80 Nail Designs for Short Nails

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Need some nail design inspiration for your short nails? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Chic and fun nail designs aren’t just reserved for long nails, we guarantee it!

We’ve searched the Instagram in order to find the best nail designs for everyone’s taste. For the most looks you don’t need any skills, just steady hand.

To be on trend, take a look at our list of 80 most gorgeous nail designs created by talented nail artists.

1. Black & White Borderline Nail Design

Simple bordered nail design never goes astray. Bordered nails will look amazing in any color combo. They look gorgeous in grey and white, pink and white or black and red combo, also.

Products used: OPI Alpine Snow and OPI Black Onyx

2. Gingham Pattern Nail Design

Just like any other artists, nail art designers are easily inspired with the things that surround them.

Products used: OPI Sheer Tints, Sheer Mini Hint of Tints.

3. Pink Winter Snowflake Nail Design

Cold winter days cannot pass without some cute snowflake nail design. To make those nails even more cuter and warmer, your base coat should be in pink and purple colors. Warm colors aren’t only reserved for spring and summer.

Products used: China Glaze That’s Shore Bright and China Glaze Bottoms Up

4. Dark Red & Gold Details Nail Design

Dark Red with Gold Details Nail Design

Source: @sloteazzy

Dark red is fall’s and winter’s must have color. When combined with gold studs and jewelry, you definitely have a winning nail design.

Product used: CND Vinylux Bloodline

5. Pink Spring Nail Design with Cherry Blossom

It’s time to get creative with your nail art pens. This nail art lover got inspired by lovely cherry blossom. Lovely!

Product used: OPI Elephantastic Pink

6. Sparkly Ombre Nude Nails

Sparkly Ombre Nude Nails

Source: @sloteazzy

Sparkly ombre nails with some rhinestones are so beautiful (and ridiculously easy to recreate). Gradient color is created with a makeup sponge.

Products used: OPI Barre my Soul and OPI Don’t Pretzel my Buttons.

Check the quick tutorial down below:


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7. Black and Gold Polka Dot Nail Design

These black, nude and gold nails are fun and cute! Perfect for holidays or New Year’s Eve. Polka dot nail design can be created by using Q-tips.

Products used: CND Vinylux Powder my Nose, CND Vinylux Locket Love and CND Vinylux Black Pool

8. Sweater Inspiration Nail Design

Add some festive vibes to your look by wearing a cozy and worm sweater on your nails, too!

Products used: OPI Black Onyx and OPI Do you take Lei Away?

9. Orange Flower Nail Design

Orange Flower Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @naildecor

Bring your nails to life with this cute nail design in peach color with white and gold flowers.

Products used: Coloured Raine Tender Touch and Coloured Raine Snowstrom

10. Pink Ombre Short Nails

Ombre or gradient nail design is a great way to make the most of your favorite colors. Simple and chick!

Product used: Australis Cosmetics

11. Black & White Puzzle Nail Design

Love to do puzzles? If yes, then you definitely need to try this interesting nail design. Products used: OPI Alpine Snow and OPI Black Onyx

It looks complicated and time consuming but this tutorial  will prove you wrong. You’ll never expect them to be that easy.

12. Matte Flower Nail Design

Matte Flower Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @cottonconey

This nail design makes for a cute yet bold look. Matte nails are the latest and hottest nail trend.

13. Blue and Silver Nail Design

This combination of blue, light blue and silver polishes looks really spectacular. With a little help of Scotch tape, your nails will look like they just came from the salon.

Products used: Essie Fashion Playground and Essie Hide & Go Chic

14. Pink and Sparkly Silver Nail Design

Pink and Sparkly Silver Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @naildecor

This awesome mani is one of the easiest (and cutest) nail designs to master. Neon pink color is perfect for warm and sunny days. Agree?

Products used: Milani Cosmetics “Doll Face”, “Spotlight White” and “Rainbow Prisms”

15. Blue Glitter Ombre Nails

Blue Glitter Ombre Nails

Source: @naildecor

These nails look almost like a galaxy. We love them! The fact that they are super easy to recreate is another huge plus.

16. Simple White Nail Design

Simple White Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @sloteazzy

This simple white look is perfect choice for women who aren’t too confident with their nail design skills. It’s so easy to recreate yet looks extremely fashionable.

Products used: OPI Alpine Snow and OPI Matte Top Coat

17. Colorful Pastel Nail Design

Colorful Pastel Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @strawbrie

This colorful mani will instantly get you in spring mode. The pastel nail polishes are fun to mix and match.

Product used: Zoya Pastel Set

18. Edgy Dark Red Nails with Skulls

For edgy nail days, we suggest combination of dark red polish and skulls.

19. Gold and Silver Glitter Nail Design

Gold and Silver Glitter Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @cottonconey

We love these! Check the step by step tutorial for this nail design here.

Product used: Essie Allure

20. Black and Red Nail Design with Gold Details

Black and Red Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @sloteazzy

It’s highly possibly that this look will become a mani must-have for all nail design lovers.

Product used: Louboutin Rouge Louboutin

To find out how to recreate this look, check out this video:


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21. Nude and Pink Dot Nail Design

Nude Nail Design with Pink Dots

Source: @naildecor

Just nude nail polish will give you that classic look. In combination with cute pink dots, nude nails become chic and trendy.

Products used: Coloured Raine Bahama Breeze, Chi Chi Cosmetics Cute Baby Pink, Chi Chi Cosmetics Neon Pink and Essie Sand Tropez

22. Pink and Purple Marble Nail Design

Pink and Purple Marble Nail Design

Source: @naildecor

Marble nail design is new innovative technique that turns your nails into a masterpiece. To mimic the appearance of an actual marble, you will need dish, water, toothpick and selection of nail polishes.

23. Blue Matte Nail Design for Short Nails

Blue Matte Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @sloteazzy

OPI ‘Matte Top Coat’ has ability to took the sheen from any nail polish. Your nails will be smooth and pretty just as on a picture above.

Product used: OPI Matte Coat

24. Red and Black Baroque Nail Design

Baroque nail design is slightly time consuming but the final result is worth the effort. Gorgeous!

Product used: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

25. Black and White Matte Nail Design

We love black and white combination because it looks good on pretty much everything. It gives sophisticated and elegant touch to any type of nail design.

Products used: Essie Matte about you + Sally Hansen Big Shiny Top Coat

26. Pink and Black Nail Design for Short Nails

Pink and Black Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @naildecor

Pink is definitely color that resembles girls. It’s also one of those colors that makes a nice contrast with black.

Products used: Miss Ashleigh Too Hot to be Blue + Chi Chi Australia Mortisha

27. Striped Nail Design for Short Nails

Striped Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @naildecor

Stripes are always trendy. They can be horizontal, vertical, thick, or thin. If you want beautiful and colorful nail design, without spending hours on doing it, the striped mani is the perfect solution for you.

Products used: LVX Soft Tan + LVX Caviar + LVX Porcelaine

28. Pink and Silver Nail Design

Pink and Silver Nail Design

Source: @strawbrie

Pink nails, don’t care! The contrast between the glittery silver base coat and pink rhinestones on the top is especially striking.

Products used: Kleancolor Neon Amethyst + China Glaze Glistening Snow

29. Flower Turquoise Nail Design

Flower Turquoise Nail Design

Source: @naildecor

You don’t need jewelry while rocking this mani! Sparkly turquoise base with white flowers can act as your accessory.

Products used: China Glaze Keepin’ It Teal + Picture Polish Honey Moon

30. Simple Red Wine and Gold Nail Design

Simple Red Wine and Gold Nail Design

Source: @naildecor

This is a perfect mani for those days when you want to have a nice nails but you literally have 5 minutes to polish them. Easy but definitely eye-catching.

Products used: Chanel Accessoire + Essie Penny Talk

31. Pink and White Nail Design for Short Nails

Simple Pink and White Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @strawbrie

50 shades of pink? We dig it.

32. Gray and Green Nail Design for Short Nails

Gray and Green Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @naildecor

If you still don’t have wedding ring to adorn your ring finger, green glitter chevron can do the work.

Products used: Beauty UK Soft Grey+ Eye Kandy Cosmetics Spearmint

33. Cute Lips Nail Design for Short Nails

This mani is ridiculously cute. It will put you in the mood for kisses!

34. Colorful Nail Design for Short Nails

This nail design screams summer!

35. Halloween Nail Art Design for Short Nails

Halloween Nail Art Design for Short Nails

Source: @cottonconey

As long as you have steady hand and do a bit of practicing, there is no reason you can’t have an amazing piece of art on your nails, too.

36. Cute and Girly Turquoise Nail Design

Cute Girly Nail Design

Source: @naildecor

This black and white heart design is a great way to spice up your regular mani.

Products used: Essie Beyond Cozy + China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle

37. Glitter Nail Design for Short Nails

Glitter Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @cottonconey

Well, this is what we call a party nail. Let the chevron game begin!

38. Red, Gold and Black Nail Design

Red Gold and Black Nail Design

Source: @naildecor

Cozy fall nails! Products used: Joha’s Love Nail Polish Sunset + Essie Beyond Cozy + Chi Chi Cosmetics Single White Female

Tutorial on the tribal pattern is down below. Easy-peasy!


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39. Cute Pink and Silver Nail Design

If you want a fab, girly mani, you need to use pink nail polish. Don’t forget all those beautiful details  – rhinestones, curves and silver glitter. Your nails wouldn’t be as beautiful without them.

40. Cool Nail Design for Short Nails

 Checkered pattern is too simple so why don’t add some colorful triangles?  This beautiful nail design will take you to the ’90s right away!

Products used: Floss Gloss + Black Holy + Wet + 95% Angel + Essie Go Overboard

41. Matte Plaid Nail Design for Short Nails

Guess what? This nail design was inspired by green and plaid shirt. Plaid design can be done in many colors. Be creative!

Products used: China Glaze Brownstone + Sally Hansen Black Out + OPI Alpine Snow

42. Sparkly Blue Ombre Nails

Use two shades of blue color to create this trendy and fun ombre design. Don’t forget some sparkles, too!

Products used: Sally Hansen Blue me Away + Rimmel Mintilicious + China Glaze Fairy Dust

43. Pink and Silver Cupcake Nail Design

This pink cupcake will definitely add a little sweetness to your day. Yummy!

Products used: China Glaze Fairy Dust + China Glaze Pink Voltage

44. Colorful Aztec Nail Design for Short Nails

You cannot go wrong with these wild patterns and eye-catching colors. All it takes for a perfect Aztec nails is some geometric inspiration and few bright nail polishes. Nude polish makes the intricate pattern really pop.

Product used: OPI My vampire is Buff

45. Light Pink and Silver Glitter Nail Design

Light Pink and Silver Glitter Nail Design

Source: @just1nail

Have you ever had your complete outfit planned but then realized that your mani doesn’t go with it? Disaster! This lovely design won’t disappoint you – it goes with everything.

46. Purple and Gold Half Moon Nails

Half-moon nail design was a symbol of glamour in the ’30s and ’40s. It was popularized by Hollywood actresses. Women used this technique because it was durable and changing your mani back then was a huge chore.

Product used: Julep Sandi Bombshell

47. Black and Hot Pink Nail Design for Short Nails

This playful nail design is bold and eye-catching. Picture says it all!

Product used: Cirque Colors Carpe Diem + Momento Mori + One More Time

48. Pink and Purple Nail Design

With this nail polish, you will have different mani every day. How’s that even possible?  This ‘Mood’ nail polish will change color based on your body temperature. Magic!

Product used: Mia Secret Mood Color (purple)

49. White Matte Nail Design for Short Nails

White Matte Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @ane_li

This nail design looks like it’s inspired by someone’s tattoo. Right?

Product used: Essie Grow Stronger + Essie Good to Go + OPI Matte Topcoat

50. Glitter Gradient Nails

Glitter Gradient Nails

Source: @naildecor

Products used: China Glaze Pine-ing for Glitter + China Glaze Feeling Twinkly + Fun Lacquer Mistletoe Kiss

Want to learn how to recreate this gorgeous look? Here’s the tutorial. Enjoy!


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51. Mint Nails with Gold Studs

Mint is a gorgeous color! We believe there is no woman who doesn’t like it. In combination with gold, it’s that perfect pop of color for any outfit.

Product used: OPI Feel the Mo-heat-oes Green

52. Neon Orange Nail Design for Short Nails

Neon Orange Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @just1nail

We’re kind of obsessed with this color. It’s one of those colors that makes you happy.

Products used: OPI Don’t Bossa Nova me + My Favorite Ornament

53. Hot Pink and Zebra Nail Design

Feeling wild? Why not express your wildness on your nails, too? Zebra print is especially gorgeous in combination with hot pink.

Products used: OPI Solitaire + OPI My Boyfriend scales walls + Etsy Love is Blind

54. Light Pink and Gold Nail Design

Once you try this nail design, you’ll have to force yourself to try some other ones. It’s addicting!

Products used: OPI Honey Ryder + China Glaze ‘Faith

55. Black and White Polka Dot Nail Design

Polka dot nail design is an understated classic, especially in black and white color.

Product used: Sinful Colors Snow me White

56. Light Purple and Silver Nail Design

Purple and silver are the perfect pair! Add some cool patterns to your accent nails.

Product used: OPI Push and Shove

57. Pastel Polka Dot Nail Design

This nail design looks like a ice cream. We almost want to eat it! Products used: Essie Chinchilly + dooting tool + Matte Top Coat

Quick tutorial for this look is down below:


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58. Black Matte Nail Design for Short Nails

Black Matte Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @ane_li

If you aren’t into pops of colors and pastels, you’ll definitely want to try this super chic black nail design. Brilliant idea!

Products used: OPI Black Onyx + Essie Matte about You

59. Gold Studs and Camo Nail Design

Gold Studs and Camo Nail Design

Source: @ane_li

These gold studs give camo nail design a totally feminine vibe. We are obsessed with this look and matte effect!

Products used: Essie Matte about you + China Glaze Westside Warrior

60. Purple Tips Nail Design

This is timeless nail design but with some bold colors. In combination with purple, gray nail polish is anything but boring.

Products used: Fresh Paint Passion Fruit + Zoya Dove Light

61. Purple and Pink Gradient Sparkly Nail Design

OK, we admit it – we can’t get enough of these gorgeous gradient nail designs. They are amazing!

Products used: China Glaze Tart-y for the Party + China Glaze Shocking Pink + China Glaze Fairy Dust

62. Nude and Gold Nail Design

With the right color combination, chevron pattern always looks fantastic!

Products used: OPI My Vampire is Buff + Essie Beyond Cozy

63. Cute Summer Nail Design for Short Nails

This nail design will give your nails a lot of personality. Perfect mani for the everyday glam.

Products used: Sinful Colors Island Coral + OPI Crown me Already

64. Black and Gold Nail Design

Black and gold make a stunning combination – strong and bright, deep and dimensional, chic and glam.With these two colors, opportunities are endless.

Products used: OPI Honey Ryder + OPI Black Onyx

65. Gold and Pastel Nail Design

This nail design allows you to mix your favorite pastel colors. So delicate!

Product used: Pastel Nail Polish Set

66. Easy Black and Red Nail Design for Short Nails

A simple mani for everyday day. Chevron pattern in black and white is the easiest way to amp up your nail design.

Product used: Essie Ole Caliente

67. Simple and Cute Nail Design for Short Nails

Simple nail design but still will grab everyone’s attention. Keep things classy!

Product used: Zoya Jamie + OPI Pirouette my whistle

68. Turquoise Tribal Nail Design

This tribal nail design is so fresh! It’s especially powerful when paired with a fierce contrast nail polish like this beautiful turquoise.

Product used: China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle

69. Pink and Light Blue Nail Design

For all coffee addicts – classy but sassy!

Products used: Doctor Lacquer Hemoglobin + Lisa Lacquer Island Breeze

70. Dark Nail Design with Silver Glitter

Dark Nail Design with Silver Glitter

Source: @amvpnails

Silver glitter polish is a good investment. It’s always fun with it.

Products used: China Glaze History of the World + Essie Set in Stones

71. Cute Pink and White Nail Design

This nail design is definitely on our list of looks to copy this summer.

Product used: OPI True Stefani Fashion

72. Dark Red Half-Moon Nail Design

Show your creativity by adding some other details to your half-moon mani.

Products used: Essie Sand Tropez + Orly Bus Stop Crimson

73. Neon Green and Gold Nail Design

Neon green + gold = summer winning combination.

Products used: OPI Honey Ryder + China Glaze Highlight of my Summer

74. Cool Polka Dot Nail Design

Spice this black and red polka dot nail design by simply adding two big red triangles.

75. Ombre Nail Design with White Details

Yes, another ombre nail design but this time with some interesting details in white.

Products used: China Glaze Tart-y for the Party + China Glaze Shocking Pink + China Glaze White on White

76. Glitter and Colorful Spikes Nail Design

Glitter and Spikes Nail Design

Source: @amvpnails

This beautiful nail design is an elegant combination between glitter and colorful spikes.

Products used: Love Angeline An Assortment of Granite + OPI ‘Pamplona Purple + OPI Opi got the blues

77. Nude and Neon Nail Design for Short Nails

If you love nudes and neons, this nail design is for you. It’s one of those manis that looks great on short and long nails.

Products used: Essie Broch the subject + China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

78. Colorful Polka Dot Tips Nail Design

Colorful Polka Dot Tips Nail Design

Source: @just1nail

Fun dot gradient that can be created by using dotting tools varying in sizes.

79. Gold Glitter Tips Nail Design

Gold Glitter Tips Nail Design

Source: @just1nail

Simple but glam! With the right combo, this look could be appropriate all year around.

Products used: Trust Fund I Had it First

80. Music Nail Design for Short Nails

If music is a huge part of your life, this creative nail design is for you!

Products used: Rimmel Black Satin + Sally Hansen Glitz Gal + Daisy Nail Lacquer White Diamond


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