Top 50 Funky Hairstyles for Women

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11. Long Dark Green Hairstyle

Long Dark Green Hairstyle

This girl pull it off quite well. With green eyebrows and red lips, she looks like a mermaid!

12. Long Brown Hair with Colorful Tips

Long Brown Hair with Colorful Tips

Coloured tips are the new hair trend! You don’t need to dye your whole hair – if you don’t like it, you can easily trim your tips. It really looks cool!

13. Long Blonde Hair with Pink Tips

Long Blonde Hair with Pink Tips

If you still aren’t brave enough to dye your whole hair in light pink color (or any other crazy color), you can start with just dying your tips. It looks pretty cool, too!

14. Medium Light Pink Curly Hairstyle

Medium Light Pink Curly Hairstyle

This hair color and soft curls are so romantic. Don’t be afraid to match your hair with your lips for that extra ‘wow’ effect.

15. Light Green Highlights & Curly Hair

Light Green Highlights and Curly Hair

These highlights are amazing and they look perfect on darker hair. Something similar wore Kylie Jenner few months ago. Cool hairstyle for cool girls!

16. Long Light Pink Hairstyle

Long Light Pink Hairstyle

Perfect cotton candy pink hair! It’s a stylish, bold way to showcase your individuality.

17. Colorful Short Hairstyle

Colorful Short Hairstyle

Many of us consider ourselves rebellious when it comes to our hair but are we brave enough to color our hair in rainbow colors? This girl surely is. These colors can brighten up a rainy day!

18. Purple Hair with Blue Tips

Purple Hair with Blue Tips

If you want to dye your hair in some vibrant, unusual color, purple can be a good starter color. Also, some black colors come with a purple or violet tint if you want see how purple would suit you.

19. Long Hot Pink Hairstyle

Long Hot Pink Hairstyle

With this hot pink hairstyle, you can’t be unnoticed in the crowd.

20. Short Light Purple Hairstyle

Short Light Purple Hairstyle

Umm, can we have this cut and color right now?

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    I love 49 I have very crazy curly hair and finding the right style and colours not so easy so thankyou

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