31 Cornrow Styles to Copy for Summer

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21. Long Goddess Braids

Live like a Goddess with these long braids. Be the envy of all your friends and family with these long gorgeous braids.

22. Red Cornrows

Do you want your cornrows to stand out and to be unique? Take a look at these sexy and fierce cornrows.  They are striking, stunning and will add a touch of colour to any outfit.

23. Cute Cornrow Updo

Don’t forget about having an up-do for your cornrows. Many people tend to forget that cornrows look just as good up, as they do down.  Look at this cute cornrow updo.  It looks great and it is suitable for anything, so don’t worry about changing your hair to suit your plans, it’s already ready!

24. Ghana Cornrows

This style of braids have been around for a while now and is becoming increasing popular. Ghana braids also go by the name of Banana braids.  The difference between standard cornrows and Ghana braids is not only the name but also that Ghana cornrows are bigger.  The cornrow style is the same but they are larger.

25. Elegant Style

This is an elegant, chic and sophisticated style. This is perfect if you have a full time job and have a hectic schedule.  It is suitable for work, parties and shopping so try this style out and you will love it, we would recommend this.  You don’t have to think about taking your braids out because you have a wedding or a formal event with this style so strut your braids and look beautiful.

26. Red, Jumbo Cornrow Braids

Add style and sexiness to your cornrows. Red looks amazing with cornrow braids.  The colour sets the hairstyle alive and shows off your character.

27. Big & Super Long Cornrows

If having long hair is not enough for you anymore, try super long! Super long cornrows look fabulous!  Try these big, super long braids to make you look amazing and to stand out.  Trust us when we say this, everyone will comment and maybe even try to copy your style!

28. Cornrows into a Side Fishtail Braid

Mixing different styles of braids sometimes ends up in a perfect hairstyle. For instance, take cornrows which are stunning alone and mix it with a fishtail braid!  How gorgeous do these look together?  You can see the cornrows and the side girly fishtail and we are loving this.

29. Jumbo Ghana Cornrows

They are beautiful jumbo Ghana cornrows. Ghana or Banana braids, whatever you choose to call them, look fab!  They stand out and scream fashion!  This is a hairstyle that you will not get tired of.  You can easily tie your jumbo braids back, in either a bun or a ponytail if you do need your hair back but whatever hairstyle you choose to wear yours, you will look great!

30. Trendy Two Cornrow Braids

We can all see trending styles on Instagram other social media and this is one of those styles. This trendy two cornrow braids hairstyle is becoming increasing popular.  Maybe this is due to Kim K showing hers on Instagram but even before this, they were popular and we can see why.

31. Simple Cornrow Design with Beads

Show off your style and creative side by adding beads. Just because you have braids, it doesn’t mean they have to be a limited to one style.  This is a great way to show off your flare and make your hairstyle unique.  If you think outside the box, you can add whatever hair accessory to your braids.  The photo above shows simple cornrows with gold beads.  Even if you want to add hair accessories after you have braided your hair, you can always do this to the hair tips.

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