43 Big Box Braids Hairstyles for Black Hair

Box braids are beautiful and versatile. There are so many different looks that you can create. We love this protective style and have put together a list of 43 stunning big box braid hairstyles to get you inspired! You will find trendy bobs, vibrant colors and more. There is a hairstyle to suit everyone, the only problem you will have is deciding which braided look to try next!

1. Colorful, Big Box Braids Bob

The first awesome hair idea on our list of favourites are these amazing rainbow braids. The big box braids are in all different shades ranging from pink to green. This is a fun hairstyle that is perfect for the ladies who like to express their unique style. These braids are at a bob length but you can have them long or short, whatever you like best.

Colorful, Big Box Braids Bob 

Source: @juschardell

2. Long Big Box Braids

Next, we have a trendy hair idea to show you. The braids are long with large square sections which really makes the box style stand out. It is a very sleek and stylish look that will suit everyone. You can go for a natural color like featured or try different colors like red. Either way, you will have one gorgeous hairstyle.

3. Box Braided Bob

Braided bobs are a super stylish hairstyle! Don’t just take our word for it, check out this box braid bob! The bob is quite simple but this makes it timeless and chic. Hair like this will look beautiful for any occasion and it will suit every face shape.

4. Bright Blonde Braids

Looking for a hairstyle that will give you a bold new look? If so, this hair idea is for you! Here we have big box braids in a bright and beautiful blonde shade. You can recreate this look or you can choose one of the many other shades of blonde. Warmer colors like honey look gorgeous as do the very light tones like platinum. There is a blonde shade to suit everyone, so give it a go!

Big Blonde Box Braids

Source: @miccheckk12

5. Twisted Braids

There are so many different ways that you can style your box braids. One of our favourites are twists like these! The braids featured here are in a half-up, half-down style and the hair that is up has been put into beautiful twists that look like a crown. A hairstyle like this is perfect for a ladies who want to feel like a Queen everyday.

6. Big Braids with a Pop of Red

Our next hair idea shows how you can subtly add color to your hair. Here we have chunky box braids that have a warm tone running through them. As you can see, there is not much of the color but it really makes a difference to the hair. This is a great way to give your hair a stylish lift. We love this idea!

Big Black and Red Box Braids

Source: @janaysierra

7. Bold Box Braids

Next, we have a bold and trendy hairstyle. These braids have been styled into sleek and statement making box sections and the braids are very long. A hairstyle like this is perfect for the ladies who like to stand out from the crowd. Recreate this look or try a bold hair color like red.

Big and Bold Box Braids

Source: @nisaraye

8. Big Purple Box Braids

If you do love bold hair colors, this next idea is for you. These box braids are a beautiful purple tone. This is such a fun and statement making color. You can have purple braids just like these or maybe try a purple braided bob, that would look so trendy.

9. Accessorized Big Box Braids

Show off your individual style by adding accessories to your braids. Here is an awesome example. These braids have been accessorized with cords and beads. There are so many different cords and beads available that the possible looks are endless. Have fun with this look and try wearing your favourite colors or try a funky corded pattern.

10. Half-Up, Half-Down Style

Our next idea is chic and stylish. Here we have long box braids that have been put into a half-up style. There are some beautiful braid cuffs too. This hairstyle is pretty and elegant. It will look amazing for any occasion and it will suit everyone.

Big and Long Box Braids

Source: @tooaliyah_

11. Blue Box Braids

Next, we another bold hair idea. These braids are a beautiful, vibrant blue. Hair like this will be a dramatic, but very trendy transformation. You can recreate this look or you can weave the blue with a natural color to tone down the look a little bit. This will give you ombre hair. Either way, this color will wow.

Big Blue Box Braids

Source: @0690.16

12. Chic Big Box Braids

Love the half-up hairstyles? Then this idea is for you! Here we have a chic style to show you. The box braids have a parting and are swept into a half-up look. This is a beautiful hairdo. It is perfect for the ladies who need to look professional or for those who need an elegant hairstyle.

13. Black and Caramel Blonde Braids

Our next idea features another blonde look. Here we have dark hair that has a warm caramel blonde running through it. We love this idea because it shows how amazing the warmer blondes look when styled into braids. Hair like this is perfect for the trendsetters.

14. Stylish Big Box Braids

Want a stylish new braided look? Then this next pick is for you. This hair is so chic! The box braids are chunky and long, there are also cords and braid cuffs too. A hairstyle like this will show off your personal style, as you can add your own accessories.

Stylish Big Box Braids

Source: @mayh___r

15. Black and Red Box Braids

If you love the hair ideas with trendy colors, you will like these box braids. These braids have a warm, red tone running through them. We think the way the natural and vibrant color is weaved together is so gorgeous. You can recreate this look or try a brighter red tone.

Black and Red Big Box Braids

Source: @navidadz

16. Trendy Big Box Braids

Be a trendsetter and try out next hair idea. The hair has been braided into a funky box braid style. We love this look because it is unique and stylish. The braids featured here are long but you can have a shorter option. A vibrant color would look amazing for a style like this too.

17. Vibrant Half Braid Idea

If you do not want all your braids to be a vibrant color, you can try a hairstyle like this. The hair has box braids in a natural color on the top and has bright color on the braids underneath. This makes the hair bold but not too dramatic. It is perfect for the ladies who want to try a new color without being too over the top.

18. Side Swept Braids

Our next idea proves that sometimes less is more. This hairstyle does not have bold colors or accessories, just sleek and stylish big box braids. Hair like this is perfect for the ladies who need a style that will look suitable at work but look chic for a night on the town too. We love this look!

19. Beautiful Big Box Braids

Next, we have a stunning box braid style to show you. These long box braids have been styled onto the side and feature a stylish braid cuff. This hairstyle will wow everyone that sees it. It is a braided style that demands attention. You can recreate this look, or maybe opt for shorter braids.

20. Big Box Braids Bob

Love the braided bobs? Then this hairstyle is for you! Here we have a braided bob that features cuffs and cords. There are also burgundy braids underneath too. All these elements create a trendy hairstyle. Recreate a similar look to this, or try silver accessories or a different braid color for the underneath.

21. Warm Box Braids

When choosing colors for your hair, you don’t have to have bright blondes or vibrant reds. You can go for something neutral like this. Here we have warm brown tone. This is a stunning color that will suit every skin tone and it will look beautiful on any braid length and thickness. It is perfect for the ladies who want a new color without being too bold.

Warm Brown Big Box Braids


22. Medium, Multi Tone Big Braids

Looking for a blonde box braid idea? Then you need to check out this next hairstyle. These box braids have a color combination of blonde, brown and black. The three colors compliment each other beautifully. This hair idea shows another stylish way you can add blonde to your hair. Any blonde shade will work on braids like these.

Medium, Multi Tone Big Box Braids

Source: @safai305

23. Vibrant Green Box Braids

The next box braid idea on our list are these vibrant green braids. We love these braids because they remind us of mermaids. This is a bold and trendy hair color. You can recreate this or add blue into the hair for a super stylish mermaid look.

Vibrant Green Box Braids

Source: @ashleycoco_

24. Big Blonde Box Braids

Next, we have big blonde box braids. So, as you can see, the hairstyle features chunky and simple box braids that are stunning blonde shade. We love this blonde tone because it is warm and bright. You can recreate this or you can try a more statement making blonde such as platinum.

Big Blonde Box Braids

Source: @steffanesst

25. Jumbo Box Braid Updo

We love this next hair idea and it is another one of our favorites! Here we have jumbo box braids that are tied up into a high bun. The updo also features funky parts. If all that wasn’t enough, the dark red hair color is just gorgeous. This is a stunning and stylish hair idea that will make you stand out from the crowd!

26. Gorgeous Side Swept Braids

This next hair idea is gorgeous and so pretty! For this look we have large box braids that are side swept so all of the braids are worn on one side. The braids also feature subtle accessories. This style is so easy to wear and it will suit everyone. Recreate this or we think a few blonde braids would look amazing with this style too.

27. Bold Jumbo Braids

If you love bold hairstyles, then this is for you. Here we have big box braids. There are also small braids added to the parts and the braids are black with a couple of blonde braids too. The color combo is so trendy and statement making and we love the use of small and chunky braids. This is an edgy and trendsetting style that demands attention.

Bold Jumbo Box Braids

Source: @tashia_slay

28. Light Brown Box Braids

Maybe the bolder looks are not for you and you prefer something stylish but simple? If so, check these braids out. This hairstyle features a simple box braid pattern and style. The braids are also a light brown shade. This is such an easy to wear style and the color is stunning. Recreate this look or you can try the braids in a different color. Either way, your hair will look amazing.

29. Big Box Braids Long Bob

Looking for a short hairstyle? Then this is is for you. Here we have a long bob with big box braids. The hairstyle also features trendy triangle parts and one braid is decorated with a gold cord. This is such a stylish and cute hair idea. You can try a similar look or you can even try a shorter braid length.

30. Super Long Box Braids

The next hairstyle is perfect for those who prefer long hairstyles. For this look, the hair is styled into super long big box braids. The hairstyle is simple but it makes a statement because of the braid length. Hair like this is versatile and it can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

31. Cute and Easy to Wear Braids

This next hair idea is cute and easy to wear. The hairstyle features long box braids with a simple pattern. It is just a beautiful hairstyle that will suit anyone. You can keep it simple like this or you can add some accessories. You can also try this pattern with a shorter braid length too.

Cute and Easy to Wear Big Braids

Source: @osh.rx

32. Black and Grey Braids

There are so many different color combinations when it comes to braids. A popular one is black and grey and here is how to wear it in style. As you can see, most of the braids are black but a light silvery grey shade has been weaved into some of the braids too. It is such a trendy idea and this color combo is perfect for those who like to make a statement.

33. Big Box Braids with Statement Making Accessories

We love this next hair idea too. Here we have long jumbo box braids and some of the braids feature beautiful accessories. It is such a gorgeous hair idea and it will make you feel like a Queen every day. If you want to try the style yourself, you can see how it was created and what products were used on the Instagram page below.

34. Bold Big Box Braids

Next, we have another bold color idea to show you. For this look, the hair is styled into big red box braids. Different shades of red have been used from very bright to darker and richer tones like burgundy. It is a fun and trendy hair idea that will make you stand out from the crowd in style. Recreate something similar or choose two different shades of red.

Bold Big Box Braids

Source: @afrolaytina

35. Burgundy Braids with Triangle Parts

The next hairstyle is another one with triangle parts. This time the hair is styled into dark jumbo box braids and one braid has gold accessories too. It just shows another way to wear triangle part box braids and it shows how you can create different looks. This hair is trendy and easy to wear.

Burgundy Braids with Triangle Parts

Source: @ahunashair

36. Long Jumbo Box Braids

Love the long hairstyles? If so, check this out. Here we have long big box braids with a side part. This is another simple style and it looks effortlessly gorgeous. Hair like this is perfect for the busy ladies who need versatile hair that will suit any occasion. We love this trendy style.

37. Statement Making Hair

If you want a new hairstyle that makes a statement, then this is perfect! For this look, the hair features long, big box braids. The lower section of braids are a blonde color while the braids on the top section are black. Some of the black braids are a in a bun which creates a stylish half up look. Everything about this style is awesome and we love the color combo.

Statement Making Hair

Source: @mynn4

38. Braided Long Bob

Next, we have another blonde style to show you. This time the braids are a beautiful warm blonde tone. This color is stunning and it will suit everyone. Half of the braids are left loose and the other half are in a high ponytail. This is a cute and pretty hairstyle and it will be perfect for the summer.

39. Chunky Side Braids

The next hair idea features another side swept style. So, for this look, the hair features jumbo box braids with accessories. The braids are also worn to one side. These braids look amazing and the side style is gorgeous and chic. Recreate this or try a more low-key style without the accessories.

Chunky Side Box Braids

Source: @afrolaytina

40. Vivid Blue Box Braids

Looking for a new statement making hair color? If so, this is for you. Here we have jumbo box braids that are a bold blue color. We love this vivid and bright blue, it looks so trendy and stunning. A hair color like this will suit all seasons and all braided styles. Recreate this or try a different shade of blue.

Vivid Blue Jumbo Box Braids

Source: @afrolaytina

41. Beautiful Jumbo Braids

If all the bold colors and statement styles are not your thing, then this could be perfect. This hair idea features big box braids in a simple, classy and elegant style. It is so easy to wear, it will suit all occasions and women of all ages too. These braids are just effortlessly beautiful and timeless.

Beautiful Jumbo Braids

Source: @dazhaneleah

42. Medium Big Box Braids

Next, we have another cute hairstyle. These jumbo braids are mid length and feature gold cords and cuffs. It is a pretty and fun hairstyle that will be great for the summer. Recreate this or you can try the braids in a shorter length. You can also wear different colored accessories. Rainbow cords would look amazing.

Medium Big Box Braids

Source: @ahunashair

43. Trendy and Simple Big Braids

This next hairstyle is trendy and simple. The hair features long braids with a side part. It is a beautiful style and it will look amazing on everyone. Keep it low-key like this or you can jazz up the hair with some accessories. For a bolder version, you could even choose a bright hair color like red.

We hope you have found a new box braid hairstyle to try!

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