77 Sad Romantic Movies You Need to Watch

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1. The Fountain

A medical researcher (Hugh Jackman), looks for a cure that’ll save his dying wife (Rachel Weisz). This movie is a beautiful testament to love and the cycle of life. ‘The Fountain’ is the movie that needs to be seen more than once.

The Fountain

“Death frees every soul.”

Trailer: The Fountain

Year: 2006, Runtime: 96 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

2. The Notebook

This movie is a brilliantly written story about two young lovers. No, this isn’t another typical romantic movie. While watching it, you’ll feel like you’re part of the character’s life’s and found yourself relating to each of them. One of the main characters are Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

The Notebook

“Behind every great love is a great story. “

Trailer: The Notebook

Year: 2004, Runtime: 123 min

Ratings: IMDB Rotten Tomatoes

3. P.S. I Love You

A young widow (Hilary Swank) discovers a series of letters that her late husband (Gerard Butler) left her to help ease her pain and guide her in rediscovering herself.

PS I Love You

“Her life ended. Now, a new one will begin. “

Trailer: P.S. I Love You

Year: 2007, Runtime: 126 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

4. Remember Me

‘Remember Me’ is a story about seriously flawed individuals trying to deal with life, loss and love. Tyler (Robert Pattinson) and Ally (Emilie de Ravin) both experienced family tragedies. This romantic drama will touch your heart.

Remember Me

“Live in the moments.”

Trailer: Remember Me

Year: 2010, Runtime: 113 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

5. Dear John

While John (Channing Tatum) is on leave in his hometown, he meets Savannah (Amanda Seyfried), a medical college student, and they fall in love. After September 11 attacks, John refuses to leave the army and they try to keep their romance through letters.

Dear John

“Is Duty enough reason to live a lie? “

Trailer: Dear John

Year: 2010, Runtime: 108 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

6. The Vow

Paige and Leo (Channing Tatum) are newly weds. Unfortunately,a car accident puts Paige (Rachel McAdams) in coma. When she wakes up, she doesn’t remember Leo. Her husband tries everything to win her heart and love again.

The Vow

“I need to make my wife fall in love with me again. “

Trailer: The Vow

Year: 2012, Runtime: 104 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

7. My Sister’s Keeper

Kate (Sofia Vassilieva) has leukemia and needs sister’s kidney to stay alive. This story isn’t only about fighting  the cancer, it’s also about first love. Will Kate experience love and touch despite her serious health condition?

My Sisters Keeper

“I was engineered. Born to save my sister’s life. “

Trailer: My Sister’s Keeper

Year: 2009, Runtime: 109 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

8. The Time Traveler’s Wife

Henry DeTamble (Eric Bana) has gene that causes him to involuntarily time travel. He falls in love with Clare (Rachel McAdams) and marries her. Time travelling brings some complications in their marriage… This heart-warming love story will keep you entertained through whole movie.

The Time Travelers Wife

“I wouldn’t change one second of our life together. “

Trailer: The Time Traveler’s Wife

Year: 2009, Runtime:107 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

9. The Lucky One

After serving three tours in Iraq, Logan (Zac Efron), travels to Louisiana to find the unknown woman from a photo he found. He believes  she was keeping him alive during his serving. He discovers that the woman’s name is Beth (Taylor Schilling) and becomes close to her family.

The Lucky One

“Why did you come here? To find you. “

Trailer: The Lucky One

Year: 2012, Runtime: 101 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

10. A Walk to Remember

Landon (Shane West) and Jamie (Mandy Moore) are two North Carolina teens. They fall in love but Jamie is keeping a secret from Landon and her schoolmates. This heart-breaking secret will put their relationship to the test.

A Walk to Remember

“There’s more to attraction than meets the eye.”

Trailer: A Walk To Remember

Year: 2002, Runtime: 101 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

11. Love & Other Drugs

Anne Hathaway plays a role of a young woman (Maggie Murdock) who won’t let anyone to tie her down. After she meets handsome Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal), she will find herself under the influence of the ultimate drug – love. The plot-line in the movie is kind of unique.

Love and Other Drugs

“Addicted to one-night stands or dependent on one another?”

Trailer: Love & Other Drugs

Year: 2010, Runtime: 112 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

12. Never let me Go

This love story is adapted from bestselling novel by K. Ishiguro. Ruth (Keira Knightley), Tommy (Andrew Garfield) and Katty (Carey Mulligan) are best friends from their childhood. As they grow into young adults, a love triangle develops between them.

Never Let Me Go

“We didn’t have the Gallery in order to look into your souls. We had the Gallery in order to see if you had souls at all.”

Trailer: Never Let me Go

Year: 2010, Runtime: 103 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

13. The Painted Veil

This love story is about young English couple – Walter (Edward Norton) & Kitty (Naomi Watts). He is a doctor and she’s a society girl. They relocate to a small village in China due to cholera outbreak. There they betray each other easily. Story is set in the 1920s.

The Painted Veil

“Forgiveness comes at a price. “

Trailer: The Painted Veil

Year: 2006, Runtime: 125 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

14. One Day

‘One Day’ is a beautiful love story of two people – Dex (Jim Sturgess) and Emma (Anne Hathaway). They meet on the night of their university graduation. In the movie, we are taken on a journey into their lives. They are shown each year on July 15th to see where they are in their lives.

One Day

“Twenty years. Two people.”

Trailer: One Day

Year: 2011, Runtime: 107 min

Rating: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

 15. What Dreams may Come

Hope, comedy, joy, sadness, despair, elation – they are all present in this emotional movie. After dying in a car crash, Robin Williams (Chris Nielsen), will take us on an amazing journey through afterlife, searching for his wife (Annabella Sciorra).

What Dreams May Come

“After life there is more. The end is just the beginning.”

Trailer: What Dreams may Come

Year: 1998, Runtime: 113 min

Rating: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

16. Her

Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) falls in love with his newly purchased operating system Samantha (Scarlett Johansson). Is an operating system able to love? Find out!


“I never loved anyone the way I loved you.” 

Trailer: Her

Year: 2013, Runtime: 126 min

Rating: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

17. Now is Good

Tessa (Dakota Fanning) is only 17 but already passionate about life. Diagnosed with leukemia, she determines to use every moment. She complies a list of things she’d like to do before passing away. Topping the list is her desire to take drugs and lose her virginity.

Now is Good

“Live every moment, love every minute.”

Trailer: Now is Good

Year: 2012, Runtime: 103 min

Rating: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

18. A Little bit of Heaven

Marley (Kate Hudson) is an irreverent young woman who unexpectedly falls in love with her doctor (Gael Garcia Bernal). This movie will remind you that life is a gift and should be celebrated.

A Little bit of Heaven

“Life starts now.”

Trailer: A Little bit of Heaven

Year: 2011, Runtime: 106 min

Rating: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

19. The Great Gatsby

Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a mysterious, party-giving millionaire. Gatsby’s first neighbor is Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) who’s cousin is Daisy (Carey Mulligan). Throughout whole movie, relationship between those three characters becomes deeper and deeper. This movie is another glorious performance of L. DiCaprio.

The Great Gatsby

“Reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope… I come to the admission that it has a limit.”

Trailer: The Great Gatsby

Year: 2013, Runtime: 143 min

Rating: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

20. The Lost Valentine

Jennifer Love Hewitt (Susan Allison) is a dogged TV reporter who profiles a World War II widow  Caroline Thomas (Betty White). Caroline’s story will change Susan’s life forever…

The Lost Valentine

“Love can stand the test of time.”

Trailer: The Lost Valentine

Year: 2011, Runtime: 100 min

Rating: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

21. The Last Song

Miley Cyrus (Ronnie Miller) is a rebellious girl who is sent to a small town on the beach to stay with her father Greg Kinnear (Steve Miller).  Ronnie resents him until she meets a handsome guy…

The Last Song Movie

 “A story about family, first loves, second chances and the moments of life that lead you back home.”

Trailer: The Last Song

Year: 2010, Runtime: 107 min

Rating: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

22. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Starring Ezra Miller, Logan Lerman and Emma Watson, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a moving tale of fear, loss, love and mental illness.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

 “We accept the love we thin we deserve.”

Trailer: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Year: 2012 , Runtime:103 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

23. Titanic

A seventeen-year-old Rose (Kate Winslet), falls in love with a poor artist Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) on a ship called Titanic. This movie is one of those classics that will never be forgotten.


“Nothing on Earth could come between them.”

Trailer: Titanic

Year: 1997, Runtime: 194 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

24. Friends with Benefits

Jamie (Mila Kunis) and Dylan (Justin Timberlake) are friends with benefits. Will they end up loving each other?

Friends with Benefits

“Some friends come with a happy ending.”

Trailer: Friends with Benefits

Year: 2011, Runtime: 109 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

25. The Wedding Planner

Jennifer Lopez is San Francisco’s most successful wedding planner. She knows all the rules and tricks. Her life will be turned upside down when she falls in love with the – groom (Matthew McConaughey).

The Wedding Planner

“His big day is her big problem.”

Trailer: The Wedding Planner

Year: 2001, Runtime: 103 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

26. Dragonfly

When Joe’s (Kevin Costner) wife dies in a tragic accident, he is devastated.  He’s a doctor who’s treating a sick children. He began to believe that his dead wife (Susanna Thompson) wants to communicate with him.


“When someone you love dies… are they gone forever?”

Trailer: Dragonfly

Year: 2002, Runtime: 104 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

27. Love Story

A boy (Ryan O’Neal) and a girl (Ali MacGraw)  fall in love despite their opposite backgrounds. They marry and continue to build their life together… but then tragedy strikes.

Love Story

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

Trailer: Love Story

Year: 1970, Runtime: 99 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

28. If Only

Ian’s girlfriend Samantha (Jennifer Love Hewittdies in an accident after they had their first major argument. This British businessman will get a chance to relive that fateful day all over again.  Will he lose the love of his life once and for all?

If Only

“His love for her forced fate to change.”

Trailer: If Only

Year: 2004, Runtime: 92 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

29. Elizabethtown

Under unexpected circumstances, romance blooms between a young woman Claire (Kirsten Dunst) and man Drew (Orlando Bloom). This movie has a unique and personal story, surprising humor and very touching moments.


 “The best place to find yourself.”

Trailer: Elizabethtown

Year: 2005, Runtime: 123 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

30. About Time

Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) discovers he can travel in time. He isn’t able to change the history, but he can change what happens and has happened in his own life. Tim meets a beautiful girl (Rachel McAdams) and they fall in love. But one Tim’s time-travel incident changes everything…

About Time

“A new funny film about love. With a bit of time travel.”

Trailer: About Time

Year: 20013, Runtime: 123 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

31. Mr. Nobody

The film tells the life story of Nemo Nobody (Jared Leto). It’s year 2092 and human race has achieved quasi-immortality. Nemo is 118 years old and he’s the last mortal man on Earth.

Mr. Nobody

“If you never make a choice, anything is possible.”

Trailer: Mr. Nobody

Year: 2009, Runtime: 141 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

32. Submarine

Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts) is a 15-year-old boy with two objectives – to extinguish the flame between his mother (Yasmin Paige) and an ex-lover who moved in next door, and to lose his virginity before his next birthday.


“A comedy that doesn’t let principles stand in the way of progress.” 

Trailer: Submarine

Year: 2010, Runtime: 97 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes 

33. Brokeback Mountain

Love and powerful story of two young men – a rodeo cowboy and a ranch-hand. Ennis (Heath Ledger) and Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) unexpectedly forge a lifelong connection.

Brokeback Mountain

“Love is a force of nature.”

Trailer: Brokeback Mountain

Year: 2005, Runtime: 134 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

34. Slumdog Millionaire

Jamal Malik is an 18 year-old orphan who grew up in the slums of Mumbai. He becomes a contestant  on the Indian version of “Who want to be a millionaire?”. Show breaks for the night and he is arrested under suspicion of cheating.

Slumdog Millionaire

“The boy who had the answer to every question.”

Trailer: Slumdog Millionaire

Year: 2008, Runtime: 120 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

35. Up in the Air

Ryan (George Clooney) is a travelling “firing-man”. He is completely void of emotion and human connection but seems completely content with his choice of living. As a corporate hatchet man, his life is on the road. His life changes when his company downsizes its travel budget and he is required to spend more time in his lonely apartment.

Up in the Air

“Arriving soon.”

Trailer: Up in the Air

Year: 2009, Runtime: 109 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

36. Letters to Juliet

A young American girl Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), travels to the city of Verona (Italy) where she meets the “Secretaries of Juliet“.

Letters to Juliet

“What if you had a second chance to find true love?”

Trailer: Letters to Juliet

Year: 2010, Runtime: 105 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

37. Definitely, Maybe

A political consultant, Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds), tries to explain his past relationships to his curious 11-year-old daughter Maya (Abigail Breslin). She’s heartbroken to see her parents splitting up and won’t stop asking questions until she is satisfied with all the answers.

Definitely, Maybe

“For Will Hayes, a second look at the past will give him a second chance at the future.”

Trailer: Definitely, Maybe

Year: 2008, Runtime: 112 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

38. Blue Valentine

This film tells the story of young married couple – Dean (Ryan Gosling) and Cindy (Michelle Williams). Both of them come from a broken home. Unfortunately, they are at an impasse in their relationship. “Blue Valentine” is the unflinching, honest portrayal of a real relationship.

Blue Valentine

“A Love Story”

Trailer: Blue Valentine

Year: 2010, Runtime: 112 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

39. Like Crazy

Jacob (Anton Yelchin) and Anna (Felicity Jones) falls instantly in love when they meet as students at an American university. She’s a British college student who violated her student visa and got banned from the USA for that.

Like Crazy

“I want you – I need you –  I love you – I miss you”

Trailer: Like Crazy

Year: 2011, Runtime: 90 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

40. Up

Carl Fredricksen is a 78-year-old balloon salesman with a lifelong dream to see the wilds of South America. A great adventure begins when he meets Russell – a 70 years younger wilderness explorer.


“A wilderness explorer is a friend to all, be a plant or fish or tiny mole!”

Trailer: Up

Year: 2009, Runtime: 96 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

41. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Joel Barish (Jim Carrey) is a man who is informed that his ex-girlfriend Clementine (Kate Winslet) had underwent an experimental procedure to erase him from her memory. Joel decides to do the same. He realizes that he still loves her, as he watches his memories of her fade away…

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

“This Spring, clear your mind”

Trailer: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Year: 2004, Runtime: 108 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

42. Love Actually

“Love Actually” follows the lives of 8 very different couples during a frantic month before Christmas in England (London).

Love Actually

“Love actually is all around.”

Trailer: Love Actually

Year: 2003, Runtime: 135 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

43. (500) Days of Summer

Summer (Zooey Deschanel) is a woman who doesn’t believe true love exist until a young man Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) falls for her.

(500) Days of Summer

“Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn’t.”

Trailer: (500) Days of Summer

Year: 2009, Runtime: 95 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

44. Candy

Dan (Heath Ledger) is an Australian man who falls in love with a woman named Candy (Abbie Cornish) and heroin. Their intoxicating romance alternates between states of self-destruction, despair, and oblivion.


“Love is a high you can never come down from.”

Trailer: Candy

Year: 2006, Runtime: 108 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

45. Before Sunrise

A young woman (Julie Delpy) and man (Ethan Hawke) meet by chance on a train in Europe. They spend one evening together in Vienna (Austria) but this will probably be their only night together.

Before Sunrise

“Can the greatest romance of your life last only one night?”

Trailer: Before Sunrise

Year: 1995, Runtime: 105 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

46. In the Land of Blood and Honey

Movie directed and written by Angelina Jolie. “In the Land of Blood and Honey” tells a story of Ajla (Zana Marjanovic) and Danijel (Goran Kostic) – young people who fall for each other during the Bosnian war. Danijel is a soldier fighting for the Serbs while Ajla is a Bosnian who’s a captive in his camp.

In the Land of Blood and Honey

“Would she kill me if she had the chance?”

Trailer: In the Land of Blood and Honey

Year: 2011, Runtime: 127 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

47. The Duchess

“The Duchess” is the story of an extraordinary woman, Georgiana (Keira Knightley), who was reviled for her extravagant personal and political life. She’s Duchess of Devonshire in the 18th century.

The Duchess

“The scandal that shocked a nation. The courage that defined a woman.”

Trailer: The Duchess

Year: 2008, Runtime: 110 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

48. Serendipity

Sara (Kate Beckinsale) and Jonathan (John Cusack) met while shopping in New York. They fall victim to a mutual attraction. Jonathan suggests an exchange of phone numbers but Sara has another idea – if they’re meant to be together, they’ll find their way back into one another’s life. Will destiny bring them back together?


“When love feels like magic, it’s called destiny. When destiny has a sense of humor, it’s called serendipity.”

Trailer: Serendipity

Year: 2001, Runtime: 90 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

49. Seven Pounds

Ben Thomas (Will Smith) is a man with a fateful secret. He looks for redemption by forever changing the lives of 7 strangers. We’ll he succeed?

Seven Pounds

” Seven names. Seven Strangers. One secret.”

Trailer: Seven Pounds

Year: 2008, Runtime: 123 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

50. The Bridges of Madison County

The illicit, brief love affair between an Iowa housewife (Meryl Streep) and photographer (Clint Eastwood) in the 1960s.

The Bridges of Madison County

“I don’t want to need you, ’cause I can’t have you.”

Trailer: The Bridges of Madison County

Year: 1995, Runtime: 135 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

51. When a Man Loves a Woman

An airline pilot, Michael Green (Andy Garcia), and his wife Alice (Meg Ryan) are forced to face the consequences of her alcohol addiction.

When a Man Loves a Woman

“What love built a secret could destroy…”

Trailer: When a Man Loves a Woman

Year: 1994, Runtime: 126 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

52. Atonement

13-year-old writer, Briony (Saoirse Ronan),  irrevocably changes several lives when she accuses Robbie (her sister’s lover) of a crime he didn’t commit.


“You can only imagine the truth.”

Trailer: Atonement

Year: 2007, Runtime: 123 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

53. Sweet November

While taking a driving test at the DMV, Nelson (Keanu Reeves) meets Sara (Charlize Theron). She’s a free woman who takes a new lover every month. Sara convinces Nelson to spend a month (November) with her and they end up living together.

Sweet November

“She just needed a month to change his life forever.”

Trailer: Sweet November

Year: 2001, Runtime: 119 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

54. Coyote Ugly

Violet Sanford (Piper Perabo) is an aspiring songwriter who starts working at a women-run NYC bar – “Coyote Bar”. Coyote Bar isn’t just the regular bar – attractive girls dance on the bar, sing along with the jukebox and flirt with their customers. She becomes one of the most famous bartenders but her dream is to become a singer.

Coyote Ugly

“Tonight, they’re calling the shots.”

Trailer: Coyote Ugly

Year: 2000, Runtime: 100 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

55. The Holiday

This romantic comedy stars Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz as two women who swap houses in each other’s countries.

The Holiday

“Iris, if you were a melody… I used only the good notes.”

Trailer: The Holiday

Year: 2006, Runtime: 138 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

56. The Phantom of the Opera

A young soprano Christine (Emmy Rossum) becomes the obsession of a disfigured musical genius “The Phantom” (Gerard Butler). Movie is based on the hit musical by A.L. Webber.

The Phantom of the Opera

“Her voice became his passion. Her love became his obsession. Her refusal became his rage…”

Trailer: The Phantom of the Opera

Year: 2004, Runtime: 143 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

57. Memoirs of a Geisha

Nitta Sayuri (Ziyi Zhang) is torn from her penniless family in the years before World War II. She was sent to work as a maid in a geisha house and blossomed into the one of Japan’s most celebrated geisha.

Memoirs of a Geisha

“The heart dies a slow death. Shedding each hope like leaves, until one day there are  none. No hopes. Nothing remains.”

Trailer: Memoirs of a Geisha

Year: 2005, Runtime: 145 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

58. The Reader

15-year-old Michael Berg (Ralph Fiennes) falls ill on his way home from school. He is rescued by Hanna (Kate Winslet), a stranger twice his age. After his recovery, he seeks out Hanna to thank her. The two begin an passionate, secretive and unexpected affair.

The Reader

“How far would you go to protect a secret?”

Trailer: The Reader

Year: 2008, Runtime: 124 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

59. Message in a Bottle

Theresa (Robin Wright) finds a romantic letter in a bottle. Captivated by the author’s words of love, she tracks him down. The mystery writer is Garret (Kevin Costner) who hasn’t been the same since his wife Catherine died tragically.

Message in a Bottle

“A story of love lost and found.”

Trailer: Message in a Bottle

Year: 1999, Runtime: 131 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

60. I Am Love

Emma Recchi (Tilda Swinton) is a member of a powerful industrial Milanese family and mother of three. Her existence is shaken when she enters a passionate love affair with the sensuous young man, her son’s friend, Antonio (Edoardo Gabbriellini).

I Am Love

“Happy is a  word that makes one sad.”

Trailer: I am Love

Year: 2009, Runtime: 120 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

61. When Harry Met Sally

Can men and women be ‘just friends’? Sally (Meg Ryan) and Harry (Billy Crystal) have known each other for years. They both like having a friend of opposite sex but they fear sex would ruin the friendship.

When Harry Met Sally

“Can two friends sleep together and still love each other in the morning?”

Trailer: When Harry Met Sally

Year: 1989, Runtime: 96 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

62. Revolutionary Road

It’s 1955. Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio) and April (Kate Winslet) are young couple married for seven years. But they are not happy. Frank hates his job, and April has forgone her dream of becoming an actress. Adapted from the novel by Richard Yates.

Revolutionary Road

“If being crazy means living life as it matters, then I don’t mind being completely insane.” 

Trailer: Revolutionary Road

Year: 2008, Runtime: 119 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

63. The Barber of Siberia

Douglas (Richard Harris) is a foreign entrepreneur, who is trying to perfect and sell a machine “The Barber of Siberia” in Russia. Jane is his assistant who meets a friendly Russian soldier Andrei (Oleg Menshikov) and falls in love. She spent the next 10 years in pursuing her love and perfecting the machine.

The Barber of Siberia

“He’s Russian. That explains a lot.”

Trailer: The Barber of Siberia

Year: 1998, Runtime: 180 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

64. Romeo + Juliet

The classic and famous Shakespearean romantic tragedy is updated in “Romeo + Juliet” by Baz Luhrmann.

Romeo + Juliet

“The classic love story set in our time.”

Trailer: Romeo + Juliet

Year: 1996, Runtime: 120 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

65. Forrest Gump

Forest Gump (played by Tom Hanks) is a simple man with sub-normal IQ. He has accidentally been present at many historic moments – meets John F. Kennedy, teaches Elvis Presley to dance, meets Lyndon Johnson, etc. There is special girl in his life Jenny (Robin Wright) who he lived as a boy. Unfortunately, she eludes him…

Forrest Gump

“The world will never be the same once you’ve seen it through the eyes of Forrest Gump.”

Trailer: Forrest Gump

Year: 1994, Runtime: 142 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

66. Nights in Rodanthe

Paul Flanner (Richard Gere) is a doctor who’s travelling to see his estranged son. Almost as soon as he gets to Rodanthe, he meets Adrienne (Diane Lane). She is unhappily married woman who is currently considering divorce. They turn to each other and start a passionate affair.

Nights in Rodanthe

“It’s never too late for a second chance.”

Trailer: Nights in Rodanthe

Year: 2008, Runtime: 97 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

67. Australia

“Australia” is a historical and romantic film directed by B. Luhrmann. Set between 1939 and 1942 (before World War II). This film has a real sense of adventure and romance between Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.


“Just because it is, doesn’t mean it should be.”

Trailer: Australia

Year: 2008, Runtime: 165 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

68. Safe Haven

An suspenseful and affirming story about a young woman (Julianne Hough) with a mysterious past. Film is based on the novel from Nicholas Sparks. If you liked ‘Dear John’ and ‘The Notebook’ then you’ll surely enjoy in this story, too.

Safe Haven

“You know it when you find it.”

Trailer: Safe Haven

Year: 2013, Runtime: 115 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

69. Amelie

Amelie (Audrey Tautou) is an naive and innocent girl in Paris. She decides to change to the world by changing the lives of the people she knows. This romantic and charming comic fantasy from director Jean-Pierre Jeunetbrings us the world of Amelie with few special effects, masterful camera work and many colors.


“She’ll change your life.”

Trailer: Amelie

Year: 2001, Runtime: 122 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

70. Away from Her

Fiona (Julie Christie) and Grant (Gordon Pinsent) have been married for almost 50 years. The struggle begins when Fiona has been admitted to care facility because she’s being consumed by Alzheimer’s disease.

Away from Her

“Sometimes you have to let go of what you can’t live without.”

Trailer: Away from Her

Year: 2006, Runtime: 110 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

71. Ghost

Molly (Demi Moore) and Sam (Patrick Swayze) are deeply in love and happy with their lives. One evening they are confronted by a mugger, and Sam is murdered.  Sam’s love for Molly, enables him to remain on earth as a ghost.


“A love that will last forever.”

Trailer: Ghost

Year: 1990, Runtime: 127 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

72. My Girl

Vada (Anna Chlumsky) is obsessed with death – her father runs a funeral parlor and her mother’s dead. Her mother died during  a birth to her so she feels responsible for her death. Her only friend is boy named Thomas (Macaulay Culkin) who sticks with her despite her hangups.

My Girl

“When your Dad’s an undertaker, your Mom’s in heaven, and your Grandma’s got a screw loose… it’s good to have a friend who understands you. Even if he is a boy.”

Trailer: My Girl

Year: 1991, Runtime: 102 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

73. Becoming Jane

The year is 1795 and this is a biographical portrait of Jane Austen (Anne Hathaway) and her great, untold romance with a young Irishman (James McAvoy).

Becoming Jane

“Becoming a woman. Becoming a legend.”

Trailer: Becoming Jane

Year: 2007, Runtime: 120 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

74. The Fault in Our Stars

Hazel (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus (Ansel Elgort) are two teenagers who fell in love at a cancer support group. Based on the novel by John Green.

The Fault in Our Stars

“They don’t have forever, they have each other.”

Trailer: The Fault in Our Stars

Year: 2014, Runtime: 126 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

75. Lars and the Real Girl

Lars (Ryan Gosling) is a delusional young guy. After years of loneliness, he starts unconventional relationship  with a doll he bought on the Internet.

Lars and the Real Girl

“The search for true love begins outside the box.”

Trailer: Lars and the Real Girl

Year: 2007, Runtime: 106 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

76. Blue Is the Warmest Color

Adele (Adele Exarchopoulos) is a 15-year-old girl who’s life is changed when she meets Emma (Lea Seydoux), a young woman with blue hair. Adele’s relationship with Emma grows into more than just friends…

Blue Is the Warmest Color

“I miss you. I miss not touching each other. Not seeing each other, not breathing in each other. I want you. All the time. No one else.”

Trailer: Blue is the Warmest Color

Year: 2013, Runtime: 179 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes

 77. Boys Don’t Cry

‘Boys don’t cry’ is based on a true story. Teena Brandon is a girl who chose to live her life as a man – Brandon Teena (Hilary Swank). ‘He’ falls in love with a hometown beauty Lana (Chloe Sevigny).

Boy's Don't Cry

 “A true story about finding the courage to be yourself.”

Trailer: Boys Don’t Cry

Year: 1999, Runtime: 118 min

Ratings: IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes


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