21 Fun and Patriotic 4th of July Party Ideas

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11. American Flag Pie

Pie is a classic dessert. Give yours a patriotic finishing with this American flag design. A pie like this will wow your guests! You could add any filing. There are tutorials available online to help you create this amazing dessert. It looks too good to eat… almost.


12. Jello Shots

Jello shots will be a hit at any party! These are fun and can be made with any color jello and alcohol. As it is the 4th of the July red, white and blue shots like these would be perfect. You could also add in a little American flag to. If you to make these yourself there are lots of jello shot tutorials online.

13. Trendy 4th of July Party Ideas

If the red, white and blue is not your thing, then consider a trendy party theme like this. The black, white and gold color scheme is chic and will give a sophisticated vibe. You could even add some blue or red accent pieces. The calligraphy used on the anthem sign is stunning. Party pieces like this will glam up your 4th of July.

14. White and Blue Strawberries

Summer and strawberries are the perfect combination. Give you strawberries a patriotic makeover by dipping them in white chocolate and blue sprinkles. These would be great for a 4th of July BBQ. You could create many different designs you could even drizzle the chocolate in stripes.

15. Red, Wine and Blue Glass

Have some fun and give your guests a novelty glass like this. It features a quote “red, wine and blue”. This is a patriotic glass with humor and is perfect for any party. You could even create a label like this for bottles and other glasses or jars.

16. 4th of July Buffet Table Idea

Looking for buffet table inspiration? Then this is a great place to start. It features a cake that will wow. There are also little red, white and blue touches with food, plates and drinks. It uses the elements in of the flag to create the perfect party table.

17. Stars and Stripes Decorative Wreath

Wreaths are a popular way to decorate for a few occasions. Make the 4th of July one of them with this American flag wreath. It features the stars and stripe design to create a chic decoration. If you like crafts and DIY you could even make one yourself to make it unique.

18. Rocket Firework Cake Topper

If you love the fireworks on the 4th of July then these cake toppers are for you! These cute toppers feature different colored rockets. Little paper rockets like these will be the perfect finishing touch to any cake. You could make these yourself to.

19. Red, White and Blue Shots

Make patriotic shots for your guests this Independence Day. You can make shots like these with Blue Curacao and raspberry vodka. Pour raspberry vodka in the bottom and finish off with the blue curacao. These are simple and all your guests will love them. There are variations on how to make these and you could even add some cream on top.

20. USA Banner

Banners are an easy way to decorate for a party. This USA one is cute and rustic making it perfect for our 4th of July party ideas. Something like this would make a great craft project. You could re-create this in so many ways and even make one that says the 4th of July.

21. 4th of July BBQ Burger

No 4th of July BBQ or party would be complete with a burger. These are classic American favourite. You could also add a little American flag on the top like this. It just gives the burger an extra special 4th of July finishing touch. The flag paper plates would also be a great choice!

We hope you have found the perfect 4th of July party ideas.

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