86 Amazing Mother Daughter Tattoos

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11. Cool Design Mother Daughter Tattoo Design

Do you have a special and unique design that you both love? Then why not get a matching tattoo?  You may have designed the pattern yourself and want your mum to have it too.  Maybe you could both have an input with the design. Pop round to your mums house and have a thinking session.  Grab a pencil and some paper and get sketching.

Cool Design Mother Daughter Tattoo Design

Source: @c_hug17

12. Infinity Butterflies

Infinity means forever and your bond is forever. You can have a small, medium, large or even extra-large infinity tattoo.  Depending on what you and your mum want.  Mixing a butterfly and infinity symbol looks cute and meaningful.

13. You’re the wings…

You are the wings keeping my heart in the clouds and you are the anchor keeping my feet on the ground. These are not matching tattoos but they do have their connection.  Have the same layout like the photo to show off that link.

Mother Daughter Tattoos

Source: @ccguns

14. Little Anchor Tattoos

Having a small anchor tattoo can look as good as a huge tattoo. Having an anchor tattoo no longer means being a sailor.  Nowadays, it can mean a number of things. It can symbolize stability and strength.  Feet are a popular choice to have an anchor tattoo.

Small Anchor Matching Tattoos

Source: @chelsi246

15. I am because you are

This is a lovely quote. ‘I am because you are’ will represent both mother and daughter.

Mother Daughter Quote Tattoos

Source: @ah_drianna

16. Sun & Moon Tattoos

The sun and moon represents both sides. If mother and daughter are complete opposite to one another, this will symbolize that.  It’s the same as having a Ying and Yang tattoo.  Whether you choose to have a big or small version, the sun and moon will look amazing.

Pretty Mother Daughter Sun and Moon Tattoos

Source: @eelayyshuhh

17. Origami Bird

Bird tattoos have become more and more popular over the years. If you like the idea of getting a bird tattoo but don’t want to have the same as everyone else, go for an origami bird.  This still looks like a bird but is colorless and arty. Choose a part of your body that will show it off, like the photo below.

Matching Origami Bird Tattoos

Source: @erynbradley

18. Cute Giraffe Tattoos

These matching giraffe tattoos are adorable. The little giraffe is looking up to her mum, which is so cute.  In fact, this is far too cute for words. If this sounds like you, this is the tattoo for you.

Cute Mother Daughter Giraffe Tattoos

Source: @alymwalker

19. Until the very end…

This is so true! Until the very end quote is so loving and sweet.  Mother and daughter’s bond is stronger than any other bond.

20. To the moon and back

Mix art with a special quote like this ‘to the moon and back’ tattoo. Having a quote will show and tell everyone how you feel.  You could always add to this design like the photo above. They have added a few stars.

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  1. Anonymous

    October 7, 2015 at 6:59 am

    Awesome :*:*:*

  2. harri

    November 26, 2015 at 12:41 pm

    Holy crap some of these are so tacky and badly drawn. #16 looks like a child coloured it in.

  3. Vivian

    February 27, 2018 at 2:18 am

    I have to agree with you Harri!

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