21 Trendy Braided Hairstyles to Try This Summer

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11. Braided Updo for Black Women

If you have afro hair and are looking for a different stylish braid, look no further. This is ideal for you.  It looks stunning, girly and elegant.  Having a braid that goes across the top of your head will bring all the attention to your face.

12. Simple, Straight Back Cornrows

This is a simple, easy and a classic style. Some say, why change something that works and looks amazing?  This is so true with this style.  Many people do get bored of the timeless styles like the one above but we love it.  It is always fashionable and never seems to bore us.  It will highlight your face and keep your hair back during the day.  It is perfect for your hectic schedule.

Straight Back Cornrows for White Women

Source: @braidstudio

13. Dutch Braid Cornrows

This may look hard to do but it’s quite simple. A Dutch braid is a reverse of the French braid.  You simply braid under instead of over.  If you are really good at French braids, then try this.  We can guarantee you will be happy with the results.

14. Long, Caramel Boxer Braids

Boxer braids are trending but so are cornrows. Many think that Kim K made this style famous but I am afraid not.  We all know she’s a fan of this hairstyle and she has had an impact on many people choosing this style but sorry to say, they have been around for many years before.  People are confused as to what boxer braids are. The only difference between boxer braids, cornrows and Dutch braids is the name only.  Boxer braids are trending on social media such as Twitter and Instagram but don’t worry, you are still trending if you have cornrows or Dutch braids.  You can call yours boxer braids or whatever you like!

15. Braided Style with Extensions

If you have ever wanted to experiment with hair extensions, now is the time. Summer is all about showing your style and being creative.  Braiding your hair and adding hair extensions while braiding, is a great idea.  It will add length to your gorgeous braids and can add colour.  This photo above shows how amazing hair extensions can look.  You can always take them out when you take your braids out, so you might as well try it.  Have fun.

Braided Summer Hairstyle with Extensions

Source: @lararuizz

16. Cute, Braided Updo on Natural Hair

If you have sexy, natural hair and want to embrace it, take a look at this style. It is almost like a crown braid but set further back and with two braids.  It is a cute and trendy style that everyone will love, especially you!  It is the perfect style for work, studying, shopping, partying, walking on the beach or relaxing at home.  We also love how it has the centre-parting showing, whereas a crown braid would cover this.  We know you will love this style but it may take some practice to master.  Keep practicing and you will become a pro!

Cute Braided Updo on Natural Hair

Source: @nenonatural

17. Cornrows with Braid Cuffs

Added hair accessories to your braids, can show off your style even more so. Braid cuffs look striking and show off your creativity.  They look so good and you will be a trendsetter with all of your friends.  Look out for who wears their cuffs next!

White Girl Rocking Cornrows

Source: @braidsgang

18. Two Dutch Braids + Tiny Cornrows

We are loving this style. It is unique, fun and has a variety of braids.  Two Dutch braids are the main attraction but if you look a little closer, you can see the tiny cornrows that are added on the sides.  It is something different for the girls that are used to having two braids and need a little boost of inspiration.

19. Colorful Braids

Adding colour to your braids will get you in the summer mood. Having colourful braids sets the bar high and you look fabulous.  They aren’t just braids, they are colourful braids.  Stand out and show off your colours.

20. Perfect Summer Style

This is a very detailed and sexy style for you to try this summer. Maybe you are thinking of something special for your summer festivals or are going on holiday and want to have a hairstyle that will last… this is perfect.  We do know that it looks very intricate and hard to achieve but if you are going to a hairdressers or have your friend coming over to style your hair into braids, show them this photo and they will love the challenge.  It looks amazing and it is a hairstyle that is ready for anything, from rock climbing to sun lounging, anything goes with this hair.

Cool Dutch Braid Cornrows for White Women

Source: @satusulonen

21. Two Dutch Braids Style

Go for the classic two Dutch braid hairstyle. This is perfect for girlies with a busy lifestyle and want to look great every day.  If you have a 9-5 job or are a student, sometimes you feel like waking up, having a shower and not having to think about your hair.  This style will last for a few months and will look fantastic for your daily lifestyle but also your evening events such as partying, date nights or just chilling at home in your pajamas!

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