43 Creative Crown Tattoo Ideas for Women

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Crowns have become a tattoo favourite. Not only will a crown tattoo look stylish, but the design possibilities are endless, you can have any color and style. These designs are also great for sleeves and multi art ink work, you could even have a crown and add to it in the future. The crown is said to be a symbol of power, royalty and wealth. So, check out our 43 best picks that will make you a tattooed style queen.

1. Crown and Rose

Our first pick is beautifully detailed. It features a gorgeous crown and a shaded rose mandala design. Something like this is a work of art and will look amazing anywhere on the body. You could re-create your ink like this or even add some color.

2. Cute Behind the Ear Ink

If you want something subtle then go for a small design like this. This cute behind the ear tattoo can be hidden or shown to people when you choose. You could move this design to other places on the body like the wrist or the ankle. Ink like this would be great as a first tattoo.

Small Crown Design Behind the Ear for Crown Tattoo Idea for Women

Source: @skym_tattoo

3. Pink Diamond and Crown

Crowns and diamonds are popular tattoo designs. Both these things are symbols of wealth and luxury. If you like the finer things in life this could be the design for you. The pink gives the tattoo a pretty and feminine splash of color. You could also just have the crown for a smaller tattoo idea.

4. Shoulder Tattoo

Our next crown tattoo has been placed on the shoulder. This is another great place to get inked as it can be covered but also shown off. The crown is quite small and very detailed. It is an awesome piece that would suit any girl. You could choose a shoulder design with some color to.

5. Rib Ink

Want something creative? Then choose something artistic like this. The tattoo has a watercolor design and looks like an illustration. You could have a watercolor tattoo in any color. It also has a nice phrase running along the bottom. This design has been placed on the ribs which is a very trendy place to get inked.

6. Floral Crown

The great thing about a crown design, is that it can be unique. This floral design isn’t like the traditional idea of a crown which makes it look super stylish. You could have any flowers put into the crown and even add a splash of color. A design like this is a great place to get inspiration.

7. Back Tattoo

Back tattoos are bold and beautiful. If you’re thinking about getting inked on your back then this floral crown idea is a perfect place to start. There are so many ways you could re-design it to make it personal to you, from adding color, different flowers and more. We love this tat and it is giving us serious style envy.

Floral Crown Back Tattoo Idea for Women

Source: @vladiliu

8. Matching Crown Tattoo

This article is for crown ideas for women but that doesn’t mean your man can’t get involved to. You could have a gorgeous couple tattoo like this one. The ladies ink has cute hearts and a ribbon, it compliments her guys crown perfectly. A stylish design like this is a perfect matched tattoo idea.

Matching Crown Tattoo Idea for Women

Source: @nito_ink

9. Small Crown Design

If you want something small and trendy, consider a finger tattoo. A crown design like this is just effortlessly cool. You could even cover it with a gorgeous ring when you don’t want it to be seen. Something like this is unique and can be as subtle or as bold as you want to make it.

10. Crown and Rose Thigh Tattoo

Crowns make an amazing thigh piece. This tattoo features a large and detailed crown with two pink roses. The pink roses give the tattoo a pretty vibe and the crown is bold and feminine. Something like this is great on its own or you could even add to it in the future. One thing is for sure ink like this will wow in the summer.

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