50 Cute Flannel Outfit Ideas for Fall 2014

Flannel shirt has a permanent place in our fall collection of staples. They are warm, soft and super trendy – perfect for Fall and Winter. Flannel is a perfect transitional layer to keep you toasty during those cold months.

Once you find your perfect flannel, you’ll have to push yourself not to wear it everyday. This shirt is also a timeless layering piece and you can wear it in all kinds of ways. Long story short? Everyone should have one in their closet (even men).

Flannel is one of the fashion blogger’s favorite go-to’s for a comfy but stylish outfit. Get inspired with these 50 flannel outfit ideas for Fall 2014:

1. All Green: Plaid Shirt with Neoprene Skirt

2. Perfect Layers: Plaid Shirt Under a Sweater

3. Dots + Plaid

4. Oversized Flannel Shirt

5. Casual Flannel Outfit

6. Flannel Shirt + Sweater

7. Blue + Green

8. Flannel + Graphic Tee

9. Flannel + Leather

10. Plaid on Plaid

11. Flannel around the Waist



12. Fall Colors

13. Flannel with Ankle Boots



14. Plaid + Heels

15. Cute in Flannel and Feathers

16. Perfect Casual Outfit for Fall

17. Hot Combination: Flannel + Leather

18. Plaid + Leopard



19. Casual Holiday Outfit

20. Flannel + Leather Jacket

21. Flannel with a pop of red

22. Red, White & Blue

23. Glam it up: Faux Fur + Plaid

24. Falling for Plaid in Fall

25. Flannel with a pop of Pink

26. Country Plaid Outfit

27. Classic Fall Outfit

28. Plaid on White in Fall

29. Flannel Shirt + Rain Trench

30. Perfect Fall Layering

31. Stylish Casual Outfit

32. Glam in Flannel

33. All Black with A pop of Blue Flannel

34. Cool in Fall

35. Midi Skirt + Flannel

36. Maxi Skirt + Flannel

37. Cozy Denim and Flannel

38. Flannel & Pastels

39. Fall Grunge

40. Perfect Fall Work Outfit

41. Cozy Flannel and Rain Boots

42. Casual in Plaid

43. Men’s Flannel Shirt

44. Dulce Candy in Flannel

45. Leather & Flannel

46. Easy Fall Outfit

47. Classy Flannel Outfit

48. Grey + Brown

49. Cool in Leather and Flannel

50. Early Fall Flannel

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  1. Shannon says:

    I love all these looks! I’ll be linking this collection for sure in my flannel-centered post this week.

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