21 Beautiful Ways to Wear Tree Braids This Season

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11. Glam Braided Hairstyle

The next hair idea is another glam one. This time we have long braids with beautiful curls. The hair is also a gorgeous color. Everything about this style is pretty and easy to wear. Hair like this is perfect for those who feel that their hair has been a bit drab so it needs a gorgeous makeover. Of course, these style can be created in any color.

12. Chic Tree Braids

If you like the chic and elegant hair ideas, then this could be perfect for you. Here we have mid length tree braids with a side part. It is a simple and versatile style that will suit everyone. You can keep it simple like this or you could even glam it up with some cuffs. Gold cuffs would look stunning.

Chic Tree Braids

Source: @braidsbyaja

13. Cute Half Updo

Next, we have another cute half updo. For this look, the hair has long braids with loose curls. Two sections of the hair are tied back to which creates the half up style. We also love the color. This is a pretty hairstyle and it is perfect for the summer. Recreate this or tie the hair into a bun.

Cute Half Updo

Source: @nanasbraids

14. Mid Length Braids

This next look is cute and very chic. Here we have mid length tree braids that change to twists. The hair also has a subtle brown tone. It is a beautiful hair idea and it will suit any occasion. This is another style that can be glammed up or down, it just depends on how you wear it.

Mid Length Braids

Source: @jeanneep

15. Tree Braids with Subtle Highlights

Want to try a new color but don’t want your hair to be too dramatic? If so, you need to see this. Here we have long tree braids with twists. The hair is dark with subtle copper color added to some of the ends of the twists. You still get a pop of bright color but it is not over the top. Recreate the copper look or you can try a different color.

16. Bright Red Tree Braids

Red is a popular hair color and with hairstyles like this, we can see why. Here we have red tree braids with multi tone chunky twists. The red color looks amazing and it really makes a statement. There are so many red shades from dark to light so there is a red to suit everyone. Try red hair like this if you like to wear bold color.

Bright Red Tree Braids

Source: @jeanneep

17. Multi Tone Half Updo

The next idea features beautiful hair colors and a gorgeous hairstyle too. For this look we have long tree braids with relaxed curls. The hair is also multi tone and includes colors from blonde to black. We love the half up, half down look, it is quite edgy. This is a fun and stylish hair idea that will suit everyone.

18. Super Long Hairstyle

If you love having long hair, then you need to see this hairstyle. The hair is very long and features a mix of long braids and loose curls. It is a stunning hairstyle that will be perfect for the summer because it has that relaxed and beachy look. Recreate the whole style including the color or you can choose a different shade for your hair.

19. Long Coppery Hair Idea

Next, we have another long and glam hairstyle to show you. Here we have long braids with tighter curls. The hair is also mix of black and a coppery color. This color combo is so stylish and it really makes a statement. We love the copper color as it is so on trend. This look was created with an all in one pack of braid extensions in deep wave 24 inches. The hair is available on the Instagram page below.

Long Coppery Hair Idea

Source: @sylviahair

20. Beautiful Tree Braids

This next hairstyle is just stunning. The hair is styled into thin and subtle tree braids, then the hair is sleek with very loose curls. This is such a chic and glam hair idea. Something like this will be perfect for a special occasion and it can be recreated in any color and in any hair length.

Beautiful Tree Braids

Source: @nanasbraids

21. Glam and Edgy Hair

The last tree braid hair idea is so glam and edgy. For this look, the hair features thin braids and then the hair changes into full and voluminous curls. The hair is also multi tone. This hairstyle can be glammed up or down to suit any occasion. As you can see, it has a rock chick vibe when worn with a leather jacket.

We hope you have found a trendy tree braid hairstyle to try!

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