69 Easy Winter and Christmas Nail Ideas

Let’s face it, at Christmas there are so many things to do so your manicure is often bumped right to the last of the list, if it even gets done at all. We’ve decided to bring you the easy winter and Christmas nail ideas that you can totally recreate at home. And that leaves you with plenty more time to cook turkey, shop for gifts, and find that perfect Christmas day outfit!

1. Simple Red and Gold Glitter Design

On the Autumn Winter catwalks for 2019, short plum nails were a big hit. Not only were they short, they were rounded too, which many of us would find easier to work with on a daily basis. If that sounds a little too dull and not very Christmas-like for your liking, add a touch of glitter, just like you can see here. It’s just a little addition, but one that makes the world of difference. And you’ll see be in trend!

Red and Gold Glitter Christmas Nails

Source: @alexxnails

Products used: Insta-Dri in Wined Up and China Glaze in Twinkle Lights.

2. Snowflake Design

When it comes to easy winter and Christmas nail ideas, you can’t get much more wintery than these cute blue snowflake designs! You could opt for an ombre-effect across your nails, which we think is a great idea. The thumb could be dark blue, for example, moving to the pinkie finger, each nail getting lighter in shade, until you get to white. Add your snowflakes and you’re basically good to go. Now all you need to do is hope for a white Christmas!

Navy Blue Snowflake Winter Nail Design

Source: @judyrox

Products used: Isadora Velvet Matte Nails in Moody Blue and Marble.

3. Green and Gold Christmas Tree Design

How about a Christmas tree? The tradition of having a Christmas tree, decorating it, and placing presents underneath it has been around for thousands of years, although the customs have changed a little over time. We can’t think of a better way to pay homage to the humble Christmas tree than with these brilliant green and gold Christmas tree design nails. What do you think?

Gold and Green Christmas Tree Nail Design

Source: @melcisme

Products used: Essie in Fall in Line, Urban Jungle, Beyond Cozy, and Blanc.

4. Cute Reindeer Design

Rudolph the red nose reindeer … Admit it, you sang it too right? We love the way that the red rhinestone has been used in the place of Rudolph’s nose, which we think is a genius idea! You can’t get much more Christmassy than the story of Santa and his reindeer helpers, and that’s why we fell a little bit in love with these easy Christmas designs.

Products used: Revlon in Bare Bones, Catrice in Get Boho in SoHo , DA in Famous, and Lucia Couture in Honeybee.

5. Christmas Baubles

What about Christmas baubles if the Christmas tree or Rudolph didn’t light up your life? These are easy to do too – it’s just a circle to start with, some glitter to make it sparkle, and then some greenery to make it look as if they’re hanging from a Christmas tree. It shouldn’t take you long, and it’s definitely a look that no one else will have. So why not?

Christmas Baubles Nails

Source: @phenomenail

6. Green, Gold and Red

Green, gold, and red have been associated with Christmas for many years. The red is said to represent the blood of Jesus Christ, and the gold colour is show luxury and wealth. Green is the colour of the earth and everything living and natural. All that aside, of course, the three colours look really good together. And they look Christmas-like so they’re good enough for us!

Green Gold and Green Tartan Nails

Source: @sharingvu

7. Sparkly White and Gold Design

These remind us of wrapping paper that we bought last year, and honestly, we love these a little bit! Quite a lot in fact. If you don’t have a very good steady hand, cheat your way to these nails with decals and embellishments which you can pick up for almost no price at all these days, especially online.

White and Gold Christmas Nails

Source: @melcisme

Products used: China Glaze in I’m not Lion and White on White, and e.l.f. in Gold Star. Snowflakes and Christmas tree are vinyls.

8. Easy Christmas Nails

If you’ve ever been looking for an excuse to buy some nail gems or decorations, now is definitely the time. These winter and Christmas nail ideas just call for it! With the help of a few flecks of glitter, you too could have amazing christmas nails like these easy Christmas nails! It’s all about shaping glitter together, in this case red and green glitter, to make it look Christmassy. To start with, the tree, and if you’re ready to get creative – that mistletoe look.

Products used: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Sheer Force, and Salon Perfect in Glam Glitter.

9. Elegant Red and Gold Nails

With the help of some masking tape, you could easily recreate these simple winter themed nails at home, and the red and gold colour in them just makes them feel festive and warm. Just make sure you leave the polish to dry before taking away that tape, otherwise you’ll run the risk of smudging. Who has time to do these beauties twice before Christmas? We’ve got gifts to buy!

Products used: Il était un Vernis in Live Love Laugh and Pinot Noir.

10. Matte Gingerbread Nails

Gingerbread men have become a symbol of Christmas, as has the candy cane. Both of those things have been brought together with the traditional colours of Christmas in these easy winter and Christmas nail ideas. If you don’t think you have the patient to recreate those candy cane stripes, don’t worry. You can cheat it (like we did) with nail wraps. It’s quicker, easier, and at least then most of the lines are straight!

Products used: China Glaze in White on White, Salsa, Matte Magic and Holly-Day.

11. Pink Glitter Christmas Nails

You might not have thought about using pink glitter in your easy winter and Christmas nail ideas, but we think it goes really well with this light silver / white hue. It’s still a Christmassy look, especially with that pretty pink Christmas tree, but it’s not too Christmassy. Perfect for those who don’t really dig the red, green, and gold theme.

Pink Glitter Christmas Nails

Source: @nailsbynemo

12.  Cute Winter Nails

We love the idea of this – it’s like a winter sweater on your nails. And because it’s only on the one featured nail, you can easily nail it! (See what we did there?) Again, if the hand-painting of this brings you out in a cold sweat, cheat it with nail wraps, or consider using nail stamps instead. You can get a wide range of designs, meaning there’s no limit to the crazy creations you can come up with.

Navy Blue Snowflake Winter Nails

Source: @naildecor

13. Easy Last-Minute Christmas Nails

If it’s something last minute you want, this is a great look. One red nail, one green nail, one gold nail. That’s all you need to make your hands look festive, and you could put them in any order, in any way that you like. If you already have red nails, for example, remove the polish from one nail and paint it green instead. Then do the same with another, and repaint it gold. By doing that, you’re getting maximum use out of your old mani, and you’re still getting a fresh new look at the same time.

Easy Last Minute Christmas Nails

Source: @hemmyberlin

14. Red and Gold Bow Design

Gold nail foils are the trick when you want to wrap your nails up in a bow, and you can buy a bow embellishment from many places online. You could even switch it up to silver if gold isn’t really your thing. It’s cute and simple, and everyone will want to copy them. It’s great to be a little Christmas trendsetter right?

15. Super Cute and Easy

Are you in love this Christmas? Why not show the whole world with these adorable easy winter and Christmas nail design? That mini Christmas tree is too cute for words, and those love hearts are simple, yet add something to these nails that the other’s we’ve shown you just don’t have. If you love Christmas, or you’re just in love, and you want to shout about it, we reckon these are a winning selection.

Simple and Easy Christmas Tree Nails


Products used: Serendipity Nail Polish in Big Red Bow, Finishing Touch and Starfish Tree Topper.

16. Snowman Design

What winter would be complete without a snowman? What winter nail design would be complete without a snowman? The snowman is also a really easy character for you to paint on your own nails too. And these candy cane blue stripes are also simple. This means that these easy winter and Christmas nail designs are perfectly achievable at home!

Products used: Sally Hansen in Breezy Blue, Milani in White on the Spot, F.U.N Lacquer in Cinderella, and Hema Glitter Topcoat #8.

17. Elegant Snowflake Nails

When you’re painting your nails and it’s just one base shade, you should only need three strokes of your brush to completely cover them. One swoop down the middle, and one down each of the sides. Let it dry, and then repeat, and that’s how you get a decent base. You’ll want to make sure that the coats aren’t too thick too – that’ll cause a gloopy mani, and it’ll take an age for it to dry as well.

Red and Gold Snowflake Christmas Nails

Source: @sinney

18. Mistletoe Nails

Who do you fancy kissing under the mistletoe this year? We’re just looking for an excuse if we’re being honest, and with these mistletoe nails, we’ve got it! Now … who can we kiss? We’re obsessed with the red glitter look in these easy winter and Christmas nail ideas, and the best way to achieve this look is to start with a solid bright red base, and then add a couple of layers of large red glitter.

Products used: OPI in Alpine Snow, China Glaze in The Heat is on, Seche Nails in Seche Vite, and Red holo glitter from Michaels.

19. Christmas Nails with Rhinestones

If you’re going to have rhinestones and other embellishments on your nails, make sure you carry a spare tube of glue in your bag at all times. It’s going to be just your luck that you’ll lose a stone right at that crucial moment. At least if you have nail glue in your pocket or bag, you can pick it up and put it right back on again. In fact, nail glue is quite a handy thing to have in your bag. Just saying.

Simple Christmas Nails with Rhinestones

Source: @phenomenail

Products used: Essie in Pure Pearlffection, white base and rhinestones.

20. Festive Design

This festive design is brilliant, and it encompasses a couple of different designs which gives you even more opportunity to play around. You could recreate the entire look, or just pick one nail and focus on that. Which out of this lot is your favourite? We really like the red Christmas jumper style nail in this design, but we’re in love with the whole lot!

Festive Christmas Nail Design for Long Nails

Source: @riyathai87

21. Reindeer Accent Nail

What goes better with reindeers than red nails? Plus, you can’t get more Christmassy than red either, can you? That’s why we love these easy winter and Christmas nail ideas. Whatever you do, don’t forget the big red nose. That’ll spoil the look!

Products used: China Glaze in White on White and Ring in the Red.

22. Sparkly Christmas Baubles

What a great idea – using larger pieces of glitter to create a Christmas bauble nail design that is bound to catch the light wonderfully. A quick flick with a black nail pen will help you retreat the bow and string at the top, and once again, rhinestones have been added to really bring the entire look to life. Another winner if you ask us.

Sparkly Christmas Baubles Nail Art Design

Source: @melcisme

23. Simple & Elegant Design

How do you feel about blue Christmas nails? It’s not a shade that will automatically spring to mind, but now you’ve seen how cool this navy shade of blue looks with the sparkly gold Christmas tree, aren’t you a little convinced?

Blue and Gold Christmas Tree Nail Design

Source: @melcisme

Products used: Sinful Colors in Mesmerize, and Essie Polish in Beyond Cozy.

24. Sparkly Winter Design

What a fabulous idea! It’s a holographic almost ombre look at the back, and that’s the part you’ll want to do first. On these nails, those silver designs are decals applied over the top. The other way that you could recreate these is by painting your nails silver, then placing the decals on top (with the aim to remove them once the nails are dry), and then painting over the top with this ombre blue to purple holographic look. When you take the decals away, you should be left with the silver shimmer outline just like you can see here.

Products used: F.U.N Lacquer in Frost

25. Red & Gold Glitter Ombre Nails + Christmas Tree

Glitter at the base of the nails is such a simple idea, and one that is often overlooked when it comes to easy winter and Christmas nail ideas. This one has been perfectly matched with a ‘squiggly’ Christmas tree. Let’s face it, this Xmas tree design is a lot easier to recreate than some of the other intricate designs we’ve come across!

Products used: OPI in All I Want for Christmas and All Sparkly And Gold.

26. Snowflake Accent Nail

Make just one of your nails a big feature, such as this snowflake feature nail, when you just don’t have the time to head to the salon, or give yourself a home manicure. It’s a great way to give your mani a new lease of life when you don’t have the time (or patience) to re-do them all, and it’ll help bring the Christmas cheer to your life. That’s what we keep telling ourselves anyway!

Products used: Lilian Eve in Mere Mortals.

27. Pretty Snowflakes + Christmas Tree Accent Nail

Wow! What a fabulous look. To start with, you have that silver glittery / shimmery shade on the bottom. Then you add a few bright white snowflakes, either hand-painted or decals. After that, get doodling with your Christmas tree. Make sure everything stays exactly where it should with a good top coat, and then show off your nails for all the world to see.

Winter Snowflake Nail Art Design

Source: @nailistayco

Products used: Bundle Monster snowflake stamps, a white nail polish and a Christmas tree vinyl.

28. Cute Design for Short Nails

If you have short nails, you can still play around with these easy winter and Christmas nail ideas, you just might need to amend them a tad to match your shorter length. We love these red reindeer designs, a great way of ‘shortening’ a design to make it fit a smaller nail. You still have the white background, you still have the refiner design, and you still have the glitter on the tips. It’s all the benefits of long nails when you think about it.

Cute Reindeer Christmas Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @just1nail

Products used: China Glaze in Son of a nutcracker.

29. Holly Design

These holly design nails are perfect for when you want to smooch your crush this Christmas, and they allow you to get a little creative too. Berries and leaves are easily painted, and you can include a touch of sparkle with some glitter added for good measure. There are lots of ways you could recreate this one so that it suits you. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Products used: OPI in That’s Hula-rious! + acrylic paint.

30. Cute Gingerbread Nails

Gingerbread is a Christmas classic and these nails have been inspired by the festive treats. There is a different design on each nail that include: a gingerbread face, buttons, glitter and a gingerbread wave design. These nails are super cute and would look great for any Christmas event.

31. Christmassy Polka Dot Nails

Looking for nails that are festive but stylish? Then these could be for you. Here we have light, short nails with christmassy polka dots. The dots are green, red, white and gold which is perfect for the holiday season. A look like this is easy to create. Just paint your nails in a light color and then just add dots of the four nail colors. You can also opt just red and green to make it easier.

32. Elegant Snowflake Nail Idea

Next, we have elegant snowflake nails that would be perfect for a Christmas party of festive formal event. The nails have a French manicure look with beautiful snowflakes over the top. There are also sparkling gems too. You can buy snowflake stencils to recreate this look at home.

Elegant Snowflake Nail Idea

Source: @kt_tk1

33. Elf Inspired Nails

The next nail idea we have to show you has been inspired by Christmas elves. The nails are a light green shade with a cute elf design over the top. There are also dark green nails too. This is a fun manicure idea and it is perfect for the ladies who are looking for a bold Christmassy nail design.

Elf Inspired Nails for Christmas

Source: @nailsbyjema

34. Glam Christmas Tree Nails

Christmas trees are a must-have for the holiday season. So, it is no surprise that they have been inspiring nail designs. Here we have a glam set of nails that feature dark green, silver glitter and a cute stripe accent nail with a small Christmas tree. You can recreate this look or just try the green and Christmas tree design.

Glam Christmas Tree Nails

Source: @melcisme

35. Gold Glitter Nails and Holly

The holiday season is the perfect time to bring out the glitter! These nails have done just that. The nails are all gold glitter with one holly accent design. You can recreate the look with or without the holly because the glitter is glam and Christmassy enough as it is. Glitter like this will look beautiful on all nail lengths and shapes.

36. Stylish Santa Nails

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa! The next nail idea has been inspired by the Christmas character and features a stylish red shade with two accent nails. One accent nail has a Santa face and the other his suit. This is a cute and festive design that will suit all Christmas events.

37. Sparkly Candy Cane Nails

Next, we have another nail idea that has taken inspiration from festive treats. These nails have a candy cane stripe design. Some of the nails are white with glitter over the top and there are two red and white striped accent nails. You can recreate the striped candy cane look with tape. There are tutorials online to help you create neat stripes.

38. Festive Glitter Nails

An easy way to get a festive look with your nails is by using glitter. These nails have not used the classic gold or silver and have instead gone for a vibrant, festive green. Nails like these are perfect for Christmas parties and will suit any nail length or shape. Red glitter would look amazing too!

39. Pretty, Pink Snowflake Nails

Love the snowflake nail designs? Then this next pick is for you. Here we have snowflake nails with a pink, white and purple color palette. There is also some pink glitter too. The colors used just suit the beauty of the snowflakes perfectly. These are great for the ladies who are looking for a delicate and elegant look.

40. Poinsettia and Glitter Design

Poinsettia plants are a must-have for Christmas. These nails have been inspired by the festive red plant. Most of the nails are festive green and glittery with one accent nail. The accent nail is a nude shade with Poinsettia nail art on the top. This is a stylish and chic idea, we love it!

41. Stylish, Matte Festive Nails

Want to look festive but super stylish too? Then these could be the nails for you. The nails all have different designs including: holly, plaid, a deer and a snowflake. This is all trendy nail art so you will have one awesome manicure. You can recreate the whole look or maybe just try two of the designs.

Stylish, Matte Festive Nails

Source: @kt_tk1

42. Gold Snowflake Nail Design

Next, we have a glam nail idea that features gold snowflakes! What could be more stylish and festive than that?! Some of the nails are white with gold snowflakes, one nail is clear with gold snowflakes and the last nail is just gold. You can create this look with white polish, gold polish and a snowflake stencil.

Gold Snowflake Nail Design

Source: @melcisme

43. Cute Rudolph Nails

Rudolph is another classic Christmas character and these nails have been inspired by the cute little reindeer. Some of the nails are blue glitter and two accent nails have an adorable Rudolph design. These nails would be perfect for a Christmas party.

44. Cute Christmas Trees

Love the Christmas tree designs? Then you need to check out these nails. The nails are dark green with two accent designs. One accent nail has stripes and the other has cute Christmas trees. You can create a similar look to this with a Christmas tree nail stencil which can be bought online. Try the whole look or just the stylish tree pattern.

Gold and Green Festive Nails

Source: @melcisme

45. Stylish Bauble Nail Design

Baubles are another must-have for Christmas. Don’t just add them to the Christmas tree, add a festive bauble to your nails too. Here is a stylish way to do it! The nails are dark green with one glitter accent nail and one bauble nail. As you can see, these are super cute and are perfect for the holiday season.

Stylish Bauble Nail Design

Source: @nailsbyjema

46. Glam Snowflake Nail Idea

Next, we have another snowflake look. This one is very glam and features a light nude shade with gold stripes and gold snowflakes. The colors used here are stunning and a color palette like this creates one chic, festive manicure. Recreate the whole look or try just the snowflakes and nude nails.

Glam Snowflake Nail Idea for Winter or Christmas

Source: @melcisme

47. Trendy Plaid and Santa Nails

For the next nail idea Santa has a had a trendy makeover. Instead of his classic red suit, this Santa has a cool plaid suit. We love this idea because it is festive but uses a stylish winter trend too. Nail art like this is perfect for the trendsetting ladies who are looking for something different.

Trendy Plaid and Santa Nails

Source: @kt_tk1

48. Cute Winter Nail Design

It wouldn’t be Christmas without snow and snowmen! These nails feature a snowman, a white tree and white snow. It is a cute, festive look that captures the winter season perfectly. Try to create a similar look to this or just try the snowman with snowy nails.

49. Adorable Gingerbread and Polka Dot Nail Idea

Earlier we featured a gingerbread inspired manicure. If you loved that one, then you may like this one too. These nails feature a whole gingerbread man with cute polka dots. The nails are adorable, Christmassy and will suit everyone. Try the whole look or maybe just the gingerbread man with one color instead of polka dots.

Adorable Gingerbread and Polka Dot Nail Idea

Source: @nailsbyjema

50. Beautiful Blue Winter Nails

Next, we have beautiful blue winter nails. Each nail features a different blue design including glitter and rhinestones. It is a bold and glam idea. A mani like this would be great for parties in the holiday season. Recreate the whole look or just one design on all nails. You could even try a lighter shade of blue for a more icy and wintry look.

51. Santa and Red Glitter Design

If you are looking for a fabulously festive mani for Christmas, then this is for you. Here we have red glitter nails with one accent nail. The accent nail features Santa nail art. It is a fun, unique and Christmassy design. We also love the sparkle and Santa’s rhinestone nose. You can see what products were used to create the look on the page below.

52. Elegant Christmas Wreath Nail Art

This next nail idea is one of our favorites! The mani features elegant Christmas inspired designs. Some nails are nude, some are silver with sparkles and stars and the last nail has a stunning Christmas wreath. Nails like these are perfect for those who love glamour, glitter and Christmas. Essence Cosmetics Sparkling Water Lily, Golden Rose Color Xpert #98 and OPI matte top coat were used to create this look.

Elegant Christmas Wreath Nail Art

Source: @ana0m

53. Glitter and Baubles

It wouldn’t be Christmas without baubles so why not use them in your nail art? You could create something like this! For this look, some nails are red and there are two accent nails. Each accent nail is white with beautiful bauble nail art. A mani like this is perfect for Christmas day. You can hand-paint the baubles or you can buy nail stickers.

54. Festive Red Christmas Inspired Nails

If you want to go all out with your nails, then this idea is for you! Each nail is different and the designs include candy cane stripes, festive messages and glitter. It is an amazing mani that is perfect for those who love Christmas and unique nail art. You can recreate the whole look or try just one or two of the designs. Either way, your holiday nails will wow.

55. Holly and Candy Cane Nail Art

Holly and candy canes are two of the most popular designs during the winter and holiday seasons. Here is how to wear both designs in style. Three nails are dark green and the other two are white. The white accent nails feature candy cane stripes and cute Holly art. It is a fun and easy to wear idea, you can check out what products were used to create the look on the page below.

56. Elegant Festive Nails

Next, we have a chic and elegant nail idea to show you. For this look, all of the nails are matte green. There is one accent nail with a stylish rhinestone design too. We love this mani because that green color is so festive. Nails like these would be perfect for parties and other special events during the winter. You can recreate the short nails or try the design on longer nails too.

57. Glam Festive Nail Design

Bring glitz and glamour to the holiday season with a nail design like this one! Some of the long coffin shape nails are sparkly red and two of the nails are nude with festive glitter ombre. It is such a beautiful and bold nail look. A mani like this is perfect for the ladies who like to make a statement.

Glam Festive Nail Design

Source: @amelasnailz

58. Unique Pink Christmas Nail Art

When you think of Santa and Christmas you will probably think of the color red. What if you were to mix up the festive look and use pink instead?! You could create something like this. Here we have a unique mani that features snowflakes, glitter and Santa nail art. What makes this different from the rest is that all the nail art is pink! We don’t know about you but we love the pink version of Santa.

59. Sparkly Snowman Nail Idea

Another popular nail art design for the winter and Christmas is a snowman. Next, we have a cute and sparkly version. Most of the nails are green and there are two accent nails too. One accent nail is silver and the other is nude with a sparkly snowman. This glitzy snowman is so cute and fun. You can hand-paint a snowman or use a nail sticker and just add a bit of glitter afterwards.

60. Winter and Christmas Inspired Nail Art

We all have things that we love about Christmas and the winter. Why don’t you add these things to your nail art? Here is an example. This artist has painted her nails green and there are two accent nails too. The first one features a hand-painted gingerbread house and the other has a cup of hot chocolate. It is such a cute and unique idea. You can recreate this or add the part of the season that you like best to the design.

61. Glitter and Candy Canes

Next, we have another festive and red nail idea to show you. This time each nail is different. The designs include candy cane stripes and glitter. It is a Christmassy and bold design that will suit anyone. A mani like this will be perfect for Christmas parties. You can also recreate this design on any nail length and shape.

62. Glitzy and Wintry Nails

If you want to glam up your nails for the Winter and Christmas, this is the way to do it! Here we have a glitzy mani that includes snowflake nail art, rhinestones and glitter. As you can see, it is such a stunning design! This is one of our favorite looks because it suits the special season perfectly. You can recreate this look with rhinestones, nail glue, glitter, nude and white polish and snowflake nail stencils.

63. Mistletoe Manicure

Do you love Christmas kisses under the mistletoe? If so, this design is perfect for you! For this look, some nails are dark green and the other two are nude with mistletoe nail art. It is such a fun, festive and romantic idea. You can hand-paint the mistletoe or you can buy nail stickers. The products used for this mani are listed on the page below.

64. Red Nails with Santa Nail Art

This next nail idea is so cute! Most of the nails are a bright cherry red and two nails feature Santa inspired nail art. It is a fun, bold and festive idea that is perfect for the holiday season. You can find tutorials for Santa nail art similar to this online. We love this cute and Christmassy idea.

65. Silver Nails with Candy Canes and Peppermints

Next, we have a sweet nail design to show you. All of the nails are painted silver and each one is decorated with peppermints and candy canes. It is a cute, stylish and festive idea. You can recreate this or just use candy canes or peppermints, you don’t have to use both. There are tutorials to show you how to paint these or you can buy nail stickers to make it easier for you.

Silver Nails with Candy Canes and Peppermints

Source: @nbnailart

66. Glitter and Snowman Design

Earlier we featured snowman nail art. If you loved that, then you need to see this next idea too. This time we have a bolder snowman design to show you. All of the nails are glitzy and sparkly and there is also one accent nail. The accent nail features a super cute snowman. Nails like these are fun and will look amazing right through the winter season and during Christmas too.

Glitter and Snowman Nail Design

Source: @nbnailart

67. Elegant Snowflake Nail Idea

The next idea is a little similar to another mani that we have shared. It was a matte green design with a rhinestone accent nail. This time we have matte red nails with a sparkly accent nail. As you can see, the red looks amazing! This just shows how you can take inspiration from an idea and create a different look.

68. Wintry Nails with Pink Glitter and Chrome

We love this next idea, it is one of our favorites! Each nail has a different design including snowflake nail art, glitter and chrome. The colors used are just stunning and the glitter and chrome just really glam up the nails for the special season. A mani like this is perfect for Christmas and NYE parties.

69. Beautiful and Unique Nail Art

Everyone has a favorite Christmas decoration. Whether it be a pretty glass ballerina or a cute red car like the one featured in this next mani. This nail artist has used a car Christmas decoration as a nail art design. Some of the nails are red, one has a tartan pattern and the other has the cute car. It is such a beautiful and unique idea. Recreate this or create a mani with your favorite colors and decor.

And there you have them – 69 easy winter and Christmas nail designs that we think you’re going to love. We can’t wait for Christmas, and we can’t wait to get out Christmas nails on! The only question is, which ones shall we go for?

Winter and Christmas Nail Ideas

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