43 Glitzy NYE Makeup Ideas

2018 is almost over! With the end of the year comes parties and nights out. So, you need to start thinking about your NYE look. One of the most important elements is your makeup. With makeup you can experiment and create many different looks from sparkly to bold and dramatic. To give you some party makeup inspiration, we have found 43 NYE makeup ideas. Any of these ideas will help you bring in the new year in style.

1. Glitter Eye Liner Idea

First up we have this glitter eyeliner look. We love this makeup style because it is quite simple but makes an impact. Warm brown tones have been used on the eyes with a sweep of liner and glitter. You could use colors you use daily and just add the glitter for some party sparkle. If you prefer bolder makeup, then use your own color combinations.

2. Glam NYE Makeup Idea

Next, we have a pretty and sparkly pink makeup idea. This look was created with the Bella Pierre 12 Color Pro Natural Eye Palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof Creme Color Eyeliner, NYX Cosmetics Pink Rocks Glitter and Gerard Cosmetics Rose Gold Metal Matte Lipstick. Makeup products like these are great investments as you can create the look featured and many more.

3. Vibrant Glitter Eye Makeup

If you want a bold NYE party look, then this makeup idea is for you! This eye makeup features purple tone glitter with a vibrant liner along the waterline. Makeup like this is perfect for any party or night out. You could also take this as inspiration and create your own colorful glitter look.

Vibrant Glitter Eye Makeup

Source: @vemakeup713

4. Bold Gold Eyes

Our next idea is bold and unique. The makeup features dark shadow and liner to create the classic smokey eye. Then the eyes have been finished off with a sweep of gold on the middle of the upper and lower eyelid. As the gold has been placed in the middle it creates a trendy look different from the rest. You could recreate this makeup with silver to.

5. Multi Tone Blue

You don’t just have to choose the classic glam gold or silver. Maybe try a beautiful jewel tone look like this one. The artist has created a stunning blend of turquoise right through to dark navy blue. For this makeup you will need the Morphe Brushes Jaclyn Hill Palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance and Inglot Cosmetics Eyeliner or products like them.

6. Shimmering Makeup Idea

Looking for glamorous NYE makeup? Then you need to check out this makeup idea. The eyes use dark shadow in the outer corners which suddenly sweeps into shimmering glitter. Eye makeup like this is quite simple, if you are new to makeup or are a pro you could have a go at this. It would suit everyone!

Pink Glitter Makeup Idea

Source: @vemakeup713

7. Glamorous Eye Makeup

You don’t need over the top glitter, you could try a subtle shimmer like this. These eyes have got a small sweep of gold with darker brown tones used on either side. This combo creates a glam party look perfect for NYE. You could recreate this with silver to.

8. Glitter Gold and Purple

Burgundy is a must-have color for the winter. So, it would be a great choice for your NYE makeup. This makeup look uses burgundy both on the eyes and the lips. It has got party twist as a gold glitter has been used on the eyelids. We love this trendy idea!

9. Sparkly Eyes

If all over glitter isn’t for you then you need to check out this makeup idea. The eyes have the classic smokey eye look with liner with a shimmery twist. Silver glitter has been added above the eyeliner and in the crease of the eyelid. As the line is thin it will just capture the light and give you a subtle sparkling party look.

10. Purple Glitter Makeup Idea

We love purple and when you see this next makeup look you will to! The artist has used purple tone shadows with a stunning purple glitter eyeliner flick. Her nails are also purple glitter which brings her look together beautifully. You could recreate something like this in any color but try to bring the color to your nails to for a coordinated party look!

11. Sparkly Smokey Eye

Liked the eye makeup looks with a sweep of glitter on the middle of the lid? Then this next idea could be for you. Instead of the black and gold combo this artist has used black and silver. Black and silver compliment each other beautifully. This is one chic party look. All the products used to create this look can be found on the artists page.

12. Glam Green Eye Makeup

New year is part of the festive holiday so why not wear glittering green like this fashionista. The artist has created a smokey eye look with a sweep of green glitter over the top. Keep your lip color natural, try to avoid red lips as it will make you look Christmassy not NYE party ready.

13. Sparkly Dark Eye Makeup

Instead of being bright and shimmery you could create a dark glitter look. This beautiful eye makeup uses dark shadows with the classic black liner flick. The look has been finished off with a brown tone glitter. We love this darker combo it creates a trendy and sophisticated party look.

14. Glitzy Pink Eye Makeup

If the brighter makeup looks are more your thing then you will love our next idea. This artist has created a beautiful pink glitter party look. The eye makeup was created with Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, Urban Decay Heavy Metals Glitter Liner and Eyeko Black Magic Eyeliner.

Glitzy Pink Eye Makeup

Source: @vemakeup713

15. Subtle Glitter

Next, we have a very subtle glitter look. The eyes use warm brown and neutral tones with a small sprinkle of glitter on the upper and lower lid. This is perfect for the ladies who want to join in the sparkly festive look but without going too over the top. We love this idea!

16. Bold Eye Makeup

You can add the seasons trendiest colors to your makeup. Eye makeup is an easy way to incorporate the must-have shades to your party look. These eye use purple and pink tone shadows with a classic eyeliner flick. You could try this with other stylish colors like burgundy and more.

Bold Burgundy Eye Makeup

Source: @vemakeup713

17. NYE Sparkles

NYE needs a look that will wow. These eyes will do just that it. The artist has created a smokey eye look with a classic black liner with a lot of sparkle over the top! You could use the base of the look and use any glitter color. As the base is black and brown most other colors will work.

NYE Gold Glitter Eye Makeup

Source: @_tiarni_

18. Glitz and Glamour Eye Makeup

Our next makeup is the perfect shimmering look for a party. Eye shadow is used on the outer corners that gradually blends into silver glitter. This is soft and elegant look that will suit everyone. Bold lashes will glam up the look and mascara will make the look subtler.

Silver Glitter Smokey Eye Idea

Source: @vemakeup713

19. NYE Gold

Next, we have a NYE makeup idea that is gold, glamorous and ready for a party. The eyes have a stunning gold eyeshadow with the classic liner and bold lashes. The look was created with Morphe Brushes Jaclyn Hill Palette, High Class Pigment and Huda Beauty Farah Lashes.

20. Glitter and Eyeliner

Our next idea features must-have eye makeup and lip color. The eyes have the glam NYE sparkles while the lips are in a pretty tone. This combination looks stunning and will suit everyone. You could also wear a lip color like this with other eye makeup.

21. Stylish Sparkly Eyes

Here is another funky glittery eye makeup idea. The glitter used in this is very bold and will catch everyone’s eye. You could use the glitter like this as a kind of stripe of sweep it along the whole lid. Either way, glitter is a must-have. We love the makeup featured and it will suit everyone.

Stylish Sparkly Eyes

Source: @vemakeup713

22. Silver Glitter Eye Makeup

If you are looking for gorgeous party eyes, then this makeup idea is for you. This makeup was created with many must-have products which can be found on the artists page. A makeup like this will suit all NYE events and will go with any outfit.

23. Gold Glitter Eye Liner

Next on our NYE makeup list is this glam glitter eyeliner look. If you love the classic eyeliner flick, then this idea is for you. You still get your liner look but it has a New Year’s Eve twist. You could recreate makeup like this with any glitter color.

24. Glam Glitter Eyeliner

If you don’t want to go all out with glitter, then this idea is for you. The eyes are smokey brown with black eyeliner. There is also a sweep of silver glitter eyeliner too. By using glitter eyeliner you can jazz up the makeup you usually wear for a special occasion like NYE.

25. Bold Blue Eye Makeup

Be bold for NYE with blue makeup like this! The eyes feature blue tones with shimmer and a classic black eyeliner flick. This is a beautiful look for any party and it will make you stand out from the crowd. You can check out the products used plus a tutorial on the artist’s page featured below.

26. Sparkly Eyes with Dark Lips

Next, we have a gorgeous makeup idea that features sparkly eyes and dark lips. For this look the eyes have light brown tones with subtle glitter and eyeliner. The lips are a dark and stylish shade that is perfect for the time of year. Makeup like this is perfect for the ladies who are attending an NYE party or going out for a night on the town.

27. Dark Dramatic Makeup

Add some drama to your look with eyes like these. Black and dark brown colors have been used, with a blend like this you create a bold and stylish look. It would be a great choice for the ladies who want to let out their inner rock chic. Wear with subtler lips or be bold and wear with dark red or burgundy.

28. Dazzling Golden Eyes

Dazzle everyone this NYE with gold eye makeup. For this look there is a blend of dark tones with sparkly gold glitter. The eyes have been finished off with a sweep of black eyeliner and long lashes. We love this makeup idea because it has a festive look but also suits NYE too. It is a chic and shimmering look that will suit everyone.

29. Glittery Smokey Eyes with Bold Lashes

Looking for makeup that will steal the limelight at any NYE celebration? Then this idea could be perfect. Here we have dark, smokey eyes with a sweep of glitter. The eyes have been finished off with long, statement making lashes. This would be a stunning choice for a party. You can check out the products used on the artist’s page below.

30. Glitzy Glitter Eyes

NYE is the perfect occasion to look very glam and glittery. Here is a stylish way to do it. These eyes have beautiful brown eyeshadow shades with a stunning sweep of glitter over the top. There is an eyeliner flick too. This makeup would look amazing for any party or celebration. You can see the products that were used to create the look on the artist’s page featured.

31. Stylish Silver Eye Makeup

Celebrate the new year in style with silver eye makeup like this. The eyes start silver and then blend to dark brown. This is a stunning idea that is glam but it isn’t as bold as some of the glittery looks. It is perfect for the ladies who want to try something new for the occasion but want keep their makeup a little subtler.

32. Pretty Pink Sparkles

Love pink? Then this makeup look is for you. The eyes are a sparkly pink and have been matched with a shimmery lip color. To create the eyes, you will need Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, you can check out the other products and a tutorial on the artist’s page below. For the lips you will need Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in shade Snobby or a product like it.

33. Sparkly Smokey Eye

Next, we have another sparkly eye makeup idea. The eyes are a chic grey tone with subtle sparkle over the top. This is such a pretty look and it is perfect for parties and nights out. Pair with a bold lip color or try a soft pink. Makeup like this would be great to learn as it can be worn for other special occasions too.

34. Glam Pink and Gold Eyes

Our next idea is another gold look. This one is subtler and unique because the gold glitter does not sweep across the eyelid. Instead the glitter is placed about halfway and is on the lower lid too. This is such a glam and stylish look. Recreate the gold eyes or try silver sparkle instead.

35. Silver Eyes and Metallic Pink Lips

Silver eye makeup looks gorgeous with pink lips. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this next look. The eyes are sparkly and silver and have been paired with a metallic pink lip color. We love this color it can be worn for NYE and beyond. The lipstick is Gerard Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Soho.

36. Colorful NYE Makeup Look

As it is NYE, you can go all out with glitter. Here is a stylish way to do it. The top eyelids are silver and the lower lid is a vibrant jewel tone. Combining two glitter colors creates a glam and gorgeous look for any party. Recreate this or try your own combination.

37. Silver Smokey Eyes

Love a smokey eye? Then this makeup idea is for you. These eyes have the dark smokey look with the addition of silver. The silver just jazzes up the classic makeup ready for NYE. Pair the silver eyes with with a dark lip color like burgundy or purple or maybe go for a lighter pink.

38. Chic Glitter Eyes

Not all glitter has to be light and sparkly. You can choose a darker look just like this one. These eyes feature dark grey eyeshadow with a grey glitter over the top. This creates a chic and unique look that is perfect for a party. You can check out all the products used on the page below.

39. Dark Eyes with Burgundy Lips

There isn’t much that is more chic and stylish than dark eyes with burgundy lips. This color combo is perfect for the fall, winter and special occasions like NYE. It is great for the ladies who like to be bold and want their makeup to demand attention. Keep the glitter subtle like featured when creating a similar look to this or add a little extra. It is New Year after all!

40. Glitter and Classic Eyeliner

Do you love to wear classic black eyeliner with a flick? If so, this idea is for you. Here we have eyes like that but with an NYE twist. Over the eyelid there is a sweep of silver glitter too. This is a beautiful look that will suit everyone. Try the silver look or try gold. Maybe even try a bold glitter color like blue or green.

41. Stunning Brown Smokey Eye

If all the glitter and sparkle is not for you, you can try makeup like this for NYE. The eyes are smokey with brown liner and there is just a hint of gold. Makeup like this makes sure you look chic and glam for any event but it is not too over the top either.

42. Sparkly Silver Eyes

Looking for bold eye makeup that will make you stand out? Then this could be it. These eyes feature a beautiful sweep of silver. The look is finished off with bold black liner which really glams up the finished result. Recreate this look or try the dark, dramatic liner with gold. Either way, it would look amazing.

43. Silver Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

If you love silver makeup then you need to check out this eye makeup idea! The eyes are so glam and glitzy which is perfect for NYE. You can see a step by step tutorial on how to create the look on this image but you can also view the products used on the artist’s page. We love this!

We hope you have found the perfect NYE makeup!

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