21 Cool and Casual Summer Outfits

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11. Casual Dress and Shirt

Casual summer dresses are great for a stylish no fuss look. Sometimes you don’t have a long time to get ready in the morning so it is great to have a trendy dress on hand. Stripes are a great choice for the summer and as you can see it can be styled with other things. This would be a great staple item.

Casual Dress and Shirt for Casual Summer Outfits

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12. Summer Tunic

Going to the beach or on vacation? Then you need a cool summer tunic like this one. It is perfect for wearing over the top of your swimwear or just as it is. This is a great piece to pack in the suitcase as it can be worn in a few ways. Wear with sandals or a wedge in the day and glam it up with heels for a night out.

Summer Tunic for Casual Summer Outfits

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13. Jeans, Sneakers and T-shirt

Dresses not for you? Then consider a trendy outfit like this one. Sometimes you just need to be relaxed and casual but still stylish. The easiest way to achieve this is with a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers like this. The light colors keep it summery and the jeans are short so it gives the look a summery vibe.

Jeans, Sneakers and t-shirt for Casual Summer Outfits

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14. Neutral Summer Palette

Keep your look fresh and cool with neutral colors. Not only do these work well together but will also suit most things you already own. So, you could wear the light top with blue jeans and so on. An outfit like this is great for getting the staple items so you can have a few casual summer outfits.

Neutral Palette for Casual Summer Outfits

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15. Button Front Skirt

Button front skirts have been on trend for a while. These looked great in autumn and winter with boots but now you can get light colored ones like this for summer! A white button skirt like this is trendy and will give your summer look a vintage vibe.

Button Front Skirt for Casual Summer Outfits

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16. Trendy Romper

If the light colors and pretty florals aren’t your thing consider a trendy romper like this. The neutral color and minimal style features create a stylish one piece that will keep you cool. You could wear something like this with sneakers or sandals and even glam it up for an evening out with a wedge or heel.

Trendy Romper for Casual Summer Outfits

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17. Light Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are great for the summer. The rips break up the denim giving it a summery vibe. You could wear jeans like these with anything so are great as a staple item. Jeans can be also be dressed up and down. Wear with flip flops for a casual look and wear with heels if you want to look glam.

Light Ripped Jeans for Casual Summer Outfits

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18. Denim Skirt and Sneakers

Denim skirts are another trendy and versatile item. For a daytime look wear with a blouse and sneakers like this and if you are on an evening out wear with pretty sandals or wedges. These skirts come in a variety of shades and are a summer must have.

Denim Skirt and Sneakers for Casual Summer Outfits

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19. Cute Top and Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are great for the summer. These are great for slightly chillier days when there is a breeze in the air. You still have the summery vibe but won’t be cold. Pair your jacket with a cute top like this one and you have a winning outfit every time. Wear with white jeans for a gorgeous summer look.

Cute Top and Denim Jacket for Casual Summer Outfits

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20. Vibrant Accessories

You can jazz up any of your outfits with jewelry and accessories. This simple t-shirt and shorts has been given a pop of color with the necklace. Necklaces like this will just add a summery look to your simple or darker outfits. The whole look is super stylish and would suit everyone.

Vibrant Accessories with T-shirt and Shorts for Casual Summer Outfits

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21. All White Outfit

Last on our list is the all-white outfit. The matching top, pants and shoes just look amazing together. This would work with a white blouse, white shorts, sandals the list could go on. Experiment and color match your white pieces for trendy and casual summer outfits.

All White Outfit for Casual Summer Outfits

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We hope you have found some ideas for your casual summer outfits!

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