63 Best Spring Nail Art Designs to Copy in 2020

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11. Vibrant Pink Nails with Floral Accent Nail

Brighten up your look this spring with vibrant pink nails like these. Not only are the nails painted in stylish pink, but they also have a floral accent nail too. This is a beautiful nail idea and it would suit anyone. You can buy stencils and stickers to help with the floral design and you could use any flower of your choice.

12. Pastel and Polka Dot Spring Nails

Pastel colors are must-haves during the spring. This next nail idea features pastel yellow, green, pink and purple. There is also a white and black polka dot accent nail too. This is such a cute spring manicure idea. You can recreate a similar look with just one pastel color. This design will suit any nail length too.

13. Stunning Spring Floral Nail Idea

Looking for pretty and feminine nail designs? Then this next idea could be for you. The nails have been painted with a very light pink and have a sweep of gold glitter on the tips. There are also two accent nails with a delicate floral design. Nails like this will look beautiful on anyone, these would also look great for a special occasion.

Elegant Floral Spring Nails

Source: @ayumi_0413

14. Artistic Accent Nails

Nail art is a great way to add the seasons newest colors and prints. For you next nail design you could choose something trendy like this. Some of the nails are painted pastel pink and there are two accent nails with a funky design. You could recreate this design or create something different. Nautical stripes are a big trend for spring and summer.

15. Stylish Floral Nails

You don’t have to use light colors for your nails, you could choose a darker design like this one. Some of the nails are red, some are black and there are floral accent nails. This is beautiful nail design that would suit anyone. Any nail length and shape would look great too.

16. Cute Spring Bunny Nails

Earlier in the post we featured a bunny nail design. If you liked that idea, then you may like this one too. This manicure features pastel pink nails, white polka dots and white rabbit. A manicure like this will look super cute all spring.

17. Polka Dots and Stripes

Our next idea brings together two popular patterns for the spring and summer. This manicure features accent nails with polka dots and stripes. Both patterns are quite easy to recreate at home. You could take inspiration from these nails and create your own polka dot and stripe design in any color.

18. Elegant Floral Nails

Floral nail designs can look very elegant. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at these nails. The nails have been painted in a light polish and have floral accent nails. We love the nail art used here as it looks chic and adds a hint of color. You could create a similar design with any colors, there are also stencils and stickers to help you with the flowers.

19. Pretty Purple Nails

Do you love purple? Then this next nail idea is for you. The nails have all been painted in different shades of purple. Sparkly gems have been added to one nail too. Painting your nails different shades of a color is simple but super stylish. You could use this idea for any color. Pink or blue would be nice too.

20. Beautiful Blue Nails

Next, we have a blue manicure idea. Most of the nails have been painted in a glittery light blue and there is one floral accent nail. These nails are perfect for spring because they are light, pretty and floral. You could use any flower on this design.

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