21 Cool Undercut Designs for Badass Women

The undercut has become one of the must-have hairstyles for women. An undercut hairstyle features shaved hair on the sides of the head or at the back of the neck, you can even shave the whole area too. The hair on the top of the head is not shaved though and it can be any length from a pixie cut to mid length. It is a cool and edgy hair idea that is perfect for the ladies who want to try a trendy, new cut. We love these hairstyles and know that you will too, so we have found 23 of the best undercut designs for women. You will find chic short cuts, floral shaved patterns and more!

1. Chic Blonde Undercut

The first hairstyle we have to show you features a chic blonde undercut. For this look, the hair is shaved around the sides. The top layers of the hair are left longer and are cut into a cute short bob style. With hair like this, you get the best of both worlds. You can have a bob style but try the trendy undercut too. Recreate the blonde look or use a different color of your choice.

2. Lotus Undercut Design

When choosing an undercut hairstyle, the hair can be simply shaved or you can choose a unique design like this one! The hair is long on the top and the under layers of hair near the neck have been shaved. In the shaved area of hair, a lotus design has been created. As you can see, the lotus looks so trendy and the hairstyle really makes a statement.

3. Bold Purple Hair Idea

If you are feeling daring, then why not try a trendy new cut and color?! You could go for something just like this! The hair is shaved around the sides and the hair on the top has a length that sits just above the chin. Not only that, but the hair has been colored in a stunning purple shade too! The color and cut is stunning and it will definitely make your hair stand out! Recreate this purple look or try a different vibrant color.

4. Undercut Pixie Cut

Undercuts and pixies are very popular, so combine the two and you get one must-have hairstyle! The hair is quite short on the top layer and it is shaved around both sides and the back. The bangs are long and side swept. We love the textured style and think it would look very trendy on anyone. Try the chic black pixie undercut or go for a bolder color. Either way, it will look super stylish.

5. Stylish Star Design

Another trendy undercut design that you could try is stars. This hairstyle features two amazing stars that have been placed on the back of the head. We love the pattern created. You can try this double star design or you can choose one star. Also, the hair on the top layers can be left long like featured or you can try a shorter cut. A pixie would look very cool!

6. Vivid Pink Hairstyle

Love vibrant hair colors? Then this idea is for you. Here we have an asymmetrical short haircut with a shaved undercut. The hair has been colored in a vivid and bright pink shade. This color and cut combination is very trendy and bold. You can recreate this undercut design with any other short haircut and if pink hair color is not for you, you can rock your natural color.

Pink Short Haircut with an Undercut

Source: @kassiabarbo

7. Pretty Undercut with Braids

If you don’t want your hair to be very short then you can try an undercut like this one. The hair is quite long on the top layers and only a small section of the hair has been shaved at the back of the neck. We love the pattern used for the undercut, it is very pretty, stylish and it will suit everyone. A hairstyle like this would be perfect for the summer and the braids will be great for festivals too.

8. Chic Short Blonde Hair Idea

Next, we have another stylish undercut and cool color to show you. This is another asymmetrical hairstyle and it is again shaved around the sides. The hair is also colored in a stunning blonde shade too. This hairstyle is one of our favorites because it is so statement making. If the blonde is not for you, then you can try a warmer light brown shade.

9. Undercut Idea for Short Natural Hair

Another stylish pattern that you can try are lines. Here is a trendy example. For this look, the hair is natural and on the shaved area of the hair, a few lines have been added. The pattern is subtle but does make the hairstyle look unique. Hair like this will suit everyone and you could even add the same pattern to the other side for a bolder look.

10. Colorful Undercut

If you love to stand out from the crowd and like bright hair colors, then this idea is perfect for you. The shaved section of the hair is purple, pink and blonde. It is has a trendy and artistic pattern too. The top layer of hair is colored in lots of different vibrant shades and almost looks like a rainbow. It is one of the most amazing hairstyles that we have seen and if you feel daring, give it a try. You can of course just take inspiration from it and maybe choose a similar pattern or one or two similar colors for your hair.

Colorful Undercut Idea

Source: @isaac4mayor

11. Mandala Undercut Design

Our next idea is pretty and stylish. For this look, the hair is long on the top and there is a shaved section near the back of the neck. The shaved section features a stunning mandala pattern. We love the mandala undercuts as they are so trendy. You can also make your hair unique by creating your very own mandala.

12. Stylish Blonde Hair Idea

Next, we have a summery and trendy hairstyle. The hair is a beautiful brown color with blonde highlights at the front. It is short and choppy on the top layers and it is shaved around the back and sides. This is an easy to wear undercut style and the blonde will make your hair look sun-kissed just in time for summer.

Stylish Light Brown Cut with Blonde Highlights

Source: @kasdoeshair

13. Colorful Undercut Bob

Love the bold colors and trendsetting cuts? If so, this is perfect for you. Here we have a colorful bob with a unique short cut on one side. One side of the hair is also shaved too. The colors used on this bob are amazing and the cut makes the hair look very unique. You can recreate this look or try the cut in a different color. If you like the colors, then you can use them on shorter undercut styles too.

Colorful Undercut Bob

Source: @xostylistxo

14. Swirl Pattern Undercut

A cool undercut pattern you could try is swirls! This hairstyle features long hair with a shaved section at the back of the head. In the shaved section. an amazing swirl design has been created. It is such a unique and stylish pattern. We love this look and think the swirls would look amazing with different vibrant colors. It could even be blue to look like the ocean. which would be perfect for those who love mermaids and the beach!

15. Cool Black Blue Hairstyle

The next hairstyle we have to show you features another trendy color and cut. For this look, the hair is shaved on one side, the shaved section is quite big so it does make a statement. The back of the hair is quite short with longer side bangs. The cut is a stunning black blue shade. It is a gorgeous hair idea and is perfect for those who like to stand out from the crowd.

16. Box Braids with an Undercut

Show off your cool side with an undercut like this one. The hair is styled into long box braids and there is a large shaved section on one side of the head. On the shaved section, two light lines have been created. This is a very easy and unique design that will suit everyone.

Box Braids with an Undercut

Source: @rafafranco2

17. Cute Pink Haircut with an Undercut

Our next hairstyle will make you look pretty and trendy in pink! For this look, the hair is longer on the top and it is colored in a pastel pink shade, while the rest of the hair is shaved. Hair like this will be perfect for the spring and summer. This pink shade will look amazing on anyone but for a bolder hairstyle, you could try a more vivid pink color.

18. Undercut with Geometric Pattern

Geometric patterns are used to create trendy tattoos and stylish clothing. So, why not try adding them to your hair?! This hairstyle features a shaved undercut with a super cool geometric pattern. As you can see, it creates a trendsetting hairstyle. You can try this pattern or create a different one to make the hair unique to you.

19. Short Bob + Small Undercut

Next, we have a beautiful hairstyle with a subtler undercut. The hair is cut into a chin length bob and the shaved section of hair is small and not super short. With hair like this, you still get to try the trendy style but the shaved look won’t be too much of a dramatic change. It is a chic look and it will suit everyone.

Chic Undercut with Highlights

Source: @chloenbrown

20. Trendsetting Undercut Design

The next hairstyle we have to show you features a trendsetting undercut. This undercut has a shaved pattern that looks like half of a flower. It is such a stylish and unique design. We think this undercut would look amazing with some added color to make it stand out but we love it as it is too. Recreate the short bob look or try a similar pattern with shorter hair.

21. Vibrant Purple Hair Idea

Last on our list of hair ideas is this bright purple look. The hair is very short around the sides and it is long at the back and on the top. This haircut is a stunning purple shade too. The color and cut is so trendy and it will make you stand out from the crowd in style. You can recreate this look or try any purple shade, a darker purple would look amazing too.

Vibrant Purple Hair Idea

Source: @xostylistxo

We hope you have found inspiration for your next hairstyle from these stylish undercut designs!

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