23 Sunflower Nails That Will Make Everyone Jealous

Floral nail art is so popular. This is no surprise since flowers will suit any occasion and you can choose flowers in all different colors and shapes. Now the sunny weather is here, sunflowers are back in the spotlight. These sunshine yellow flowers are the new favorite and the flowers look amazing when used in nail art. There are so many stunning designs that can be created and today we have 23 of the prettiest sunflower nails. We have ombre, edgy versions and sparkly manicures too. So, have a look and give this fun and summery nail trend a try.

1. Black and Yellow Sunflower Nails

First up we have a chic and vibrant sunflower nail design to show you. Three of the nails are bright sunshine yellow while two are black with gorgeous sunflower art. You can hand-paint flowers like these or you can buy sunflower nail stickers to help you recreate the look. Try something similar or you can even use the floral black design on all nails.

2. Delicate Sunflower Nail Art

Sunflower nail art will suit everyone because it can be very bold or quite subtle. Next, we have a delicate sunflower mani to show you. So, for this look, the nails are nude with a sunflower pattern painted on two of the nails. The yellow color is soft and the petals look very light. This is a stunning nail design that is easy to recreate.

Delicate Sunflower Nail Art

Source: @rubi_flower

3. Bold Sunflower Nails

This next nail design is one of our favorites because it is stunning and statement making! Here we have long coffin nails. Most of the nails on each hand have a different design including 3D sunflowers, rhinestones, glitter ombre and ombre tips. The sunflowers look gorgeous and the rhinestones and glitter really glam it up.

Bold Sunflower Nails with Rhinestones

Source: @vo.tino

4. Glam Pink Nail Design

If you love bold colors, then this idea is for you! For this look, the sunflowers have been painted on a bright pink background. We love this combo because it is striking, fun and very summery. The other nails have designs such as ombre, too. Recreate the whole look or just go for the pink nails. The products used for this include: Kiara Sky Nails in shades Pink Passport & Bare Skin, Glam and Glits Glow Up & Sindy and Dreamtime Creations Metallic Sunshine Swarovski.

Glam Pink Nail Design with Sunflowers

Source: @vo.tino

5. Sunflowers and Stripes

The next idea is super cute! This mani features nude nails with thin white stripes. Two of the nails are also decorated with vibrant sunflowers. It is such a stylish and easy to wear idea. You can hand-paint the stripes or use nail tape or stencil. You can also buy sunflower nail stickers like these online so you can recreate this one yourself.

6. Burgundy Sunflower Nails

Not all sunflower nails have to be bright. You can go for a darker look like this one. Here we have long coffin nails and each one is painted a rich and glossy burgundy. Two nails on each hand also have sunflower art too. As you can see, even though the sunflowers are vibrant, they are toned down because of the burgundy.

Burgundy Sunflower Nails

Source: @nailsbyg1na

7. Matte Nail Design

Speaking of burgundy, we have another cute nail design that is great for long coffin nails. Some of the nails are mustard yellow with sparkly rhinestones, while the others are matte burgundy. There is also an accent nail on each hand with a dark yellow sunflower. It is a stylish and pretty design. You can hand-paint the flowers or use stickers.

8. Cute Nail Design

Love ombre nail art? If so, this is for you. The nails are nude with yellow ombre. There are also two accent nails – one with rhinestones and one with a sunflower. It is such a pretty and trendy idea. There are so many tutorials online for ombre and this design is just perfect for the summer.

Cute Sunflower Nails

Source: @katrinadees

9. Polka Dots and Sunflowers

These next nails are super cute and super summery. Here we have stylish almond nails. Some nails are a lavender color, one nail has black polka dots and one nail is nude with hand-painted sunflowers. The colors and nail art look stunning together and the nail shape is glam! Recreate the whole look or use one or two designs on all nails.

10. Unique Sunflower Nail Art

The next nail idea is so unique and it is another one of our favorites! So, the nails are coffin shaped and three different designs were used. The art includes one sunflower accent nail, nude and light blue ombre and silver glitter ombre. It is such a cute and quirky way to wear sunflowers.

11. Edgy Sunflowers

Maybe you like sunflowers but also like more edgy nail art too? If so, this could be perfect for you. Here we have matte ombre nails and four of the nails have a half sunflower design. So, the sunflowers have been placed in different places around the edge of the nail. It is such a cool way to wear sunflowers. Recreate this or you can have the sunflower design as an accent nail only.

12. Stylish Sunflower Nails

Next, we have more stylish sunflowers! Each nail has a different design including sparkly yellow, glitter with a sunflower, black matte color and more. The glitter nail looks stunning with the 3D sunflower and the matte black gives the mani a trendy look. This design will look amazing in any nail shape and length.

13. Glittery Nail Design for Short Nails

If you love the sparkly nail designs, then you need to see this next mani. For this look some nails are matte yellow, sparkly black and one nail is black with a vibrant sunflower. The colors, textures and art look so pretty together. This is a glitzy and cute design and it will look amazing with longer nails too. A stiletto version would look gorgeous!

Glittery Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @hapanailz

14. Vibrant Nail Idea

This next nail idea is so vibrant and pretty. These nails are a coffin shape and most of them are a vivid yellow shade. There are also two white nails with delicate hand-painted sunflowers. The white and yellow looks beautiful and the art really captures how delicate and pretty sunflowers are. This is one of our favorites and it is perfect for the summer.

15. Flowers, Polka Dots and Pastel Colors

Love the polka dot designs? If so, you need to see this next idea. Here we have short nails. Two are a beautiful pastel purple, one is white with black polka dots and one is nude with sunflower art. We love the colors and patterns. It is a cute and summery idea. Recreate this or maybe try pastel yellow instead of purple.

Sunflower Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @elbebeauty

16. Black and Yellow Sunflower Nails

If you like the more vibrant and statement making designs, then this is for you. This mani features long coffin nails. Some are matte yellow and two are matte black. The matte black nails also features bright yellow sunflowers. We love this mani because the matte is trendy and the colors are so bold. These nails will make you stand out in style.

Black and Yellow Sunflower Nails

Source: @by_j0nny

17. Elegant Nail Design with Rhinestones

Next, we have a glitzy and glamorous nail design. The nails are all coffin shaped and feature different art including ombre, glitter ombre and a sparkly sunflower design too. It is a stylish and stunning nail design that is perfect for a special occasion. Recreate the whole look or use two designs on all nails. Maybe the sunflower art and just yellow ombre? Try and see.

18. Trendy and Edgy Mani

The next mani is another edgy one. For this look, the nails are a long coffin shape. Three nails feature matte orange ombre while the other nails are frosted with sunflower art. If all that wasn’t enough, each nail is also adorned crosses, starts and moons. We love the gold accessories, they are so unique and you can buy similar decorations online.

Trendy and Edgy Mani

Source: @riyathai87

19. Sparkly and Vibrant Sunflower Design

We love this next nail idea! Here we have short orange nails with half a sunflower and there are yellow petals on the other nails too. The orange color is so bright and fun, it is perfect for the summer. The products used to create this mani are: Mystery Prototype 140 by Dfferent Dimensions, CND Gypsy, Sundae Topping & Fab Cab stamping polishes and From Ground Comes Life plate B044 by Whatsup Nails.

20. Yellow Ombre Nails with Sunflowers

Next, we have another ombre look to show you. The nails have nude and yellow ombre. There is also one accent nail with a 3D sunflower. It is a cute and easy to wear design that will suit everyone. Recreate this or you can have a hand-painted sunflower or use a sticker instead of the 3D design.

Yellow Ombre Nails with Sunflowers

Source: @fabeaulee

21. Sunflower Art for Short Nails

Sunflowers and polka dots seem to be very popular and here is another version. Here we have short nails and three nails have polka dots, one nail is pink and one nail is nude with a small sunflower design. It is a cute and easy to wear look. Recreate this short mani or you can try the design on longer nails.

22. Glitzy Nail Idea

Looking for a glitzy nail design? If so, take a look at this. The nails are a short coffin shape and most of the nails have a different design. Some nails are black, yellow, gold glitter and one nail is nude with a 3D sunflower. It is such a cute and glam nail design. The art will look amazing on all nail lengths and shapes.

23. Unique Pink Sunflower Design

The last nail idea is a unique version of the sunflower trend. Instead of the classic yellow, these sunflowers are pink! Two nails are pink and two nails are white with black polka dots. One nail also has pink sunflower nail art. We love this and it is perfect for those who want to try something different.

We hope you have found a stylish sunflower design to try.

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