21 Bracelet Tattoo Ideas That Look Like Jewelry

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Thinking about getting a stylish new tattoo? If so, you should consider choosing a bracelet tattoo! Bracelet tattoos are placed on the wrist and can often look like a gorgeous piece of jewelry. You can have any pattern tattooed and these will suit everyone. We love how glam and trendy these designs can look and know that you will too! So, to give you some inspiration, we have put together 21 bracelet tattoo ideas that look like jewelry. You will find floral designs, chic jewelry style bracelets, unique patterns and more. Take a look, you won’t be able to decide which one is your favorite!

1. Stylish Red Bracelet Tattoo

The first bracelet tattoo we have to show you is bold and stylish. This design features a red ink line that goes all the way around the wrist. There is also a unique pattern in the center of the bracelet too. It is a minimal but statement making idea. You can recreate this or you can choose a similar bracelet in a different color.

2. Cute Bracelet Tattoo with a Half Mandala

A bracelet tattoo does not have to be a thin line like the tattoo above, you can add larger patterns just like this. This tattoo design features a black ink line with patterns above and below. There is also half a mandala too. As you can see, the additional patterns have really jazzed up the classic bracelet design. Try and create a tattoo like this or you can choose different patterns of your choice.

Cute Bracelet Tattoo with a Half Mandala

Source: @andrejoz

3. Delicate Wrist Bracelet Tattoos

Next, we have a trendy and chic bracelet idea. This tattoo features three bracelets and each one has a different design. We love these tattoos because they are body art but they also look like a piece of jewelry too. So, you get two looks in one. Recreate these or you can choose three delicate bracelets with different designs.

4. Trendy Bracelet Tattoo with Peonies

Peonies are one of the most popular tattoo designs and this next idea shows how to wear peonies in style! Here we have a trendy black ink bracelet with two stylish patterns on each end. Above the bracelet, there are beautiful peonies too. As you can see, the flowers look so bold and edgy with the bracelet. A tattoo like this will suit everyone and you can try a similar design or you can add some color to the peonies.

5. Bright Floral Bracelet Design

Our next idea is pretty and stylish. This design features bright flowers that are tattooed all the way around the wrist. It is a beautiful design and we love how the flowers delicately wrap around the wrist. You can choose vibrant flowers like these or maybe choose your favorite flower instead.

6. Geometric Chunky Bracelet

Looking for a bolder design? If so, this could be perfect for you. Here we have a chunky bracelet tattoo that features a super stylish geometric pattern. The pattern is so cool and edgy, it creates a very unique piece of body art. Keep it simple but statement making like this, or choose a more intricate pattern. You can also add some color to for a more vibrant tattoo.

Geometric Chunky Bracelet Tattoo

Source: @zharkovattt

7. Botanical Bracelet Tattoo

Next, we have another floral design to show you. This tattoo features pretty blue flowers, plants and other flowers too. They all are tattooed around the wrist beautifully. A design like this is perfect for those who love nature and plants. Try a similar tattoo to this or you can choose different flowers and plants.

8. Pretty Bracelet Tattoo Idea

The next tattoo we have to show you is so pretty and stylish! This design features a lace style pattern with dangling charms. It is such a stunning idea and it looks like a chic piece of jewelry! This is a bold tattoo and it will suit everyone. Recreate this or you can try smaller and subtler lace design.

Pretty Bracelet Tattoo Idea

Source: @tattoomink

9. Floral Snake Wrist Tattoo

If you are looking for a more unique tattoo, then this could be perfect for you. This design features a snake that wraps around the wrist just like a bracelet. There are also flowers and plants added to the design too. It is an unusual and cool idea and it is perfect for someone who likes to stand out from the crowd. You can recreate a snake bracelet tattoo with any snake and with any flowers. The flowers can be left out of the design too.

10. Multi Bracelet Design

You can use different patterns to create your bracelets. This tattoo features multiple bracelet designs and there are thick black lines, geometric patterns, a lotus and more. As you can see, the different tattoos create one trendy stacked bracelet look. Take inspiration from this and create something similar or create stacked bracelets with patterns that suit your personal style.

Multi Bracelet Tattoo Design

Source: @zharkovattt

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