31 Colorful Hair Looks to Inspire Your Next Dye Job

21. Sunset Hair

What a stunning blend – purples, yellows, reds and oranges all mixed together to give a look that replicates a tropical sunset. I guess that’s what gives it the name – sunset hair.

Sunset Hair Color Idea

Source: @larisadoll

It was a big trend for 2015 and we predict its going to be an even bigger trend for 2016 with more and more hairstylists trying this colorful hair look for themselves. What about you? Would you be brave enough to rock it?

22. Purple and Teal Hair with Light Blue Tips

Another bold and bright hair look here – the blues and greens mixed together in this colorful blend is amazing, we can’t take our eyes off it. Not that we want to.

Dark Blue Hair with Light Blue Tips

Source: @xostylistxo

In order to get color as bright, bold and shiny as this, and to ensure that the colors last for as long as you want them to, you’re going to need to ensure your hair is in excellent condition before you get started. If your hair is brittle, broken, damaged or over-bleached, it’s probably best to wait for a couple of weeks, try some hot oil treatments, take good care of your hair for a while, maybe get a good trim, and then come back to it later on when your hair is better equipped to deal with such an overhaul.

23. Deep Metallic Magenta and Deep Blue Steel Hair

We spoke earlier about Harley Quinn and that Suicide Squad movie and this hair makes us drool! It’s basically Harley Quinn hair and our inner geeks are totally in love with that.

Half blue and half pink, blended together in a fishtail braid. What could possible be cooler? (And so bang on trend too!)

24. Purple, Blue and Pink Lob

It’s like opal hair with a kick up it’s backside, instead of a subtle  pop of pastel pinks, blues and purples, much brighter hues are used instead, giving you a shorter and slightly more colorful version of the My Little Pony hair from earlier on.

We love this look – it just goes to show that you don’t need length on your side when you want to experiment with color.

25. Teal Blue Short Bob

Sticking with the short theme once again, this teal blue/green short bob is definitely #hairgoals. It makes us want to run to the hair salon and get our extensions taken out and our locks lopped off.

Teal Blue Short Bob Hairstyle

Source: @rianimal_

Never have we wanted a greeny-blue hair look more!

26. Bright Purple Hair + Braids

We actually gasped when we saw this bright purple for the first time. Actually gasped – we were in total awe of how breathtakingly beautiful it is. And it really is too. Okay, we’re done swooning now.

There are slight variations to the color in this look but for the most part, it’s a one-tone purple. It’s just super glossy and well-conditioned hair. You couldn’t achieve a hair design this awesome without great condition hair first.

27. Rainbow Sherbet Hair

Do you remember those flying saucer candies you used to get as kids? They were a little bit like polystyrene with some fizzy sherbet inside them? Well, those candies are exactly what this hair reminded us of and that sort of nostalgia is not to be sniffed at!

Rainbow Sherbet Hair Color Idea

Source: @xostylistxo

We one hundred percent love this pastel prettiness, lots of pastel shades of peach, green, yellow, purple, pink and more all brilliantly blended together. Hands up if you want to try this look for yourself too!

28. Electric Mermaid Hair

It looks very mermaid’y, this beautiful blue, green and purple blended hair, blue at the top, purple in the middle and green at the ends, although this braided look helps to show off every aspect of the hair color design brilliantly.

Blue and Green Mermaid Hair Color Idea

Source: @vanityzack

Very worthy of the name electric mermaid hair we feel. How about you?

29. Feather Design Hair

A slightly different look, and one that won’t be to everyone’s fancy, this feather design hair is another way of that fluid hair painting technique we told you about earlier on – laying the hair flat and using brushes and fluid washes of color on pre-lightened and bleached hair to create beautiful designs and looks just like this one.

Colorful Feather Design Hair

Source: @xostylistxo

It’s a clever way of working with different colors if you’re willing to think outside the box.

30. Dark Blue and Dark Green Hair

Another ocean/water-themed look, there’s something very mesmerizing about this dark blue and green hair look, a brilliant hand-painted blend of the colors left natural and wavy.

When your color is this good, you don’t need curls, gimmicks or crazy updos to show it off, your hair will just speak for itself.

31. Candy Hair

Another beautiful pastel look, there’s something magical about this clever combo – lots of pastels blended together once again, this time purple at the roots with a combination of mint green and pink towards the ends.

Rainbow Candy Hair Color Idea

Source: @karaleette

When you’re growing out a colorful look, why not consider just adding a different color to your roots rather than redoing the entire look? This look could easily be a faded color with a newer color used to revitalize up top.

And there you have them – the coolest and most brilliant colorful hair looks that you’ll totally want to rock for this year! Which one’s your favorite? We couldn’t pick, they’re all so beautiful!

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