17 Bridesmaid Style Ideas for a Winter Wedding

11. All Nude Bridesmaid Style

All nude, and still again with the warm blankets! We told you those blankets were a great idea. If you have them all matching, everyone’s a winner, and you could even have those throws custom-made especially for the event if your budget permits. You could even allow for more detailing at the bottom of those winter wedding bridesmaids dresses to show when the blankets cover them over.

12. Navy and Plaid Style

If you’re having a hard time finding the kind of winter wedding bridesmaids dresses you want, why not have a good look around online before making your final decision. There is nothing to stop you from saying you like part A of one dress, Part B of another, and another feature from something else. There will always be someone who can create it for you, and the internet has definitely made that a lot easier.

13. Gray & White Bridesmaid Style

Once upon a time, the entire bridal party would have worn white, the bridesmaids included. These days that’s relatively unheard of, although this almost goes back to tradition, combining white with a lovely shade of pale grey. It was during the Victorian era that bridesmaids were called upon to wear white, mostly because they were younger than the bride in most cases and still virgins themselves. These days the bride only wears white in a bid to stand out.

14. Black Dresses + Black Fur Coats

Black is quite a conventional colour, so you’d expect black winter wedding bridesmaids dresses to be quite elegant also. It’s a serious colour – dignified, sophisticated, grown-up. You will need to think about the other accessories for your wedding at the same time, however. Black flowers are quite hard to come by, and if you go too black, it might look like a gothic wedding even when you don’t want it to. The faux-fur coats definitely add an elegant edge, what do you think?

15. Gold Sequin Dresses + Berry Crowns

Gold is an extravagant colour, so you’d definitely imagine winter wedding bridesmaids dresses in a gold shade to be very luxurious dresses. This means beautiful fabrics, lovely seamwork, a wonderful shape to them … We’re getting carried away here, but there is something to be said with having gold as a colour on your wedding day. It’s the colour of luxury and exuberance. Isn’t that what you want for your biggest day?

Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses for a Winter Wedding

Source: @wedspire

16. Red & Furry

Red means so many things, but if you’re superstitious you might want to avoid red and white on your big day. These are said, in some stories, to represent blood and bandages – something you probably don’t want on your wedding day. A dark red stands for courage, something your bridesmaids definitely have, and also passion and love. You’ll want passion with your partner, and everyone on your big day will want to share your love!

17. Cozy Cover-Ups

But above all, you will want to make sure that everyone is happy, whatever winter wedding bridesmaids dresses you choose. This day is important for them too, perhaps not as important as it is for you, but still an important day nevertheless, for everyone involved.

If everyone wants their own styles of dress, let them have their own style of dress, just make sure they’re all from the same colour palette. And make sure everyone is warm too. You’ll want the best winter wedding bridesmaids dresses, but you’ll want relatively warm ones too!

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