars, painting them again to match Christmas decorations, for example, or Valentine’s Day.

20. Thanksgiving Vase Filler – Pinecones

If you have fake flowers, those plastic ones that you never know what to do with, we’ve found a great use for them. And once again, you need to go outside and start collecting stuff, but this time you need to collect pine cones … or bribe the kids to collect them on your behalf. It’s warmer inside the house anyway …

You could leave your new found forest treasures unpainted if you want to go for the natural look. You could spray them / dip them in paint to make them brightly coloured, or even glittery. Once they’re done and dry, throw them in the bottom of your glass vase, or even an up cycled glass food jar, and stand your big fake flowers in them once you’re done. Smart, right?

21. Colorful Mason Jars

And here’s another great use for those empty glass food jars we keep talking about – more colourful mason jars that always make for great easy DIY Thanksgiving decorations too. Don’t you love it when multitasking comes easy?

You’ll need a good leaf to act as a pencil. You’ll also need some spray paint. Throw some rustic string into the mix, and you have a pretty good combination of ingredients for what could turn out to be beautiful Thanksgiving decorations.

22. White Pumpkin Vase

If you still have a pumpkin that you don’t really know what to do with, carve out the centre, place a big glass vase or jar inside there, and then fill it with various bits and bobs. Things like real flowers, fake flowers, twigs and other things that you have found on your woodland adventures …

You could add glitter to twigs to give them a sparkly new twist. You could even affix pine cones to them too, leaving them natural or painted, depending on your preferences. There are so many things that you could come up with, with items that you’ll easily find in the great outdoors if you just go looking for five minutes. We can’t think of a more perfect reason to need to go for a walk … Can you?

23. Thanksgiving Fruit Basket

Do you have fake fruit? Do you hate fake fruit? Well, before you think about getting rid of it, why not consider using it as your Thanksgiving fruit basket? At least then you don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of fruit that no one will ever eat, and you can reuse it every year. You could even paint the plastic fruit, add glitter and shimmer touches if you want to, to make them more modern. It’ll also help to give them a new lease of life.

DIY Thanksgiving Basket Centerpiece


All you need is an old basket, or something similar to hold them all in, and that brown paper squiggly stuff always comes in our parcels these days. Next time you spot some, throw it in a plastic bag and keep it safe somewhere. When Thanksgiving comes around, you can recreate this!

Thanksgiving is a time where you should be giving thanks, but it’s also the perfect time for you to get the entire family together, being thankful for each other. These beautiful easy DIY Thanksgiving decorations will make your home look so great, everyone will want to come and hang out in it. We’re waiting for our invite! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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