45 Cute Winter Outfits to Keep you Warm and Chic

Sometimes getting dressed in winter can be pretty hard, especially when you want to look cute and stay warm at the same time. Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean your outfit should be unflattering and boring, right?

Don’t know how to put your winter clothes together? To help you out, we selected 45 cute winter outfits that will boost your imagination right away. Let these stylish outfits inspire you and become your go-to cold remedy in winter.

1. Cozy Brown and White Outfit

Cozy White and Brown Winter Outfit


This is a clever example of how to put simple pieces together to create outfit that is both stylish and impactful. Tip: belt your poncho or coat for instant slimmer look.

2. Blue Fur Winter Outfit

Blue Fur Coat Winter Outfit


Blue, black and grey outfit might sound boring but this one looks amazing (and pretty warm).

3. Winter Pastel Outfit

Winter Pastel Outfit Idea


The best tip to stay warm? On cold and grey days, wear bright pastel colors.

4. Kitty Sweater and  Hunter Boots Outfit

Kitty Sweater Winter Outfit


Button up and sweater is our winter obsession. For super cute winter outfit, choose sweaters with animals.

5. Floral Print Outfit in Winter

Floral Pants Outfit in Winter


This is the perfect outfit for running errands.  In winter, our wardrobe may be the only place to see some beautiful flowers. So, wear floral prints as much as possible.

6. Gold Turquoise Outfit

Gold Turquoise Winter Outfit


Lots of colors, prints and textures but everything works pretty well!

7. Beige + Camel + Ripped Jeans Outfit

Ripped Jeans Winter Outfit


A beanie and matching scarf may very well be your best friends this winter. This coat is so good that we don’t even care what she’s wearing underneath it.

8. Monochrome White Outfit

All Cream Winter Outfit Idea


Monochrome look is anything but boring. Fashion and beauty YouTube blogger, Carli Bybel, looks super chic and classy in a warm sweater and white pants teamed with an oversized coat in the same color. White on white is always right.

9. Blue Turtleneck + Boyfriend Jeans Outfit

Blue Turtleneck Boyfriend Jeans Outfit


Try an oversized turtleneck over a pair of boyfriend jeans for a perfect casual look.

10. Pastel Pink Winter Outfit

Pastel Pink Winter Outfit


This warm pink coat will liven up even the coldest Monday morning. Pink, green and red coats are the perfect way to stand out from the crowd.

11. Black and White Winter Outfit

Furry Sweater and Oversized Coat Outfit


Black and white outfits are timeless.  Basic black pants are present in every women’s wardrobe. Style them with your favorite sweater in any color. Accessorize your look with big winter hat and bag in the same color. Jewelry is optional.

12. Warm in Green Outfit

Winter Green Outfit


Green and reds are the perfect match for snowy days.

13. Fluffy Sweater + Leather Shorts Outfit

Fluffy Sweater Leather Shorts Outfit


A small, red purse will brighten up any outfit, especially the black and grey one.

14. White Coat + Plaid Scarf Outfit

White Coat Plaid Scarf Winter Outfit

The icing on the cake is definitely that big plaid scarf. Pom-pom beanie is this winter must-have.

15. Camel + Tartan Scarf Outfit

Tartan Scarf Winter Outfit


Tartan scarf is able to make every outfit warm and sophisticated. We love the matching gloves, too.

16. Ugg Boots + Sweater Outfit

Sweater Ugg Boots Outfit


Ugg boots are comfortable, stylish and most important – warm. They are also easy to style. You can’t go wrong with basic sweater, jeans and Ugg boots, that’s for sure.

17. Faux Fur Vest + Big Scarf Outfit

Faux Fur Vest and Scarf Outfit


This outfit wouldn’t be so interesting without that big scarf and faux fur vest.

18. Grey Sweater + White Faux Fur Vest Outfit

White Faux Fur Vest Grey Sweater Outfit


This white faux fur vest makes a statement.  We dig this outfit.

19. Leather Pants + Black Faux Fur Vest Outfit

Leather Pants Faux Fur Vest


A black pair of leather trousers is the easiest way to add some edge to a preppy look. A fur vest over oversized sweater and button-up shirt is truly winter layering at it’s best.

20. Sequin Sweater + Burgundy Shorts Outfit

Sequin Burgundy Holiday Outfit

This is the perfect way to wear sequins without going overboard. The sweater goes beautifully with this burgundy shorts. Perfect holiday outfit if you ask us!

21. Pink, Grey & Fur Outfit

Pink and Grey Winter Outfit


Winter is the only time of the year when we can play with layering. When it’s so cold outside that even your coat can’t keep you warm, add some faux fur to your outfit. Pink colors and details are always a good choice, especially in winter.

22. Gold Sequin Skirt + Grey Sweater Outfit

Gold Sequin Skirt Grey Sweater Outfit

We love how easy is this look to recreate. Start with a warm sweater, throw on a sequin skirt, and some gold jewelry or accessories, and voila – instant Christmas party outfit.

23. Brown, Grey & Black Outfit

Grey, Brown and Black Winter Outfit


Go for a glamorous look by matching your over-the-knee boots, floppy hat, belt and bag.

24. Ruffle Skirt + Leopard Heels Outfit

Ruffle Skirt Leopard Heels Outfit


Basic black pumps or flats would have made this cute outfit a whole lot less special. Don’t be afraid to experiment  with your footwear.

25. Green Pants + Gold Belt Outfit

Green Pants Overknee Boots Outfit


You don’t need jewelry if you have a gold mirror belt around your waist. Such a cute and simple outfit, right?

26. Camel Coat & Overknee Boots Outfit

Camel Coat and Overknee Boots Outfit


This blue scarf is what makes the outfit.

27. Grey Midi Skirt + Sweater Outfit

Grey Midi Skirt and Sweater Outfit


For extra warmth, wear black tights under your midi skirt.

28. Grey Teddy Bear Coat Outfit

Grey Teddy Bear Coat Winter Outfit


This outfit looks so comfortable! Green plaid scarf is a perfect way to add a dash of color.

29. ‘I Woke up Like This’ Outfit

I woke up Like This Winter Outfit


Do you also wake up looking like this?

30. Black + Sparkly Sweater Outfit

Sparkly Sweater Winter Outfit


Keep things simple by wearing your favorite sweater with black skinny jeans and black heels.

31. Camel, Blue + Leopard Outfit

Poncho Coat Winter Outfit


It’s the leopard heels that seal the deal.

32. Camel Coat & Hat + Plaid Scarf Outfit

Camel Coat and Hat Winter Outfit


Big plaid scarf is the best way to add  some color and interest to lackluster outfit. Over-the-shoulders coat makes every outfit glamorous.

33. Plaid Skirt + Ugg Boots Outfit

Plaid Skirt Ugg Boots Cute Winter Outfit


A plaid skirt is a great way to break up a black and grey outfit.

34. Faux Fur Winter Coat Outfit

Faux Fur Winter Coat Outfit


In winter, our outwear is the first thing that everyone sees, so why not make a statement? Faux fur or pop of color are always a good choice.

35. Christmas Jumper Outfit

Christmas Jumper Winter Outfit Idea


This Christmas outfit is one of the loveliest we have ever seen! Blue and camel details make it perfect.

36. Oversized Cardigan + Over-the-knee Boots Outfit

Oversized Cardigan Cute Winter Outfit


Sometimes a thick cardigan can be just as warm and cozy as a coat. This outfit is one of the best effortlessly chic outfits we’ve seen.

37. Grey Sweater and Skirt + Hunter Boots Outfit

All Grey with Hunter Boots Outfit


Grey mini skirt with tights in the same color is the perfect choice for those days when you simply cannot imagine pulling on another pair of jeans. To stay dry, slip in your rain boots – they make such a fun and cute combination when paired with skirt or dress.

38. Leather Skort + Crop Top Winter Outfit

Leather Skort Crop Top Winter Outfit


If you are unsure about how to integrate your over-the-knee boots into your daily wear, combining them with your leather shorts or skirt is always a good choice. For the upper part, this fashion blogger went for a grey crop top and a green statement necklace. Lovely!

39. Oversized Coat & Ankle Boots Outfit

Oversized Coat Ankle Boots Winter Outfit


Ankle boots in color are so much more unique. They instantly brighten up grey or black outfit.

40. Sweater Over Dress Outfit

Sweater Over Dress Winter Outfit


Over the knee socks can look utterly cute and stylish if you pair them with your favorite boots and short dress. If you get bored with black tights, socks like these can become an alluring alternative.

41. Grey, Sequins and Neon Details Outfit

Neon Details in Winter Outfit


Neon colors aren’t only reserved for warmer days. Neon orange details go amazingly good with these grey shades.

42. Sweater Crop Top + Midi Skirt & Over-the-knee Boots Outfit

Sweater Crop Top Midi Skirt Outfit


In order to look feminine and full of confidence, embrace one of the biggest trends for this season – midi skirt. Style yours with blouse or sweater. For more outfit ideas with midi skirts, check out this article: 11 Midi Skirt Outfits for This Winter

43. Cozy Winter Outfit

Warm and Cozy Winter Outfit


This outfit looks so comfy!

44. Cool Winter Outfit

Cool Black and Grey Winter Outfit


An oversized sweater can be used as a dress, too. Pair it with your black over-the-knee boots, black coat and hat and you have simple but cool outfit.

45. Burgundy & Grey Outfit

Burgundy Dress Winter Outfit


Burgundy is the color that suits good to everyone. In winter days, it is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

We believe these 45 outfit ideas will inspire you to stay cozy and cute all winter long. Which one is your favorite?

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